Author's Note: Hoopa's famous words, "Were you surprised?"

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Chapter 1

The Lumiose Music Hall was an extremely prestigious place, tall and made from red clay bricks it stood out like a sore thumb against the metallic structures surrounding it. Statues of male Pyroar, carved out of limestone, stood proudly at the entrance, almost guarding it from some sort of intruder, not that they could anyway. Two fountains waited outside, made out of what seemed to be gold, making two figures of the fairy type Pokémon Florges, holding jars of which the water passed out of.

The hall's interior was just as superb. Vibrant silk and velvet covered the place, powerful colours such as reds, purples, golds and silvers were everywhere one could look and the hallways were decorated with statues, paintings and pictures of past performances. However, the charm of the entire building was the main stage. It was gigantic and circular, the floor made of a polished black material with multiple lights shining down on it from the rafters. Velvet crimson curtains could be drawn from backstage to reveal or cover the stage from the auditorium. All seats, whether at the front, middle or even in the balcony seats, were covered in rich leather, worthy for a place of its grandeur. The stage had multiple levels, and at the highest sat a grand organ, the kind that could easily be found in a cathedral, not even a church, yes that big.

Even though it was such a rich place, only one person had been employed to cover the night time security shift. He was a cheery chap of twenty years, viridian orbs searching from left to right as his hand pushed up his dark blue baseball cap with the word 'SECURITY' written on it, revealing his short, ruffled brown hair. A golden badge was pinned to his light blue shirt, free hand holding a flashlight. Smart black shoes made a sound with every step, his legs covered in dark blue trousers.
He continued merrily on his way through the halls, flashlight brightening up the dark surroundings so he could see clearly enough. His job was to make sure there were no intruders and no one had been left behind after the last performance which had finished an hour prior to this very moment. For many people, walking through a dark, large and empty building at night with only yourself to be daunting, even scary due to all of the horror games being made at the moment about this kind of thing. There was even one biased on being a security guard at a restaurant at night. However, the guard, oddly enough named Jeremy, didn't care. He didn't play video games like that anyway.

As he walked down the east corridor that lead into the stalls of the seating area, a loud noise from inside the theatre caused him to jump, gaining his attention immediately. The crashing sound seemed as if one of the apparatus, the equipment needed for the productions put on in the hall, had fallen and broken, magically. Of course, it was his job to go and investigate stuff like these and report it to maintenance as soon as possible through his high tech walkie-talkie. Jeremy rushed towards the nearest entrance to the theatre and burst in through the doors, flashlight zooming its powerful beam as he tried to find the creator of the sound.

Surely enough, he had found it pretty quickly. One of the lights had, somehow, fallen and now lay as a broken waste of glass, metal and electronics on the floor of the stage. Firstly, a part of him wondered how on earth this would happen. All lights were securely bolted and none of them had fallen since the hall got a bit of an electronic upgrade. Secondly, something seemed amiss; Jeremy swore he could feel another presence in the room with him, and not a nice one at that. The hairs on his arms stood to attention, goose bumps of the nasty kind covered his skin. Thirdly, why on earth did some of the pieces have long scratch marks on them?! It looked like something had clawed at the light, maybe to get it to fall. Oh great.

Another noise came from the rafters, prompting Jeremy to shine his torch up there. A slight swinging on a piece of equipment told him that something had been up there and recently, probably had made that noise when it moved. The management were going to have his guts for garters; he'd managed to allow a Pokémon to get in. With a loud sigh, he reached for his pocket in his trousers, where his walkie-talkie was. Time to report the fallen light and possible wild creature making the place its home.

"Umm hey, there appears to be a fallen light fixture in the theatre, broken into pieces but has claw marks on the metal, suggests a possible wild, over." He said into the device, holding it still and steady whilst waiting for a response. The silence in the building wasn't helping the sudden fear to the fact he wasn't alone. Jeremy had never been a social kid either which didn't help matters much; he only really took this job as he was scared to death of talking face to face with others. Yes, there is a phobia for that and it does exist.

"A fallen light?" The static reply back sounded shocked. "Not even a Garchomp should be able to get through that metal; we paid for extremely tough structuring. A mark, yes but taking down the entire thing? Nah, that wouldn't happen. Have you found the screws?" Even before the question was asked, Jeremy was using his light to stare at the wreckage to find any sign of some kind of screws. None, none were left behind what so ever.

"Nope, that's a negative." He replied, still standing on the stage with a slight fear rising up inside of him.

"Dude, there may be someone in there with you! Get out… call… before… too late…" With that, the communication between the two sides was cut like a piece of paper, very easily. If Jeremy wasn't afraid earlier then he was now, a part of him wished he could have worn his brown trousers…

Another noise from backstage caught his attention, causing the twenty year old to realise that he had to check there until the maintenance crew arrived to sort out this problem. With weak, trembling legs, he took a step, then another, and continued the pattern until he was hidden from the seat's view, walking along though wires, ropes and equipment off all kinds. Jeremy stupidly walked without looking in front of him, choosing to prefer to look to the sides instead as if something or someone could be hiding within their darkness. Because of this, he bumped into something in front of him and fell onto his bottom.

Groaning whilst he rubbed his head, Jeremy looked up only to scream in fright. Something was here and it was right in front of him! He closed his eyes, waiting for an attack… but it never came. Slowly, he opened his eyes, only to be greeted with what looked like a turned off robot, animatronic kind of thing, limp and lifeless standing probably having been left there to scare him by the maintenance team. Then the call and the light… Jeremy knew who was going to be yelling at tomorrow morning, even if it killed him.

"Silly me… stupid prank, why would they do something like that…?" He laughed the robot's scare off, only to sigh at the mental age of his colleges. Why did they all have to have the mentality of children, pray may tell? A child could act more mature than these men as many did in the society of the world or at least in this half. He got up and dusted himself off before turning and leaving backstage well… that's what he would have done if a noise didn't alert his attention once again behind him. The robot was still off, although this time it was closer to him than he imagined it would be. Jeremy rubbed his eyes and groaned, great now he was being paranoid, thanks maintenance.

He continued walking, hearing soft footsteps behind him, causing the guard to turn around yet again. The robot was in the same position as before but… it had moved, it had defiantly moved. No longer was it placed near the entrance to the corridors that led to the dressing rooms, it had moved halfway between where he was standing and that very same door. He'd had enough, it wasn't funny, the prank was getting old already. Jeremy rushed out to the main stage, surprised and happy the thing wasn't behind him anymore. He bent down over the light once more, still confused as to how it could have fallen. The missing screws held the answer, where were they and who did this? Was there someone else in the building or not. Were his colleagues still being idiots and playing a prank on him for their amusement? He didn't know. But what he did know was that something was making a whirring noise behind him. Jeremy was about to yell out in anger when his words died on his lips. The animatronic thing was behind him, and alive…

The robot stood over 9 feet tall and was extremely limp with long skinny arms and legs. Her head was round, face blue with red circular cheeks giving it a cartoonish blush. Large purple eyes were easily visible for all to see, with silted, catlike eyes. Sharp white teeth showed from her long mouth that had cherry red lipstick at the midpoint of the lips. Her blue hands were ginormous and had long, sharp fingers with pointed nails. Long, tangled ebony curls trailed down her back. At first, she was wearing a loose white blouse with puffed sleeves that was buttoned up with midnight sky coloured buttons. A corset covered most of the top, matching the colour of her hair as a purple bowtie cut into her outfit's dreary and dull colouring. A long, black maxi skirt covered her legs and feet. Suddenly, her appearance changed in a flash, sleeves ripped off and skirt teared to reveal six horrifying mechanical spider legs and metallic, animatronic endoskeleton arms.

"My, My, My… WhAt Do We HaVe HeRe?" The thing spoke with a glitch voice, causing a constant change in volume with every letter she spoke. Cold and hard, the voice scared him and for a moment, Jeremy wished that he was dreaming and this was all in his head. But reality holds more truth than fiction and there was really a creepy, horrific body changing creature in front of him. Without even thinking, Jeremy screamed and ran, trying to get away from the thing.

He jumped off of the stage and ran out into the corridors, making his way towards the exit with the robot in hot pursuit, yelling things that made him shiver. It was obvious she, or should that be it, had a target and that target was him. What she wanted to do was unknown. Jeremy hoped that, if he couldn't escape, she would make his death as painless as possible and leave his body recognisable so the cops could identify who he was.

By now, Jeremy had made two mistakes, mistakes that would cost him dearly. First was that he was lost in thought, his body doing all of the moving for him as he made his escape, which means he wasn't thinking clearly enough about turnings and the exit plan. This lead to the second mistake. He took the wrong turn when the corridor met another. Turning to the left would have granted the security guard the escape that he was hoping and praying for from this evil demon behind him however, he didn't turn left. He turned right.

What was down the right path, one may be wondering and inclined to ask? A dead end, naturally. For some reason, the corridor just ended, a picture of a past production plastered on the end. When Jeremy saw it, he knew he was in trouble and, with a quick look over his shoulder, he realised that there was no time to turn back. The robot was right behind him, only ten long paces away from his position, there was no way out of this or no way to get past that bucket of bolts.

He reached the end of the corridor, turning around to meet his doom. Well, maybe he should have played some of those horror games now because he would have known what to do at this very moment in time. His eyes watched as the robot decided to slow her pace, agonisingly making her way towards him all whilst grinning evilly at the thought of claiming her prize for winning the chase. Now that he was stationary and she was slower, Jeremy noted that she was holding a music box in her hands, one of them winding up the handle on the side of it. The box itself looked plain with a few white musical notes added in paint for a sort of decoration.

Finally, after minutes of shaking and crying, the robot had reached him, her face only mere inches away from his. As always, she was grinning, reveling in the fear of her prey, her sharp teeth making him wince and flinch.

"Please… please don't kill me!" Jeremy cried, tears running down his face like waterfalls. He was bargaining with a robot, a robot that held his future and his life in the palms of her metallic hands and he didn't like it.

"AwW, i Am NoT gOiNg To KiLl YoU…" The glitch voice spoke once again, filling him with a terror that couldn't even be described. However, he gained a slight relief before fear stuck once again. If she wasn't going to kill him then what on earth was she going to do? "StAy StIlL mY pUpPeT, iT'lL bE oVeR sOoN." What will be over soon? What was she going to do to him? Was it something to do with that music box?

The handle continued to turn as Jeremy cowered where he stood, what was going on? He now thought that there was no way this could be a prank, after all, maintenance weren't exactly the best planners in the world. Could they have really planned a prank like this all the way down to the last detail? Maybe so. He hoped that when the music box was wound up fully than a message would play saying on how he had just been pranked by the other staff members. However, Jeremy wasn't lucky, this was no prank.

The lid of the box opened playing a typical jangly tune, probably a rendition of some kind of song. It was like a lullaby, soothing and calming, almost sending him to sleep. Jeremy couldn't help but yawn, his body relaxed and calm as warmth spread from his head to his toes, through his arms and legs and around his whole body, lulling him into a false state of peacefulness. His consciousness was shutting itself down, his vision blackening as the world around him vanished into thin air and the only thing he could think about was the song being played to him. With one last glad sigh, Jeremy lost what grasp he had on himself left and fell into an infinite abyss of darkness.

She smiled, it had worked. The once fearful security guard was standing in front of her, like a mindless zombie with hunched shoulders. His bright viridian eyes had dulled and glazed, almost as if he wasn't in control any more… which he wasn't. Her song had hypnotised him, made him a slave for her to use. She was very pleased with the overall outcome; at least now she knew her plan would work. Now all that was left was to test her work. She walked up to the guard, having changed back into the form he first saw her as, managing to get so close that normal people would flinch.

"LiStEn To Me ClOsElY…" She looked at his name badge and smiled. "JeReMy… I wAnT yOu To BaRk LiKe A lItTlE dOg, An ObEdIeNt LiTtLe DoG!" At first, the guard did nothing, seconds passed until she heard a barking noise coming from the human in front of her. Excellent. She began cackling madly, now all she had to do was hypnotise multiple people into doing what she wanted and everything she wanted would be hers. Her cackling echoed around the corridor, into the theatre and possibly, outside the building. She didn't care who heard her, glitch voice box and all.

Finally, the Puppet Master would get what she wanted.