Moving into an apartment with someone has its own set of challenges and compromises that have to be made for the sake of both tenants. But when your roommate is an alien hailing from the planet Krypton, problems arise that no ordinary roommate has ever handled. None, except for intrepid reporter Lois Lane.

The apartment itself contained a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, lounge and a single bedroom. Lois and Clark didn't need another bedroom for guests. A single bedroom was cosy enough for the both of them. But with that choice, came a problem that Lois had not anticipated. Wardrobe space.

Their single bedroom only had one wardrobe. And with Clark's multitude of spare ties, shirts and pants needed for his constant costume changes between Clark Kent and Superman, Lois barely had any room for clothes except for the bare necessities. But Lois was happy to accommodate for certain things for the man she loved. Certain things except for fridge space.

Chicken breasts, vegetables, cheeses, fruit juice, regular milk, coconut milk, yoghurts and egg cartons. That is what the inside of Lois and Clark's fridge looked like. With the muscular physique of a god, Clark needed to consume copious amounts of food to maintain such a physique, which left very little room for Lois' packed lunches. And that meant that a fair amount of her salary was spent on expensive lunch food from Metropolis. A small price to pay she thought, when she had the privilege of having a roommate like Kal-El around. Or perhaps not.

"You are not coming in here, like that!"

"I'm not a weather wizard, Lois. I can't control whether it rains when I'm saving someone!" A sopping wet Superman tried to reason with Lois who was blocking his entry into the apartment.

"You're going to leave water all over the carpet!" She protested. An apartment had to be kept tidy after all.

"Don't worry. I'll quickly change in the bathroom. I promise I won't make a mess." Clark promised, convincing Lois into standing aside to make room for him. Flying inside the apartment to avoid leaving muddy footprints, Clark went into the bathroom for a change of clothes.

Finding a way to make herself useful, Lois took out a pair of neatly folded pants and shirt out of the wardrobe and opened the bathroom door. "Clark, do you need a clean shirt—?"

When Lois entered the bathroom, she had not expected the fastest man alive to still be dressed. The man himself was standing in the bathtub to let the water drain down the pipes. He had removed his boots and was pulling down the sleeves of his suit. Seeing an opportunity to redeem herself for admonishing him, Lois stepped inside the bathtub and wrapped her arms around Clark's chest from behind and planted a kiss on his damp, muscular back.

"That tickles."

"I know." She giggled.

Inspired by the story that Amy Adams kissed Henry Cavill's belly when she saw his ripped body during the filming of BvS.

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