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Two days had passed since Adrianna had started at Hogwarts. Adrianna had got her dream and she had been sorted into Gryffindor along with Albus, Rose and Isla. She was sat at the table having breakfast when she was joined by her friends.

"Double charms with Slytherin this morning. Then aren't we lucky a flying lesson with Ravenclaw and then double potions again with Slytherin." Isla sighed as she sat down.

"Is there any lessons when aren't with them?" Adrianna asked annoyed.

"Not by the looks of it." Isla replied.

They ate whilst they discussed what the day ahead might hold for them. When they owls flew in to deliver the post. One owl dropped a letter down in front of Adrianna. It was from her mum. Adrianna knew what this meant, the news that they'd been waiting for before she left for Hogwarts but never arrived. Adrianna wanted to read the letter alone.

"I need to go to the toilet, I'll catch up with later." Adrianna said rising from her seat.

Adrianna made her way out of the Great Hall. She walked up the staircases to the bathroom and went into one of the cubicles and locked the door. She opened up the letter.

Dear Adrianna,

I hope you are doing well at Hogwarts and are having a great time and making lots of new friends. I don't know how to tell you this but Ava is in St Mungo's. She is perfectly fine I do not wish to worry you but this suffered some nasty burns the other night. The healers have done well in healing her burns apart from a couple of scars you wouldn't know that she had been burnt. Ava wanted to write to you herself but she couldn't because of her hands.

I still haven't heard about you know what yet but as soon as I do I'll write to you straight away.

We hope to hear from soon. Don't worry about Ava she'll be fine and don't let it stop you from having a good time.

Love mum xx

Ava was in hospital how could Adrianna not worry. Ava was the most important thing in the world. As she was reading she could see the tears falling onto the page. She left the cubicle that she was sat in and went over to the sink and looked in the mirror. She had puffy red eyes it was obviously that she'd been crying. Great. Left the bathroom and she saw that Albus was stood waiting for her outside

"Why are you?" Adrianna asked wiping her eyes.

"To walk to lesson with you so weren't alone. It looks like you need someone as well." Albus said as Adrianna started to cry.

Albus pulled Adrianna into a hug. "Hey, what's the matter with you."

Adrianna offered him the letter whilst she composed herself. They began walking to their charms lesson as they realised that they didn't have long before it started.

"I'm sorry." Albus said sympathetically.

"What have you got to be sorry for?" Adrianna snapped.

"It's just what people say isn't it.

"I'm sorry. It's just that Ava means so much to me," Adrianna apologised. She kissed Albus lightly on the cheek. "Thank you."

They arrived outside their classroom just in time. They found Rose and Isla stood waiting for them. Professor Filius Flitwick let them into his classroom. Adrianna, Albus, Rose and Isla all sat together.

"Right everyone today we will start with one of the simplest charms. The Levitation Charm. Everyone copy me," Professor Flitwick demonstrated the wand movement that everyone copied. "A simply swish and flick. Now the incantation is very important. Windgardium Leviosa, the pronunciation is important. Now I'll demonstrate the both together and then you can have go in your pairs."

Professor Flitwick demonstrated how to perform the Levitation Charm properly. He then set everyone off to try by themselves.

"Are you ok Adrianna, it looks you've been crying." Isla asked.

"I'm fine. It was just the letter mum sent me. I've sorted it out now." Adrianna reassured her friends.

Rose managed the spell on her first attempt.

"Well done, Miss Weasley. You've have certainly inherited your mother's talents. Ten point to Gryffindor.

The rest of the day past with not much drama happening. Adrianna excelled in her flying lesson along with Albus and in potions nothing much really happened. Rose and Adrianna were sat at the Gryffindor table eating.

"I think Albus has like a massive crush on you." Rose said out of the blue.

"What?" Adrianna said almost chocking on her food.

"I think Albus likes you. He was the first to make sure that you ok when you got your mum's letter." Rose said.

"I'm pretty sure he was just being a good friend," Adrianna said trying to ignore what Rose was saying to her.

"I think your forgetting Albus is my cousin so I knew him pretty and I've never seen him like this around any girl before." Rose retorted.

"Anyway if you look over there I think Scorpius Malfoy is staring at you again." Adrianna said changing the subject.

Rose turned her head around to see the blond-haired Scorpius Malfoy looking at her.

"I wish he would stop doing that" Rose said annoyed.

"Looks like I'm not the only one. Come on let's go find Isla and Albus." Adrianna said getting up from the table.

Adrianna and Rose found Isla and Albus sat in the common room. The four sat talking for the rest of the evening and playing the odd game of exploding snap.

Adrianna lay in bed thinking about Ava in hospital and how she was doing if she was being looked after ok. She got out of bed and went and sat downstairs. She sat at the table and wrote a reply to her mum's letter.

Hi mum,

Everything is going great here. I've made some good friends in Albus Potter and Rose Weasley (yes they are the children of Harry, Ron and Hermione). I have also made friends with Isla Longbottom (daughter of Neville Longbottom). All my lessons are going great so far. I'm missing you all so much.

I hope Ava is doing ok now. How did she burn herself? Tell her that if I could I'd have been her there for her. Also tell her I'll see her at Christmas and that I'll write to her soon.

Gutted you still haven't heard about the job yet, I'm certain you'll get it though. Just to put your mind at rest I'm staying out of all the trouble.

Speak again soon.

Adrianna xx

Adrianna wrote the address on the front of the envelope and put it in her pocket. She heard someone coming down the stairs she turned around to see who it was. It was Albus.

"You scared me. I thought it was going to be someone telling me to get into bed." Adrianna said with a sigh of relief.

"No I'm down here because I couldn't sleep. I'm guessing that's why you're here to." Albus replied as he sat on one of the sofas.

"Couldn't stop thinking about Ava. I just wish I could be there for her." Adrianna told Albus as she sat on the sofa with him. She rested her head on his shoulder.

Albus put his arm around Adrianna. "Your mum said she is going to be fine. She would have told you if anything was wrong."

"I suppose your right." Adrianna looked up Albus. She stared into his eyes. She kissed him, tentatively at first then she kissed him again this time my passionately. Albus held her close she could the curve of her body against his.

"Well that was unexpected." Albus said as they pulled apart.

"I love you Albus Potter."

"I love you too Adrianna Carter."

They both went upstairs back to bed. Adrianna climbed into bed thinking about what she had just done and she smiled. How was see going to tell Rose, her best friend, that she was dating her cousin. Her mum, dad and Ava. She put that to the back of mind and fell asleep dreaming about her and Albus together.