It was a beautiful day in the Underground, and in a small house in Snowdin Town lived a nice little family of fox-like monsters, the Light family. There were two twin sisters named Moon and Sun, a mother and a father, and a teenage girl named Rainbow. She skipped out of her room, a smile on her face and her rainbow curls bouncing up and down as she moved. "Hi mom! Hi dad! What's for breakfast?" she asked as she sat down at the table with her family.

"Pancakes!" said her mom, handing Rainbow a plate with pancakes stacked neatly on it. Rainbow licked her lips; she loves pancakes. She grabbed a bottle of syrup and drizzled the contents onto her pancakes. After her breakfast she changed out of her pajamas into her usual blue sweater and grey sweatpants. She grabbed her backpack which was stuffed with her art book, headphones, school supplies and extra clothes just in case she started her period at school, or as she liked to call it, 'Satan week'. She also wrote a note for her parents before leaving. It read:

"Dear mom and dad,

After school I am going to move out. I am 17 now and feel I can take care of myself. Please tell Sun and Moon the news, but also tell them I will come to visit every once in a while. I found a nice little house on my way home yesterday. It's not the best but it'll do for now.

Love, Rainbow"

She placed the note on the table just as she left. She new that it would be easy to find that way, because her mom always did the dishes after Rainbow left for school. She happily skipped out of the house and was on her way to the bus stop. Her eyes were closed, although she new where she was going because she was used to the route to get to her stop. But she wasn't always aware of what- or who- was in front of her, and this was one of them. She bumped into a tall skeleton wearing a red scarf, red boots and gloves and a white shirt with a yellow symbol on it. He was also wearing blue shorts. He looked down at the fox and held out his hand to help her up. Rainbow grabbed it and got to her feet.

"I'm so sorry!" said the skeleton, feeling bad that he caused her to fall down.

"No, it's my fault. I didn't see where I was going," said Rainbow as she let go of the skeleton's hand. "I'm Rainbow, by the way."

"I am the great Papyrus!" replied the skeleton, sounding proud, like he had just won the lottery.

Rainbow put a paw over her mouth and giggled. then she remembered; she had to get to school! She said goodbye to Papyrus and ran to her bus stop, arriving mere moments before it pulled in.