Prologue - A Mysterious Box

Author's Note: Hello guys, it's me. I know I have running a tight schedule lately but there's alot of work I have been doing lately, one of them being going to work and the other... working on stories. So, beside the other unfinished fics I'm doing, I will be writing this story side by side with my stories. This story was inspired by this web-based video show; DEATH BATTLE!

Note: There are some shipping. Also this story has language, blood/gore, and adult themes due to being Death Battle itself. Be Advised when reading this. The ratings will depend on the episode they watch.

Edit: 7/14/2017 - Since some of you keep writing up "criticizing" my work, I have to do some editing around the clock. Thanks a lot. So, don't complain if you guys don't like it, so here it is.

And here's the disclaimers:

Super Smash Bros. and Kirby belongs to Nintendo, Hal Laboratory and Masahiro Sakurai.

Death Battle belongs to Screwattack.

Welcome to the world of Smash. In this world, it's nothing but a grassy field, with a river in between the grassy fields. There, we find weird looking mountains from a far distance. But however, across this land that is from the middle of nowhere, there lies a city that has countless elements that you see from different worlds, including more stuff that are never seen before. This city was enormous, with buildings that are big or small, made of brick, wood or many other, probably some of them having all those elements combined. There were also many kinds of homes, building and districts inside the city, and giant billboards advertising things like toys and games from various video games of different worlds. This city had everything from the universe of Nintendo. This town was known as "Smash City".

But, this city isn't famous for its appearance and structure; over there, there's a small hill behind the city, there lies an enormous mansion, probably as big as any ordinary castle, or probably even bigger. The mansion lied past a double-fenced gate, that also had a brick wall so no one would trespass or see the inside of the mansion. However, From the front side of the gate, there was a clean road, with bushes along the sides, and a field of flowers past those bushes.

The road ahead lied a white tiled floor with a weird, black-colored symbol on its center, and past it lies some steps that lead into the mansion.

From its appearance, the mansion was big and wide. It had a slight dark maroon color, and it was at least three floors tall, with the first floor of it being the tallest floor of the building. In the top center of the mansion, there was a big glass wall that was about as big as the second and third floor combined, and below its bottom corners lied two big front doors that were big enough for a semi-giant to go through, and in between those doors, lied another weird symbol, only it had a rainbow-ish color. This mansion is known as the "Smash Mansion".

But there's more to the mansion as it was before. Behind it, reveals wide-open plains in the middle of nowhere, well not in the middle of nowhere. You can say that it was owned by the head master of the mansion, also known as the founder of the Universal Fighting Tournament, Super Smash Bros. The mansion is homed by the fighters of Smash. And speaking of fighters, here's some right now.

Over by the plains, we find few fighters that are very recognizable to most people. Over there, we find our little pink puffball, Kirby, along with his 6 pals, Pikachu, Ness, Lucas, Yoshi, Pac-man and Villager, by the plains laying down the grass. They appeared to be lying down on the grass, looking bored out of their minds as the seven young smashers were looking for a way to have fun.

"Guh... I am so bored." Kirby whined.

"There's nothing to do." Pac-man grunted.

"We haven't find anything fun in the past three and a half months," Yoshi started as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, I agree with that, man. Plus, with the others may or may not wanting to do anything outside of the house, it just seems that we may have to find something to do all by ourselves." The electric mouse Pokemon replied with a sad sigh.

Everyone were inside the mansion while the young ones remained outside in the terrible heat, trying to think of something to do besides going in the mansion, doing who knows what. Pikachu was super hot because of his fur. Lucas and Toon Link were mostly thirsty, sweaty and tired of just sitting in the warm sun. Ness was also hot but seemed to be more concerned about how bored he was. Kirby meanwhile seemed to be daydreaming about very tasty and cold ice cream.

Thinking, Ness closed his eyes and folded his arms. Lucas and Villager gave each other concerning looks upon them while Kirby was somewhat asleep after his daydreaming while thinking in his mind for ideas, knowing that his sleeping snot bubble appeared on his non-existing nose. After a few minutes, the red-capped wearing PSI boy snapped his fingers and stated with happiness, "That's it! I got a great idea!"

All of the five other young characters glanced towards Ness as they were curious, with Kirby waking up and his snot bubble popped. After a pause or so, Ness stated, pointing at himself, "We could go play baseball." He suggested.

"Nah, it's way too hot." Pikachu said using his tail as a fan.

"We could always go inside the mansion." Lucas said.

"No way we're going inside. It's so boring in there." Ness shouted. "Beside what should we do when we go inside the mansion?"

"…Good point." Lucas replied.

"Also, we need to be strong and endure this heat." Ness replied.

"Easy for you maybe." Villager argued.

"Hey Kirby, could you do us a favor?" Pikachu said, talking to his friend. "Could you go and get us some ice pops?"

"Hey yeah! Me too and bring us some water bottles too!" Yoshi said to him also.

"What?! Why?!" Kirby exclaimed.

"Because you were one saying you're bored and we're baked in the heat here, so you're the one who gets it." Ness answered.

"Aw, man!" Kirby grunted. Then he stood up and walked back to the mansion. That is until he tripped on a blade of grass, and then he started rolling down hill and roll down to the mansion. This made his friends to sweat drop.

"I'm sure he'll be fine." Ness said simply.

Inside the kitchen, Kirby was looking fidget and freezer to find any ice pops and/or water bottles. Fortunately, he did find some and grabbed some of them and begins to take them to his friends. "Man, I can't believe I'm doing, I mean sure I'm bored under the sun but why always me?" Kirby groaned, and begins heading down the hall until suddenly, he heard knocking on the front doors.

"Huh? Who could that be?" Kirby said as he walked towards the doors as he opened one of the doors. When he did, he sees no one by the door, except for something Kirby noticed on the ground. It was a brown package box sitting near the door with tape shutting the top and on top of the box, strapped to it, appears to be an envelope.

'That's odd. I don't remember ordering a package.' Kirby said in his mind. 'Perhaps, maybe the others ordered this.' Kirby then approached the box and examined it closely. The box was medium sized, and had a logo that Kirby and most of the other Smashers could easily recognize: it has a badge like shape symbol with three letters that says "UPS".

'Huh? That's weird. Why would 'UPS' send a package like this?' Kirby thought.

Kirby's friends, Ness, Lucas, Pikachu, Yoshi, Pac-man and Villager were waiting there, waiting for Kirby to get the Basket Ball.

"Hmm... where is he?" Ness said, stomping his foot while waiting impatiently. "What's taking him so long to get the water and ice pops?"

"He probably got hungry and ate them all." Pac-man said. The boys then looked at him. "What? We all know how Kirby is when it comes to food!"

"Nah, I doubt it." Pikachu shrugged. "He's probably forget and went talking to Jigglypuff or Meta Knight."

"I don't know guys," Yoshi said. "Kirby isn't the type to forget things, anything in that matter."

"Well, whatever he's doing, it's probably important." Villager said, assuring.

"Yeah, maybe." Lucas replied.

"HEY GUYS!" A voice cried out. The boys turned around as the doors burst opened as their pink friend, Kirby, came in running, carrying the same package from the mansion's doorstep in his small arms.

"Oh Kirby, there you are!" Ness said, approaching him. "Where were you, what took you so long?"

"Yeah, and where's the stuff?" Pikachu asked.

"Oh, they're right here." Kirby said, giving them each the ice pops and water. "But guys, you never guess what I just got!"

"What is it?" Lucas asked him.

"This!" Kirby said, present the UPS box.

"A box?" Pikachu said in question, while enjoying his ice pop.

"What's in it?" Toon Link asked him, also enjoying his ice pop.

Kirby then opened the box. The group looked inside the box and saw appeared to be a number of over 50, black DVD movie casings that were all colored black with numbers on them that were colored red. The boys looked at each DVD casings then read the title: DEATH BATTLE!.

"Death Battle?" Ness said, as he reads the title.

"Yep, but that's not all," Kirby said. "here, check this out!" Then he pulled out the note that came with the package and gives it to Ness. Ness then yanks the envelope off from Kirby's hands, opens it, pulls the note out, unfolds it and begins to read out loud. Though, the note strangely doesn't have the introduction who the note is introducing too specifically.

To anyone who find this package, that must mean you found it and are reading the note that contains it. I don't know if you like to hear but It's best to hear me out on this very note. Our world, or simply the planet Earth ("my Earth") will be perish due to our incident with using the amount of fuel and oil to create numerous environmental inventions, some included stopping global warming. And now, the Earth will be destroyed and we'll be the ones paying the price for it. The planet will be gone soon, and I fear that something unsuspected will happen in anytime soon. So, for my final act of courage, I've planned a special idea in my head, incase I'll died. Inside this box contains DVDs of my favorite internet show and contains all the episodes I have recorded and edited. They'll be sent to whoever and wherever it lands. My dream is to for my favorite series from an internet show will forever live on being watched some people that are not from Earth and were in different worlds or planets. Please take good care of them. If you don't believe me and think this is some kind of prank, I don't blame you. Who else would believe me? May we all shall rest in peace when our time have come.

P.S, I want you to skip episode 14 and get rid of it. Even I questioned why I recorded it and placed it in the box. It's a lame episode, trust me.

After Ness finished reading the note, there was complete silence. No one said a word as they tried to process what they just heard after a suddenly gentle breeze blow push them.

"Oh my god...' Ness said quietly, while crumbled the note. He then turns to Kirby who have a very sad expression that someone, no, everyone from a planet Earth died from the planet being destroyed.

"No way…" Pikachu muttered, looking like he was going in shock (no joke).

Lucas, who looked surprised and shocked, looked like he was about to cry, while getting on his knees. "I can't believe it..." He said, sadly.

Yoshi then approaches Lucas and then begin to comfort him. "How can't this be…!" Toon Link said, strucked with grief.

Young Link, like Lucas, dropped on his knees in disbelief upon hearing the note. "This can't be happening, right? This can't be…" He muttered.

"I-It has to be a j-joke, r-right? I-It has to be, right?" Villager asked, perturbed as he tried to comfort Kirby.

"I-I wish it was Villager… but this isn't someone else's handwriting..." Ness said, in confession, as he gives the Villager the letter.

He eventually snatched the paper out of the PSI user's hand and read it himself. He made a face of shock, disbelief and dread. Pikachu, Yoshi, Lucas and Pac-man begins to read it as well and were shown similar expressions on their expression. They are now starting to believe this is not a prank.

An entire world, no, an entire planet like theirs, with countless people and other lifeforms on earth… have been perished… from the world's solar system.

And now, within their hands, they contain a will of a man who died and spend his last moments making DVDs of an internet show they've recorded and made. And soon, this very poor soul who died within that planet, in which it may or may not existed anymore, have got the boys a mission thy will pull through; to watch the series he and his people have worked hard on, and recorded and edited on.

After another long moment of silence. The young Smashers have all calmed down and eventually accepted that there was nothing they could have done. They must accept this and move on.

"Well, it's no use crying over this," Ness said, drying up his tears. "we should all watch these, in honor of those who lost their lives on earth..." He said somberly as everyone nodded.

And with that, they quickly took the box and begin to head back to the mansion. They quickly finished up their ice pops and water when upon arriving in the big house. The young Smashers then walked towards the hallway where they went to upstairs so they could the nearest room they could find.

Unfortunately, most of their rooms are a bit far away from each other due to carrying a big box, so, they choose Kirby's room because it's the closest and placed them to Kirby's desk.

"So, what should we do?" Kirby asked.

"Well, it's still too early to watch them on TV while it's still broad daylight, so let's watch it tonight!" Pikachu suggested.

"Oh, what a clever idea!" Pac-man said, delighted in that idea.

"So, what time will we be at?" Yoshi asked.

"Hm... well, there's alot of stuff happening in the mansion, I say... 7:31 PM." Pikachu answered.

"Sounds good to me." Kirby said, smiling.

And so, the boys decided to come back to Kirby's room tonight and they neatly lined in order from 1 to 5. Soon, as they begin their normal daily routine as they begin to their normal day of fun. For their level of fun, they begin to play a game of Basket Ball. But unfortunately, Ness was the one winning the scores due to his athletic skills and PSI powers. And afterwards, they went to the cafeteria to eat and started talking all the good times in both classic, melee and brawl tournaments. And after that, they begin their separated time from each other; Kirby was having a 2-on-2 battle with Meta Knight, Ness and Lucas were playing Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, Pikachu was outside playing with Jigglypuff, Pichu, and Squirtle, Yoshi was with Princess Peach and Luigi, Pac-man is having a mascot meeting with Mega Man, Sonic, and Mario, and Villager was in his room, talking to Isabelle on the phone.

After a few good hours of their own separate time and a decent meals for dinner, it was 7:31 and they decide to get ready for the show. After getting ready, Kirby went to get the popcorn, Ness went to get the sodas, Pikachu pulled out five of DVDs out of the box, and the other boys (Lucas, Pac-man, Yoshi and Villager) waited on the couch and turning the TV on with the remote and started changing the setting to the DVD player.

After the boys were gathered around the couch with popcorn and soda, Kirby went to the DVD player, pulled the disc of the first episode and put it in. Shortly after, the screen shows a text that says a message about "Rules to the show":


1). Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other.

2). To ensure a fair fight, character personality restraints from killing are ignored.

3). All other character traits & tactics are ignored and largely to be represented faithfully.

4). Research source prerequisites are generally determined equally unless specified.

5). No outside help.

This caught the attention of the boys. After reading the rules, they finally know these DVDs are shows of people fighting to the death. It sounds like competition with a set of rules in the arena. Only one way to find out.

Kirby hits the play button and the 7 boys will see a whole new adventure of fighting and learning.