Author's Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of the story. They belong to the creator of Rurouni Kenshin. By no means am I the creator nor had I even fathomed them until I saw the series and manga. The story line is also based on a movie that recently has been talked about and another movie I saw a long (and I mean long) time ago. This is an AU fic. The characters may seem a bit out of character, but that's why I picked them. This is kind of my first attempt at writing an AU multi-part fic, so please be kind.

Title: Dangerous Beauty

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Alternate Universe

Rating: R

Content: Suggestive Dialogue, Coarse Language, Some Acts of Violence

Teaser: At the teahouse where a woman used to reside, women are considered objects of entertainment and seduction. But beauty attracts power and sometimes, that is a fatal combination.

~ Prologue: She Is Mine ~

It all started a long time least it seemed like a long time ago. My youth does not mar my impression of this story whatsoever. I was not naïve then to notice anything. I knew everything from the beginning, and I'll tell you how I remember those days when I stayed at a place-a special kind of place where men go to be entertained with feminine wiles. It was called a teahouse, but to me, it was a mockery of the name. Of course, then, I was desperate for money, to have a better life than a commoner. But I was still new. I had not yet known the wonders and charms that was becoming of a woman. My looks wouldn't be enough is what I heard of Aoshi Shinomori. He was the man that found me and took me to that God-forsaken place. When I got to the teahouse, being a novice, I was sent to study the tranquil charms of the most famous entertainer there: Tomoe Yukishiro.

I remember her so perfectly, it makes my eyes tear up. She was such a beauty trapped within a lavish of decadence. Her ebony hair was shiny, framed to her heart-shaped face. It was long, yet tied back in a loose braid to show off her delicate features on her pale face. Her lips were a flesh-colored pink naturally, but with customers, she still wore scarlet red lipstick to attract their attention to her unattainable feature. I was nothing compared to her. She had everything, even the heart of our boss. Kanryu Takeda was an entrepreneur. He was a man who had his finger in ever business in town. That teahouse was his creation, as was Tomoe, and he owned her.

The first day I arrived there, I remember his cold gaze upon me. I was bathed and put in a sheer white bathrobe. I was still young then at the grand age of seventeen when the world doesn't seem so bad and then the exposure of life slaps you in your face. They made me put my hair in a tight black bun of a heap. The robe stuck to my alabaster skin, the difference of color probably not even apparent. I was still wet from the bath and I had not had time to dry off as they pushed me off towards his office. There, in a black suit-a tuxedo-I believe it's called, he stood with a dominant air. His brown hair was cropped to look somewhat boyish in my tastes, but his sinister grin made him look malicious. His eyes were hidden behind wire-rimmed glasses, the ones that can easily break but they cost quite a penny to buy. I remember the cold, stale room almost sufficating me and the nervous feeling I had as he stepped closer. I hadn't realized how I looked as I teetered on the sides of my feet.

"Stop moving!" he snapped, and I straightened up.

His voice and presence commanded obedience. I wouldn't admit it, but I felt intimidated, and if he were to ever take advantage of me, I believe I would be too afraid to fight back. But I doubt he had those intentions as he walked around me. I heard low rumbles from his throat, and his eyes met my own cerulean ones.

"Kaoru Kamiya, huh?" he said with a hint of a chuckle.

That irritated me for some reason, and I think he caught my eye twitch. His face froze and became serious as his hand touched my cold wrist. His soft fingertips, probably from costly lotion, brushed up my arm until he reached the edge of my robe, only to softly touch my collar bone. His eyes fell down to the part of the sheer material and I saw the glint in his eyes. I awaited for him to advance more, ready to face the trials to become an employee, but he recoiled.

"You'll do nicely." he stated coldly as he walked back to the area behind his desk, "You may proceed back to your quarters with Shinomori."

With a wave of his hand, I pivoted on my heel and walked swiftly out the door. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I closed the door behind me and was caught by surprise to see my recruiter right in front of me. Aoshi Shinomori was an enigma-to say the least. I believe there is more to him than he would ever let anyone know. I believe that he was a hit man or something because he is so secretive and elusive. But every woman was not attracted to him by his personality, but his handsome visage. Even I felt this awe of him when I was around him. He is nicknamed by the girls as "ice blue eyes". He doesn't seem to have a reaction to whenever they call him that or whether they mock him. It made me wonder sometimes if he ever felt anything. His short black hair is something I personally was attracted to. One time, I foolishly dreamed of putting my fingers through his hair, but it was a silly whim of the moment. I classify him as a cold fish, and someone I work with. I had no time for foolish daydreams. I had a family to provide for even if they were two cities over.

"You will no longer carry or throw-out your name carelessly. You will make a new identity for yourself if you wish, so you will not harm your family name. You may keep your personal name." he stated in his normal icy tone.

I pondered for a second and could never change my own name. It was mine, and it was the last thing I would probably hold on to of my old life.

"I would like to be Kaoru still..." I said meekly.

"Well, Kaoru-san(1), what would you have as a false family name?"


"Kaoru Sasaki...? Where on earth did you think of that as a name?"

"I remember this stand I used to go to for food. It was owned by the Sasakis, but the funny thing was that many people in my village had the same family name, so they always asked for lower prices."

He didn't stare at me as I found the story somewhat humorous. We stopped at my door, and I was about to go in, but he said something of his own opinion.

"You are an odd girl." he said and walked off.

I stared at his retreating figure going down the hall. He was definitely a character, someone I know would captivate my interests like many of the people here.

* * * * *

"Tomoe...leave the room." Kanryu Takeda commanded.

The silent beauty stood up from the bed, pulling her kimono(2) back onto her shoulder and tying the obi(3) tighter. Kanryu held his gun pointed at the man's head. The man sat there in awe at his situation.

"So, Takasugi comes to my teahouse unknowingly and gets caught with his pants down?" Kanryu mocked with a cruel grin.

"I came for Tomoe. I didn't think you'd be here."

"But don't you know? Tomoe is mine and so is your life."

She exited the room, closing the door behind her. Aoshi stood beside the doorway, his arms crossed with an impassive expression.

"How did it go?" he asked.

"I didn't get to do anything with him. Before Takasugi could undress me, Kanryu entered." she answered with her hands clasped together in front of her.

Aoshi didn't say anything as she started to walk away. A shot rung through the air, stopping her in her tracks. Kanryu exited the room and closed the room softly behind him. Openly, he handed Aoshi the gun.

"Clean up the mess." he ordered.

Aoshi's eyes never left his boss as he walked off, but he pulled himself away with disgust in his expression before he entered the room. Kanryu took this time to come up behind Tomoe, pressing his body up against her back. His hands softly attached themselves to her elbows, and he took a whiff of her hair.

"You did a good job, Tomoe." he whispered.

"I tried as hard as I could." she replied.

"Can you believe him? Thinking that you would actually want him..."

He paused as his hand went up to her hair, stroking it, and then pulling back the black curtain from one of ears. He lowered his lips to it and let them graze her lobe as he spoke.

"But you are mine..."

Reader's Reference:

1 - -san – a suffix for respect or a stranger.

2 – kimono – a Japanese woman's clothing and it looks somewhat like a robe.

3 – obi – the sash that ties the kimono in the abdomen area.

Author's Note: I know what you're probably thinking. Why the hell is Michiru making another story when she can't even do her other ones?! Well, I honestly don't know either! I saw the story in my head and, after reading "The Great Gatsby" for a while, I've decided to put down books for a while (and not recommend that book to anyone unless you like a sad ending). I probably will update it like my other stories, but I will try really hard to get to writing! Plus, I see so many fics where they put Kaoru as a girl in a whorehouse and Kenshin as some client (not that I don't like those stories, no offense to any of the writers), but I'd like to see how this story works out for people. I think you can guess the pairings later on. I'll give you a hint though: Kenshin is not Kaoru's client that she falls madly in love with like the other stories. In fact, he'll probably not even show in this story very much. I know-Kenshin's my love and I don't really write anything about him! I'm a disgrace! But anyway, Kaoru is not the main character, but she is the narrarator. Well, I hope you liked it. Please read and review!