It took every ounce of willpower he had not to laugh.

On one hand, he couldn't blame the poor cashier at the box office when he saw Jaune and his diminutive date clutching his arm like she had the entire way there. Neo was short, and if one happened to simply glance at her, as the aforementioned cashier did, it was easy to mistake her for a child. The death glare that Neo responded with, however, was chilling enough to freeze even Jaune in place. It was hard for Jaune to see the petite young woman as a fully fledged Huntress, but then again, he was surrounded by attractive young Huntresses on a daily basis, so it really shouldn't have been. After Jaune had managed to quickly smooth things over, Neo purchased the tickets and the two of them made their way into the lobby proper. Being a weekday, it was fairly empty, even as late as it was, which was something Jaune was thankful for. In the event that he screwed things up, it would mean less people to see his cock-up.

No! I have to think positive! Jaune mentally shook himself. He looked down at his diminutive companion, still holding onto his arm in an almost possessive manner. The position was a tad awkward, not because of the difference in height, but because Neo, whether not knowing, not caring, or purposefully was holding his arm against her chest, a very pleasant reminder of how soft she was. She looked up, catching his eye, and gave him a delightful smirk that had Jaune's heart stop momentarily. It was confident, and more to the point, a sign that she wanted him. It gave his ego a boost, that was for sure. "Ugh," Jaune began, making a show of things. "Can you believe the price of popcorn in these places? For that price, I'd hope the bucket was solid gold."

Neo, almost reluctantly, removed her arms from his own to sign her response. 'Not only that, but do you have any idea the conditions that stuff is in? I've got at least two stories of some pimple faced lunatic who decided to jerk off in that stuff.'

Jaune's expression turned slightly ill. "Right. Never eating movie theater popcorn ever again."

Neo silently laughed and grabbed his arm again, pulling him in close once more. The two of them made their way to the ticket taker, a young man who might have been even younger than Jaune, and who did little to mask the jealousy he must have felt upon seeing Jaune with someone as attractive as Neo. This only seemed to please Neo, whose joyful smirk seemed to only grow bigger and more smug, and her arms hugged onto Jaune's arm even moreso. Jaune just blushed and handed the tickets over, trying to ignore the soft feeling on his other arm. The tickets were torn and practically shoved back into Jaune's face, but Jaune was too ecstatic to even notice the boy's rudeness and instead simply walked Neo past the ticket counter and to the theater proper.

The two made their way into the theater itself, with rows upon rows of seats, and found the theater to be all but empty. They grabbed a seat toward the back, giving a good view of the screen without having to look upward the entire movie. They sat down next to each other, and Jaune had just barely touched himself down onto the seat then Neo had decided that his lap was a much better seat, as the petite beauty proceeded to climb right into his lap, throwing her arms around his neck as she sat longwise atop him. Jaune's cheeks went pink, but he made no effort to push her away, and in fact placed an arm on the small of her back to give her better support. His consideration was rewarded when the petite woman leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, multicolored eyes gleaming in the dim light of the theater.

Jaune stared back, barely registering the lights growing dimmer, unable to break his gaze away from Neo. Slowly their faces pulled in closer and their lips touched. Like a spark upon gasoline, Neo's ardour seemed to ignite, and what started off as a small kiss quickly grew as Neo's arms wrapped tighter around Jaune's neck, lips moving against his own with a needy hunger. The kiss continued, and Neo all but forced her tongue into Jaune's mouth, although there wasn't much resistance from the young man, who seemed none too upset to let Neo take control of things. He simply mirrored Neo, embracing her and pulling her in close which only served to please his date immensely. As the movie began playing, heralded by an explosion, Neo made it clear that her attention wasn't at all upon the brightly flashing action, but upon the boy in her arms.

After what seemed simultaneously an eternity, and yet not long enough, Jaune and Neo broke free from each other, moving their faces only a few scant inches from each other to catch their breath. Jaune could barely gasp, before Neo with even greater hunger than before, pushed their mouths together once more. Her hands moved up, from his neck to his head, as petite, well-manicured nails ran through his hair as she held him in place, utterly ravishing Jaune's mouth.

The fire that had ignited within Neo when she'd first encountered Jaune in that quaint little cafe caught once more and the lovely beauty situated herself into a straddling position facing Jaune, so he had no other choice than to stare at her while she continued to plunder his mouth with her own. Once again they broke, and once again Neo only gave her new boyfriend a scant few seconds to come to grips with things before she dived back in, hot and heavy.

For Jaune, he could hardly believe what was going on. A few kisses, a few chaste pecks, those were things he expected. Growing up with seven sisters gave Jaune a bit of insight into the dating scene, and there seemed to be nothing that turned them off faster than men trying to rush things in the relationship. Usually such intense make out sessions weren't spoken of until the'd been well into their dates. Neo, though? She was kissing him with the passion that he'd expect out of a lover who hadn't seen him in years. The way her body moved against his, the way her tongue slipped in between his lips and all but claimed him as her own, even the small, nearly imperceptible squeaks of delight from Neo, the only sounds she could make, were all working together to overwhelm him, and yet…

Neo paused in mid kiss pulling away slightly. Her smirk, the usual one she had on her face, was turned up to eleven as she stared at Jaune. Slowly, her gaze looked down, and Jaune's face temporarily turned the shade of his partner's hair. The movement of Neo's hips against his groin had procured the natural reaction, and despite himself, Jaune felt mortified. "I-I'm s-so-" He began, but he was cut off by another kiss, silenced by Neo's eager affection. It wasn't until she finally pulled away once more, that she gave him her response.

"Don't be." Neo signed, her smirk at its smuggest. Her hand reached up and stroked his cheek. Jaune could feel her heartbeat with how close she was pressed against him, and in turn Neo could feel his own, a mirror to her own pounding pulse. Jaune forced himself to relax. He wasn't sure why, but Neo seemed to honestly, truly like him. Even when she was teasing him, he could tell there was not a lick of malevolence in her actions. All at once, he was overcome with affection, and this time it was Jaune's turn to embrace his new girlfriend with passion, pressing their lips together. There wasn't even an ounce of resistance, instead Neo happily obliged, the movie continuing on behind them, ignored…

The movie ended, and the two had hesitantly disentangled themselves from one another. By this point Jaune was fairly certain he could recall what his girlfriend's lips tasted like even while blindfolded. They'd actually stopped making out two thirds of the way from the movie, if only to give Jaune a chance to catch his breath, and to prevent their mouths from getting bruised. Neo once again had latched onto his arm, pressing her chest against him in a way that kept his face in a slight blush the entire time. As they stepped onto Vale's main street, Jaune turned down to his petite lover, his other arm scratching the back of his neck. "Nice m-movie, huh?" Jaune nervously joked.

Neo smirked at him, pleased, practically nuzzling his arm in agreement. " had an idea for dinner, if you wouldn't mind. Do y-you like Italian?" Neo gave a thoughtful expression, finger to her lips, then nodded.

Jaune resisted the urge to sigh in relief. He didn't have any other plans if Neo was disagreeable to the idea of Italian. At least now he could try to impress her with his culinary tastes. "Alright," Jaune replied, feeling more confident now than he'd ever felt before. "I know a great little place in Vale; don't let the looks fool you. It might look like a hole in the wall, but the food is amazing. I've gone there every time my family and I visited Vale." He glanced down to Neo, who nodded. She didn't look like she really cared where they went, seemingly happy simply just to cling to him. Feeling bold, Jaune stopped in the street and leaned down, quickly capturing Neo's lips.

The move caught the petite girl off guard, but she quickly recovered, beaming at him as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Her tongue ran over her lips in a way that caused a pleasant shiver to run over Jaune's spine. The look on her face reminded Jaune of hunger, but it wasn't in a way that screamed for food. He shook his head slightly, dislodging those thoughts. He wasn't going to let his body call the shots. Yes, Neo was attractive, and yes, he wouldn't mind at all to do more...mature activities with her, but this was the first date, and Jaune wanted someone not just to warm his bed, but to warm his heart. Still, with those little smirks she gave him, and those passionate, lusty kisses she gave him during the movie, it was hard not to think of such things.

He extended his arm and Neo grabbed onto it, once again falling in step with each other as they made their way through Vale's streets, casually walking and taking in the ambiance. Vale was a city of art, of culture. Restaurants, art museums, cafes, the entirety of Vale was a patchwork of artistry and style. Simply walking through its brightly lit streets during the cool hours shortly after dusk was pleasant in and of itself. Neither Jaune, nor Neo, spoke a word, simply enjoying the atmosphere.

Neo rarely had a chance to actually stop and take in Vale. Sure, she lived in a fancy part of Vale, and sure, she'd been around, but to actually spend time to stop and take in the atmosphere was something she'd never done before. Arms wrapped around Jaune's, their footsteps in step like a metronome, Neo couldn't deny that, if only for a moment, Vale actually seemed...peaceful. It was easy to forget about the seedier, corrupt, underbelly that Neo had become so familiar with. Roman would consider her foolish, but he'd long since abandoned any pretense of desire to return to a peaceful existence, and while Neo had come to terms with living a life of death and crime, this was something she'd craved so much.

Their walk wasn't too long from the movie theater, no longer than half an hour or so. The location that Jaune had been speaking of was tucked away behind a couple of alleys, as though the owner of the place was actively trying to avoid customers. Even the outside of it didn't look much like a restaurant, more like a shoddy apartment on the bottom floor. Neo had to hide her disdain at the appearance. It certainly didn't look like a place that someone as refined as her would eat. Still, she'd learned from her beloved blond angel that appearances could be deceiving. "I know it doesn't look like much," Jaune spoke up, catching Neo's attention, "but the food is absolutely amazing.

Neo shrugged. What harm could it do? The two made their way into the restaurant, Jaune holding the door for Neo politely. As they walked inside, they were greeted with the sight of a man so stereotypical, that Neo swore he was doing it on purpose. "Welcome to Giovanne's- Jaune?! Is that you!" A tall, portly man with a thick black mustache marched over and before Neo could react, swept up the tall blond boy in his arms in a hug that Neo swore she could hear bones popping from. "I haven't seen you in ages! And who is this petite signora?"

Jaune, after having been put down and collecting his breath, gave a shaky smile. "Hey Giovanne. This is my girlfriend, Neo."

Neo for a brief moment had an internal flash of panic. She wasn't anywhere well known as her more flashy and outspoken partner, but there were some who knew of the sadistic assassin Neopolitan, and she wondered if this was a good idea. Said feeling only increased as the portly chef's eyes narrowed as he stared at her. Finally, however, he broke out into peals of laughter. "Wonderful, wonderful! Good to see that the Arc charm is still in effect, eh? Enough blabber from Giovanne though, you two must be famished! Sit, sit!"

The man all but dragged Jaune, Neo following closely behind with an expression torn between worry and amusement, until they were brought to a little candle-lit booth. Neo, having time to actually take in the interior, was feeling much more at ease. While the outside was shoddy, the inside had a lovely atmosphere, almost rustic. Plants had been nurtured in boxes behind the seats, the seats themselves were covered in a deep burgundy fabric. They were sat down, and two menus were produced from nowhere by the large man, and placed before the two. "Please, take your time! Can I get you two anything to drink?"

Jaune opened his mouth, and froze. He didn't know if Neo was someone who'd appreciate a fine wine, or something non-alcoholic. If she did, he didn't know what kind of wine to purchase. As his mouth opened and closed in his attempt to find words, Neo solved that little issue for him by lifting the menu and pointing to a name on the menu, alongside a surprisingly impressed look.

"Haha! Quite the little sommelier, aren't you? One order of Amontillado, coming right up!" Giovanne turned on his heel, and wandered off into the back of the restaurant. Giovanne gone, Neo and Jaune turned to face each other, with Neo affixing him with a raised eyebrow signifying her slight bemusement and amusement at the situation.

"Hehe…" Jaune sheepishly laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry about Giovanne. He's a good man, just a little exuberant. He's an old friend of the family through one of my sisters." He went silent, then replied, " admit, I'm not really much of a drinker. N-not that I'm against it! I've j-just never really done it before."

Neo smiled. "No worries, I promise I won't get you drunk tonight." She signed out, the little mischievous smirk on her face growing.

Jaune laughed. "I'll give it a try, though. I'm pretty certain that being in an academy gives you licence to drink, doesn't it?" Neo's response was a shrug. Operating on the other side of the law really didn't give her much opportunity to explore said law. Giovanne had come back faster than expected, holding with him a small metal bucket filled with ice, and a large bottle of what looked to be an amber colored liquid. Jaune and Neo watched as Giovanne opened the cork on the wine bottle, and Neo held out her glass by the stem, allowing the large man to pour her glass.

Unsure of what to do, Jaune simply sat, letting Neo bring the glass up to her face, sniffing at the wine. Seemingly satisfied, she took a sip, swishing it slightly around in her mouth. After swallowing, she flashed Giovanne a pleased smile and nodded. "Wonderful! It appears the little signora has quite the excellent taste! She's a keeper, Jaune." Giovanne placed the wine bottle back down. Jaune reached for it, but Neo gently swatted his hand away, waggling her finger. Confused, Jaune started to open his mouth, only for Neo to grab the bottle and pour Jaune a glass. Giovanne's subsequent laughter only served to confuse Jaune even more. "The little signora is better at wine etiquette than you are! You let the one who ordered the wine, pour it for their guest."

Jaune's face went red with embarrassment and he lowered his gaze. "I knew that…" he murmured. Neo giggled silently and placed a hand on his own, as though to let him know that his little faux pax wasn't anything to be embarrassed about. Feeling better, Jaune returned her gesture with a smile.

"I'll leave the two of you to figure out what you'd like to eat. Just call Giovanne's name whenever you're ready." The portly man laughed heartily and wandered off to the back once more, leaving Jaune and Neo alone.

Neo tilted her head curiously at Jaune, glancing at his wine glass. Jaune started. "Oh! S-sorry. Got distracted." He raised the glass and Neo did so too, bringing the bell of her glass to clink gently against Jaune's before taking another sip. Jaune followed suit. The taste wasn't terrible, but his lack of drinking experience must have shown on his face as Neo once again silently giggled at him. He smacked his lips and tilted his head. "Huh. I can't tell if I like it or hate it."

"It's an acquired taste." Neo signed away.

Jaune slowly began to smile, looking away from Neo. "I think I prefer the taste of Neopolitan myself." He chuckled to himself, and turned back to her…

And another shiver ran up his spine at the sight of her smirk, her eyes low lidded as she ran her tongue over her lips. "Don't tease me, Jaune." Neo signed away. "I might just take you up on that…"

A/N: And thus ends part one of the date! Sorry for taking so long with this, just been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. With any luck, I should have Mastermind being updated before too long as well, as I'm currently on break from shutdown. All seems fine in the world of Neo and Jaune, but how much longer will it last? How long can Neo hold herself back, and how will she take the news of Jaune being surrounded by other women? Stay tuned to find out...