Chapter Forty-One – Doorstep

Judy climbed out of Nick's Mustang, fidgeting with the pink, checkered shirt Ben had talked her into. "Does this make me look too 'Bunnyburrow'?" She asked self-consciously.

Nick closed his door and pocketed the keys, coming around the car's front. "Not at all," free from the eyes in Wilde Auto – and the loud-mouths trying to ruin his relationship with things his new girlfriend didn't need to know – he slung an arm around her shoulders. "You look perfect."

Judy's nervousness ebbed as they left the curb, taking a front stoop and traveling down a short walkway. Nick's arm stayed until they got to the front door, freeing it to brush invisible creases from his newly-laundered shirt.

"How's my tie?" He turned to her, reaching up to adjust its knot.

She stopped him, closing her small fingers over his. "Perfect," she echoed, smiling. "Ready?"

He squared his shoulders with a determined exhale. "Yep," he pressed the doorbell.

Footsteps sounded inside, and it opened a moment later, revealing an older, female fox replete with a resting half-smile, tall ears, and full tail. Ms. Wilde beamed. "Nicky!" Eyes as green as his appraised the bunny at his side, widening only slightly. "You must be Judy!" She swung the door wide. "Come in, come in!"