Summary: Even those with the purest heart can hold a little darkness, a ying yang of life. Without light there was no darkness and without darkness there was no light, didn't mean she had to like it.

Author Note: This will be shorter than the last as it was originally intended to be an OS but I ran outta time haha so yeah. Maybe 2000 words if lucky.

Ah, the taste of blood...

Third Point of View

Victor snarled as he threw off another vampire, his claws slicing through them easily as he pushed his way towards the building he could sense Isabella in. He was so close and yet so far away but he would make it, so help him he will.

"AH!" A cry split out catching Victor's attention easily. He turned towards the noise and saw the Cajun on his knees and arched upwards in agony.

A war waged within him and he cast a look back towards the place where his Isa was and growled as he turned and raced towards the little bitch that was hurting him. Victor knew that if anything happened to the Kid, Isa would be upset and an upset Isabella was very… unpleasant.

A snarl left his lips as he bound forward on all fours, jumping over a chunk of debris that had been thrown there or was originally there before tackling the tiny midget bitch, his claws slicing throuhg her rock like flesh with ease. A roar of pride left his lips, his hand held high with the head before he chucked it into the fire and turned towards the Cajun.

"You're welcome." He chuckled, hoisting him to his feet.

Remy grunted while smoothing out his coat and fixing his headpiece, "I was fine."

"If on yer knees and screamin like yer were on fire was fine... then yes you were fine." Victor snapped back before lashing out as a short black haired bloodsucker attacked them in a furious rage.

Mist seeped out from the bloodsucker's hands, creeping up on them and numbing them as it creeped up their bodies. Victor and Gambit shared a look before Sabertooth picked Cajun up and tossed him, laughing darkly as the Cajun tackled the bloodsucker and slammed his Bo Staff down, shattering the vampires head with his gift.

"Nicely done," Victor complimented shooting the Cajun a fanged grin as he began to make his way towards the building where he knew Isabella is. "Go help the others."

He had killed four; he could see other body parts laying scattered that were not done by his own hand. There were more than he thought, more than they saw because he should have had an easy path to the building now or with little resistance.

Pain wracked his body as a body collided with his own, black eyes with a hint of gold was all he saw before he felt something try to bite him. A dark chuckle escaped his lips at that, his hand grasping the black hair tightly and yanking the head back from his neck.

"Make sure ye don't kill the Golden Eyes, the rights go to Isa and Jasper." Peter's voice rung out through his memory, the one bit of advice he had given as they charged forward.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?" She snarled as she kicked and struggled.

Victor snarled and dug his claws into the Vampires neck before ripping out a chunk, he made sure that bitch felt every claw, every tear of her flesh before tossing her head over the other side of this forsaken place.

"If you haven't reached the Major yet then you need to now! The cocktail they have on them is wearing off!" He shouted while pushing himself towards the place where his Isa was once again, a snarl pouring from his lips warning off everyone else who is gonna fucking try to stop him.

Its the hunger... It makes me...It leaves me... HUNGRIER...!

Isabella grinned hazily mere seconds before the door into this building beyond her own shattered, the familiar sound of Victor's beast cracking through the air. Edward shifted in the corner; unable to hear the thoughts clearly of the beast that got inside, the very beast Alice dared to take on and failed.

"I told you he's coming." She chuckled, levelling the mind reader with a penetrating look.

"STOP IT!" Edward snarled, his hand flinging out and connecting with his pet as he felt her in his head.

"You really shouldn't have done that," Bella replied, spitting the blood at his feet and grinned. Her teeth coated with her blood, her eyes daring the bastard before her to attack like she knew he wanted.

As her blood wafted through the air the sounds outside the door still for a fraction before a roar unlike the others boomed, shaking the foundations three seconds before the door splintered open. Dark eyes and bared teeth, Victor looked like the animal he was deep down inside causing Edward to gulp and Bella to shiver in delight.

Sabertooth scanned the room, his eyes narrowing in on his mate... her blood spilled and bruise forming "Mine!"

The chaos that followed was vicious, beyond words that Bella could use to describe the attack. It lasted mere moments, Edwards gift useless against Sabertooth as a beast did not think beyond the straightforward, there was no thoughts of how he was going to attack... when, where...

Edward had somehow gotten free of the beast and tried to run, only to be sent back by a blast. Glowing red eyes was all he saw before claws dug into his flesh and ripped his head from his body in one swift move.

"About time," she grunted. "No wait!"

Before Remy could blink Sabertooth had him pinned to the wall.

"Sabertooth, Victor!" Bella called still bound on the floor. Her eyes shot open in panic as she saw his knuckles turn white as he pulled back his hand to deliver the fatal blow.

In a desperate attempt to save her brother she threw out her shield once more before sending a quick apology to him and dragged him under to his nightmare.

I'll be good, I promise I'll be good...

When Victor woke it was to a setting sun, he was outside how did he get outside? He was back in the labs, his fists banging on the glass as he tried to get to Isabella... Isabella... His body shot up with a gasp, his hand flying to his side where his ribs ached.

"Easy now, easy." Bella soothed, pulling Victor slowly back to lie down. "You have healing ribs they should be done soon because they were broken, everything's fine. I had to put you in your own worst nightmare I'm sorry."

"Its fine... it's fine you're okay and we're nowhere near the compound." Victor rasped before casting a look around. "What'd I miss?

"Well, you missed Jasper going bat shit crazy as the drugs wore off, he's fine now. Uh, he's actually a little stunned still when Pete told him who I was. The mutants are gone back home, one of my friends who was in the Volturi came, he found his mate in one of them." She explained before casting a look to Charlie and Remy up on the hill. "Everyone gathered all the parts that weren't already tossed into a fire from your little entrance."

"Hell of a party," He grunted out before tilting his head back to stare at her. "I was worried sick when you got taken, I cannot lose you. Not now, not ever. I've come to love ya my little Dreamweaver."

Bella's whole face seemed to soften, making her look like an angel in Victors eyes. "I've come to care for you too. I've cared the moment I saw you beat down and taken hostage. You're my mate; mine and I will not let someone rip that from me."

"Good," Victor growled before flipping and lifting his mate up and pulling her into a kiss. All teeth and tongues, growls and moans escaping from their busy lips as Victor pushed his little Dreamweaver into the tree behind them, his hand running up and down her side while the other curled into her hair.

Peter, Charlotte and Jasper stood together on top of the hill, their eyes locked on the scene before them with a fond smile.

"I don't know how I should feel bout dis." Remy muttered sour as he watched the sister of his heart lock lips with Sabertooth, her legs wrapped around his waist. "She be my sister and he be de man who caused two years worth of pain."

Jasper snorted. "You? She's my grandmother, I don' care how young she looks she still looks the same from what I can remember. I just can't believe I forgot her, but it explains the nagging sensation I got the moment I saw her."

"Hey, kid breaks it up!" Charlie called out, throwing the last of the limbs into the growing pile. "You gonna do the honours or what?"

Bella groaned and broke the kiss with a gasp, turning to shoot a look at Charlie. "I told you not to call me kid, Pops."

Victor chuckled as he placed his mate softly on the ground, his hand running fondly over her bare shoulder, the shirtsleeve ripped from the asshole who was currently glaring at them from atop his pyre. "We have all the time in the world to reacquaint my love."

"You're right." She replied with a fond sigh before turning her attention back to the heads.

The Volturi heads sat at the base of the pyre while the Cullen's were placed on the top. Some of them were glaring, others were resigned and then there was one who looked to be at peace with their death.

"I do not like it when people fuck with my family and Jasper is my grandson, you manipulated him away from his path you bitch." She snarled towards the Seer, her eyes glowing. "Your plan has failed and your mate will die with you."

"Well I always knew there was somethin' between them two." Jasper chuckled as he stepped to his grandmother's side. "I can't say I'll miss ye cause I won't."

With a snort Pete gave Alice a one finger salute, in other words he flipped her the bird from behind Jasper's back. "I agree with the Major."

Remy moved to his sisters side and slung an arm around her shoulder, eyeing the copper haired Couillon. "Is dis de one who stalk ye Cher? De one who be after you?"

"Aye it is Remy, I should just bury his head in the ground and trapped in his own nightmares but really I just want this done." She explained while resting her head on Gambit's shoulder, her free hand reaching out to take Victors. "He's afraid of fire, of death but that's what he's gonna get anyway."

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Any last words?" Char asked, holding up the flickering lighter.

"Tell the devil Isabella says hi," Bella replied with a chuckle, earning a bark of laughter from those around her.

"You tell im that Remy LeBeau sends his regards." Gambit chuckled.

Victor snorted but chose not to say anything while Jasper grasped the lighter from Charlotte's hands and tossed it onto the mass of venom soaked debris and limbs. The fireball that burst forth had them stepping back instinctively, giving the three mutants an instant sunburn.

"Makes you want some food no?" Gambit asked with a smile, his hand patting his stomach.

"Always thinking about food!" Charlie teased.

"Stop pickin on him old man, I'm hungry too. That drug they used left me with cotton mouth and a ravenous hunger." Bella replied. "I need a burger or three."

"Food it is then. Then we can come up with a plan." Peter piped up, his eyes far away. "They're not going to stop. We killed the elite guards of the Volturi."

Victor chuckled darkly, pulling his mate into his arms. "Then let them come, let them walk freely into their deaths that I will gladly give. They won't take Isabella from me."

"Yes, let them come."

Author Note: Okay, this was shorter because I ran out of time to finish the original ch so this is it... No sequel I should mention. LOL