~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

Chapter 2: Love Letter as Lead

Next Day

"So..." Kurimatsu dragged on his speech, looking at the members of Support and Welfare Committee of Inazuma High School in confusion. "What are we doing here exactly, de yansu?" He finally asked, as he watched Endou, Kazemaru, Hiroto and Tachimukai peering from the wall where they hide themselves to look at the shoe lockers. Kurimatsu sweat dropped at their weird behaviour while Aki chuckled.

"Well, after you left the office yesterday, we held a short meeting to discuss what first step should we take and our only reliable lead now is the sender of the letter. And since you told us that you got the letter when you open your shoe locker, we suggested that the suspect must have come early to put the letter in." Aki said as the two watched the other SS members from behind.

"I'm a bit surprised when Hiroto-sempai and Tachimukai-san suddenly appeared at my door step and dragged me along to school so early in the morning for this, de yansu. I'm still" Kurimatsu let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes "sleepy." He finished his sentence with a tired voice.

"Gomen ne, Kurimatsu-san. Demo, Endou-kaichou think your presence is required as we investigate this matter, and the only time we will not bring you along is when it might become dangerous or we need to keep your identity a secret."

"Sou ka."

"Hey, hey! Someone's coming to your shoe locker, Kurimatsu-san!" Tachimukai said in a hushed voice but only loud enough for them to hear. Aki and Kurimatsu also poked their head from the corner as well to peek on the sender of the disturbing letters.

It was a pretty second year girl with auburn hair and black eyes.

"Oh, she's cute." Endou said suddenly, making Aki flustered. "Do you think she's the one playing post girl?"

"Kaichou..." Hiroto sighed.

Kazemaru shook his head wildly. "Cute girl or ugly girl, whatever! We have a job to do!" He said with undeterred determination, marching towards the unsuspecting girl. The others followed him.

"Hey." Kazemaru tapped her left shoulder and the girl turned around with a surprised face, realizing that one of the famous guys in the school is talking to her. "K-Kazemaru-kun! Is t-there something you need from me?" She asked him and the others arrived right on time.

"Yeah." Kazemaru nodded. "Are you the one who's been sending those letters to Kurimatsu?" He asked, titling his head to Kurimatsu, who started to fidget at his spot for being looked so closely by a pretty girl.

"Letters? What letters are you talking about?" She asked, blinking in confusion.

"Then what about that letter you have in your hand?" Aki shot a glance at the pink envelope in her hand.

"This letter is not for him! It's for someone else!" The girl's face flushed bright red and she frantically hid the letter behind her.

"Then why are you standing in front of Kurimatsu's shoe locker?" Endou asked, seeming a bit confused by the girl's purpose.

"E-Eh?! This is his shoe locker?!" The second year groaned in surprise and frowned at Kurimatsu. "I wasn't going to give my love letter to him!" She said loudly in disgust and Kurimatsu's heart was smashed by a hammer and into pieces.

"Who are you supposed to send it to? I can help you find your crush's shoe locker if you hand." Hiroto offered, wearing his usual gentleman smile.

The girl's frustrated face immediately brightened. "Oh, it's alright! I was going to give it to you anyway!" She said cheerfully before giving the love letter to Hiroto.

"Oh, thank you!" Hiroto smiled at her. He could smell the strong scent of floral perfume poured on the letter.

The others fell back anime-style.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"Kiyama Hiroto, refrain yourself from such nonsense in the middle of a case!" Endou glared at him with the most serious expression his usually cheerful face could muster. Hiroto sweat dropped and chuckled awkwardly as he raised both of his hands and backing away from Endou's mixtured face of amusement and stern. The others giggled at the background while Aki comforted a sad and disappointed Kurimatsu.

Seeing that their plan to wait for the suspect who sent the letters to Kurimatsu is a failure, Endou decided to ask for his best friend's help on the back-up plan that he thought of. But honestly, maybe they should have go ahead with the back-up plan since it's better than the first plan. But then it wouldn't be easy to obtain his best friend's permission.

Finally the group arrived in front of Campus Event and Management Committee office, EM office for short. Taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart and curving the highest mega-watt smile on his face, Endou knocked on the door three times before sliding it open. "Kidou! It's me!"

Sitting behind the desk with the name plate written 'Kidou Yuuto, President' is one of Endou's two best, childhood friend. Endou, Kidou and Goenji had known each other since kindergarten, and some even claimed them to be inseperable. Endou started telling Kidou about the newest case he was working on and how their little stakeout had turn out.

"So, what exactly do you need my help with?" Kidou asked as he quickly put down his signature on a report and stamped it before handing it over to his Secretary, Raimon Natsumi. Everyone, except the ever oblivious Endou, noticed her sending a few glances at the SS President with a light blush across her face as she waited for Kidou to finish with the report.

Aki sent an apologetic glance at her while the others sighed internally at their President's obliviousness.

"I need to take a look at the security camera near the male shoe lockers. Maybe we can find a clue or something in there." Endou said in a serious tone as he stared at Kidou.

Kidou seemed to be contemplating about it for a moment before he sighed and grabbed a blank paper from his desk's drawer. "Alright, I'll have my secretary type an access letter and have it sent to you later. But for now you can have a look at the videos recorded. Fudou will show you the way."

"Arigatou, Kidou!" Endou said with a grateful smile.

"Tch. Come with me." Fudou said in a gruff, dragging his feet as he walked into a room in the office.

The members of SS and Kurimatsu followed Fudou and they entered a media room with many screen and other gadgets. Fudou sat down on one of the chairs and started working on something. The others scattered around while Endou and Hiroto hovered on Fudou from behind. The Public Relations Manager of EM cursed in his mind at the disturbing act of Endou and Hiroto as he searched for the videos requested.

"So from when do you want to watch it?" Fudou asked, ready to load the video separated by dates.

"I think we should see the videos of when Kurimatsu received the letters, right?" Endou suggested, but then turned to Hiroto for his view.

"Then let's December 2nd, followed by 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th." Aki said, reading out loud the dates written on the envelopes as noted by Kurimatsu.

"And in January are 6th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 24th and 27th." Kazemaru continued, reading out loud the seven remaining letters.

After Fudou set up the videos, he left them in the media room to continue with his work.

But they didn't find anything suspicious in the videos, even after the end of school sessions. No one was seen snooping around or slipping anything into Kurimatsu's shoe locker. All of them just passed by Kurimatsu's shoe locker. No suspicious activity was detected, unless a couple kissing, some students cheered in delight as they found love letters in their shoe locker and some pranksters making a mess of their friends' shoe locker.

"This is odd. There was no one coming near Kurimatsu's shoe locker at all." Kazemaru sighed.

"But I found the letters in my shoe locker everytime, de yansu! There must be some kind of a mistake here, de yansu!" Kurimatsu said in disbelieve, looking very troubled as he stared down at the letters in his hand.

"Don't worry, Kurimatsu! We believe you, but we need to catch the suspects and bring them to justice!" Endou said confidently.

"Y-You mean to Disciplinary Committee, Kaichou?" Tachimukai whispered at his President.

"There has to be a trick here somewhere." Hiroto muttered, looking over the recent videos again.

And that was when he notice something.

"Umm...guys. I think I found something." He said, catching the attention of his friends. When all of them came closer, Hiroto replay the video again.

"This guy." He said and pointed to a second year with brown hair. "He came early on the days where Kurimatsu received the letters, twenty minutes before Kurimatsu usually come."

"Wow, that's like super early!" Endou said, looking at the second year in wonder. "Maybe he has morning duties?"

"You know, you should learn to come to school early like him, Endou-kaichou. That'll be really helpful." Aki mumbled from behind with a sigh, remembering how Endou's coming late to school almost everyday.

Hiroto cleared his throat to get their attention back. "Anyway, look here." He said and clicking the video to zoom in. The second year in the video seemed to be looking right and left to see if anyone's around before leaning into his shoe locker.

"Hmmm...maybe he's cleaning his shoe locker?" Kazemaru guessed.

Hiroto shook his head. "Everyday at the same date as when Kurimatsu received his letters? That's highly unlikely."

The group of friends fell into a silence as they all think of how to connect the second year with the letters sent to Kurimatsu.

A realization hit Endou and he gasped. "Unless..."

"K-Kaichou?" Aki asked him in a low voice.

"Maybe...! Kazemaru, Hiroto, take that second year and bring him to the shoe lockers! The rest of you, follow me!" Endou said aloud before storming out off the room.

"K-Kaichou!" Tachimukai yelped in surprise and followed him. The others stood in a daze before they shared a nod in unison and split up, following their President's order.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

When Kazemaru and Hiroto arrived with the second year in tow, the three sweat dropped when they saw the sight that greeted them. It was of Endou standing between the two tall shoe lockers, two hands spread out as if hugging the two lockers and peeping on the middle of it, looking every bit like a giant spider. As if he could see anything through the small space. Tachimukai, Kurimatsu and Aki chuckled awkwardly when Kazemaru sent them an inquiring look.

"We don't know. But he's been doing that for quite a while." Aki replied and sighed.

Realizing that Kazemaru and Hiroto has arrived with the suspect number one, Endou stopped whatever weird stuff he's doing and walked over to the second year. "What's your name?" Endou started.

"H-Handa Shinichi." The second year stuttered a bit, recognizing the person in front of him as the famous President of SS.

"This is your locker, right?" Endou asked him, pointing at the shoe locker behind Kurimatsu's.


"Open your locker and let us inspect it." Endou said and Handa's eyes widened in fear.

"L-Locker? I f-forgot it's p-password." Endou noticed that Handa started sweating and fidgeting uneasily.

"Handa-san, do as our President order you to or I'll have to bring you to Disciplinary Committee." Hiroto said in a warning tone, making Handa fliched.

Handa lifted his eyes and watched the people around him. While others looked at him with grimace, Aki sent him a kind smile and he finally gave in. "Alright. I'll open it." He sighed and went to his shoe locker. When the shoe locker was finally opened, Endou stepped forward and looked into the small space. His hands lightly tapping the wall of the shoe locker and finally found what he was looking for. "Ha! Just as I expect!" He said in satisfaction at having been correct at his guess.

"What is it, Kaichou? What did you find?" Kazemaru asked in wonder.

Endou flashed them his usual silly grin. "A secret hole!"

"A secret hole?!" The others, excluding Handa, yelled in surprise.

Endou nodded in confirmation. "Does any of you notice that Kurimatsu's letters all have rolled up marks despite being tied by a rubber band that only round around them?"

"Eh, really?" Kurimatsu said in surprised and took out his letters. His letters were tied up by a long rubber band from side to side and the letters do not rolled up. But there were marks on the letters. "Hey, it's true! The letters have rolled up marks, de yansu!"

"When you think really careful about it, if someone slipped the letters into Kurimatsu's shoe locker, they only need to use the letter hole that is longitudinal. The suspect doesn't have to roll them up and push them in, right? But the letters that Kurimatsu received all looked like they've been rolled up and a bit crumpled at the sides, indicating that the suspect had pushed them into the shoe locker. The reason why we don't see anyone slipping any letters into Kurimatsu's shoe locker is because they weren't slipped into from the front, but from the back!" Endou announced his finding and glanced at Handa. "The only one who could have done this is you, Handa Shinichi!" Endou pointed at him dramatically.


"Your locker is exactly behind Kurimatsu's! You're the one who made this small hole and pushed those letters through it! Because you're the only one who know your password and that there's no one other than you that we saw opening your shoe locker in the video!" Endou added and everyone turned to Handa to see his expression.

Handa sighed and chuckled. "Hahaha, you got it right! It was me! I'm the one who sent those letters to him!" He said cheerfully, even pointing at Kurimatsu as he said 'him'.

Their jaws dropped at the sudden and unexpected way of revelation while Kazemaru snapped out of it rather quickly and glared at him. "So it was you?! You're the one sending those threatening letters at him?!"

"Threatening letters?" Handa titled his head in confusion.

"Do you have any idea how scared he was when he read them?! Scaring a first year like this, have you no shame and pride as a senpai?!" Kazemaru roared at him.

"Wow! Wow! Calm down, ponytail guy." Handa said.

"Ponytail guy?!"

"Well, I don't know your name!" Handa defended himself. "I don't send him threatening letters! I sent him love letters!"

~~~ Quiet ~~~

"Love letters?" Hiroto muttered and all of them were looking at Handa with an unreadable expression.

"Oh, goodness. He's gay." Kazemaru said in a hushed tone. "And I've been talking to him like that...!" He paled at the thought of Handa finding him attractive.

As if reading his mind, Endou chuckled. "Well, can't blame him if he did find you attractive. You look a lot like a girl."

"Who the hell looks a lot like a girl?!" Kazemaru yelled at Endou with angry cat eyes.

"You're even more girlish than Aki." Hiroto snickered as he played with Kazemaru's ponytail.

"I'm not girlish and stop playing with my ponytail, you redhead freak!" Kazemaru screamed at him and tugging his ponytail from Hiroto's hand.

"He...he likes me?" Kurimatsu frozen on his spot.

"I-It's not like that, Kurimatsu!" Handa now realized that they misunderstood him and his face now was as red as a ripe tomato. "A girl asked me to send the letters to you secretly and she even told me to make the secret hole! I don't want to do it at first, but she offered to pay me for each letter I send and I need money to buy a new sneakers so I accept the deal! But I have nothing to with the contents of the letters, I swear!"

"So you just delivered the letter?" Tachimukai asked to confirm.

"You're not the one writing those letters?" Hiroto stepped forward.

"You have no sort of involvement in the harrassments that Kurimatsu had been through?" Kazemaru joined Tachimukai and Hiroto and the three cornered Handa.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Handa replied, getting restless with Tachimukai, Hiroto and Kazemaru throwing questions at him. "Now get off me, all of you!"

"You mentioned that a girl asked you to send those letters." Endou suddenly said. "Tell me. Is she a pretty second year with auburn hair and black eyes?"

Handa paused for awhile as he looked at Endou in amaze. "Y-Yes, she is. She's my classmate."

"What's her name?" Tachimukai asked.

"Yamada Mimi." Handa replied.

"Hiroto." Endou said and Hiroto nodded and took out the love letter he received. He opened the letter and read the name of the sender down below. "Yup. Her name is Yamada Mimi."

"Kaichou, isn't she-" Aki seemed to connect the dots.

Endou smirked. "Aah. She's the one."

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"Now that I think about it, it's highly unlikely for a fangirl of Hiroto to not know which shoe lockers belong to him." Endou broke the silence in the SS office, staring down at the girl sitting on the couch in the sitting area. "They practically watch his every movement. How he is in class, where he likes to have recess, his daily routine, where he stops by on the way home. His fangirls are practically stalkers! Even if you truly don't know, you would have asked anyone. But it wasn't that hard," Endou sat down in front of her and the girl lowered her gaze on the floor. "because everyone knows that Hiroto did put his name in front of his locker."

Everyone watched the two in silence. After a few moments passed, the girl wiped away the tears brimming in her eyes and she sent a watery smile at Endou. "When Kiyama-sama said he wanted to show me his workplace in the SS office, I thought he liked me too and wanted us to get to know each other better. I imagined that he'd show me what he usually do while he works, we'd warm up to each other and maybe drop by at a cafe before he walk me home. But...I guess they are not coming true at all." She said sadly and glanced at Hiroto, who sent a small smile at her.

"Sorry, but I'm not the kind of guy who would accept any girl who confess to me like that, unless I also feel the same way."

The girl let out a dry laugh. "Looks like I'm the only one here then." Hearing her words, Aki felt a little sympathetic at her since Hiroto did lure her here by saying that he wanted to show Yamada his workplace in the office.

"Right, let's get on to the main topic." Endou said, his serious tone drawing attention to him. "Handa-san confessed to us that a girl hired him to send threatening letters to Kurimatsu secretly. When he said 'a girl', I immediately thought of you because we found you standing in front of Kurimatsu's shoe locker. And my guess is that you were feeling guilty."

The girl flinched when Endou mentioned the last word.

"Am I right?" Endou asked and Yamada nodded.

"And that means you know the content of the letters. Because if you didn't then you wouldn't feel guilty at all."

Yamada nodded again.

"Tell us the whole story, please. And don't leave any detail, even the minor ones." Kazemaru said and Aki prepared to take notes. Hiroto took out his camcorder and voice recorder as confession evidence.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"Allow me to recount the information we received from Yamada Mimi." Kazemaru cleared his throat. "Somewhere on November last year, she had sex with another crush of her named Satome Junpei from class 3-E in the boys' changing room at the gymnasium. Without her knowledge, Satome had their whole sex scene recorded secretly and snapped a few photos of her naked. He threatened to spread the naked photos of her around the school and social network if she didn't send the threatening letters to a first year named Kurimatsu Teppei. Kurimatsu remembered Satome as the guy who he had accidentally stepped on his sports shoes and caused him to loose his balance and tripped into the school's pool. Satome Junpei has motive and method."

"What a jumbled up case we have here." Tachimukai said and sighed.

"Now I feel sorry for Yamada." Aki recalled how Yamada was having a hard time confessing to them in between her sobs.

"I wonder how Goenji-kaichou's going to react when he finds out that there were students having sex on school grounds. He'd flip for sure." Hiroto chuckled as he imagined Goenji lecturing Yamada and Satome and began reminding them of every school rules related to their fault.

"Do you think we should take him into custody and hand him over to Disciplinary Committee, Kaichou?" Kazemaru asked.

Endou let out a deep sigh. "I've told Goenji we found out who the one behind the threatening letters and he said he'll send one of his members to help us detain Satome."

"Hey, maybe he'll send Saginuma! I mean, he looks scary and he's tall, right? He can intimidate Satome, I bet!" Kazemaru blurted out suddenly and looked at Hiroto sheepishly. He forgot that Saginuma was a good friend of Hiroto. "Gomen, Hiroto."

Hiroto smiled. "Oh, don't worry about it! You're correct about him, anyway!"

The one they expect to come is Saginuma Osamu, the Treasurer of Disciplinary Committee. He's a very tall for a second year of high school and has an intimidating aura more than enough to scare even yakuzas. But those who are close to him know that he's actually a big softie, especially on cute things and people. As expected of every members of Disciplinary Committee, he's an expert in martial arts, which comes in handy when enforcing the laws of the school on students.

But the one who came was...

An average height second year with an adorable face and the most innocent look in the school.

"I apologize for being late." Fubuki smiled cheerfully as he bowed at them politely.

"You're the one Goenji sent?!" Endou freaked out when he saw Fubuki instead of Saginuma as he was hoping for.

As if not hearing how surprised Endou was, Fubuki nodded his head. "Mmm. At first, Goenji-kaichou wanted to send Saginuma-san, but then Saginuma-san had to finish this month's account today, so he send me instead. Please do not worry, I have full trust from Goenji-kaichou to handle the arrest." Kazemaru, Hiroto, Tachimukai and Aki chuckled nervously.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

Fubuki Shirou looked like a small kitty compared to the tall and huge Satome Junpei who looked like a hungry and wild bigfoot. The SS Committee stood a few steps away from Fubuki and Satome as Fubuki explained the entail of his arrest. Satome seemed to be getting angrier and angrier as Fubuki went on with his explanation on his arrest without a care. Even the two prefect who came with him had their knees shaking.

"Hey, are you sure he'll be alright, Kaichou?" Kazemaru whispered at Endou.

"What do you mean, Kazemaru?" Endou blinked.

"Well...Fubuki doesn't look like he has any fighting abilities. What if Satome suddenly went into rage and attack him?" Kazemaru said in concern.

"There must be a reason why Goenji accepted Fubuki as the Public Relations Manager of his Disciplinary Committee. And knowing how to fight is one of the rules to join the committee, right?" Endou tried to reason.

"Maybe Fubuki-san does know how to fight, despite his height and smiling face, that is." Aki whispered, glancing at Fubuki who tried to calm Satome down.

"There's no need for you to be so angry, Satome-san. You have broken many school regulations, even before this case, so I suggest you come with us willingly." Fubuki said, fueling the third year's anger.

"Why the fucking' hell should I obey a pipsqueak like you?!" Satome roared and reached his hands to grab Fubuki's collars.

"Fubuki!" Endou yelled in alarm.

"Hey, no-brain fatso!" A voice startled them, especially Satome and running towards them is a guy with orange hair devil horns. The guy was enraged as hell. "Keep your hands off my big bro'! Atsuya Super Kick!" He lunged at Satome and changed his pose in mid-air. His powerful kick sent Satome against the wall, creating a huge crack on the wall. With Satome down, the orange-haired guy turned to Fubuki and fussed over him as he checked whether Fubuki has any injuries and sighed in relieve when there was none.

"Don't worry big' bro! I'm here to protect you!" The orange-haired guy winked at Fubuki before going over to Satome.

"Fubuki-san, are you alright?!" Aki asked in concern.

"Who is he, Fubuki?" Kazemaru asked, watching the orange-haired guy lifting up Satome with ONE HAND!

"Oh, him?" Fubuki smiled. "He's my younger twin brother by two minutes, Fubuki Atsuya. He's always around to protect me." Fubuki introduced his younger brother nonchalantly, earning sweat drops from everyone.

"Take this, poop face! Atsuya Rapid Punch!"

"Maybe this is why Goenji accept Fubuki in the first place." Endou murmured as they watched Atsuya punching holes into Satome's face and stomach at amazing speed.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

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