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A/N: Had this in my head while I was studying. I watched Independence Day: Resurgence yesterday, and I was surprised that the ESD had no space worthy capital ships. They had the space-tugs, the hybrid fighters, the bases on the moon, mars, rhea (I could be mistaken, but I didn't see any in the movie), the plasma cannons, and the orbital satellite defence grid. But no capital ships? Anyway, this was just something I thought about while watching the movie; what if the Odyssey made it to this Earth during the second war. Cheers.

Earth Ship Odyssey, Hyperspace tunnel to Earth.

The last thing that Colonel Samantha Carter remembered before she snapped open her eyes, finding herself lying on the cold floor of the Earth ship Odyssey, was the massive explosion of Orilla, the Asgard Homeworld just before entering hyperspace. The Asgard had invited the Odyssey, commanded by the SGC commander, General Hank Landry, to their home world by a mysterious invitation. A mystery solved later when the Asgard known as Thor beamed aboard the ship once it reached Orilla's orbit, and then told the General that his people were giving them everything they had; all their technology… including weapons, their history, their culture, and their knowledge.

The Asgard were handing their legacy, the Asgard Core, to the people who Thor had finally christened the Fifth Race. All of this was simply due to their irreversible genetic disease thanks to millennia of cloning, and the fact that they did not want their technology to fall into the wrong hands. It had taken days for the Asgard to retrofit their latest technology into the Odyssey. This included their latest beam weapons, their latest power source that would be complementing the Odyssey's Zero Point Module, a power source of another highly advanced race.

All in all, the Odyssey was going to be the technological flagship of the Earth fleet.

And it was all thanks to the Asgard.

Then the Ori, the current enemy that the entire galaxy was at war with, found them out. They came to Orilla and attacked the planet. It was then that the Asgard, including Thor, left the ship and returned to the planet below. With a few minutes to go before the planet exploded, the Odyssey managed to destroy one of the Ori ships that was attacking it. Where once the shields of the Ori, built using ascended knowledge, was near impossible to penetrate' it went down in two shot by a beam weapon powered by the Asgard Core and the ZPM. And then it took another two shots to destroy the ship itself.

"Sir!" cried out Major Marks as he looked at his screen, with Colonel Carter looking over his shoulder, "the planet's reaching critical mass!"

"Get us into hyperdrive!" General Landry ordered. Just as the hyperspace window opened, and the Odyssey accelerated into the tear in space, the planet exploded. And the resultant violent energy wave from the exploding planet not only destroyed the remaining Ori vessels that was heading for the planet below, the wave hit the Earth ship just as it entered the hyperspace window. Back on board, the entire crew felt a heavy jolt despite the advanced inertial dampeners.

It was so violent that Colonel Carter was flung to the port wall. As were numerous other crewmembers all over the ship. Back in the present day, as she winched in pain while getting to her feet, the Colonel looked up and saw Colonel Mitchell limping towards her, his forehead bleeding, before he placed his arm under hers. He then gritted his teeth and pulled her up until she was on her feet.

"Thanks, Cam," whispered Colonel Carter while she shook her head to get rid of the dizziness. In the meantime, she was able to make out General Landry, who was being helped up off the floor in front of the Command chair by Teal'c and Daniel, and then she turned her head and saw a crewmember starting to place Vala's left arm in a sling while she was hissing in pain.

"Injuries?" whispered the Colonel as she looked at Colonel Mitchell who helped her to a console before leaning her back against it. He was then handed a first aid kit by a lieutenant who rushed off the bridge when an alarm went off, and was a few seconds later turned off.

"We're still counting," said Colonel Mitchell as he dabbed the side of Colonel Carter's head.

"Colonels," said General Landry as he was helped past his command chair to where they were standing thanks to the aid of both Teal'c and Daniel, both of whom were slightly injured, "you two all right?"

"Yes, sir," nodded the both of them.

"Daniel? Teal'c?"

"I am well, Colonel Cater," replied Teal'c.

"Me too," said Daniel, "how about you, Sam?"

"Other than seeing two of you?" said Colonel Carter while pointing at Daniel, "it's nothing bad."

"Vala?" asked Daniel as he turned to the alien woman.

"Other than this broken arm?" winced the dark haired woman, "I'm alive."

"Lieutenant," said the General as he looked at the young woman helping Vala, "I need you to…"

"General?" asked Major Marks as everyone looked back at him, and then back at the front window of the bridge which showed the blue and white hyperspace tunnel they were still flying through, "we'll be in Earth orbit in two minutes."

"Two minutes?" asked the surprised General who turned back to look at Colonel Carter, "we were in another galaxy. It took us nearly a month to get to Orilla, and to… I mean… we were out for a month?"

"The upgrades?" asked Colonel Mitchell before saying that it was possible that all the upgrades increased their speed.

"No," Colonel Carter shook her head, "I'll need to check the logs but there's no way. It's possible that the energy released from Orilla exploding gave us a big push… judging from the jolt we had… but coming back to Earth orbit that fast? No way. I think… I mean…"

"We're almost home," said General Landry, "all of us need to be checked out by Dr. Lam, and her team first. And then check the logs"

The General then looked at Colonel Carter and told her that was the time she would get a chance to go through the new tech, and discover what it was that happened. He noticed the disappointed look on Colonel Carter's face, and then saw her lips parting to say something. Instead, he pre-empted her by saying that she would get first crack at the technology before anyone else.

"But only after your check-up," repeated the General.

"Yes, sir," came the reply with a small smile on Colonel Carter's face.

"Exiting hyperspace in four, three, two, one," said Major Womack as a tear opened up near the moon, and the Odyssey sped out of the blue hued tear. It was then that everyone stopped what they were doing and looked out the bridge window. In fact, anyone who was close to a window was able to see a terrible sight.

A sight that everyone on board thought would only exist in their wort nightmares; a massive ship, with what looked like legs, straddling the oceans and continents. The ship wasn't like anything they had seen before, it didn't look Goa'uld, it didn't look Asgard, and it definitely didn't look as if it was made on Earth. The rest of the crew walked towards windows, with those who hadn't seen the sight being called to the Mess Hall or to other places with viewing ports, by panicked crew members.

The tension that gathered was the thickest in the bridge. It was weighing down on everyone. And then the General set his jaw, and gave out his orders. He knew that everyone was stunned by the sight before them, he knew that everyone was worried about what was happening on their world, but he wasn't going to let that slow down what they were supposed to do.

Save the world.

"Marks," yelled the General as he sat down on his Command chair, "contact all our ships. I need an ETA."

Major Marks nodded his head before turning back to his screen. It was then that the General ordered a channel be open to Stargate Command, and Homeworld Security. Just as the General was about to give an order to Colonel Carter, the ship passed the moon… and Womack turned around to say that there was something wrong. The General looked at her as Womack explained that there was destroyed debris on the moon, debris from what seemed to be a moon base.

"And the debris field from Anubis' fleet is gone as well, sir," said Womack as Colonel Cater hurried to one of the scanning stations to confirm what Womack was looking at, with concern showing on her face. She looked at the scanner with Colonel Mitchell standing next to her, looking at the blonde officer expectantly while General Landry was calling for Stargate Command.

"Message has been sent to all ships, sir," said Marks.

"They're gone," whispered Colonel Carter, her voice shaking as she tried not to imagine the situation that they could be finding themselves in. She looked up at Colonel Mitchell, and then at Daniel, Teal'c, and finally Vala who joined them after the latter's arm was in a sling. Colonel Cater told them that they should have at least been signs of the debris from Anubis' ship, "but there's nothing. But… this is weird. There's unknown debris in orbit and… there's debris of ships on the surface. We have a saucer type ship in… wait a second. It's nothing we've ever encountered before. It's not in our database."

"Sir?" said Marks, his voice shaking as he looked back at the General who was repeating his message to the SGC and Homeworld Security for the third time, "scans of the surface show that… that swathes of Asia have been totally destroyed, many middle-eastern nations have been destroyed, and large swathes of Europe including London. All… all gone."

"How many?" asked Daniel as he gulped while trying to think about the number of people who could have died, "Major Marks?"

"In the millions," answered the Major before he and the others looked back out the window in stunned silence. A silence broken by an alarm. Colonel Carter turned back to her scanner and her eyes opened wide at what was being registered on the surface of the planet; from the massive ship, there was a beam of plasma that seemed to be drilling into the Earth's core… which would be cracked open in twenty minutes; then there were squadrons of unfamiliar fighters coming out of an unfamiliar looking Area 51 that were heading for a section of the massive ship, and a few alien vessels were heading for Cheyenne Mountain.

"Sir!" yelled Colonel Carter at General Landry who looked back at her after unsuccessfully trying to contact Stargate Command, "we've been trying all subspace frequencies because we know that Stargate Command would be using the same technology. Or at least our Stargate Command should be using the same technology, and the same frequency."

"Carter?" asked Colonel Mitchell while General Landry, who was trying to hide his nervousness when the blonde officer mentioned the words 'our Stargate Command', ordered Marks to contact the SGC on all frequencies… both normal and scrambled military frequencies, and on all subspace frequencies.

"I hope I'm wrong, sir," said Colonel Carter as the General turned back to look at her, "I really do. But judging from the lack of debris of Anubis' fleet, which we already know would take at best… two more years to clear. And then there is…"

"So we're in the future?" asked Vala as everyone looked at her, "time travel through hyperspace?"

"We've been through weirder," said the Colonel, "but that's not it. I mean, it could be that when we think about the destroyed moon base, and…"

"Ummmm…. General?" said a nervous Marks as he looked back at the older man, "we've got a response, but it's not from the SGC."

"Who's it from?"

"Earth Space Defence," said Marks as Womack, and the others looked at him, and then out at the planet below, "a General Joshua Adams is claiming to have never heard of a Stargate Command, or the Odyssey. He's demanding to know how we managed to get through to a scrambled signal in a time of war."

"Open a channel," ordered General Landry.

"Ok," said Daniel dryly as he looked at the two Colonels, Teal'c, and then at Vala while General Landry sat on his command chair, "this is a whole new level of weird."