A/N: Edit - This was the first fic I ever attempted to write, and I'm finally editing it and posting it over on AO3 after only having it here on FFN. This was written back when Dramione was my OTP (I have long since jumped ship for Drarry). Beta love to dragonsandotters, who read this long before we were friends and is now being forced to relive it as it's edited! 3

Pairing: Dramione, Ronsy, Hinny, Lovenott
Rated: T



Hermione insisted I include a letter with this package. I'm pretty sure it's a waste of time because you won't read it, and even if you do you won't care what it says, but honestly, Hermione is kind of terrifying so I don't have much choice.

(She's watching over my shoulder as I write this. She just hit me over the back of the head. Now she's telling me to stop stalling and get on with it. Got hit again. See what I mean? Scary.)

Okay, well if you haven't already opened it, your wand is in the package. I heard you had a new one made, but I know how attached I am to my original one so I guess I thought you might want it back. If you don't want it that's fine, do whatever you want with it, but I didn't feel right keeping it. A historian from the Ministry asked me if she could have it, but letting them put it on display felt weird. Ron was all for auctioning it off, but that felt gross.

I don't know what else I'm supposed to say.

Sorry for taking so long to do this (supplied by Hermione but I do mean it).

Hope you're doing alright (supplied by Hermione but I guess I don't want you to be, like, hurt or anything).

Don't hex my owl (I mean it!).

Hermione says she deems this passable and I can stop.


Thank you.



Hold on, DID YOU JUST THANK ME? I'm searching the ground for signs of hell freezing over and the sky for flying farm animals, just in case.

I'd also just like to point out that your bloody beast of a bird is a bit over the top, and ask what it is you're compensating for?

I suppose the right thing to say is you're welcome, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around you thanking me at all.

Hermione told me she saw you in Diagon Alley yesterday, and that you were almost polite, and only insulted Ron and I three times. Maybe you really have changed. She also said you seemed kind of down, and I don't know if you're aware of this but she has kind of a thing for looking out for sad creatures (have you heard of S.P.E.W?). Look, I don't know enough about you these days to know if you're having a rough time or not, but I promised her I'd write again to check if you're alright, so to get her off my back could you please send more than two words in reply.



1 Fuck

2 Off

3 Idiot



He's fine. 100% himself, don't worry.


Hey Nev!

How's everything going at the school?

We're getting a few people together for a pint at the Leaky on Saturday if you're keen? Hermione is supposedly organising it but she's been off who knows where last few days so it's somehow turned into Harry and I planning it. Just like old times, eh? Harry and I doing all the work while she's off causing trouble.

Hope you can make it mate, it's been too long!



Please, please, PLEASE tell me you will be back by Saturday to come to the Leaky and catch up with everyone! And by everyone, I mean Harry. He's actually going mental, and if I have to hear him moan about missing you for much longer I will murder him, and I'm sure you don't want me offing your boyfriend, but I swear to Merlin I'll do it. I'd say he's about two days away from writing sad poetry about you. It's gross, Ginny, and kind of creepy. Take a night off from training and end his misery, or I will.

Oh, and I love you and miss you and all that other brother stuff.


Harry & Ron,

Thank you for your invitation. I'd love to join you.

America was wonderfully inspiring but I missed you all very much. I'll be bringing someone along with me on Saturday and I do hope that's alright. He was at Hogwarts with us, though we met in America and I didn't know him during school. It's such a shame we never crossed paths before, because we're both fascinated by the Giant Hogweed plant, and could have been researching it together for years. Did you know that its sting is only poisonous to muggles; a wizard stung by it gets a temporary feeling of great elation, like a huge rush of endorphins. I imagine it could become rather addictive after a while.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Love, Luna


Miss you already. Why do the weekends I'm home always seem to go so fast? We didn't get much of a chance to talk (not that I'm complaining, wink wink) so I need to get this out.


Was my jaw actually on the table when they walked in? I feel like it definitely dropped that far.

He seemed nice enough. Kind of charming, really. Of course I trust Luna's judgement but just… what the hell, right? I don't think I could imagine a more bizarre couple combination. It would be like if Hermione and, say, Malfoy got together. Can you imagine?

They seem happy though, don't they? I hope she is; she deserves it. And Theo seemed genuinely interested in all the things she came out with.

Oh, something else I forgot to tell you. Ronald has been owling me every few days whining about how much you complain about missing me. Look, Harry. I thought we talked about this before, but maybe we need to touch on it again. When I'm not there to bother him you know I rely on you to take my place and make him squirm as much as possible. Quite frankly, a letter from him every 3-4 days isn't good enough. Get to work, Potter, I expect results! (Perhaps mention how lost you get in my eyes or that my hair reminds you of the sunset, but I'm not going to do your job for you so you need to come up with some on your own)

Thinking of you always. Training has been gruelling but Merlin I love it!

Be safe at work.

Love you!

Gin xx


You seemed distracted at the Leaky the other night. You alright?


Luna & Theo,

I'm really sorry. I was just surprised to see you two together and sometimes I'm too suspicious but that doesn't make it alright and I shouldn't have used Ministry resources to do a background check on Theo.

It's obvious you're happy and I'm sorry for doubting that. If it helps, Ginny Floo'd me just before and yelled at me so loudly that I thought she was a Howler. It's quite possible you heard her; I'm pretty sure the rest of the country did.

I also just got an angry letter from Hermione. I won't repeat what it said, but I'm pretty fond of the bits of me she threatened, but just so you know, even if they hadn't told me off I would still be apologising.

If it's okay with you both I was thinking we could all go out to dinner this weekend (my treat) so I can say sorry in person and try to make it right. Gin and I would both really like to get to know Theo more.

Let me know.

I'm sorry!



He's singing. He's singing about you right now. YOU NEED TO COME HOME ON MORE THAN JUST WEEKENDS. I will end him Ginny, I swear to Merlin I will.



I had a lovely dinner last night with Harry, Ginny, and Theo. I had the pierogi and it was wonderful. Harry and Theo got along very well after Harry made a joke about the size of Draco's owl. I've not seen it myself but they laughed for a long while about it, so I think they'll be friends soon enough. I'd very much like it you and Theo could also be friends. It would be lovely for us to all spend time together now that I'm back.

I'm having lunch tomorrow. Perhap you could be there too. Harry and Ginny, and maybe one or two of Theo's friends will join us as well.

You will need to bring your own dirigible plums as I've not had a chance to restock.

Love, Luna


Weirdest day of our bloody lives or what? How'd we get through a whole lunch with three Slytherins alive? Parkinson was the most irritating one, don't you reckon? Did you hear her sneer at me because I don't know anything about her bloody fashion line? And that stupid laugh she did for everyone's jokes except mine! Dunno what her problem is but she's obviously got issues.

Hermione was being weird too, did you notice? Her and Malfoy argued about something after we ate and she stormed off. Any idea what happened? I tried to question Malfoy and he got all huffy and rattled off rubbish about my manners. Right prat, he is. Some people never change. Like Parkinson. Un-bloody-believable she is. Did you hear her comments about my nose? Totally uncalled for and untrue! If I see her again I have half a mind to tell her just what I think of her!

Mum owled earlier and asked if we'd be round for tea tomorrow. I told her yeah, because Ginny is still away.

Oh did you see that memo in your office about singing being banned now on Ministry grounds? Weird, right? But it looked serious and completely real, so best not upset the bosses, I suppose!

See you at home later.



Was everything okay after lunch the other day? You were very distant. You know you can always talk to me right? No matter how often I'm away I'm always here for you.

Love you.

Gin xx


I very much enjoyed seeing yourself, Draco, and Luna last week. The rest I could have lived without (especially Weasley) but thank you for inviting me all the same.

I've enclosed two tickets for you and Luna for the opening night of my new store, plus a few extras. Draco will be there of course, but a few people have cancelled. I'm scandalised, naturally, that anyone would dare cancel on me, but if you could be a darling and invite a few people for me I'd appreciate it. I'm flat out and just don't have the time. A few of the right people, obviously.

Do tell Luna I'm looking forward to seeing what she creates for her dress; my industry friends have been positively drooling over some of the recent things she's been photographed in.

DO NOT INVITE WEASLEY. He's the most idiotic waste of space I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Do. Not. Invite Him.

Sending love,



Pansy is having a party for her new store. Tickets enclosed. Open bar. Make sure Weasley is there.



Are you going this thing of Parkinson's? Bloody weird that we're getting invited to Slytherin events. I know you keep saying to accept them for who they are now and not who they were and all that, but you have to admit it's bloody strange.

Harry said Gin is coming. I hope to Merlin she is. I know you think I'm overreacting — so does Ginny — but he doesn't do all the weird stuff around you, so you don't get to see how bad it is! It's getting to the point where I might have to stage an intervention and I'm going to need your help.

Make sure you give Piper a treat before he flies back; he gets snarky when he's hungry.



Look, I'm sorry okay? I lied, and I shouldn't have. Yes, I knew Theo would be at the Leaky that night and yes I still declined your invitation and used the excuse that it was because I wouldn't know anyone there well enough to feel comfortable. I'm sorry I lied to you, but to be honest, I still can't fathom why you wanted me there in the first place. Like I said when you cornered me at Lovegood's lunch, we're hardly friends and I don't understand what you're trying to do.

I enjoyed the afternoon in Diagon as well, but as I said to you then, I'm not some project or broken thing that needs to be fixed by you. I'm perfectly happy, whether you believe me or not. I wrote to Potter and thanked him (which I was going to do anyway, there was no need to threaten me) so can we not just leave it at that?

As you keep asking in your daily letters; yes I did read some of the books you suggested. Muggle fairy tales are rather fascinating, though they're much darker than I expected. Do Muggle children really read these, or are lighter versions available? The mermaid one was especially grim; to still die after going through all that pain was a very depressing ending. I'll deny it if you ever repeat it but I much prefer romantic tales to have a happy ending.

It was a beautiful story though. I can acknowledge a well written piece of literature when I see it.

I suppose telling you not to write again would be pointless, so I shall await your next letter. I doubt even being annoyed at me would make you cease irritating me.

Until then.