Hogwarts High

Hogwarts High
By Serendipity

Author's Note: This was supposed to be my "I'm back in school, blah" fic, but seeing as I have been back in school for five and a half months...well, I can't really call it back to school anymore can I? Anywho, this story is basically taking the HP characters and making them normal. Hogwarts is a high school located in southern California. I picture them sort of in a place like LA, you put them wherever you want. Yeah, I made them Americans because I have no clue as to what British schools are like, and my story would be even more wacked up if I tried writing them as attending a British school. So here's the thing, they're normal kids (as in no magic) and their Americans, ok?

Pairings: Harry/Ginny/Draco (I'll let you guys decide who Ginny ends up with), Ron/Hermione, Seamus/Lavender, Dean/Parvatti, Neville/Um...he doesn't have one right now, but I might give him one later out of pity.

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing, JK Rowling owns it all. This is just for entertainment.

Chapter One

Back To School


"Get up, you!"

I curled up into a tight ball, trying to keep warm despite the cold draft that was drifting in from the broken window. I felt around for my covers, but seeing as Aunt Petunia had so graciously yanked them off of my bed, I searched all in vain.

"Come on you lazy little brat!" my aunt, who resembles a horse so much that I can probably sell her to Ron's brother Charlie, who breeds horses, and get away with it, yelled a short distance away from my ear.

"I want breakfast made in fifteen minutes!"

You know, it's also remarkable how much my aunt sounds like a horse as well. Maybe if I offer her a carrot she'll shut up?


THUD! My aunt, who is normally quite weak and feeble, some how managed to muster up enough strength to lift my mattress, which is quite springy by the way, and send me falling, a bit harder than I would have liked, to the floor.

"I'm up, I'm up!" I mumbled more to the floor than to my aunt, who looks nothing like the flower she's named after.

She walked around the bed and kicked me, much harder than I thought imaginable, in the gut before leaving the room with a loud, "Humph!"

And that's how I started my first day of sophomore year.

My day improved a great deal as I was standing by the bus stop with a small group of kids from my block.

A kid named Colin was babbling on about the newest issue of National Geographic, which, he pointed out, had some remarkable pictures of an unknown moss growing on a rock in South America.

Colin, who only came up to my chin, and that's with his hair spiked and everything, looked around at the rest of us, who were all pretty much ignoring him. He stuttered a bit and began to frantically flip through the pages, trying to find something that would interest us.

"There's, uh, also some fascinating pictures of ...uh...HORSES!"

A couple kids snorted at the remark. One even spat out his Sunny D. Colin began to tremble and issue a series of small squeaking noises as he did so.

"Hey Mouse, let me take a look at those horses!" I called out as an attempt to make the little squirt feel better.

"My name's Col..."

"I know what your name is!" I said, trying hard not to roll my eyes. "For now on I'm going to call you Mouse."

"M-Mouse?" he asked, cautiously making his way over to me and handing me the magazine.

"Well, would you rather be called Squeaky?" I questioned, flipping through the pictures of horses.

"Mouse is fine, I guess. What kind of horse are you looking for?"

"An ugly one!" I replied.

"Well there's this one...here!"

Mouse pointed out a full page picture of a skinny roan horse whose coat was extremely dirty and shaggy.

"Great! Can I have it?"

Mouse looked dumbstruck for several moments.

"Well, I don't know," he said testily. "I love the angle that this shot was taken in. Wouldn't you rather have a picture of a topless tribe?" he offered hopefully.

"No thanks, those pictures scare me. Besides, I've got Playboys at home."

"You do?" Mouse breathed, his eyes growing so wide they took up half his face. "Listen, you let me have one picture, just one picture, from one of your Playboys and I'll give this to you."

"Fine!" I said quickly, tearing out the page and pocketing it.

Puttering down the street at a relatively slow speed was a beat up old station wagon. My ride had come.

A redheaded senior stuck his head out of the front passenger side window.

"Harry!" George yelled, as the beat up piece of metal drew nearer. "You're going to have to jump! The brakes won't...brake!"

I mumbled a quick goodbye to Mouse and ran out into the street. The car was puttering by with it's backdoor open. I threw my book bag in, then hurled myself head first in the car's general direction.

I must have looked like an idiot, with my legs hanging out of a moving vehicle, but my predicament inside was much greater, for my face had found Ginny's lap.

"Hello, Ginny," I stuttered, sitting up right and closing the door.

"Hi," she whispered.

I noticed that her face was about as red as her hair. I figured mine probably was too.

Fred and George smiled slyly and Ron rolled his eyes.

"Sorry we're late," Ron apologized. "Thought you were living with Sirius. So, uh, why aren't you?"

"Stupid judge won't let me live with an ex-convict." I muttered kicking my book bag.

Sirius is my Godfather that I just found out that I had about two years ago. See he was in jail for the murder of my parents before that. Then two years ago he escaped and with my help (and the help of my friends) was able to prove that he was innocent by revealing that the true murder, Peter Pettigrew, was still alive. For a few moments it seemed as if my life would be better forever. My parent's death would be avenged and I would leave the Dursley's and go live with Sirius. But unfortunately Peter escaped and went into hiding. And the judge decided to leave me with the Dursley's until he was fully certain that Sirius was harmless, and capable of raising a 15-year-old boy.

The others shook their heads in disbelief of the judge's stupidity as we pulled into the Hogwarts High parking lot. Fred slowed down considerably and we all jumped out. Ginny fell on top of me and for a few seconds I was lost in her brilliant green eyes and flaming dark red hair. My mother had red hair and green eyes. It was a comforting thought.


"Wanna cigarette?"

"No, man, you know we quit two years ago!"

"Quit? I don't call one or two a day even starting!"

Fred and George shrugged. They were standing a little ways away form me and the rest of the guys in the boy's bathroom, with their friends Lee Jordan and Billy Beerbomb. No seriously, that's his real name! Lee's cool, a lot like my brothers, a practical joker but basically a good kid. Billy's a whole different story. The cheese slid off of his cracker a long time ago! The only reason my brothers and Lee hang out with him is because his dad can get them into any concert, and he's always good for a laugh.

The guys and I were just standing around, eating late breakfasts and comparing schedules. I just got done comparing with Neville (we had two, History and Spanish) when Harry turned to me.

"Probably don't even have to ask," he said smiling. We've had the same classes since Kindergarten. Harry began rambling off his schedule.

"Health, Geometry, PE with Hagrid, Engl..."

"Wait!" I interrupted him. "I don't have Health first period! I have History!"

Harry began to frantically look back and forth between the two schedules. Turns out all of our classes are the same except first and seventh periods, (History and Health).

"You have Health first period, Potter?"

A nearby stall door burst open with a loud bang and out stepped Draco Malfoy. The single most annoying person in the school. Even more so than Billy Beerbomb!

Draco pulled his schedule out of his overpriced, designer clothes and started comparing with ours. Turns out we'll be seeing a lot of the little prick this year. Furious, Malfoy kicked the wall.

"Careful, Malfoy! You don't want to scoff up the new shoes that your mommy bought you!" I called out, pocketing my own schedule.

"At least we can afford new shoes, Weasley! Your brothers can't even afford cigarettes!"

I wanted to jump at him, but Fred and George gave me a warning look. If any of us got caught fighting, we'd be kicked off of the soccer team.

Luckily, the bell rang. Well actually, our bell is more like a long buzz that sounds like the TV bleeped out a very long swear word, but whatever floats Dumbledore's boat.

Seamus, Dean, Neville, and I headed off to History, while Harry and Draco trudged off the opposite way to Health.

It was going to be an interesting year!


"Lavender! I don't need you to braid my hair!"

I was sitting at my desk trying desperately to get my things organized. My pencils were sharpened, my pens uncapped, my highlighters were color coded, and my notebook was slanted at precisely a 45° angle. And yet Lavender insisted on jerking my head back my head to French braid my hair. I gave up and sat still while she worked her magic on my thick mane, all the while wondering where Parvatti was. Usually Lavender saved her hair and make-up tricks for her.

"Where's Parvatti?" I asked, as Lavender finished my braid and was fumbling around her pencil box for an elastic.

I heard a great deal of whimpering behind me.

"Health," Lavender replied between sobs. I rolled my eyes, and turned around in my seat to face her.

She smiled good-naturedly and picked up her pink glitter pen and began to draw hearts all over her notebook.

"At least I have Seamus with me," she sighed.

Then, at that moment, almost as if Lavender had some sort of power that summoned people to her, Seamus walked in. He was closely followed by Dean, Ron, and Neville.

"Hey, Lav!" Seamus greeted, sitting across from the uncontrollable bag of giggles.

The others smiled and shook their heads as they sat down.

Ron plopped down in the desk next to mine. He looked considerable grumpy as he ran a hand through his already spiky hair.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"Harry's in Health," he replied melancholy.

I shook my head. Honestly, those two were as bad as Lavender and Parvatti.

"And," he added, "Draco Malfoy is in three of my classes and lunch."

"I'm sorry," I apologized. Draco was a pain in the...well...you know.

"S'ok," Ron slurred, finally turning toward me to acknowledge my existence.

A small smile crossed over Ron's face, as his blue eyes skimmed up and down my frame.

"What?" I asked. I have been getting that response a lot today. I mean, ok, so I did finally decided to straighten my hair and experiment with makeup. And yes maybe I did do a little school shopping. All right, all right, a lot of school shopping. But just because I'm wearing a way over-priced skirt, doesn't mean that peoples' opinions are going to change about me, right?

"You just look really pretty today, that's all," Ron retorted quickly. Finding the sudden need for distraction, he pulled out a magazine and a candy bar, leaving me to stare dumbstruck at him for several minutes.

"Alright, you little bags of hormones that are most likely going to drive me insane over the next year," came Mr. Binn's usual start of school greeting. Come to think of it, it's the only greeting he ever gives us. "Now I want all of you who actually want to learn, open your books. Yes books!" he yelled at the bored glares that most of the class was giving him. "You know those things that you hardly ever read!"

"Hey, I read!" Lavender shouted out, hurt. "Like in second grade, I read that one book. What was it called? Charles Dickens?" She paused thinking it over for a few moments before shaking her head dismissing the question. "Anyway, it was about a whale."

Ron and I slowly turned our heads toward each other. Our mouths open with disbelief at Lavender's stupidity. Dean and Neville, who were playing poker, snickered under their breaths. Seamus blushed scarlet and sank down in his chair, trying to hide his face with his hands.


"My foot hurts, can I go to the nurse?"

I could hardly believe it. Snape had barely even gotten through roll, and already Draco was trying to get out of class. I shook my head; Snape never let anyone out of class. As a matter of fact, he once tried to keep us inside during a fire drill. It was that fact alone that kept me from hitting Malfoy upside the head.

"Go right ahead, Mr. Malfoy."

I spat out the pen that I was absentmindedly chewing. How could that happen? Draco looked over his shoulder and smirked at me before taking his books under his arm and strutting out of the classroom. He didn't even bother to fake a limp to make his assessment more believable.

"Yeah, my foot hurts too. Can I go to the nurse?" I called out, hoping to push Snape's buttons.

Snape looked up from his desk and sneered at me.

"Why the devil, Mr. Potter, would I ever care about your foot hurting you?" Snape asked in that cold, icy voice that he has.

I grabbed my stuff and walked up to his desk, leaning over to look him right in the eye.

"Because Sirius will be the one who comes to my parent/teacher conferences for now on.

I saw Snape's pupils grow smaller and beads of sweat break out upon his forehead. Sirius used to bully Snape a bit when they went to school, and Snape was obviously still a bit scared of him.

"Get out of my sight," he spat, returning to roll call.

"Gladly," I replied. I was out of the door with in two seconds.

I dropped my books off at my locker and started toward the nearest bathroom. It was dangerous walking the halls without a pass. I was halfway there when I heard a commotion. There was a female voice and a drawling male voice, which sounded a lot like Draco. Did I even want to know?

"I'm sorry, Malfoy, I..."

"No, it's ok, really..."



"Oh, nothing, my brothers just...well...you're not what I expected you to be."

"And what did you expect me to be like?"

"Not like this."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't always believe what your brothers tell you."

I heard the sound of Malfoy's over priced shoes walking away as I came around a corner, running into Ginny as I did so. She was the one that Malfoy was being nice to? Oh, that isn't good. Without even thinking, I grabbed a hold of her and dragged her into the nearest room. It was the janitor's closet. Ginny looked at me strangely. I didn't know what to say.

"Ginny, I..." I paused trying to think of what to say. "What are you doing out of class anyway?"

"I got lost," she admitted meekly. "Fred and George made this map of the school for me. I should have known that they'd lead me into the boy's locker room for first period.

I looked at the map that she was holding and sure enough according to Fred and George, Ginny had first period in the boy's locker room, second in the kitchens, third in this janitor's closet... I made a mental note to scold them for being so cruel to their baby sister. You would think that they would have had enough when they directed Ron and I into the girl's locker room last year.

"Sorry about that Ginny," I said, throwing the useless map over my shoulder. "Listen, I'll walk you to your first class, just promise me that you'll steer clear of Malfoy for now on."

"He doesn't seem that bad," Ginny explained. "I ran right into him and he wasn't even mad! He even helped me pick up my books!"

I was silent for a few seconds.

"He's only nice when he wants something, Ginny," I explained, hoping that the dark closet covered my blush.

"But I don't have anything," Ginny reasoned, meaning money and other material things.

"Believe me, you do," I replied trying not to stare at anything other than her face.

Ginny giggled. Giggling should be made illegal.


I sauntered down the hallways of Hogwarts High pretending that I was totally oblivious to the stares of longing that girls were throwing my way. Yes, I am gorgeous! And I was particularly happy this fine afternoon. School had gone by just peachy and now I was off to soccer practice. Same team as last year.



Weasel Twins.

That Dean kid.




And of course...me. The huggable, schnugable, me.

I threw open the locker room doors dramatically, making sure that no one would miss my entrance. Sure enough the others looked up. Too bad the girls weren't there. They had their own locker room; such a great inconvenience to us.

The Weasel Twins and Dean went back to what they were doing; however, Pothead and Weasel the third seemed to be angry with me. They were glaring at me much more than usual today. Perhaps I have grown even more gorgeous over the summer and they were jealous.

"Stay away from my sister, Malfoy," Weasel the third uttered as I opened my locker.

"What, sorry?" I asked, throwing an innocent look his way.

"My sister," he repeated. "Stay away from her."

His sister, his sister? Oh, yes I believe I accepted her into the Draco's Freshmen Playtoys category earlier today.

"Don't worry, Weasel, I'll be done with her soon." I thought that that would calm him, but it seemed to have an opposite affect...


I was about ready to punch Draco for that remark, but Ron beat me to it.

"Damn it, Weasel, you're mucking up my face!" Draco shouted. Ron was gearing up for another blow, but Fred and George grabbed a hold of him.

"Well now my eyebrows hurt!" Draco whined. "I'm going to the nurse."

And with that he was gone. Missing soccer practice just because he doesn't want to give us the satisfaction of seeing his cheek swell up from the blow that Ron had just given him.

Fred and George released Ron, who turned toward me, anger written all over his face.

"Harry, seduce Ginny!"

Well there's a sentence one doesn't hear everyday.

"What?" I asked, thinking that I must have heard him wrong.

"You heard me!" he exclaimed, and even Fred and George seemed to be backing him up on this. "She likes you, Harry, and you could take care of her better than that!" Ron pointed to the door that Draco had just left.

"Ron, I..." I didn't know what I wanted that what I was.

"Listen, Harry, I know that you don't think of her in that way," Ron started.

Actually, I have been thinking of Ginny "in that way" for the past month. It was one of those crushes that just sneak up on you from out of nowhere and you don't even know why you suddenly like the person. Of course Ron had no clue of this new feeling I had for his sister. If he did know about some of the fantasies that I've had about Ginny, he would have punched me even harder than Draco.

"...just make her think of you more than Draco," Ron finished.

"All right, Ron," I replied, trying to suppress a smile. "I'll flirt with her a bit."

Author's Note: Well there it is. They're a bit out of character, but they would be if they grew up here and with out magic...so I guess it's ok then. This is a story that took a year to write. I got the idea last Jan or Feb and I wrote a little and forgot about it. Then I started it up again over the summer. Which is why they're all sophomores, cuz I was one when I started writing this. Plus it works out perfectly. F/G are seniors, the Dream Team sophomores, and Ginny a freshman. Percy's at Harvard, just so you know.