"Heya, Lucy"

The said woman with white hairs turned around to glare the smiling pink haired male.

"For the umpteenth time Natsu, it's Lissanna" she said and sighed.

"For the umpteenth time Natsu it's Lucy, L.U.C.Y"

"Natsu you ought to forget about her by now it's about a year.." as she realized she grasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

"I know, I know it's exactly a year now, but I just can't… can't forget anything, I miss her very badly" he cried in his hands.

Lissanna now teary eyed just patted his shoulder sympathetically.

"Yo Lucy! Thanks for your book it really is awesome" Natsu gave the book to the tiny blue haired girl nodded her head and sighed as she had done couple of times before.

"Your welcome, and again it's Levy, how many times you gonna read it Natsu? You should move on." She said the last part in a whisper with sad voice, tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"Now Shrimp who are you advising, he is just a silly salamander" appeared Gajeel her boyfriend putting a hand on her head.

"shut up you metal head"

"why? You wanna go?"

"Grr.. not now leave me alone, bye Levy" and he left in a hurry the couple watching till his pink hair was absolutely out of sight.

" I really hate to see him like this but today he seems the worst"

"it's exactly a year now"

"Shit! I did not realize.."

Ringgg.. ringgg..


"Hey flame brain wanna go in a video game that I recently purchased?" his frienemy Gray had called with uncertainty in his voice.

"Not now ice princess, I wanna be alone"

"That's exactly what I don't want so I m coming over is all, ok?" he said with so much concern that the said boy could not resist the smile forming at the corner of his mouth.


After putting the phone back he again gazed lovingly at the picture of the blonde haired girl and himself that they had clicked in some fair and it was her smile that made him smile again.

"I am missing you Lucy, wish you were still here by my side, wish you never went to that trip, wish you never d-died" he cried for the second time that day while his pet cat happy nuzzled his feet.

He kept the photo down at his bed side and went to look out of the window waiting for Gray to his surprise he saw something which stole his breath, left him wide eyed and speechless.. It was a girl with blonde hairs and chocolate brown eyes…. Lucy..

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