A little short story I decided to write.

I never fully know if I could trust that psychotic son of a bitch. Always leaving a trail of blood behind him as he easily overwhelms each Town he goes to. What I do know is he'll always win and that I will always ride on to his coattails.

I know I won't be staying here much longer. He'll be finished with Salem before 3 days pass. A poor Investigator that he murdered had left a will that destroyed the Mafia, the mayor never fails to deliver. Unless he's around. No mayor could figure his little games, only I know what he's doing. It's a little scary to be perfectly honest.

He even has such an ordinary name. John Proctor. I wonder what could have turned him into what he is now. Whatever it is, I wish it on not even my worst enemies….speaking of enemies. I should probably use a vest tonight, a rampant Vigilante had shot a Jester and (fortunately) a Vampire who couldn't get himself started. I know he'll come for me tonight, I didn't do particularly well deflecting a Lookout's claims and he is not afraid to take the life of another. Besides, John will kill him tonight probably, he doesn't want to be outed as immune.

It's getting late, I don't want to hear the people lurking around Salem at night. I put on my vest and do my best to go to sleep despite the uncomfortableness of my device. Eventually, fatigue catches up to my body and I fall into a light sleep.

I woke up feeling very stiff and encumbered. I immediately look down to my vest. No dent…hmm… curious. I take off the vest and stretch trying to feel flexible again. I dress myself and walk outside to only 4 people outside and 2 dead bodies. I look around and my eyes find the Vigilante. On the floor bleeding. Confused, I take a closer look. A gunshot to the temple. I realized… the Witch! I looked over to the quiet woman, Alice Young. She had her arms crossed and she gave me a smug look. A knowing look. I look at John, he had the same look and I realized what happened. They were whispering to each other as soon as the Spy was killed by the Mafia. I should have known. The other body was that of a Doctor. He had done quite the job of disrupting the Mafia's and John's plans but no more. John had put a stop to his medical career.

The other person alive besides us 3 was a terrified Investigator. He was quickly voted up to the stand. He gave no defense, he knew Town had lost. Fear was evident in his eyes as the chair was kicked out from under him and the noose did its job. I didn't bother staying any longer, Salem was just another city who fell under John's incredible cunning and intelligence. I'm surprised he spared the Witch, I thought he would be too bloodthirsty to allow that.

I need to stop thinking about this, it won't get me anywhere. I walk away from Salem and focus on my strategy for the next town. John doesn't need me, but I need him.

Back on the Salem City Center, John and Alice no longer present, a sign appears.

"Serial Killer Wins"