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September 24, 2014

Boys can be so stupid sometimes. I can't believe Leo would use his new leg as a golf club! But I guess everyone was trying to distract themselves today. Even though Jordi's new, the Red Banders care very much about how he is after surgery and we'll get to that later but I'm trying to go in chronological order. I tricked Nurse Brittany into thinking I gained a pound at my weigh in today by chugging water and putting weights in my bra. Kara commented about weights in clothes afterward, why is she so out to get me? I know she doesn't want to be in this hospital either so you'd think she'd understand trying to get out. Next I went to ask Leo about Jordi. It was only like five minutes later when Dr. McAndrew asked to talk to Leo alone. When your living in a hospital, you learn that's not a good thing. Oh, but before that Leo noticed I had a different red band, I told him it was from Jordi and he didn't seem too upset. Kara came into my room for "quiet time", we argue about almost everything but at least she agreed to still eat my lunch. Leo came in and told us that Jordi got to keep his leg, I know Leo and he would try and be happy for Jordi but Kara had to make him all upset. I can't help but wonder Jordi's treatment. I've read a lot of medical books since moving to the hospital and it may not be good. Also Nurse Jackson sadly didn't believe I had gained weight, Brittany told me. That's about all that happened to me today but I heard Leo had a little adventure. The guy is really upset that the new leg doesn't make him good as new instantly. It's still hard to believe he snuck off and used it so much and cause himself so much pain though. I thought he knew better but the only friends I have are at the hospital so I'm not going to turn into a mean, annoying know-it-all and ruin that. I guess that all, until next time. Oh, I almost forgot, Kara's moms. That was an interesting situation and a long story but I have homework, so long story short Kara was mad at her moms for being inconsiderate, I tried to help but then Kara's mom told her to be more like me (hard to believe right, why would anyone be like me) which drove Kara crazy and finally she had a good conversation with them and worked it all out. What a happy ending for my journal entry