Crossing Points Book One: Dark Clouds

Chapter 07: "Vengeful Rampage"

By Infinity Blade

"Preparing Yuggoth…"

Reika glanced at the control panel of her rotating chair nervously. Something didn't feel right about this… She just couldn't determine what. Was it because she was following Sano's orders? Or was it something completely different? Either way, she just knew this was bothering her…

The signals flashing across their sensors were intense. There had been only one time when this many digimon had been converged on one area before, and even then it was brief, as many of those had died right away.

*When Shaggai was first activated…*

"Yuggoth, activate!"

At Megumi's cry, Reika's eyes bolted up to the large screen that surrounded them. Yuggoth was locked on the targets, and every digital creature in that sector was now set to be deleted…

Just as the program was preparing to do its duty, Reika noticed a warning light going off. She didn't even get a chance to utter a word about the warning, as some kind of massive power was suddenly burst forth from one area and spread out across all of the Digital Fields. It caused a light on the screens so intense that, even behind her visor, Reika had to squeeze her eyes shut. When she opened them, the Yuggoth program they had activated was gone, and…

"One of the signals just went off the charts!" Megumi said. "I… think we've seen this one before, but something about it is completely different!"

Reika gnashed her teeth together. *I knew I had a bad feeling about this…*


MegaloGrowmon stood towering over Muertemon and Akumamon. The pupils of the beast's yellow eyes were nothing more than black slits as he stared down at them, ready to strike at any moment. The Perfect level dragon was really quite fearsome, and certainly something most sane minds would not want to fight.

"MegaloGrowmon!" Takato commanded, his voice filled with an incredible level of anger. "ATTACK!"

The dragon complied. The humongous beast lunged towards the duo in his sights, thrusting his armor-covered claw down at them. Both dodged to either side, and the claw drove into the already-shattered concrete. Snarling, he immediately swept his claw out of the ground, tossing broken chunks of pavement in several directions. As one piece of that pavement found its way through a building's window, the blade mounted on MegaloGrowmon's arm just barely missed finding Muertemon's head.

"What's the matter, Takato?" Muertemon grinned, his ruby eye staring intently at the boy. "Mad?"

Takato's expression only seemed to become angrier. "You're evil," he said. His voice trembled, and his body shook as he spoke. "You just delight in the suffering of others… You're not going to stop until you've torn our lives apart…"

"He's certainly a master of the obvious," Akumamon snorted.

Takato gave a quick, dangerous look to the muscle-bound demon, but kept his eyes focused mainly on Muertemon. "MegaloGrowmon. Kill him."

Roaring, the jets on MegaloGrowmon's back activated, and he launched himself at Muertemon again. The Soldier of Death actually looked surprised, though, as the cyborg grabbed him with both claws before he could escape. Using both his large legs and thrusters, MegaloGrowmon went into the air, holding Muertemon above his head. Then, he jetted straight down and plowed the skull-faced Perfect into another section of the road. The impact tore apart the street even worse than before. Dust flew everywhere and shards of concrete were tossed so far that some flew over buildings, while other, larger ones went right through the structures. The ground shook immensely, and several nearby cars were tossed away like they were nothing from the shockwave, again causing more property damage to the surrounding buildings.

Being further away from it, Takato and Akumamon weren't thrown anywhere by this. The shockwave did, however, make Takato fall, while the demon seemed to barely hold his ground.

It became relatively quiet, and as he sat up Takato almost wondered if MegaloGrowmon had really killed him that quickly…

That train of thought quickly went off track. An angry scream of "DARK EXECUTION!" pierced through the silence, and a wave of dark blades drilled across MegaloGrowmon's chest. As the dragon cried out and was pushed across the ground, his large feet digging trenches as they were pushed along, Takato let out a horrifying scream. Clutching his chest, he doubled over from his position, the pain from his partner being transferred directly to him in a way that felt more intense than anything before.

As Muertemon's attack subsided, MegaloGrowmon dug his claws into the ground to stop himself from sliding. He then fell to his knees, panting heavily, before glancing up to see Muertemon emerging from the dust.

"Sorry… Takato…" Muertemon gasped, breathing quite heavily as well. "Your little pet isn't going to succeed that easily… but I'll give you one thing. That hurt. So, I'll have to pay you back… and I am so sorely tempted to just drill a hole right through this damn dragon right here and now."

"Muertemon!" Akumamon bellowed. "You know that you can't-!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Muertemon interrupted him, waving a hand dismissively. "Mind your own damned business!"

"This is-"

"Go finish off the Devas!" Muertemon shouted, and then chuckled a bit. "Of course, they look a little scared to even try and get into the middle of this…"

Takato glanced behind them. Majiramon, with Makuramon still atop his head, was merely floating at a safe distance, watching the battle. Rapidmon was doing the same, and it was obvious that none of them could see the advantage of trying to get into this battle…

*But why wouldn't Jen and Rapidmon try to help?* Takato wondered. *They couldn't really be scared… could they?*

Shaking his head, Takato started to lift himself to his feet. He couldn't let them win, he had to beat them… no matter what…


As Takato screamed the attack name, MegaloGrowmon pushed himself up and the cannons on his chest began to charge up. Grinning, Muertemon held up his scythe as it started to glow black. As soon as MegaloGrowmon launched twin blasts from his cannons, Muertemon swung his scythe down.


 Crimson and ebony collided as the two attacks met. For a moment, neither side wanted to give… and then the next instant, a large explosion had erupted where the two attacks had met.

Everything around them shuddered again, and when the dust cleared enough for Takato to see, MegaloGrowmon and Muertemon were both still standing, neither any worse off than before. Nobody would be using the street they were fighting on again anytime soon, though, as there wasn't anything left of it anymore.

"Well," Muertemon smirked, "this is certainly proving to be fun…"


"Shaggai System boot-up complete."

Reika gripped the side of her control panel tightly. Memories of the day Shaggai was first activated flowed back to the forefront of her mind. The chaos it caused, what came from it… Those horrible, horrible screams…

"Megumi," Reika said just loud enough for her partner to hear.

"Yeah?" the other woman asked. "Are you okay, Reika?"

"Is this the right thing?" Reika asked. "What we're doing?"

"…I couldn't really say," Megumi murmured. "But it shouldn't mess up like it did the first time… the second time we used it, it worked, even if it did shut down…"

"I suppose," Reika sighed, thankful for the fact they were seated back-to-back. She didn't want Megumi to see how nervous her body language was. "I just… I don't know. Something about using this system, now…"

"You mean without Yamaki-shitsuchou here?"

Reika paused and bowed her head. "Yeah. Guess you could say that…"


Antiramon couldn't remember the last time he had been in this much pain. He actually didn't think there had been a time when he was… but then, he remembered. That time long ago… *Before Zhuqiaomon-sama… when all of this started…*

The rabbit Deva shook his head hard. Thinking about all of that wouldn't help him…

He was presently, slowly but surely, making his way across a number of rooftops. He wasn't really sure which way he was going, actually. His senses felt so blurred after Rapidmon's attack, combined with the process of pulling himself out of the rubble that he had a hard time focusing. He just knew he had to keep moving, even if he was just basically limping along. He didn't want to give himself the time to rest… Although he desperately wanted to, he couldn't let himself fall asleep. He wasn't really sure if he would ever be able to wake up again…

He wondered, briefly, if he was cut out for this. For so long, all he had done was stand at the Phoenix Gate, guarding the passage to his master…

The thing was, however, that no one ever tried to pass him. It had thus been so long since he was last forced to battle, that no matter what natural instincts he had, he was rusty.

Unlike some of the other Devas, too, he was not war-like. He had no real need to feel that violence was truly necessary to solve all problems.

*I tried to turn them away peacefully,* Antiramon thought. *Yet they continued to persist…*

Antiramon's encounter with the 'Tamer' and his partner was the first time he had ever seen the face of his 'enemy'. It was truly not what the rabbit Deva had been anticipating.

*They didn't seem to want harm to befall their own kind. And that girl… she seemed like nothing more than a child. Is that truly our 'enemy', Zhuqiaomon-sama…?*

Antiramon froze, and his large ears perked up. His senses were picking something up. What it was, however, he couldn't determine…

*Vikararamon? …no, it's something other than that… something…*

Antiramon's eyes widened. His focus was now suddenly narrowed, and he knew exactly which direction he needed to go in…


*What am I doing here?*

Those same thoughts had run through Jaarin's mind at least a hundred times by this point. The teenager was presently standing behind a crowd of people that were being blocked off by the police. No one could really get past them, so those that were choosing to stay were attempting to figure out just what the hell was going on in the giant fog patches ahead. Included in the crowd were a number of news reporters and cameramen that were probably trying to bribe their way past.

*This is… just what is this?*

There was certainly something going on in there. Yet the law enforcement seemed to be intent on not letting people inside, insisting it was dangerous… but the question was what kind of danger. They couldn't seriously buy into the same theory that Rinchei did… they had to know what was within that fog…

Suddenly, Jaarin yelped as she felt someone grab her arm. Snapping her head to one side, she let out a small gasp as she saw Rinchei, out of breath, and definitely not looking to be in a good mood…

"O- Oniichan…"

"We're going home," Rinchei said sternly, "now. What are you doing out here?! It's not safe!"

"Not safe from what?" Jaarin asked with a curious look.

Rinchei smacked his forehead. "Jaarin, you're not a little kid, so stop acting like one. There aren't any monsters in that stupid fog. And if there were, I don't know why the hell you would want to see them!"

Jaarin looked to the ground. "Listen… I don't… I don't know, okay?"

Her elder brother was starting to look more and more irritated. "Oh, yeah. You're really making a lot of sense, little sister…"

With a slight growl, Jaarin jerked her arm away from him. "Listen, you said I'm not a little kid, right? Then I can take care of myself and don't need you to take care of me, okay?"

 Rinchei just stared at her. As she watched his angry expression vanish, she saw a look in his eyes that seemed almost… hurt.

Jaarin turned away and crossed her arms. "Oniichan, just… leave me alone, okay?"

"Jaarin…" Rinchei spoke. "I-"

A horrifying scream brought an abrupt end to their conversation. The cry sounded inhuman, like something from the pits of hell itself. The siblings' attention was brought back to what was happening in front of the police barricade. Everyone stood transfixed in their spots as more thick fog mixed with streams of black and red power suddenly rushed out of the ground right before the police.

"What the hell…?" Rinchei questioned.

*What…* Jaarin thought. *What is this? And why do I feel like I'm about to be sick…?*

As quickly as it came, the fog dispersed. In it's place, however, was something much more frightening. Floating in the air above the crowd was what looked to be a withered, old, dead man. He had wrinkled, gray skin, and long white hair that fell across either side of his head. He wore a long, black cloak and a necklace of miniature skulls. Finally, his eyes sockets were hollow… black and lifeless.

Floating around him were several gray, transparent ghost-like creatures. Below, there were many other beasts: demonic-looking dogs.

After viewing these monsters, it didn't take much else to send nearly everyone running. Several police officers took cover in or behind vehicles, but even still there were several of them that ran as well. Jaarin, however, lingered in place for a few short moments, staring at these monsters with both fear and awe.

Rinchei had begun running, but quickly went dashing back for his sister. "JAARIN!"

The cloaked, eyeless man looked down as the eldest Lee child screamed. "Shademon," he said, his voice holding absolutely no kind of emotion. "Him."

Two of the ghosts suddenly swooped down. Just as Rinchei reached Jaarin, each one of the ghosts took one of Rinchei's arms and pulled him up into the air.

"ONIICHAN!" Jaarin cried, the reality of what was happening now finally hitting her.

"Lee child."

Jaarin turned around and shrieked to find the old man was now right behind her. She couldn't bring herself to run, however, out of both fear of this… thing, and the other creatures he seemed to command.

"I am Hadesmon, servant of Asmodeusmon," the old man said, his tone still lacking all emotion. "I had come here to intercept another enemy, but sensing what I do from you is most… beneficial."

"Wh-what are you talking about?" she whimpered, trying her hardest not to look right into his horrible face, only to wind up looking at the ghosts or demon dogs. That wasn't much better. To make matters worse, there was a rather disgusting stench in the air, which seemed to be coming from this 'Hadesmon.' If Jaarin were to make a bet, she would have said it was what rotting flesh would smell like. It was all she could really do to keep from being sick right then and there.

She wondered briefly what the police were doing… and regretted making the effort to look as she found them fending off the demon dogs. One officer was lying on the ground, with one dog standing atop and sending its sharp teeth right down for him…

Jaarin quickly looked away, only to be right face-to-face with Hadesmon again.

"Prototype Green," he stated.

"What…?" Jaarin questioned, having no understanding of what those words meant in reference to her.

Suddenly, Hadesmon's hand snapped out and wrapped around her neck. She gasped as his cold, wrinkled skin pressed against her flesh as he then lifted her off the ground.

"JAARIN!" Rinchei shouted, still struggling against the Shademon. "Let her go, you bastard!"

"You do not know?" Hadesmon asked her. "You have been lost… unknown. A missing piece… perhaps, the problem is that you did not realize… Perhaps, that is why I was drawn to Realize here. Or why you were drawn to this spot…"

"L-let go," Jaarin was barely able to gasp out, "please…"

Hadesmon still made no indication he cared one way or another. Instead, he reached out with his other hand and grabbed her backpack. "Here… yes, I can sense it so clearly now…" With a movement that had a lot more force than one would expect from a creature like Hadesmon, he ripped open the backpack and spilled the contents out onto the street below. Much of it wasn't important, really… some notepads, pencils, and various miscellaneous things… but there was one thing in particular that stood out from the rest.

It was a small device with a screen on it, colored solid green with a silver stripe around the screen, and silver buttons. Once this device clattered to the ground, Hadesmon released Jaarin and the girl fell to her knees, clutching her throat and gasping for breath, even despite the hideous smell in the air.

"Prototype Green D-Ark," Hadesmon said, not even looking down at her or the device. It crossed her mind just then that he probably wasn't seeing anything…

Hadesmon's head tilted to one side, as he seemed to be thinking about something despite his emotionless state. "A rather pathetic failure, truly. You do not even know what that is, I can tell. Still, you may possibly still be of some use to Lord Asmodeusmon…."


Hadesmon's head jerked back up into an upright position, and at least a dozen Shademon suddenly appeared on his left side. Just as they did, a large, armored, humanoid rabbit came dropping down from the sky, his arms in the shape of axes. With the Shademon being where they were, they prevented the rabbit from striking Hadesmon and were instead destroyed themselves.

"Deva Antiramon," Hadesmon said, not bothering to turn and face the rabbit as his arms morphed back to normal. "Injured, too. Foolish."

"Leave these humans out of this," Antiramon stated spitefully. "You are a fragment of the Sealed Demon, and thus what happens to me is of no concern!"

Hadesmon turned around, now facing the rabbit with his hollow eye sockets. "Your downfall, and the downfall of your masters is the fact you are all quite shortsighted…"


When Jenrya had first proposed to Makuramon and Majiramon that they work together against Akumamon, the monkey Deva had vehemently thrown the offer back in his face. Of course, as the demon started to attack the both of them, they soon discovered that there was no choice. Though there was no agreement voiced, both Devas joined in with Rapidmon attacking the demonic warrior.

Now that Akumamon was so close to the battle with MegaloGrowmon and Muertemon, however, it was too dangerous for any of them to try and interfere.

At that moment, Jenrya was crouched behind a turned over car with his little sister beside him. He glanced out briefly to see that the battle was now just consisting of Muertemon dodging swipes from the raging cybernetic dragon. The two humans had to brace themselves every once in awhile, however, as whenever MegaloGrowmon wound up striking the ground, a tremor would ripple through the surrounding area.

Jenrya couldn't ever remember seeing MegaloGrowmon fight with such reckless abandon. He didn't seem to care about much other than tearing Muertemon apart. For that matter, from what he could see in the distance between them, neither did Takato…

"Jen!" The blue-haired boy turned around to see Rapidmon landing behind the car with them, though it obviously didn't provide his large body with much cover. "I think this is getting just a little too heated…"

Jenrya nodded, briefly eyeing the Devas in the sky. "We'd be perfectly open for attack right now, you know…"

"A-yup," Rapidmon sighed. "Just hoping they're not that stupid… don't think dragon-boy is, but Makuramon…"

"Yeah," Jenrya muttered, and then sighed too. "…it's getting way too dangerous around here. We need to do what we should have before… Rapidmon, take Shuichon and go."

Shuichon's eyes widened, while Rapidmon just blinked a couple of times. "You're coming too, right Jen?" the cyborg questioned.

Jenrya frowned deeply. "No. I don't think I have that choice right now…" The ground rumbled again, and the boy sighed. "It was stupid of me to bring Shuichon out here, and it's just gotten a lot worse than any of us could have imagined… Takato and MegaloGrowmon are right out there fighting. I don't know where Ruki and the others are, so… I just can't abandon him with two of those demons, and two Devas nearby."

"But Jen-niichan," Shuichon said, grabbing her older brother's sleeve. "You can't just stay here by yourself…"

It wasn't like he wanted to, of course. But he didn't feel like he had a choice in the matter. She had to understand the kind of danger they were facing here…

"Jenrya! Rapidmon!"

Jenrya blinked hard as he heard the familiar voice, and looked over towards the hospital to see several figures coming towards them. Juri, Leomon, Hirokazu, Kenta, Culumon… Lastly, there was the one that had called out to them, Renamon, carrying the limp form of Ruki.

"Ruki…?" Jenrya questioned as they neared him. The last thing he would have expected would be to see someone like her in a position like that. "What happened to her?!"

As the small group came to a stop, Renamon kneeled down to lay Ruki gently on the ground. The fox was breathing heavily… and as she set Ruki down, she herself nearly fell over.

"You don't seem to be in too good a shape, either," Rapidmon muttered.

"I'm… fine," Renamon said, her voice strained. Rapidmon and Jenrya just glared at her, causing the fox to let out a long breath and rest up against the turned over car. "The hospital was a trap… Muertemon took Ruki… did something… don't know what…" She blinked several times and rubbed her eyes. "Our connection is deep… whatever happens to her…"

"I knew something wasn't right, culu!" Culumon said to the fox as he landed atop her head. Renamon didn't even seem to notice him, and Jenrya sort of wondered if she would tolerate that under normal circumstances.

"Takato and Guilmon appear to be battling fiercely," Leomon observed, looking out from over the top of the car. There was then another tremor, even stronger than the last, and Jenrya grimaced.

"That's putting things mildly," the boy muttered. "…okay, change in plans. Rapidmon, take anyone here that can't defend themselves right now. Shuichon, Ruki, Hirokazu-"

"Hey-" Hirokazu began, but came to a quick stop once he saw Jenrya's gray eyes glare at him.

"It's too dangerous," Jenrya said. "We can't afford to have anyone here right now that doesn't have some kind of defense."

"He's right, you know," Kenta muttered.

"But Jen-niichan," Shuichon said, frowning, "you're staying…"

Jenrya looked down at her, sighing again. "Shuichon… I just can't-"

"I do believe," Leomon said, suddenly drawing his sword, "that any opportunity for escape has been missed."

"Leomon?" Juri questioned. "What…"

Jenrya looked up at Rapidmon, who now had a similar look to Leomon's in his eyes as both stared over the car. The blue-haired boy looked out from behind their hiding spot to find Akumamon now approaching them as Muertemon dodged yet another blow from MegaloGrowmon.

Jenrya ground his teeth together. *Crap. Too many of us are gathered here… I should have figured it wouldn't take long for him to notice us…*

"Well, that scraps that plan!" Rapidmon exclaimed and, without pause launched himself into the air while Leomon took a leap over the car.

"Be careful!" Juri cried after her digimon.

Jenrya bit his lip as he dug in his pocket for some cards. They had to make this as quick as possible… there couldn't be any room for error with this many of their friends in danger and unable to defend themselves. He cast a quick glance to Ruki and Renamon. *Just hang on until we can get you two some place safe…*

"CARD SLASH!" Jenrya cried as he drew one card along the side of his Digivice. "High Speed Plug-In B!"

Rapidmon literally vanished from sight for a brief second before he could next be seen ramming into Akumamon. The armored demon was pushed across the street for several seconds before he roared, bringing his fists up into the air and slamming them into Rapidmon's head. The cyborg screamed as he was planted face-first into the pavement.

"You filthy dog," Akumamon spat, and then kicked the other Perfect in the head. This sent him flipping over in the air before he plowed into a building.

"RAPIDMON!" Jenrya cried before suddenly bending over and clutching his skull. "Damn…"

"Lee-kun…?" Juri questioned, looking over at him worriedly.

"Dude, are you okay…?" Hirokazu asked, coming over to his side.

"Fine," Jenrya grunted, looking back up. Leomon was standing in a defensive position, obviously judging his next move. The blue-haired boy looked over at Juri and tossed her a card. She blinked a bit and looked down at it. "Just slash it. Since you haven't learned how to summon a Blue Card, Leomon needs all the help he can get."

"Right…" she murmured, and then smiled at him. "Thank you."

Jenrya grinned. "No problem. If we're going to stand any chance here, we need to work as a team."

She nodded and brought the card up to her Digivice. "CARD SLASH! Berserk Sword!"

Leomon blinked hard as his own blade suddenly morphed into a much larger, silver sword. It was a blade that was normally wielded by a Knightmon.

"Hmph," Akumamon scoffed, drawing one of his blades and holding it with both hands. "Simply making your sword larger isn't going to help you obtain victory."

Leomon's eyes just narrowed and her rushed forward. Akumamon braced himself, and the lion leapt into the air, holding his large blade high. "Lion King…!" Energy surged from his hands up into the sword, and it soon erupted with power itself.

"SWORD!" With that exclamation, Leomon brought the sword down towards Akumamon. As their blades met, the power surged out from Leomon's and the force of the blow was so powerful that it caused the ground to cave in beneath Akumamon's feet. Even still, the demon held his ground and didn't let the new hole he had fallen into affect him much.

Akumamon smirked up at the lion. "If you think an Adult level such as yourself can defeat me, you are sadly mistaken." He moved one hand away from the sword's hilt and was then blocking Leomon's large sword while holding his own with only one hand. The demon then grabbed the second sword on his back and unsheathed it, quickly swiping for the lion man's midsection with it.

Leomon pushed away from Akumamon, just barely avoiding his enemy's attack. As Leomon landed, the sword of Knightmon he held shifted back into his own weapon. Seeing that his chance to fully utilize that power had passed, he cursed beneath his breath.

"You are quite brave, I will give you that," Akumamon chuckled as he leapt out of the hole. "But only that!"

While still in mid-air, however, Akumamon was met with Rapidmon appearing right in front of him. "Miss me?!" the cyborg screamed and punched the demon in the face, knocking the demon into the street below. "I'm not wasting any time with you, buddy… GOLDEN TRIANGLE!" Rapidmon held his arms out and legs together as a triangle of energy appeared in front of him and launched down for his opponent.

Akumamon's eyes widened and he dropped his swords. "MAXIMUM FIRE!" Flames erupted from his palms and met the Golden Triangle in the air. As both the attacks met, they canceled each other out. Chuckling again, Akumamon took his swords off the pavement and rose to his feet. "If this is truly all you have, you may as just roll over and die now…"

"You talk big, but we'll see if you can back it up!" Rapidmon shouted. "You're outnumbered, and after we're done with you, your pal won't stand a chance against three of us!"

Akumamon laughed, and it suddenly crossed Jenrya's mind that he was getting tired of hearing that. "You fools don't seem to truly grasp what's happening around here… If you kill me, do you think it will be so easy to just deal with Muertemon and be done with it? There's much more, you know…"

Jenrya knew he was right about that… they had Majiramon and Makuramon still hovering right above them… *Plus, there's still that Vikararamon Chatsuramon mentioned…*

"Not just the Devas, either," Akumamon grinned. "It would be very interesting to see what'll happen to your other two friends in their present state once there's nothing left to kill…"



Both of the Perfect level digimon launched their attacks at each other again, resulting in another large, powerful explosion. The children braced themselves for the rumbling that quickly came, and Jenrya focused his vision on Takato.

"Is he talking about Takato-kun?" Juri murmured. "But… what does he mean? Takato-kun wouldn't hurt us…"

Jenrya's gray eyes narrowed. Something was wrong about the way Takato was acting… and Akumamon appeared to know more about it than he was telling. Plus, with the way MegaloGrowmon and Muertemon were continuing to fight, they weren't going to accomplish anything but obliterating the entire surrounding area…

Deep inside, Jenrya knew just one thing. If everyone was going to make it out of this fight safely, the course of the battle needed to be changed. They couldn't win with the way it was going… and someone had to start the changing of that course.

Without a word to his sister or friends, Jenrya suddenly dashed out around the car and towards the battlefield.

"Lee-kun!" Juri shouted.

"Where are you going, culu?!" Culumon cried.

"Are you nuts?!" Hirokazu screamed.

Jenrya attempted to pay their shouts no mind. "Rapidmon, cover me!"

While he obviously was surprised at his Tamer's action, Rapidmon did as he was told, quickly taking aim at Akumamon. "HOMING MISSILE!"

As the multiple rockets streaked down for Akumamon, Jenrya put on the speed even more. Something needed to be done, and at that point in time, he was the one that needed to do it…


"Shaggai System at eighty percent…"

*This isn't right,* Reika thought as Megumi spoke.


*All of these unusual energy signatures… we've never seen anything like this before…*


*But at the same time, what else can we do? Just sit back and watch as these monsters tear apart the city?*

"Ninety-five percent…"



*It's not just us, is it?*


*There are those children…*


*Their digimon…*


As the system reached maximum and everyone within Hypnos prepared to fully activate the Shaggai System, the entire building shook violently. Explosions could be heard erupting below, and the entire place just simply went black…

-End Chapter 07


Revision Notes and Other Things: Do I even need to say it anymore? I think I'm rather extensively leaping away from the original Silver Lining at this point. In the beginning of these revisions, it wasn't the intent to go this far outside of what I wrote before, but, well… things happened.

Namely, I realized certain plot points that were going to be introduced MUCH later wouldn't work that well AT their originally intended points. So I'm having to shift certain plot points back earlier, such as the introduction of Asmodeusmon's other Soldiers of Death. Other than Muertemon, just sprung up randomly in the original SL.

Another thing is the 'Prototype Green' thing, which was always a part of the original SL but hadn't been fully touched on yet at that point. To be completely blunt, I'll tell everyone now that Jaarin was not the character originally intended to take this role. That was Akira, swiped from the game Digimon World 2. However, I have since realized I can't properly recreate Akira's character in this world setting. And I have found that Jaarin is going to be a MUCH more useful character…

So while taking these things into consideration, I've had to stop for a bit and re-plot various things. Hence the delay between Chapters 06 and 07. Sorry about that.

As you may have noticed, this series is undergoing a name change. The reason for that is that this world is (hopefully) going to be VERY large eventually, and I won't be able to keep it contained into just this one series. There are multiple different series and stories plotted out to revolve around this world, and these stories as they stand now are really just starting points. So from now on, the entire universe as a whole will be referred to as "Crossing Points." This particular story will be "Crossing Points Book One: Dark Clouds." I'll give it a few chapters before I completely change everything around so people are aware of this, but this is the name it'll have from now on.

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