Hogwarts High

By Siriusly Amused


Paint it Black


I felt like I was in high school again. It was so surreal that I half expected to see teased hair and bright bangles when I looked over the officer's shoulder and into the large mirror over the living room fireplace. But my hair was still in the sensible bob and my jewelry remained unpretentious. I was forty-years-old and still covering for my younger and slightly irresponsible family members.

"We searched the building many times of course," the officer continued somberly, his hat held in his hands in respect. "We couldn't find the bodies of your sisters and cousin. Nor the body of their friend, Remus Lupin. Are you familiar with Mr. Lupin?"

I nodded. "We were old friends in high school."

"Oh. I see." The officer paused and looked down upon the floor, considering his wording carefully. "You're quite certain that you haven't been in contact with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Narcissa Malfoy, or Bellatrix Lestrange?"

I raised my chin defiantly. "I haven't talked to Bella since high school. Narcissa and I had a brief meeting five years ago but haven't been in contact since. I talked to both Sirius and Remus seven months ago. I haven't heard from either since."

The officer nodded again, keeping his gaze on the floor. "Mrs. Tonks, we have reason to believe that they're all alive. If any of them contact you, we would appreciate it if you'd let us know."

I raised an eyebrow skeptically. There was something off about this officer. Something vaguely familiar about him, though I couldn't put my finger on it. All I knew was that I didn't trust him.

"Narcissa has a son, and if I'm not mistaken Sirius and Remus had gained custody of the son of some late friends. Where are the boys?" I asked.

The officer feigned an apologetic look. "They've both been taken into the system."

I winced slightly. The system isn't a pretty place for teenagers to live and adoption at their age is nearly impossible.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," the officer apologized, noticing my hurt look over the boys' whereabouts. "I'm sure if you went to the courts…" he trailed off.

"You think they're alive?" I interrupted.

"Yes. We haven't found any of their bodies, and there were several sets of tracks that led to the ocean. We believe very much that they're alive."

I shook my head. "That doesn't make any sense. They have children. I can see Narcissa leaving her son, maybe, but Sirius and Remus would never leave Harry to be taken into the system! If they survived, why would they disappear?" I eyed the officer suspiciously. He shifted his weight. "There's something you're not telling me," I accused.

"Mrs. Tonks, your cousin Bellatrix…"

"I don't give a damn about Bellatrix, what about the others?"

The officer sighed. "We know for a fact that Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Mrs. Malfoy were all armed when they entered the building. We actually found a gun that had Mr. Black's fingerprints on it. Ma'am, a man was shot to death before the fire. We have reason to believe that your sister, cousin, and friend were the ones that killed him. Three bullets were extracted during the autopsy, each from a different gun."

There was a long silence where I glared at the officer and he continued to shift his weight.

"So if they contact you…" the officer stated, placing his cap back on his head and walking toward the door.

"Yes," I replied, smiling politely. "If I see them, I'll let you know."

"Thank you ma'am."

I closed the door and leaned against it, my brain processing my thoughts rapidly. Yes, it was just like high school. Sirius and Narcissa (and Remus this time too, which is unusual) did something stupid, and now they're laying low and I needed to pick up the pieces.

Glancing at the clock, I grabbed a flashlight and packed some food in my purse. Leaving the house through the backdoor (incase the cops were watching the house) I entered the wooded area around my house and continued walking until it was nearly nightfall. And then I found it. Musty and rickety, the noble and most ancient house of Black still stood--and there was a light flickering within.

Smirking slightly, I ascended the steps to the porch and barged through the front door melodramatically. Three figures looked up, startled. My smirk grew.

"After all these years, I'm still babysitting you," I stated sarcastically.

The man nearest me matched my smirk exactly. "There's my favorite cousin!" he said, rising to his feet.

The woman across the room snapped her head up and glared. "Hey," she threatened the man. She was obviously perturbed over the 'favorite cousin' remark. My smile grew.

End Author's Note: -a dark sky filled with billowing clouds and flickering lighting appears as numerous owls fly around- Hogwarts High II comes…soon… -maniacal laughter of the author can be heard-