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New York City 2:37am

"Over Here," came a voice not far from where Railgun was running. She barely paid attention to it as heavy footsteps raced towards her.

"Dammit!" she cursed as she turned another corner only to be met with a dead end.

Looking around and finding no immediate escape, Railgun sank into the shadows and prayed her dark clothes would be enough to hide her.

Not two seconds later a platoon of special ops military soldiers raced around the corner, specially modified guns at the ready.

The infrared imaging cameras on their helmets allowed the men to see everything in the alleyway. Unfortunately for them the girl they were hunting was not your average human and short-circuited their cameras. Using precious seconds of confusion she scrambled up the metal ladder on the side of one of the buildings to reach the roof.

Landing Railgun quickly hid in the small space between the roof entrance and the big ventilation exit behind it.

She was just in time as a helicopter shone a searchlight where she was half a second ago.

Closing chestnut brown eyes and exhaling slowly the injured, exhausted girl wondered if she could keep running much longer, it had already been a year since the war and six months since the elimination order of all espers.

It had been between magic and science, magicians against espers.

Turned out the man who first created espers was a magician, a magician who loved science, in other words a disgrace to everything magicians were and stood for.

To the other magicians the espers were a disgrace and an embarrassment because they were creatures of science created by someone who could use magic, someone they considered the best magician of all time.

Therefore, to get rid of the embarrassment they believed espers to be, they decided to eliminate all espers.

Unfortunately for them, things didn't go as they'd hoped.

Some of their most powerful magicians were defeated by Touma Kamijou aka. Imagine Breaker, however Imagine Breaker never killed and being defeated didn't stop them from coming back and attacking espers, in the end to them Touma Kamijou was just a minor problem; there was only one of him and he couldn't be everywhere at once.

The espers had to get involved.

For the first time since the creation of Academy City the 7 level 5's gathered to discuss what to do about the magicians.

It was obvious they weren't going to stop trying to eliminate espers. The level 5s decided would have to kill to survive this war. However, they weren't invincible. All espers would have to join them just for a chance to survive.

Railgun (Mikoto Misaka) hacked into the TV and Radio stations and the level 5's all stood together and told everyone in the city what was happening. They said that the level 0s were unlikely to be targeted so didn't have to involve themselves but everyone else was at risk. Any who wished to fight were welcome but those who didn't would have to leave as the City would soon become a war-zone.

Training began the next day once everyone who wanted to avoid the war left. They had their work cut out to get everyone combat-ready in time.

The espers were split into groups to maximise their abilities.

Those who thought they could survive alone were quickly shown reality.

Everyone suffered a crash course in endurance, hand to hand, teamwork, fire-arms and signals.

The hacker team led by Goalkeeper (Kazari Uiharu) discovered the date the magicians would attack.

On that day, the level 5s led the charge against the magicians and were victorious.

The war was over within three months with a resounding victory for the espers, but they were not without casualties.

The hacking team had been wiped out, only 2 electromasters survived the magicians assault.

Slugger (Ruiko Saten) perished taking down one of the enemy's most powerful magicians.

Teleport (Kuroko Shirai) was fighting a magician single handed when the building they were in collapsed. Unable to teleport away she was buried beneath the rubble.

Only days after the war officially ended it was decided that espers were too dangerous to live. The Government ordered the extermination of Academy City.

Some tried to fight back but were overwhelmed and killed.

Several tried to run but were hunted down like dogs.

Others went into hiding with new names and appearances.

The 7 level 5's split up each choosing their own method to try and survive.

The girl on the roof is Mikoto Misaka, Railgun and ranked 3rd of the 7 level 5's.

Much as she would like to hide, she can't.

The military could use satellites to locate the electromagnetic waves her body gave off. They could track her no matter where she tried to flee.

Staying in one place was dangerous, the longer she stayed, the better their chances to eliminate her.

Using her electricity was out of the question, it would only give her position away.

She risked a thunderstorm to get rid of the helicopter. Thankfully it worked.

Fast as she could she jumped to the next roof and then the next, not stopping until all she could hear were echoes from the people looking for her.

Quiet as a mouse Mikoto descended the building and jogged out of the alleyway, keeping an eye out for potential attacker.

Without warning, she fell to the ground, exhausted, world spinning.

Shaking off the dizziness trying to pull her into black, she made to stand.

Her stomach grumbled, a painful reminding that she hadn't eaten in 2 days.

Mikoto felt sick but knew if she collapsed now she would be found and killed.

Bitter laughter escaped her as tears welled in her eyes, she knew her body was well past its limits, that it was only a matter of time before she was found, Mikoto knew she couldn't outrun them forever, there were too many and she was exhausted.

This was it, the girl who'd never given up on anything, reaching level 5, making real friends, defeating the AIM burst, stopping the poltergeisting, saving the children, saving the sisters, saving Febri and Janie, stopping the fighting in Russia, fighting terrorists in Hawaii, fighting in a war against magicians, and now being hunted by humans she had decided she'd finally had enough.

Mikoto gave a small smile at the memory of her sisters, hunted because they too were espers. To save them, Accelerator and Misaki Shokuhou had worked together and managed to transfer all their minds to Mikoto's head. At least they weren't forced to watch each other be hunted down.

Tears rolled down her face as she remembered all the good times she had with her friends, all the trials she'd faced and lived through, all the people she'd met, her childish mother and cool but stubborn father.

Her eyelids closed giving into the darkness of oblivion, when out of nowhere the back of her eyelids glowed green.

Forcing back unconsciousness Mikoto stared at the glowing green sphere hovering above the ground.

Her mind was blank as she watched the strange light before snapping alert at the sound of heavy boots. Hearing the soldiers approach she made a split-second choice and touched the green orb.

Mikoto felt her battered body be sucked through a vortex. Her last thought before her world went dark was a prayer for wherever she ended up to be better than what she had left behind.

Not a moment too soon as soldiers rounded the corner to see a blood-stained wall that their target was no longer lying against.

"Split up, she can't have gone far," ordered one of the soldiers. "Yes Sir!" they saluted before obeying the order.

Little did they know their target was no longer in their world.