Chapter Forty-Five – Foggy

Judy fought against the numb grogginess weighing her eyelids, blinking them open to blinding, car headlights – no, no, that wasn't right. Sunlight filled her view, and she squinted for bearings, surveying a white room of quickly-sharpening lines.

"W-Where—?" She mumbled, her lips and throat dry.

A half-swallowed sputter answered, echoed by abrupt footsteps. "Judy! You're awake!" A face swam into focus, full of red fur and worry, and she attempted a smile.

"Nick?" Her mouth hurt, and she settled for a thin grimace. "W-What happened?"

Green eyes roamed over her face. "We were in a car accident," he mumbled, scanning down her frame. "And you've spent the night in the hospital."

Judy blinked, coming more awake. "Are you alright?" She searched his features, noting a fresh cast on his right arm. "Am I?"

Nick smiled weakly, nodding. "We're okay," he assured, leaning over and tracing fingers against her cheek. "I'm so glad you're awake."

A second set of footsteps echoed, and Judy saw a female face similar to Nick's loom close.

"Hey Judy," Ms. Wilde tried to smile, but it wavered and fell before it ever mustered. "How do you feel?"

The bunny did a mental check, aware of the soreness and ache in her limbs for the first time. "Not great," she admitted, wincing at an inhale. "My chest hurts."

Nick swallowed. "Easy. The doctor says you broke a rib."

Judy zeroed-in on his cast. "What'd they say about you?"

The fox looked away. "Nothing. I'm fine."

"He has two broken bones under there," his mother supplied. "From what the x-rays show, they were only sprains from the crash, but an exertion after impact stressed them to full-on fractures."

Judy pieced the words together and laid a hand on the wrist at her bed's side. "Nick?" She stared at him, willing him to meet her gaze. "How'd we get out of the car?"

He avoided her eyes and cleared his throat as the doorknob to the room suddenly jiggled and turned. "I called your parents," he said softly. "I think that's them."

"Nick? She pressed as the door started to swing open.

He closed his eyes and pulled his wrist free. "It was my fault Judy," he whispered, turning away. "All my fault."