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September 23, 2014:

I don't know why I started writing today, not much has changed. But, who knows, maybe this will become a book or be on a website someday. Eventually, I'll probably look through this journal for details for my college essay. Jordi is starting to get really concerned about his surgery and I want to tell him everything will be okay but I can't. No one can insure that because it worked for Leo it will work for him. That's the thing here , everyone can tell you you'll be fine but it's not a promise. I mean I tell Brittany I'll eat my food but I don't promise it because there is a good chance that I won't. Leo and I made up, we both apologized. I should have know that it would work, I'm not afraid o admit that we're both to stubborn to apologize if the other person isn't going to. According to my weigh in I gained two pounds. It's terrible, I don't know why gaining weight is a good thing. All I ever hear adults talking about is how to loss weight but the second I do it's a travesty. Kara still comes and eats my lunch everyday but for breakfast and dinner I'm on my own. We have a really fun project in school, Leo and I are partners. He's always my partner because Dash is always with a pretty girl and Kara and Jordi aren't going to start school for a little while. Leo is smart but is always late for class and isn't going to put in as much effort as I am. My dad is coming up soon and he said he would bring Fin. I'm so excited because I really miss her and I've been a terrible big sister. She's supposed to be able to look up to me but I hope she is almost nothing like me. But maybe dad will bring Fin more often, I can make this right. I don't expect my mom to come, she never does. I guess I'm too big a disappointment. I have to meet Leo to start our project in five minutes so I'm not going to worry about it. I have to start writing before I'm late to our project meeting- peace out! Oh and good luck on your surgery tomorrow, Jordi and thanks for saying you'd give me a new red band since I lost mine. I still feel so bad, I hope Leo doesn't notice.

A/N: I hope you liked it! Sorry it was kinda short and I really had to stretch the first episode so that it went all the days until the second episode's air date. I'll try to update again soon, please review :)