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Columbia 1912

A city in the sky. An impossible feat in itself, but Columbia was there hidden up amongst the clouds as it looked down upon the unsuspecting world below. This miracle city did not stay afloat by mere giant balloons, but rather by molecular suspension. A technique that had been developed by the times greatest scientific mind: R Lutece. And it was the city where a set of dark haired twins with emerald eyes now found themselves.

"So this is Columbia?" Harry asked as he looked around at large colonial style designed houses that bore the American flag and lined the street he and his double now stood. "Sure looks heavenly." With the nice houses, serene location, and picture perfect view of the clouds and setting sun his statement was well justified.

Rose looked over at him. "Heavenly for most, not all."

"Hm," Harry nodded. He read DeWitt's book same as her. He knew that while Columbia looked the very model of an ideal city in reality it was heavily racist, and super zealous. Anyone who was dark skinned or Irish were exploited by a man named Jeremiah Fink for cheep labor all while the city's founder, Zachary Comstock permitted the aforementioned exploitation, justifying it with the excuse that America originally had slaves and that Columbia would spread the American view across the world.

Sure enough as Harry looked around the street they were currently on he saw a few ladies in expensive Victorian design dresses talking to one another quite loudly about how an Oriential woman had the gall to actually speak with one of them the other day. "I swear they're getting bolder, talking to us an' all."

"You should report her in," another woman told her. "Fink could always use some helping hands down in Finkton."

"You didn't hear?" the first one asked. "Mr. Fink was reported dead. The Vox stormed his headquarters."

"Oh my! Finkton isn't that far from Emporia, you don't think the Vox will come here do you?"

At the woman's words two men who were wearing a soldier like attire approached them. "Don't worry ma'am," one man said. "If those damn Vox show their ugly mugs this way we'll be ready."

"You have our assurance that the Vox situation will be over soon," the other officer added with bravado.

Both women looked to one another and smiled shyly as a faint blush worked its way onto both of their faces. "Oh officer," one said in a very dramatic tone, "you make me feel so at ease."

"Please," the other woman pleaded, "could you escort two women back to their homes? You never know what could happen on the walk home."

"Well certainly ladies," the first officer gladly accepted.

"It would be our pleasure," the other happily agreed.

Both Potter's rolled their eyes and walked away from the flirting ladies and officers. They were here for a reason and they weren't about to get distracted by the citizens of Columbia. "Do you know where exactly the house is?" Rose asked as they trekked across the cobblestone street of Columbia's upper district of Emporia.

"According to DeWitt's book their house should be right… around… here." The two rounded a corner and walked down a few steps that led an open square. Across from where they stood was a two story house with a mailbox overflowing with letters, yet both could clearly see the name: Lutece, written on it. "See?" Harry said. "Just like the book said."

"I don't imagine the door would be unlocked."

Harry pulled his want out of his pocket and twirled it once with his fingers. "Magic."

"I'll keep watch for you," Rose told him as she eyed another set of the Columbian Task Force soldiers who were stationed in the square as well as a few civilians. "Considering how this place is overzealous I don't imagine they'll take too kindly to witchcraft."

"That's why I brought dad's old cloak," Harry told her. "Make's sneaking around much easier."

"No argument there," Rose admitted. Harry nodded and draped the silky magical fabric over himself. Wearing it brought back a wave of nostalgia as he remembered how he would leave his common room late at night to use the map Uncle Wormtail had given him to explore the many secret passages Hogwarts had to offer.

As he climbed the few steps to stand in the doorway of the Lutece house he pointed his want at the door and mutter, "Alohomora." Instantly he heard the lock click and knew they had their way inside. He carefully opened the door wide enough for him and Rose to enter without drawing any attention from the lingering Columbian citizens.

Once they were both inside Rose locked the door behind them to ensure they would not be disturbed. He two of them didn't need to look around to know where it was they sought. The large cables that ran through the hall and living room pointed them in the right direction. Sure enough as they followed the wires they came across what they sought: a tear machine.

It sat right in the middle of where the dining room should have been and extended as high as the ceiling above. In a way it almost resembled a Tesslacoil, only much more open at the base and less circular at the top.

"The Lutece tear device," Harry said as he took a walk around the base of the structure to further examine the piece of technology. "It's actually here."

"Yeah that's what I don't get," Rose said as she eyed the machine with skepticism.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked her. "You seemed to think coming here to use the machine would work, so what's wrong?"

"I… well how is this place still existing?" Rose questioned.

Harry didn't follow her thoughts. "What do you mean?"

"Columbia," Rose clarified. "You read the book as same as I did. Elizabeth drowns Booker back in time so he can never become Comstock and found Columbia. The circle was broken. So how can this place-?"

"Exist?" an all too familiar voice spoke from the threshold of the room they were in.

"A fair question, but one with a simple enough explanation." Standing side by side in the threshold were the Lutece twins themselves.

"How did you-?" Harry began. "You know you're not the only set of twins with the ability to transverse realties correct?" Robert asked rhetorically causing Harry to just nod in acknowledgement.

"To answer your question about Columbia's existence is rather quite simple," Rosalind began.

"For the circle to have been broken there needed to be one in the first place," Robert concluded.

"So," Harry began as he tried to comprehend the philosophy of the explanation. "You're saying it's like a paradox?" it was more a question than his actual understanding.

Rosalind held a faint trace of a smile on upon her face. "Not too complicated an explanation is it?"

"I don't believe so," Robert answered.

"I was asking them."

"Them being a broad choice of words, I could easily fall into that category," Robert pointed out.

"Yes, but you don't."

"Excuse us," Rose interjected before Robert could rebuke. "I think both me and Harry would like to know why you're here."

"Well it is our house," Robert plainly replied.

"If anything we should be asking what you're doing here," Rosalind continued.

"Considering the two of you are considered dead in Columbia I think we deserve an explanation first," Harry said referencing the fact that after Comstock had Fink sabotage one of their experiments the Lutece's were considered dead amongst the citizens of Columbia.

The Lutece's looked to one another. "He does make a fair argument," Robert told Rosalind.

"Hm, I suppose," Rosalind agreed a bit reluctantly.

"I suppose our being here is tied to yours," Robert told the other set of twins clearly confusing them.

"What he means is we share the same interest as the two of you currently do: curiosity," Rosalind clarified.

"Curiosity in… us?" Rose asked still somewhat confused.


"And in what you are here to attempt."

"We're trying to visit that splinter universe you mentioned," Harry told them. "We tried before but for some reason we couldn't."

"We visited DeWitt in another timeline and we got the idea to come here," added Rose.

"I do believe we have an idea as to why your previous attempts have been unsuccessful," Robert told the pair.

"You do?" Both Potter's asked.

"Indeed," Rosalind said. "There are versions of yourselves in that universe that do not possess the power you do."

"By our assumption the doors used to transverse that reality are closed to you," Robert assessed.

"But using our tear device to bypass that inconvenience, rather ingenious," Rosalind praised.

"Wait," Rose said a bit taken aback. "You're not going to try and stop us?"

"Of course not," Robert told her. "It is within human nature to want to explore curiosity for knowledge's sake of course."

"Not to mention we are also curious as to how your minds will adapt to being in the other universe," chimed Rosalind.

"A journey for you, an experiment for us," Robert stated.

"Erm… thank you," Harry said uneasily at the other twins duel motives. But given everything he knew about the Lutece's it wasn't that hard to believe they had some kind of investment in this.

"If you two would please stand in the center of the machine Robert and I shall activate it for you." Doing as Rosalind instructed both Potter's stood on a circular platform that resided in the center of the tear device. As Robert and Rosalind fiddled around with control panel the sounds of gunfire could be heard from outside.

"Get the False Shepard!" the voice of a Columbian authority yelled as gunfire increased.

"Elizabeth!" the voice of Booker DeWitt shouted. "Open it!"

"On it!" A feminine voice replied, and although the Potter's could not see what was going on outside but whatever was happening the gunfire became much more frantic.

"Ah, DeWitt and the girl on the hunt for the truth about Lady Comstock," Robert said as he regarded the shooting. "Just like it was."

"And just like it will be," Rosalind added. "Right on time. The device is ready."

Robert turned his attention to the Potter's. "You might feel a little light headed."

"But don't worry," Rosalind told them. "That is to be expected." Pulling a lever Rosalind activated the device, and Harry experienced the feeling he had when he first came into contact with the tear to see Rose. He felt a sense of… he didn't know how to describe it. It just… was. His vision went white and what followed was the most painful headache of his life.

New York 1968

Jack's eyes fluttered open as sunlight streamed through the blinds of his window and onto his face. Some people might have that action an annoyance, but not Jack. After his ordeal in Rapture sunlight was something he would not be taking for granite anytime soon. Rising from his bed he walked down the hall to the upstairs bathroom to shower.

After he had finished his relaxing shower he grabbed a towel and wiped the steam from the mirror and allowing him to inspect himself. His light brown hair was still partially wet, but would be dry in a few minutes. His green eyes still held a bit of sleep in the corners. But his face still had the same youthful appearance of a twenty three year old man. He looked more or less the same as he had eight years ago, probably due to all the genetic modification that had been done to him as a child. After that he couldn't actually as a normal human did could he?

Yes his life was anything but normal. The life he thought he had working with his parents on a farm in Overlook Kansas that had all been a lie. A dream built for him so he wouldn't know the truth, until his adventure through Rapture.

There had been no farm, there were no parents waiting to hear from him once he landed in the UK to visit his cousins, hell there weren't any cousins in the UK. His father was not a farmer his father was Andrew Ryan, the tycoon who rejected the ideas of the surface and used his wealth to build Rapture. His mother was a singer/prostitute who sold him when he was only a fetus to Frank Fontaine, his father's biggest rival. He wasn't even a man for most of his life, he had been a slave.

Would you kindly?

"Atlas," he thought to himself. After his plane had crashed off the coast of Iceland and he found the entrance to Rapture via lighthouse Atlas had been there for him. Acting as a guide via shortwave radio the man helped Jack navigate the underwater city and survive. Atlas had been his friend. That too was a lie.

There had been no Atlas, no working Irishman fighting for the people, there was only Fontaine. The only reason Jack existed was to be Fontaine's ace in the hole. He would arrive in Rapture, kill his father and leave the city to Fontaine. All the while unknowingly being mind controlled.

Would you kindly?

The trigger phrase. Whenever Atlas/Fontaine had said that he had no choice but to obey. Jack looked at his tattooed wrists. "Chains for a slave."

But that's not who he now. Tenenbaum had been a huge help with that. After Fontaine had betrayed him after Ryan had been dealt with Tenenbaum had taken him back to her hideout and undid the mental conditioning that Suchong had done to him as a child. After that he was able to beat Fontaine once and for all and give the ones he rescued a chance at a new life at the surface. Himself included.

He still remembered that day that he departed Rapture, one of the Little Sister, Sally, had whispered to him about a woman who had helped her out during the civil war. Sally had led him Artemis Suites where Suchong's clinic was, and through a hole in the wall he found the body of a woman.

By use of the prototype vita-chamber Suchong had in his lab, Jack was able to use some of his own genetic material to revive the woman. The woman named Elizabeth he would take back to the surface and one day marry.

The two of them had traded stories with each other and realized that they had much in common. They both never had a childhood, came from impossible backgrounds, had a psychotic father, and had each been slaves to a greater power while they each just wanted to live peaceful lives.

That desire to live a normal live and provide for the Little Sisters whom they both wanted to truly have a childhood free of giant birds and mad scientists, had brought them together, all the while knowing that their lives were anything but. A girl from 1912 who had the power to open doors to other worlds, and him a man whose memories were created as a lie and had a handful of Plasmids at his disposal. Yet somehow they made it work.

With some of the money he took from Rapture Jack was able to purchase a small farm house in New York State for his new family. The Little Sisters were enjoying their new school and life, and he couldn't be happier.

After getting dressed in almost iconic white sweater and black pants Jack made his way downstairs to start breakfast for everyone. He wasn't usually the first one up, but he had somewhere he had to be today.

He grabbed some eggs from the fridge, cracked their shells and began to whisk. After that he poured the whisked eggs into a large frying pan and went to lit the stove. He smelled the gas but it wouldn't lite. Sighing Jack snapped his fingers and a small flame engulfed his index finger. Holding his finger to the gas exit the flame caught. Plasmids really do make life easier.

"Well you're up early," the voice of Elizabeth said as she walked into the kitchen. She only looked a year or two older from after she had died, a possible side effect of the vita-chamber and its use of quantum mechanics. "And you're cooking too."

"It's not that surprising is it?" he asked.

"Well considering how well your fish casserole went last week, yes."

"These are eggs," he pointed out. "No one can mess up with eggs."

"Then you should probably flip them before the one side gets burned."

Jack turned his attention back to the frying pan and grabbed a nearby spatula to flip the eggs. Much to his relief the eggs had not been burnt, but were still a little more dark than the girls would like. Elizabeth chuckled lightly. "Well I know what side the girls are going to make you eat."

"I've eaten worse," Jack told her as he remembered some of the sardines in Rapture. "I've eaten a lot worse."

"I know of a man who once ate out of a garbage bin who can attest to that as well."

"Was it good?" Jack jokingly asked to which she playfully rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"I can't speak for him, but he seemed to do it an awful lot."

Jack smiled and went back to flipping the eggs every now and again and buttering some toast until the girls came down from their rooms to eat breakfast.

"Thank you Papa Jack," Masha thanked him as he handed her a plate.

"Do we have any jelly for the toast?" Leta asked and Jack handed her a jar of strawberry jam.

"Can you pass the pepper?" Sarah asked Sally who obliged.

"You girls aren't stopping anywhere after school are you?" Elizabeth asked as the girls ate, to which they all shook their head.

"Why?" Sally asked.

"Well let's just say we're expecting visitors," Jack told her.

"Sister Eleanor?" Leta asked.

"Sister Eleanor visits all the time," Sarah told her. "It must be someone new."

"You're not too far off actually," Elizabeth teased the answer.

After the cryptic answers they were getting the girls began whispering amongst themselves as to who their mystery guests could be before they had to leave for school. "So today's finally the day I get to meet my mother-in-law huh?" Elizabeth asked once the girls had left. "This ought to be fun."

"Come on," Jack said trying to reassure her. "After all you've done to help the girls out there's no way she can hate you. Besides she's not actually my mother."

"I wouldn't say that in front of her if I were you," Elizabeth warned.

"Of course not," Jack agreed. "I don't have a death wish."

"You should probably leave now if you want to pick them up," advised Elizabeth.

"Right," Jack said as he went to go grab the car keys. "I'll be back soon," he told Elizabeth as he kissed her before he left.

Harry looked out the window at the rapidly approaching runway as the Apollo Airlines plane touched down from its flight from England to America. Having never flown on an airplane before he had no idea what to expect, and while he felt a twinge of fear when the plane had taken off, once they were flying it felt so natural.

He was especially thankful that he got a window seat so he was able to see the clouds that surrounded them giving the flight a sense of adventure and freedom. Seated to his right was Rose who had been craning her neck to look out the window the entire flight, as it appeared she too shared Harry's sense of wonderment at flying.

Next to Rose sat Tenenbaum who held onto Tom, and Dr. Porter next to her. Harry smiled at the sight of Tenenbaum and Tom. To think that the person who had become the darkest wizard of all time in a different timeline would be so attached to a muggle scientist was quite ironic. Him and Rose hadn't heard from the Lutece's after finding their note after they arrived back from moving Tom forward in the future as an infant so they assumed they had succeeded in stopping him from ever turning evil. And under Tenenbaum's watchful eye they doubted he ever would.

Still they considered it a blessing in disguise when Tenenbaum told them that they would be moving to America. Tenenbaum had left the orphanage in the hands of someone she could trust and Dr. Porter would probably have no trouble finding a job as a programmer in the States, but that wasn't why they were happy. America presented them with the chance to get Tom away from Magical England.

They had no idea how wizards were identified or accepted into schools, and so far Tom had shown no signs of magical behavior, but when he did it probably wouldn't be the best idea to have him in the same system he tried to take over in a timeline that no longer existed.

"Thank you for flying Apollo Airlines!" the stewardess said to them as they exited the plane after the pilot had given the all clear.

"Come," Tenenbaum told the three of them. "Someone vill be here to collect us."

The terminal was full of people scrambling about grabbing their luggage, and buying tickets for their flights. "Who exactly are we looking for Mama Tenenbaum?" Harry asked as he tried to look past the sea of people for any familiar faces.

Tenenbaum cursed in German. "He should be here vhere is he?"

"Who?" Rose asked.

"Ah!" Tenenbaum exclaimed as she spotted someone in the crowd. Looking to see who she was staring at Harry saw a tall man with brown hair, green eyes, and wearing a white sweater. It couldn't be.

"Hello Jack," Tenenbaum said as he approached where they stood in the airport.

"Hello mama Tenenbaum," Jack greeted back. After a short silence between the two Tenenbaum reached an arm around his neck to pull him into a hug.

"It is good to see you."

"You too."

"Jack!" Rose yelled as she ran and hugged the man. Harry couldn't blame her. Jack was the reason why she was no longer a Little Sister after all. Jack seemed a bit taken aback by Roses suddenly glomping him, but he seemed to shrug it off easily enough and just accept it.

"She is one of the little ones you rescued," Tenenbaum clarified for Jack. After Rose had released her hold on Jack the man came over to Harry.

"You must be her brother," Jack assumed. Harry nodeed.

"Yes sir," Harry said with respect for the man. "I'm Harry."

"Please just call me Jack. It sounds weird being called sir." Jack greeted Dr. Porter as well. "Who's the child?" Jack asked Tenenbaum.

"These two found him," she told him. "Apparently he was left on the doorstep one day when I vas out."

Jack leaned down to look at Tom further, who clung to Tenenbaum tighter. "He seems to like you," Jack told her.

"I am a 'Mother Goose' no?" Tenenbaum joked and Jack offered them a drive to his home.

The house was what one would assume a basic farm house to be. Two stories tall, blue and white in color, with open space and a barn out back. It gave off a very warm welcome in appearance as far as Harry was concerned. Jack parked the car out front and allowed the other occupants to exit as well.

"Back already," a woman said as they entered the house. Harry assumed she must be Jack's wife she was very pretty with captivating blue eyes.

Jack nodded. "Elizabeth this is Dr. Porter, Harry and Rose, and Brigid Tenenbaum," he introduced.

"Well it's nice to meet you all," Elizabeth politely greeted. "Especially you Madam Tenenbaum. I've heard so much about you."

"Really?" Tenenbaum asked as she stepped closer so she could better examine Elizabeth who appeared quite nervous from the sudden attention. "I am disappointed in you Jack. You did not tell me your vere married to someone as beautiful as this." Jack scratched at the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"So who's this little guy?" Elizabeth asked drawing the conversation away from a very embarrassed Jack.

"That's Tom," Rose supplied. "Harry and I found him one day."

"He certainly looks happy," Elizabeth observed as she put her hands over her eyes and then moved them away in an attempt to play a game with Tom, who actually let out a small laugh.

Harry and Rose couldn't help but smile. It looks like they would be enjoying themselves in America.

"Arrgh!" Harry groaned as he clutched his head. He and Rose now stood outside a lighthouse in the sea between worlds as they both dealt with their massive headaches. "That was not fun."

"Ditto," Rose said as she massaged her temples. "But we did it."

Despite the intense head pain Harry agreed with her. They were able to gain access to that splinter universe. Or partially at least.

The minute their consciences had drifted to that other universe they became bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information. Everything the version of themselves saw or experienced came hurling at them like a freight train. They saw into the minds of themselves at that universe, saw themselves with Tenenbaum and an infant Tom Riddle in America and they knew.

They now knew why their universe had been created: the absence of Tom Riddle. Without him there would be no Voldemort so their world existed. And the other world existed very much like Columbia: there had to be a circle to be broken. It all made sense but was all so confusing at the same time just to wrap their minds that there was another set of themselves that was living an entirely different life than the ones they had.

"I vote we never try that again," Rose said as she wiped her bloody nose.

"Couldn't agree more," Harry said as he too wiped the blood from his nose. "What do you say we go back to our own world? One where we won't get a nosebleed?" Rose nodded and the two of them opened the lighthouse door back to their own world, in a different timeline.

A/N: I just wanted to include this last omake to hopefully clarify anything that might have been left unclear from the main story, and hopefully tie up any loose ends. I didn't want to include an interaction between the two sets of Potter twins as it would just be too confusing, so hopefully the explanation of them experiencing it through memories makes a little more sense. I don't know if I should make a sequel to this story or not, but I'm still proud with the way this turned out. Thank you for reading.