Adrianna Carter was eleven years, she had dark red hair and crystal blue eyes. Adrianna had lost count the amount of times that she had packed her trunk but she wanted to make sure that she had everything. Adrianna was starting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry tomorrow and she didn't want to leave anything behind. Her pet snowy owl, Ghost, sat in his cage looking at what Adrianna was doing. Adrianna lived in Godric's Hollow with her mum, dad and little sister, Ava.

Adrianna held her wand box. In few days' time she'd be using it properly for the first time. Her wand was made of vine wood with a unicorn hair core. Adrianna sat in admiration of being able to use it properly she tucked it away in her trunk so it didn't get broken. Adrianna climbed on to her bed and looked up at the poster on her ceiling of her favourite quidditch team the Holyhead Harpies. Her mum used to play for the Harpies before she was injured but she now works as the team's manager. She had dreams of playing chaser on the team one day as well as on house team at Hogwarts. Adrianna's dad, Mark, played as a beater for the Chudley Cannons who now stays at home to look after Ava. Adrianna then looked at the broomstick that was in the corner of her bedroom. She wasn't allowed to take it because she was in her first year at Hogwarts.

Adrianna got ready for bed and lied down and tried to go to sleep but she was too excited at thought of going to Hogwarts for the time tomorrow. She dreamt of all the friends that she would make, the spells she'd learn, what house she'd be sorted into (hopefully Gryffindor like her parents). Adrianna finally fell asleep.

When Adrianna woke up the next morning she felt butterflies in her stomach. She knew she would, she didn't know anyone who was going to Hogwarts. She knew she'd make friends but who would she sit with on the train. It was a long journey and she didn't want to be lonely the whole time. Adrianna's dad had got a car from the Ministry of Magic to take them to King's Cross Station. Adrianna sat in the kitchen eating her breakfast when her mum, Gwen, came in.

"I'm scared mum." Adrianna said quietly.

"You'll be fine. You've been so excited about this for weeks." Gwen retorted as she put a friendly arm around her daughter.

"But I know no-one going to Hogwarts. I'm going to be the only one." Adrianna said into her mum's shoulder.

"You'll make loads of friends. You're going to go learn the most amazing things and make the most amazing friends." Gwen reassured Adrianna.

"Thanks mum. I'm going to get ready."

Mark loaded up the car and a driver from the ministry took them to King's Cross Station. When they arrived at the station, they loaded Adrianna's trunk and owl cage onto one of the trollies. They made their way to the gateway between platform's 9 and 10 that would take them through to platform 9¾. They had to make sure no muggles where looking as not to raise any unwanted attention. They were already getting sideways glances from people as they walked through the station with an owl, which Ava was holding onto as she sat on top of Adrianna's trunk.

When they reached the gateway, Ava jumped off the front of the trunk.

"If you're scared it's best if you do it at a bit of a run." Mark said squeezing her shoulder tightly.

Adrianna and her dad went through the gateway together and then before them was an enormous scarlet steam train that was the Hogwarts Express. Gwen and Ava appeared a few seconds later. The platform was packed full of students saying goodbye to their parents. Adrianna fought her way down the platform. She knew no-one. Today was the start of a new journey. Her trunk and cage were taken onto the train.

"Well this it." Adrianna sighed.

"Make sure you write. Stay safe and don't get into any trouble. We'll see you at Christmas." Gwen said hugging Adrianna.

"Try to have some fun." Mark whispered as he hugged Adrianna.

She made her way through the train looking for an empty carriage to go and sit in. Adrianna eventually found one and she sat as close to the window. She could see her parents stood on the platform. Ava was ready to chase the train as it went out of the station. They train started to pull away from the station and she saw Ava start chasing the train. She waved at her parents one last time. Before she knew it Ava and station were long gone. Adrianna sat reading her book she got last Christmas on the Holyhead Harpies.

"Is any sitting in here?" A male voice asked.

Adrianna looked up to see a boy with jet black hair and bright green eyes stood with a girl who had ginger hair and brown eyes. They both appeared to be in their first.

"No, you can sit in here." Adrianna said as she sat up.

"I'm Albus by the way, Albus Severus Potter. This is Rose Weasley." Albus said sitting down.

"I guess you guys get looked at quite a lot considering who your parents." Adrianna said. "My parents where there 19 years ago. They were younger than your parents."

"You get used to it after a while," Rose said. "What's your name anyway?"

"Adrianna Carter."

"Hang on Adrianna Carter as in the daughter of Gwen Carter and Mark Carter." Albus said almost in shock.

"The very same."

"Does someone want to tell me who those people are?" Rose asked.

"My mum used to player chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and England and she manages the Holyhead Harpies and my dad used to be a beater for the Chudley Cannons and England." Adrianna explained.

"That explains why I don't know who they are." Rose said.

"Rose doesn't follow quidditch, she takes after her mum. She and her mum are about the only people who don't play quidditch. Your dad would be so jealous right now Rose." Albus said excitedly. Adrianna looked confused.

"My dad's favourite quidditch team is the Chudley Cannons." Rose enlightened Adrianna.

"I'm no-one I'm just his kid." Adrianna said.

"But still he might like meet your dad at some point." Albus said.

The three of sat talking on the train when they were joined by Albus and Rose's friend Isla. Isla was the youngest of two siblings her dad, Neville, was the Herbology professor and Head of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts.

"Albus, I've been looking for you everywhere." A boy said when he came rushing into their compartment with what he assumed was his friend.

"What James?" Albus asked.

"That's James, Albus's brother. The other boy is my older brother Charlie " Isla whispered to Adrianna.

"I've got something to show you." James said as he pulled parchment out of his back pocket.

"Is that what I think it is?" Albus asked

"It's just some parchment." Adrianna piped up.

"Who are you?" James asked accusingly.

"Adrianna Carter."

"Yes, James her parents are the world famous quidditch players," Albus said before he got a chance to ask. "Come on show everyone."

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." James said whilst touching the map with his wand.

Everyone crowded around to see what was going on. The parchment became more detailed to reveal what appeared to be a map.

"This little beauty is going to be author of all fun." James said gleefully.

"Why have you got this James, your dad will kill you if he finds out" Rose voiced her annoyance at James.

"Dad left the drawer it was kept in open. It wasn't just going to leave it there." James said defending his actions.

"What does it do?" Isla asked.

"It shows the whole of Hogwarts inside and outside. It tells you where anyone is at any time in the school." James explained.

"James we need to go get ready we are nearly at Hogwarts." Charlie said when he looked out the window.

"Oh damn," James said when he also looked out the window. "Mischief managed." The map disappeared from the parchment, James picked up and left the compartment with Charlie.

After everyone had got ready it wasn't long before they arrived at the Hogsmeade train station and were then on the boats across to Hogwarts for the first time.