Chapter Fifty-Six – Life Interrupts

Nick stared mutely at the bright, moving colors of the TV, catching none of the action in the latest blockbuster they had settled on. Judy was curled up against him, fast asleep, her arm flung across his lap. Two glasses, one empty, one full, sat on the end table before them, and Nick pried his wandering gaze from them, seeing a bit too much symbolism in their differing states for his taste.

His girlfriend – when would that title stop sending a thrill down his spine? – was breathing in soft puffs, draped at his side with his arm over her. Nick was beyond delighted; he couldn't remember a time when he'd been more content or excited or mildly terrified in every moment of a single afternoon. Everything else had dulled to background – his totaled car, broken bones, obligations to Mr. Big, the ZPD detectives – nothing mattered more than the bunny against him, who was now murmuring softly and snuggling deeper into his chest.

He stroked her upper arm and admired their contrasting fur, red against gray, before settling his palm by her elbow.

"Hey," he whispered, partly wanting her to wake and look up at him with big, half-asleep eyes, and also wanting her to be blissfully unaware, so secure in her place at his side.

Judy didn't stir, save a slight twitch in her ears.

"I think I'm in love with you Carrots," his lips grazed her forehead. "You and your terrible green shorts, your mom-disarming skills, and your ridiculously cute tail."

Soft, even breathing answered.

Nick glanced back at the glasses. "Don't ever realize you're too good for me," his mouth brushed her fur as he thought of their differences. Judy, so positive and full of promise, and he, drained and jaded. "I need you in my life."

A loud knock filled the apartment, dropping like an explosion from the television.

"Mr. Wilde?" A deep voice called from the beyond the door. "It's the ZPD. Open up sir!"

And just like that… all the moments of satisfaction and hope evaporated into a mist as if they had never been.

A/N: Dun, dun, DUN! Not to leave you with a cliffhanger, but... err... summer's end is fast approaching, and with it, my free time. Fear not, I WILL return to this fic. Nanowrimo (in November) always helps me finish stories. Stay tuned!