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"Ms. Waller, I'm impressed with what you've shown us so far of these individuals, but what about these two remaining files? ...Mr. Hyde and Siren?" the chairman let his curiosity be known, not wanting any info of this rag-tag team left unknown. Mrs. Walls had a knack for keeping secrets and leaving surprises to be later revealed.

Without sparing a glance, the 'gangsta' head of Cadmus slid the files over to the board member. Really, she was getting to those next. She wouldn't have brought the folders filled with highly classified material otherwise. What a moronic bitch of a man. Sure, the guy was being subtle with the demand but the inclusion of the info in her presentation was obvious. "Those would be Lord Hadrian Potter-Black and Lady Fleur Potter-Black, maiden name Delacour." Too bad the dimwit-admiral had clearance, she rather liked popping a cap or three into those that suffered from incompetency. "Also known as Mr. Hyde and Siren." She brought their pictures from FRPs up on the screen for the entire committee. "Not much is known of their background except that both disappeared from civilian-life on their eleventh birthdays and reappeared two years ago. Current age twenty-eight, Fleur was raised in France whose father is a high-ranking member in their government. Hadrian, twenty-six, was raised by his maternal aunt and her husband in Britain, both unimpressive and irrelevant. However, his father's family, the Potters, and his godfather's family, the Blacks, are both ancient and royal families of the British government that he inherited the heir-position of at seventeen. When these two resurfaced in America, the body count skyrocketed." Amanda Waller shuffled with the tablet until a video feed was brought up of an alleyway. "We later found footage proving Lord and Lady Potter-Black demonstrating skills that would make them beneficial additions to this 'rag-tag' team..." She veered her gaze to the screen as she began playing the video.

The committee was shocked at what they were showed. A young and unsuspecting couple - a tall and bespectacled man with a mess of disheveled, raven hair joined at the arm with a flawless and beautiful, pixie-blonde woman that had the graceful stride of Aphrodite herself - were walking down the narrow passage when a sketchy group of people held them at gunpoint with the obvious intent of mugging them and rapping the blonde. The admiral had a deep frown etched across his face as he was about to watch a blasphemous crime, when the husband sporadically and ruthlessly began ripping heads from shoulders and gouging eyes out of sockets with the temples of his glasses. The wife, with what could only be perceived as luring via attraction, shot each man in the head that stumbled toward her with a milky-haze enveloping their eyes. The hypnotic state could be remarkably compared to an extreme case of cataracts. The confrontation lasted no longer than a few minutes and as the woman executed each of her victims with deadly grace and finesse, the man was the exact opposite. One would think he was the walking dead, donning a crimson coat of dripping blood and gore. There was a finger wedged under one of the buttons for God's sake! The committee immediately gave their undivided attention to Waller as the couple exited the street camera's view.

"We have discovered that Hadrian has remarkable reflexes and strength when angered. However, as was seen in the video, an in-between from happily content to bloodthirsty rage is non-existent. On top of this, he has a masters in biochemistry, which is why we believe he gained the alias 'Mr. Hyde.' Unlike her husband, Fleur is much less... passionate. Ironic, because she seems to lure her victims by clouding their minds with a flare of seduction. The lab rats believe she is performing this ability through secreting a potent mating pheromone at a wide radius, thus urging them - without two braincells to rub together - to do anything to get closer to her. She uses this trance-like power to methodically incapacitate and kill her enemies. Likewise, we believe this is how she gained the alias 'Siren.'" Waller directed her intense gaze over the entire room to ensure that each soul would take heed. She delivered the warning with a stern tone, "DO NOT attempt attacking them alone or without proper equipment. They work together like a well-oiled, homicidal machine. As merciless and methodical Fleur is, Hadrian is practically a mad scientist - volatile and highly innovative. He could walk into dollar general and blow up the entire block before you even finished taking a piss. All the while she just killed your entire team and you're next." The powerful woman ended her presentation with these parting words and powered off the screen to let the dunderheads know she was finished and accepting questions or post-thoughts on the individuals.

Of course the chairman was the first to speak. "Ma'am, if these potential assets are likely to be as beneficial as you've preached, why haven't they been collected and injected with the nano-tech like the others?" The question was layered with a condescending tone. Pompous shit.

Ah, there it was. She knew someone had to voice the question. He might as well have been in elementary school raising his hand to be called on. She took a deep breath and wrung her hands together before explaining the diplomatic ass-hat of a disturbance in her orchestrations. "As I informed you all earlier of Hadrian's ancestry, the royal lines he inherited gives both Lord and Lady Potter-Black full immunity in the States. We still haven't gotten around this problem in order to use full-force in the capture of both..."

"I'll see it done immediately on account of the current threat. I would advise you to collect the new assets swiftly and without attention being drawn, but with the way things are lookin'... I say fuck it," the chairman shrugged his shoulders. No shits given. Amanda Waller is rarely surprised and his reply had certainly accomplished that feat.

Well, perhaps she was wrong about the man. Looks like the dim-wit was, in actuality, the wit among the dim. A second-in-command with these blending-in skills would be quite handy. Sending out the command to retrieve the new additions with the mission: amber, the fierce woman strode out the office.