Chapter Twenty-Eight – Car Ride

Judy and Nick sat squished together in the back of a black car, sandwiched against Kevin's considered heft. Raymond drove, and the entire cab was filled with their heavy breathing.

Nick's mind raced. Judy was about to learn a whole lot more than he wanted to reveal all at once, and this pair were prone to unfortunate streaks of violence when provoked. Judy may not have known much about cars, but she certainly knew how to express herself.

"Don't say anything," he leaned over, not having to go far – she was practically in his lap. "Let me do the talking."

Judy glared. "What's going on?" She looked to the polar bear thumbing through pictures on his phone, balking at the images she glimpsed. "Who are these guys?"

Nick sighed. "They work for an important mammal in Tundra Town who helped me get my garage on its feet."

"Mr. Big?"

He nodded.

Judy's gaze grew shrewd. "What did you do in return?"

He had to appreciate the question – she was quick. Clearing his throat, he gathered his nerve. Better she hear it from him than the crime boss himself. "I sometimes service… expropriated vehicles… for him."

She stiffened against him. "You mean stolen."

A loud growl sounded through the car. "Quiet," Kevin muttered, stowing his phone in his pants.

Nick grimaced and put his mouth into her ear. "I told you to let me do the talking."

"Yeah," Judy huffed and flattened herself to the door, not bothering with discretion. "Because you obviously know what you're doing."