Summary: DZ2's Way of the Warrior Response: When Lily went into hiding with her husband and son, she reached out to a few old friends of hers. Now that's she's gone, those friends are here to make sure that her son doesn't suffer from the manipulations of an old man who thinks himself above everyone else. Albus' worst fears come to life when Harry comes to Hogwarts. Instead of a boy he could control; this boy is confident, strong, intelligent and powerful. How will Hogwarts react to Harry Potter-Othello who was and is being trained, not only as a warrior, but as an assassin?

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Main Story Warnings: A.U.-severe-, characters are OOC, canon is only a minor guideline, crossover, swearing, violence, gore, character death, Grey!Harry, Assassin!Harry, modern technology, OC's abound, Ron!Molly!Ginny!Bashing, Dumbledore!Bashing

Pairings: James/Lily, Sirius/OFC, Remus/OFC, Harry/Luna, Neville/Hermione, Dean/Millicent

Author's Note: Well, I've decided to try my hand at tackling a challenge! This is DZ2's Way of the Warrior challenge! This is also my first crossover with Assassin's Creed and I'll tell you now: I've only played up to Black Flag and have never read any of the books. I am taking many liberties with both universes to make them fit into this story and challenge. If you don't like what I've done then there's a handy little thing called the back button…seriously, it's located in the top left corner of your screen. Anyway, for those who want to give this a try go ahead! If you like what I've done and how I've set things up then feel free to let me know what you think!

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Challenge Stats:

DZ2's 'Way of the Warrior' Challenge


On the night that Dumbledore left Harry on the doorstep, a second being was there with one purpose in mind: they knew Harry would be in a war, so they took it upon themselves to give him the strength that he needed.


Grey or Dark Harry: Grey but good

The being that takes Harry away MUST be part of some 'warrior' race (Valkyries, Amazons, Ninja, Samurai, Magical Priests, OC Race, etc.): Assassin's

Harry's upbringing with this race MUST be in the story (so a few chapters BEFORE Hogwarts)

The one that takes Harry away MUST either adopt Harry or give him some sort of protection, keeping him with the warriors: Adopted

Harry/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Tonks OR Harry/OFC pairings ONLY: Harry/Luna

When Harry goes to Hogwarts, he uses his warrior abilities as well as his magical ones

Harry's strength and abilities unnerve, annoy and even frighten some people

At least ONE other student of Hogwarts (OCs included) must be from the same race. Dean, Hermione, Neville, Millicent and a few other surprising choices

At some point in the story, Harry MUST offer training to at least ONE person. Neville, Millicent and Hermione


Harry is trained to become the new leader of the race: Accepted

Reasonable Creature Races (Elves, Centaurs, Goblins etc.): Somewhat

Harry's weapon can be disguised somehow: Accepted

Harry has a familiar: Accepted

The race gets Sirius free and cleared: No, is never imprisoned

Lily and/or James are actually bloodline members of the race: Lily

Crossovers: Assassin's Creed

A prophecy speaks of the warrior wizard: Yes



Any pairings other than the ones mentioned

The Dursleys raising Harry

Harry giving up his newfound abilities/powers

Weak, naive Harry

Dumbledore and/or Voldemort gaining the allegiance of Harry and his 'family'


Emphasis on words/Spells


Chapter One: The Beginning.


Privet Drive was considered a relatively normal subdivision in Surrey, England. Hardly anything abnormal or 'strange' ever happened, in fact, only once did something bizarre happen. That had been when the woman renting out Number Ten had been evicted from her house. In some strange form a protest she had dressed in a lime green bikini and painted her exposed skin neon pink and green. She had stood outside the house screaming and ranting at the landlord until the police had been called. It had taken three officers to drag her out of the home while she kicked, clawed and screamed at them. Of course, that had all happened four years prior and nothing strange had ever happened since…that is…until November first, nineteen eighty-one.

Outside of the residence of Vernon and Petunia Dursley and their one-year old son Dudley, a small collection of people had gathered. The formerly illuminated streetlamps no longer provided their much needed light, instead the street and houses up and down the row were cast in thick shadow. Only the moon and stars in the night sky provided some light and even then it was difficult to make out too much should someone happen to peer outside their windows.

"Are you sure this is wise, Albus?" A woman hissed, shifting as her taller companion nodded solemnly.

"I am, Minerva. It is better he not be aware of his fame. Many would seek to control it and his name."

The moon slowly slid into view from behind a large cloud, illuminating the trio who stood on the doorstep of Number Four. One was a tall, thin elderly man with long white hair and an equally long, white beard. Bright blue eyes twinkled behind half-moon spectacles which were perched on a slightly crooked nose. The man was dressed in deep purple robes which had shimmering stars and moons stitched onto it. The second person was a tall woman with deep, stern green eyes which glimmered behind her own spectacles and dark brown, nearly black hair which was held in a tight bun. She was dressed in a deep green robe which had a tartan sash tied around the waist. The last person, who was by far the most intimidating and strange, was a large man with wild dark brown hair and a wild dark brown beard which hid nearly all of his face except for glittering, beetle like brown eyes. He was dressed in a long, brown coat which appeared to have been patched up many times and seemed to possess a shocking amount of pockets.

"Are ye sure abou' this, Albus? Lily always said 'er sister was a right piece o' work." The large man asked, uncertainty in his voice as the elderly man looked down at the bundle of blankets in his arms.

"I'm positive, Hagrid. Petunia will care for Harry as if he were her own." The elderly man, Albus Dumbledore, said.

The woman pursed her lips in displeasure though held her tongue. Albus bent down and gently set down the bundle of blankets onto the stoop. A slender stick appeared in his hand, intricately carved with small 'bulbs' which looked like berries going up the shaft. With a flick of the piece of wood, a muted flash enveloped the stoop before the group stepped back and the 'stick' disappeared up Albus' sleeve. The large man walked down the walk path to the street where a motorcycle was waiting and swung one of his legs over it. With a nod to the other two, he turned the engine over and took off down the street. However, before he reached a stop sign the motorcycle lifted into the air and disappeared behind a few clouds and out of sight. The woman glared at her companion before her form shifted. Where she had been standing mere seconds ago was a brown and grey tabby cat with markings around its eyes which resembled the woman's spectacles. The tabby trotted off towards the other end of the street towards what appeared to be a wooded area.

Albus took one last look towards the doorstep before walking down to the end of the street after the tabby. However, he stopped and turned around while pulling what appeared to be a silver lighter from his pocket. Flicking it, several balls of light shot out of the opening and flew to the streetlamps. As soon as the street was illuminated once more the man stowed the device away before turning on his heel. A sharp cracking sound, reminiscent of a car backfiring, filled the air as Albus disappeared from the street. Silence settled in the area once more and it didn't take too much longer before the sounds of crickets, frogs and the occasional raccoon resumed.

Across from Number Four, the shadows seemed to waver on the roof of the house before two cloaked figures separated from the shadows. One figure was taller and broader than the other and they moved silently across the roof before dropping to the ground in a silent crouch. Rising from their crouch they quickly walked into the light. Both wore long, hooded cloaks of dark grey in which the hoods rested low over their faces and seemed to come to a point between their eyes. Black pants covered their lower bodies while knee-high black and dark red boots soundlessly carried them across the pavement. The streetlamps overhead seemed to dim as they crossed the street and leapt over the low garden wall surrounding the front yard of the Dursley's.

"Fools." The smaller figure hissed, their voice higher pitched and feminine as gloved hands reaching out as they came to the doorstep.

"Calm yourself, love." The second figure said, their voice a deep baritone as they watched the first figure bend down and lift the bundle.

"A simple warming charm that'll only last two hours and a Notice-Me-Not ward, that's it." The woman spat, gently pulling back the blankets of the bundle.

Inside the bundle was a small boy with pudgy cheeks and tufts of wild black hair. He looked no older than a year old and seemed to be sleeping soundly. However, the two figures shifted and looked at the pink, fresh looking lightning bolt shaped scar on the toddler's forehead. A simple envelope was pinned to the child's blankets and the male figure reaching over and deftly removed it while his companion gently traced a gloved finger over the scar. However, she gasped and hissed as something evil reached out and sparked against her, making her eyes narrow from beneath the hood. Though her companion didn't notice as he sneered as he read the letter that had been left behind.

Petunia Dursley nee Evans,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that your younger sister, Lily Potter nee Evans, was killed the night of October 31st, 1981. As you may be aware of, a dark Wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort had waged war against the Light here in the Wizarding world. However, by some outstanding means, Voldemort has been vanquished. However, it was at the cost of the lives of Lily and her husband James Potter.

Young Harry has somehow survived the attack on his home with only the scar on his forehead as proof. I have left him here knowing that you and your husband will take him in. You are his last living relatives, Petunia, therefore you can provide him with protections that will keep him safe from those who would wish to control him or even kill him. In return for providing him room and board, your family will be protected as well thanks to the blood wards which will surround your property. Of course I will also provide you and your husband with a monthly allowance to ensure Harry's safety and good health.

Do not worry about contact from the Magical world, Petunia. I will oversee any mail Harry should receive. All I ask is that you care for him. He, of course, will receive his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday: July 31st. Again, I am terribly sorry for the loss of your sister. Lily was a wonderful and bright woman.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

"T-T-That bloody, incompetent old fool!" The man hissed, rage in his voice as the woman shifted and held the child closer to her breast.

"We need to leave, Lucas. We need to get Harry to a Healer." The woman said, urgency in her voice as the man looked down at her.


"There's something…dark underneath his scar." She said, worry in her voice as the man nodded.

Turning to face the street, he let out a sharp whistle. Out of the shadows of various houses other figures hurried forward until they stood in a loose circle around the pair. All three of the new figures wore similar outfits as the other two; the only difference being the colors of their outer cloaks.

"Lars, Brandon, Hector, fan out and find Sirius Orion Black. The man was the first to arrive at Potter Cottage in Godric's Hallow and he left shortly after he discovered James and Lily were dead. He's tracking Peter Pettigrew and there is no doubt he will try to kill the traitor. Do not allow Black to kill Pettigrew. The man has too much information to let him die. Bring Black back to the estate and Pettigrew if you're able to. We need to get out of here before the blood wards take hold. Harrison needs to be blood adopted before this day is over." He said, the three people nodding in agreement as they looked at him.

"What if Pettigrew escapes?"

"Try your best without exposing yourself. We don't know if any Templars will be around him. There's a very good chance he'll seek refuge with them now that Riddle is gone." He said, only relaxing slightly when he received firm nods.

Only after the others left did the male speaker turn to his companion, watching silently as she cradled the toddler to her chest.

"Come, Delilah. We need to get Harrison to the Estate before that old fool's blood wards take hold. We have much to do in order to protect him." Lucas urged, his companion nodding in agreement.

Turning from the property, they hurried on silent feet across the street before turning on the spot. They disappeared without a sound, leaving Privet Drive like it had been moments before. A few minutes passed in relative silence before a dimly lit red dome flickered into existence around Number Four. The dome glowed faintly before it flickered again and fell. Inside the house in the upper floor master bedroom, a tall, thin woman with short blonde hair and dark green eyes sat up. She blinked in the darkness of the room before looking out the window to the street. Getting up from the bed, she silently got to her feet, ignoring the loud snores coming from the large form of her husband. Padding over to the window, she peered outside, her eyes narrowing as she looked at the yard and street.

Shivering lightly she rubbed her bare arms before closing the window and locking it. Something in her gut told her that something horrible had happened. However, she just couldn't place what had happened. With a firm shake of her head, the woman walked out of the bedroom and across the hallway. Opening the door to a second bedroom, she relaxed at the sight of an alarmingly large toddler sleeping in a crib underneath the window in the room. She walked into the room and peered down at the toddler, reassuring herself that her son was alright before she left the room and returned to her bed. Lying back down, she closed her eyes and forced herself to relax. Whatever it was that had disturbed her she would focus on come morning when her husband was away at work.


The man and woman arrived standing inside a large entrance hall of a beautiful three story manor. The floors were a beautiful rich wood and the walls a welcoming cream. Paintings and tapestries dotted the walls and a set of sweeping staircases led up to the second story. Between the two staircases were a set of double doors while wide hallways branched off to the left and right of the large room. The woman reached up and lowered her hood, revealing long golden blonde hair, ice blue hair and golden tanned skin. She looked up and watched as her companion lowered his hood as well, revealing shoulder length shaggy light brown hair, golden eyes and richly tanned skin. Both of them looked down as a pop filled the air. A curious creature with large, bat-like ears and tennis ball shaped green eyes dressed in a smart uniform appeared in front of them.

"Master?" It asked, looking up at Lucas with curiosity.

"Jarvis, Alert Healer June she's needed in the medical wing. Then wake Father Hendrik. We need them right away." Lucas ordered, the House Elf bowing before it popped away.

Lucas followed his wife down the right hallway, the pair of them taking the few turns tightly due to their haste. They finally reached a pair of double wooden doors and hurried through. Through the doors was a long room with a dozen beds on either side of the room, all of them neatly made in soft white sheets. There were large floor to ceiling windows on either side of the room which allowed in plenty of natural light during the day and the floor was made from a dark grey and white checkered pattern. Each bed had a bedside table, wheeling medical tray and folding curtains which could be drawn around the bed to provide privacy.

Delilah hurried over to the nearest bed and set Harry down. While Lucas watched from over her shoulder, she undid the blankets around the one year-old and looked him over. She was glad that he had at least been dressed in a clean onesie, though the lightweight clothing was completely unsuitable for the early November night. Lucas scowled, knowing that there hadn't been any kind of warming charm placed over the doorstep; only a simple Notice-Me-Not ward keyed to everyone bar Petunia and her husband. How could the supposed leader of the Light leave a one year-old toddler on a Muggle's doorstep without even knocking?

Lucas was brought out of his thoughts when the doors to the infirmary opened again. An elder man with neatly combed silver hair and warm brown eyes hurried into the ward while tying his black robe closed. Beside him was a rather pretty younger woman with short dark red hair and bright violet eyes. She, too, was tying a robe closed over her nightgown. Both of them spotted the couple and hurried over, concern in their eyes.

"You called, Lord Othello?" The woman asked, a frown appearing on her lips when she noticed the toddler on the bed.

"We rescued the boy from Petunia Dursley's doorstep." Delilah said, making the pair look at her sharply before they looked at Harry again.

"So this is Lily's child?" The elderly man asked, the pair nodding as the woman walked over to the bed and stood in front of the toddler.

"It's been broadcast over the wireless that Voldemort was vanquished by James and Lily Potter's son. The magical output has skyrocketed since Halloween." The woman explained, a wand shooting into her left hand before she began waving it above Harry while chanting under her breath.

"There is something…evil in his scar. I have no doubt that the old fool left it in there. There's no way a man of his supposed power didn't sense it." Delilah said, the elderly man frowning as Lucas nodded.

"Lucas, Delilah, if there is something in his scar then-"

"Then we'll summon a Goblin from Gringotts. We need to go there within in the next few hours anyway. Albus had used the boy's blood to create blood wards around his aunt's property. Without Harry there those wards will fail and no doubt the old man will know something's wrong. We have to act quickly and ensure he has the protection of our family. Not only that, but the old man will try to attack us through the Ministry by sealing the wills." Lucas said, his deep voice filled with anger as the elderly man frowned and Delilah nodded.

"June, have you found anything?" Delilah asked, looking to the younger woman who was scanning runes which appeared to be made of smoke hovering above Harry's body.

"His body temperature had dropped though he wasn't in danger just yet. There is a rather strong magical binding on his core. It's amazing that his core is even still pulsing. If his core went unbound then he would've become a Squib within a few years." June said, anger in her voice as Lucas and Delilah scowled.

"The note Albus left never said anything about the lock on Harry's core. Even more dangerous is that Petunia wouldn't have taken him to get his inoculations against Dragon Pox and Vanishing Sickness." Lucas hissed, his hands curling into fists as the elderly man placed a soothing hand on his shoulder.

"There's no need to worry about that now, Lucas. Harrison is here with us now. Soon he shall be a part of your family with all of the protections that offers. Lily and James will be remembered and their son shall be raised knowing his place in life." The man said, Lucas nodding as he drew a deep breath to relax himself.

"Thank you, Father. We need to act quickly about all of this. I'll go and summon the Potter Account manager along with our lawyer." Lucas said, striding out of the infirmary as Father Hendrik and Delilah watched him.

Delilah turned and watched June work as Father Hendrik stood nearby; his presence comforting. However, Delilah and Father Hendrik startled when June exploded, swearing violently in German as a sickly green and blood red glow surrounded Harry's forehead. June practically sprinted to the storage room, swearing all the way while the other two watched her with wide eyes. Something was wrong and that something apparently enraged June to the point where she forgot her upbringing and lost herself to her emotions.

"June, what's wrong?" Father Hendrik asked, raising an eyebrow as the woman hurried out carrying several vials.

However instead of speaking in English, June ranted and raved in her native tongue, making the pair frown as they struggled to understand her. Only when Delilah grabbed the woman by the arm did June realize that they couldn't understand her and were shaken by her outburst.

"T-That bastard left a Horcrux in the boy's head! It's trapped just underneath his scar." June spat, making the other's gasp and look at the boy in horror.

"I always knew Riddle feared death but to do this…" Father Hendrik said, shaking his head while Delilah helped June get Harry to swallow a few potions as he slept.

"Any competent Healer knows that a scar created from Dark Magic has a chance of being more than a simple scar. Surely Dumbledore took the boy to see a Healer." June said, making Delilah snort and roll her eyes.

"I doubt it. I also doubt he fully understands exactly what is behind Harry's scar." Delilah said, June nodding even though she looked disturbed by the thought.

The doors opened and Lucas walked in followed by two Goblins, one larger than the other and dressed in formal looking armor while the smaller Goblin was dressed in a smart business suit. Behind them was a rather portly man wearing a business suit with dark blonde hair and lake green eyes. Delilah, Father Hendrik and June bowed deeply to the taller Goblin, shocked to see him.

"Director Ragnok, you honor us." Delilah said, rising from her bow which was returned by the large Goblin.

"When Goldspear informed me about what you wished to do I decided to come with. Dumbledore has already set up a meeting with Goldspear pertaining to the Potter accounts. He had come in yesterday evening and informed us that Lord and Lady Potter had been killed." Ragnok said, looking at the toddler on the bed with something akin to concern and respect.

"It looks like Lily had cast some kind of protection spell around Harry. I'm detecting the traces of runic magic." June added, frowning lightly as she looked closer at the scar on Harry's forehead.

"Lady Potter had looked through one of the Potter vaults which contained ancient books on various forms of magic. It is possible she found something there." Goldspear explained, causing the others to look at him with interest.

"Well, Riddle was killed by Harrison around midnight. I'm guessing that Albus took Harrison and had him checked on by someone or healed Harrison's scar himself. Lily likely activated the runes while James fought Riddle off. The ritual likely asked for a sacrifice of some sort and Lily paid with her life." Lucas said, sorrow in his voice as the Goblins nodded silently.

June quickly explained what she had discovered behind Harry's scar which caused the two Goblins to swear and rage in their own language while Delilah quickly told their lawyer, Drew Holmes, what a Horcrux was. Goldspear quickly assured Lucas and Delilah that Albus had no power to seal the Potter wills, especially since the treaty Gringotts had with the Ministry prevented such a thing from happening. Lucas and Delilah knew that James and Lily left instructions as to who was to raise Harry in the event of their deaths. They, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and the Longbottom family were a few of those mentioned in the wills and the wills also stated their son was to never go to the Dursleys because of their known hatred of anything even remotely magical. Goldspear quickly handed Drew a copy of the Potter's wills to which the man quickly read through them before he tucked them inside his briefcase for safe keeping.

June, meanwhile, summoned a rather old looking book from one of her private storage rooms near the main door of the infirmary. With the book in hand she summoned various vials and containers which held different colored liquids and creams. When Delilah asked her what she was doing, June explained that they needed to purify Harry's scar and use a combination of different magical based potions and even just ingredients to force the Horcrux out of the area where the Horcrux had become trapped. Father Hendrik gladly blessed all of the potions and creams and had his personal House Elf get him a vial of Holy Water from the small church that was on the estate grounds. Goldspear provided June with his silver dagger, which was quickly purified by way of a Purification Potion and also had Holy Water poured over it.

With Delilah, Lucas and Drew standing a few feet away from the bed, Ragnok, Goldspear, Father Hendrik and June began the process of getting rid of Riddle's soul piece. Goldspear used his dagger to reopen the wound on Harry's forehead which began to ooze a thick black liquid with red tints. June instantly poured the Purifying Potion onto the wound, wincing as a bright green smoke began seeping from the wound. Lucas and Delilah clutched onto each other as Father Hendrik helped to add more and more potions to the wound to cleanse it. The couple knew that the only reason why Harrison was still asleep was because June had made a sleeping potion so he wouldn't wake up during the procedure. It took nearly ten minutes before the smoke fully left Harry's scar and let out a horrid scream.

June focused on the smoke and sneered as it took on the shape of Riddle's face. Flicking her wand, a silver dove shot out of the tip of her wand and flew at Riddle's shade. Delilah and Lucas quickly followed her example and a regal Philippine Eagle and a large Black Bear joined the dove. The eagle and dove drove the shade towards the bear where it tore into the shade, causing it to emit a piercing shriek of pain before it disappeared. Once it was gone June and Father Hendrik cleaned the black ooze from Harry's face before June carefully teased the open wound close and applied some balm to it. She flicked her wand a few more times and smiled when she saw a golden light surround Harry.

"It's gone. There are no more traces of Riddle's soul inside of Harry." She said, smiling as the others sagged in relief.

"Once things have calmed down we'll sweep the vaults of known Death Eaters for any more of those…abominations." Ragnok said, a terrifying sneer spreading across his face at the thought of Gringotts protecting a Horcrux.

"Thank you, Director. Will you both witness the blood adoption? We want to provide Harry as much protection as possible." Lucas said, smiling as the two Goblin's nodded.

"Come, let's get this done." June said, having Lucas and Delilah sit down as she summoned another vial.


The next day: November 2nd

Sirius Orion Black grunted as he was deposited into a chair. Turning angered stormy blue eyes towards the trio who had brought him to the manor, he huffed when he saw that the single female of the trio had taken his wand. With the other two men standing on either side of him, he knew that it would be futile to try and escape. Instead, Sirius took a look at his surroundings. He had been brought to a rather lavish study from the look of it. In front of him was a handsome, ornate dark wood desk with a rather comfortable high backed chair behind it. Behind the desk and chair was a wide window that looked out over a rather large and sprawling yard. On either side of the window were bookcases which were filled with books, scrolls and files. Sirius could see a faint shimmer covering the shelves protecting them from age and from others trying to remove them. When he had been brought to the study, he had caught glimpse of a small seating arrangement in front of a rather grand fireplace.

"Where am I?" Sirius demanded, glaring at his captors though he got no response.

"Honestly, Black, I thought you were more reasonable than this." A male voice drawled, making Sirius start.


Sirius blinked in surprise when he saw Lucas Othello walk over and sit down in the chair behind the desk. He knew Lucas through Lily. She had introduced all of them to Lucas and explained that he and Delilah Woods had helped her after her parents had died in a car crash. Of course Sirius also knew Lucas from past meetings when he had lived with his parents. The Othello family was the oldest Pureblood line in the entire Wizarding world; dating back even further than the Potters and Blacks who had been alive during the Founder's era. It was rumored that the Othello family had been around since Merlin was alive and that one of his children had even married into the family which had only served to increase their magical potential and prestige.

"L-Lucas?! What's going on?" Sirius asked, blinking when Lucas sighed.

"Sirius, when you arrived at Godric's Hallow, why did you leave?" Lucas asked, watching as Sirius gaped before frowning.

"I knew it was Pettigrew that sold James and Lily out! I had to get to him! You're men stopped me from killing him and let him escape!" Sirius snapped, rage in his eyes as Lucas looked at him.

"No, Sirius, my men stopped you from making a grave mistake. Did the thought of your godson never cross your mind? When you saw Hagrid with Harry in his arms, did you make no attempt to take him as was your right?" Lucas asked, watching as Sirius frowned.

"Of course I did! But Hagrid refused to…let…me…" He began, his eyes widening as he realized what Lucas was trying to tell him.

"Last night at midnight, myself and my wife saw Rebus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore at Number Four Privet Drive. Minerva expressed her displeasure at the idea of Albus leaving young Harrison on the doorstep of the Dursley's. As you know, Albus was aware of the Potter wills but ignored them. He made the executive decision to remove Harrison from Godric's Hallow and place him in an environment where Harrison would've been abused and beaten down. Not only that, but Albus also had a charm placed on you. It made you blind to anything but the idea of getting revenge for the Potters and most likely would've caused you to lose your right to take care of Harrison.

"My men and woman removed the spell on you when they found you cornering Pettigrew. I can assure you that I have my people looking for the rat. Because we prevented you from making a grievous mistake, you can report Pettigrew's betrayal to the Department of Law Enforcement. You can also prevent Albus from getting his hands on the Potter fortune." Lucas explained, watching as Sirius looked at him with shock.

"…L-Lily warned us that Albus couldn't be trusted…w-we didn't want to believe her. Would he really have-?"

"Yes, Sirius, he would have. My wife and I brought Harrison here and he was examined by our Healer. She discovered a piece of Voldemort's soul trapped behind the scar on Harrison's forehead. Not only that, but a powerful block had been placed on Harrison's magical core. If the block hadn't been removed then it is very likely that Harrison would've been a Squib by the time he turned four. Goldspear and Director Ragnok along with the Othello lawyer have been made aware of what Albus has done and the Goblins even helped to remove the soul piece from Harrison. My wife and I have blood adopted Harrison; he is our legal son though we have made sure that he kept his original last name. This is to provide him the protection that our family brings." Lucas explained, watching as Sirius stared at him dumbfounded.

"B-But…are you sure?! I mean…does Harry have the gift?" Sirius asked, shock in his voice as Lucas smiled softly.

"Yes, Harrison has the gifts. Harrison James Potter-Othello will be an Assassin and shall begin his training once he reaches a suitable age. We will insure that Harrison is raised knowing his parents and his heritage and what his duties will be as future Lord Potter." Lucas said, watching as Sirius bowed his head.

"Thank you, Lord Othello. You've…you've done more for my godson than I have." He said, shame in his voice as Lucas looked at him with understanding and compassion.

"Sirius, you were overcome with grief and rage which was only enhanced due to the spell placed on you. Even though you do not have the skills to become an Assassin and join our Brotherhood, we would like you to remain here. You are Harrison's sworn godfather and one of the few who we trust with our new son. You are also perfect to help us raise Harrison and make sure that he knows who his parents were and help him keep the Marauder legacy alive." Lucas said, grinning as Sirius perked up and look at him.

"Really?! Y-You're sure that you want me around?" Sirius asked, hope in his voice as Lucas smiled gently.

"I may be a lot of things, Sirius, but I'm not cruel. You and Harrison need each other. However, we have a few things that we need you to do." Lucas said, smirking as the fire returned to Sirius' eyes as he leaned forward eagerly.

Meanwhile at Gringotts located in the heart of Diagon Alley, Goldspear prepared himself for his meeting with Dumbledore. Since learning that the old fool had knowingly left the heir of the Potter line with a cursed scar on the doorstep of someone who was known to be severely hateful towards anyone with magic, he decided not to hold back. Oh, Goldspear knew that Dumbledore had intended to make himself Harrison's magical guardian and dip into the Potter fortune. While the Dumbledore family wasn't poor by any means, they weren't extremely wealthy. The Potters were one of the richest families in the Magical World and one of the most influential politically.

By naming himself Harrison's magical guardian, he would be able to control that political power and the fortune. However, with Harrison having been adopted by the Othello family and with Sirius Black back in the picture, Goldspear could legally tell Dumbledore to bugger off. He knew that Lord Othello was already looking into getting a lawyer for Harrison to prevent people from making a prophet off of the lad. Drew Holmes was already making a stop at the Ministry to ensure they knew that Dumbledore had no say in the affairs of the Potter family and to show proof that Harrison had been blood adopted by the family. With the Othello family standing behind Harrison no one would want to make an attempt for the boy in fear of bringing down the anger of the ancient and powerful family.

A knock on the door to his office brought Goldspear out of his musings. Settling himself in his chair behind his desk, he called out for the person to enter. The door was opened by a smaller Goblin, one of the tellers, who held the door open for Albus. The elderly Wizard was dressed in an outlandish bright blue robe with silver trim and golden stars. Goldspear knew that the tactic was used so others would look up and into the man's eyes where he would be able to use passive Legilimency.

"Goldspear, thank you for seeing me on such short notice. There is much I would like to discuss today." Albus said, smiling as he walked into the room and sat down in front of the Goblin's desk.

"I must say, Lord Dumbledore, it is very uncommon for the Lord of another House to ask to speak with the account manager of another family." Goldspear said, watching as Albus nodded lightly.

"I know, I know my friend. However, surely you have heard the news that the Dark Lord has been vanquished? I am here to claim my place as Harry Potter's magical guardian." Albus said, blinking when Goldspear pulled a file over and opened it.

"While we here at Gringotts know that the Dark One has been killed, I cannot allow you to name yourself as Heir Potter's magical guardian. One is that a magical guardian can only be made for Muggleborn children. Heir Potter is a Halfblood as you well know. Second is that Sirius Orion Black is Heir Potter's sworn godfather. Third, the Most Ancient and Noble House of Othello has taken in Heir Potter and have blood adopted him as per the wishes of the former Lord and Lady Potter which was expressed in their wills." Goldspear said, fighting down his glee when he saw shock, fear and rage pass through Dumbledore's eyes.

"T-That is impossible! The Potter wills should be sealed!" Albus blustered, making Goldspear raise an eyebrow at the elderly man.

"As Supreme Mugwump and Chief Wizard, you should know that the treaty Gringotts has with the Ministry prevents wills from being sealed. This is to prevent theft from some of the oldest family lines. Even you cannot overrule what the treaty states Lord Dumbledore." Goldspear said, watching as Albus floundered.

How was this possible?! Albus had been so sure that the Goblins wouldn't question his decisions and that he had blocked the Potter wills in the Ministry. Yes, he had thought it odd when the clerk in Ministry had given him a strange look when he had ordered the wills to be sealed, but he hadn't thought much of it. If what Goldspear said was true, then everything he'd been planning since he heard that damned prophecy had just gone up in smoke. He had expected Sirius to go after Pettigrew and potentially get caught trying to murder the other Wizard. The spell he had casted on the younger man should have had Sirius in such a blind rage that he wouldn't be able to see reason. Not only that, but the news about the Othello family adopting, let alone having found, Harry spelt disaster.

The Othello family was one of the oldest known magical family in their world. Not only that, but they had always been a Grey family. They only stepped into wars or feuds whenever one of their own or one of their allies were in trouble and needed help. They were well respected by nearly everyone in the Wizarding World and Albus knew that no one would dare to go up against them in an attempt to pull Harry away from them. Not only that, but the fact that they blood adopted the boy would ensure that Harry couldn't be removed from them. What worried him the most, however, was that they had somehow found Harry after he had dropped the lad off at his aunt's. He knew that the blood wards around the Dursley's won't take hold without Harry there to anchor them…hell, he didn't even know if Petunia even knew that he had dropped her nephew off at her door.

"Lord Dumbledore, I have orders from Lord and Lady Othello to ask that you return all and any items or property you have that had belonged to the Potters." Goldspear said, breaking the man out of his thoughts as Albus blinked and frowned.

"Oh? Surely they know that Lord Potter had loaned me the use of-"

"Regardless, they wish for the return of everything that had been taken. Two of the items are heirlooms which have been passed down through the Potter family for generations. I have been given permission to allow you a week in order to return everything. Should items still be missing then I am allowed to use any means at my disposal to see that property returned to the Potter vaults." Goldspear said, watching as Albus paled.

"And if I do not…remember everything?" Albus asked, his voice strained as Goldspear raised an eyebrow at him.

"That, I find hard to believe, Lord Dumbledore. You are, after all, a master at Legilimency. However, I have a full list that details everything that the late Lord and Lady Potter had…loaned you. The Potter House Elves were most helpful in keeping records." The Goblin said, handing over a rather lengthy list of items to the stunned and worried Wizard.

Albus grabbed the list and unfolded it, already dreading as to what he would have to return. Sure enough, the list included all ten of the ancient and rare books he had borrowed from James. Not only that, but a high end pensive and the Invisibility cloak were listed as well. He had no doubt that Goldspear would ensure that everything was returned with no spells attached, which meant that he wouldn't be able to tag any of the items with tracking spells in hopes of getting them back at a later date. Of course, he could attempt to speak with Lord Othello and Sirius about the matter of Harry's upbringing and about the items that were to be returned. However the Othello's weren't the most…negotiable when it came to family matters. There was also the fear that the Othello's had discovered the spell on Sirius or even the magical block he had placed on Harry's core. No doubt they would draw conclusions which would lead them down the correct path.

He had hoped for Harry to be meek and starved for affection when the boy finally returned to the Magical World. Harry would look to him as a mentor and grandfather figure; which would then give him even more influence in the boy's life. Molly Weasley had already been eager to set up a betrothal contract between Harry and her daughter. While little Ginerva was only a few months old, the girl would be perfect for Harry and would provide an heir that Albus could influence even more. Not only that, but Molly would be placated by the money her family would get from the Potter vaults. Harry would undoubtedly take care of Ginerva and, by having the lad befriend the Weasley's youngest son, he would feel humbled by them and be more than willing to help them out. But all of that was now in shambles.

Harry would grow up aware of the Magical World and his place in it. No doubt the mail redirection ward he had placed on the toddler was gone. He couldn't even claim that the Othello's weren't able to keep Harry safe. No one had ever been able to discover the location of the Othello family and their residences. They were practically royalty in the Magical World and very few stood against them. Bagnold and her likely replacement, Fudge, would practically fall over themselves to keep on the good side of the blasted family. In order to have even the smallest of chances to influence Harry he would have to rethink everything.

"Thank you, Goldspear. I shall look for the items and send them here." Albus said, rising from the chair as the Goblin nodded.

"Very well. I do hope you're able to find them all." Goldspear said, watching as the Wizard nodded and walked from the room quickly.


November 4th

"Bloody hell! You're kidding me!" Sirius cried, his eyes locked onto the headline of the Daily Prophet in disbelief.

"Sirius! Language!" Delilah scolded, watching as the younger man flushed but still looked down at the newspaper.

"Did you read this?!" Sirius asked, brandishing the offending paper in Delilah's direction.

"I have. Why do you think Lucas is in a meeting? Right now we're trying to limit the damage the new Minister can possibly do. With Purebloods who had been named as Death Eaters having bought their way out of Azkaban we're also adding more protections to the property." Delilah said, watching as Sirius blinked and nodded.

Sirius set down the newspaper and smiled as Delilah deposited his godson in his arms. Harry's normal jet black hair had gained light blonde streaks in it and laid a little flatter. His shockingly bright emerald green eyes also gained a ring of ice blue around the outer edges of the pupil since the blood adoption. The fact that Lucas and Delilah had blood adopted Harry had shocked him; he had never thought that they would do such a thing but was honestly grateful for it. Because of that Harry stood to inherit not only the Potter line but the Othello line as well. He would be politically and financially powerful, more so than anyone in their entire society. However, he was worried about his godson. Harry would have a lot to learn, especially since he also had the capabilities to become an Assassin. Because he's the son of Lucas, he was also in line to take over the British Brotherhood of Magical Assassins.

Assassins were mostly taboo in their world. Yes, Purebloods and many Halfblood families knew that the Assassins existed, but they never spoke of them. Just like they never spoke of the Templars. Wizards and Witches had long since wondered if some of the wars and feuds had been between Assassins and Templars, but had never had the courage to ask. Both parties were strong and deadly along with being financially and politically powerful. Merlin, Sirius knew that Voldemort had been allied with the Templars and so were many of his Death Eaters. In a way, it wasn't too surprising that so many 'distinguished' Purebloods had been able to buy their way out of Azkaban. Lucas and Delilah had told him that Cornelius Fudge was the perfect Minister for the Templars. He was a weak willed man who was corrupted by greed and the need for popularity. No doubt the highest bidder would be able to have Fudge pass laws that would benefit them instead of everyone.

"You're worried, aren't you?" Delilah asked, watching as Sirius bounced his godson on his knee.

"Of course I am. Scum like Malfoy, Nott and Parkinson can do a lot of damage to our world." Sirius said, frowning as he thought of what they could do.

"My husband will be attending all the Wizengamot meetings. He will also be able to sit in Harry's stead as Harry's adopted father. I know he has plans on speaking with Lord Greengrass, Lady Bones and a few other allies. If things become too unstable, we shall use our….resources to set the balance once more." Delilah said delicately, nodding as a House Elf brought out a tea service.

"Really?! You'd get the Brotherhood involved?" Sirius asked, shock in his voice as Delilah turned keen eyes towards him.

"The Brotherhood stands for justice, equality and freedom for all. The laws that the Templars would have Fudge pass will ensure others are hindered and their rights taken away. You know as well as anyone that we can make deaths look like natural causes." Delilah said, Sirius gulping as he nodded in understanding and agreement.

Looking down at the newspaper, Sirius shook his head when he saw the second headline that drew the eye.

Boy-Who-Lived Blood Adopted by Lord and Lady Othello!

By Martha Winthrop

Many of you well know that the last act of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was the attack on the Potter family at their safe house in Godric's Hallow. This left Heir Harrison Potter an orphan at the tender age of one years old. However, what is not well known is the secret alliance between House Potter and House Othello. Lord and Lady Othello were close friends to the late Lord and Lady Potter and so, when they discovered that their friends had been killed, they instantly sought out Heir Harrison.

"We discovered Harrison on the doorstep of his Muggle Aunt's house. We had gone there the night after the tragic attack to inform Petunia Dursley nee Evans that her sister had been killed. Upon arriving at the house, my husband and I were shocked and appalled to find young Harrison swaddled in a blanket, charmed asleep on the doorstep with only a note pinned to his blanket explaining that Lily and James had been killed and Petunia now needs to care for her nephew."

When asked why Heir Potter was left outside and why he shouldn't have been left with his aunt; Lord Othello had this to say:

"We have no idea why Harrison was left outside on a particular cold night in November. However, we do know the answer to your second question. Lily and her older sister Petunia were not on the best of terms. Petunia had always been jealous of her sister and had teased her mercilessly as a child; calling her Freak and a Monster because of her gift. It was well known among Lily's friends that her sister hated her. To put it simply: Petunia despises magic. My wife and I were present when James and Lily made their wills and we know that they had written that Harrison should never, under any circumstance, go to his aunt. Lily and James would rather allow their son to live in an orphanage than to go to a place where he would most likely be physically, emotionally and mentally abused because of his magic."

This writer struggled with the idea of even thinking that the savior of our world could have been treated so horrendously. Heir Potter's godfather, Sirius Black, offered his own explanation and thoughts to the development.

"What Lord and Lady Othello say is true. I have personally met Petunia and she was…well what she was I dare not say in polite company. As for Lord and Lady Othello blood adopting my godson: I am overjoyed. I have been friends with Lord and Lady Othello for a number of years now and I know that they are honest, hardworking and a very loving couple. They have offered me room and board in their home so I can continue to be a part of my godson's life and help raise him to know his future place in our society. While many may try to discredit Lord and Lady Othello, I know that they are honest and true. I will continue to fulfill my role as Harrison's godfather and watch him grow into the upstanding young man that James and Lily had hoped for."

The other people who were listened in the Potter wills to take custody of Heir Potter are as follows: Amelia Bones, Frank and Alice Longbottom, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall. All of the people listed above, bar Frank and Alice Longbottom, have expressed their agreement with the blood adoption. Madame Amelia Bones, the new director of the DMLE had this to add:

"Lord and Lady Othello are upstanding members of our society. There is no record of any crime committed by any Othello since the Ministry had begun recording crimes and both Lord and Lady Othello have sworn magical oaths to do their best to care for Heir Potter. While I would have been honored to care for the lad, I have my hands full in caring for my young niece, taking care of the House Bones and my position. I do, however, look forward to my Susan and young Harrison spending time together in the future."

Lord Othello has taken his place as Regent of the Potter seat in the Wizengamot until Heir Potter is of age to take his place as Lord Potter.

"How many letters has Harry gotten so far?" Sirius asked, looking up at Delilah as she took a drink of tea.

"Our House Elves have been going through the mail that has been coming in. All of the portkeys are instantly disabled and taken to the Auror department. We're pressing charges for attempted kidnapping. We've also been refusing betrothal contracts; politely of course. James and Lily never wanted that for their son so we're simply fulfilling their wishes." Delilah said, smirking as Sirius snorted and shook his head.

"Who were some of the people?" He asked, watching as Delilah snorted delicately.

"The one who has given us the most trouble is Lady Molly Weasley. She's recently given birth to a daughter, the first female Weasley in decades. According to her, Harrison and little Ginerva would be perfect for each other. She claims that little Ginerva closely resembles Lily." Delilah said, watching as Sirius shuddered.

"All the more reason to turn her away. Harry is not James even though he had looked a lot like him. Not only that but I remember Molly from the Order. She's…well a shrew. Leads poor Arthur around by his nose and controls the house with an iron fist. If Ginerva takes after her mother then I feel sorry for any man she marries." Sirius said, shuddering again which made his godson giggle and clap.

"Lucas and I figured that Molly might have an… alternative motive as well." Delilah said, making Sirius look at her sharply.


"Molly is one of the last members of the Prewett family besides a Squib whom they don't speak to. The Prewett's had been rather wealthy and Molly had married Arthur because of his connection to the Black family through his grandfather. Not only that, but the Weasley's had been rather wealthy at one point. However, Molly quickly discovered that Arthur's brothers had squandered away all of the Weasley fortune and the Black family cut all ties to the them. Arthur is rather content in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office and is rather content with his lot. However, Molly longs for the way of life she had grown up with. By marrying Ginerva to Harrison, she hopes that Harrison would feel…behooved to help his in-laws. Not to mention Ginerva is a Pureblood who comes from a line that is…rather fertile." Delilah said, disgust evident in her voice as Sirius shook his head.

"Of course we won't have to worry about that." Lucas said, walking into the parlor with a gentle smile on his face.

"How was the meeting?" Delilah asked, tilting her head up to accept the kiss from her husband.

"It went well. Our brothers and sisters in the Ministry know what to watch out for and I have a meeting set up with the other Houses for tomorrow at Gringotts. Melissa, who is in the department of records, has reported that Dumbledore has been trying to find a way to revoke our guardianship and return Harrison to his aunt's. However, with this new article that should stop his effort hopefully." He explained, Sirius and Delilah nodding lightly with relief on their faces.

"I doubt it but he might think twice. Even Fudge thinks twice when dealing with us." Delilah said, the wicked smirk on her face made Sirius shudder.

"Sirius, have you contacted Remus yet?" Lucas asked, sitting down beside his wife and wrapping an arm around her waist.

"I just sent a letter to him this morning. I know he left for Greece when we all went into hiding…also…I'm ashamed to say that we all thought that Remus might've been the spy in the Order." Sirius said, smiling sadly at Harry tugged on his long hair.

"We were at war, Sirius. It happens but all that matters is that you admit your mistake and move past this. I have no doubt that Remus will forgive you." Delilah said, accepting her new son from Sirius as he held Harry out to her.

"When will you begin his training again?" Sirius asked, smiling as Delilah tickled Harry and made him squeal with laughter.

"Five is when we begin training children in free running. Parkour comes around six or seven and the weapons training beings around nine. Stealth begins around the same time as free running." Lucas answered, Sirius nodding in understanding though he looked a little worried.

"Don't worry, Padfoot, we'll make sure he has plenty of time to be a kid." Delilah said, smiling as Sirius grinned sheepishly.

Before Sirius could say anything more, a rather regal looking Horned Owl flew through one of the windows. A golden plate hung around the owl's neck while bore the Gringotts crest. Sirius stared at the owl until it hooted and lifted one of its wings, showing a letter that was attached to the harness that the owl wore. Sirius shook himself and quickly relieved the owl of its burden. Delilah summoned a small leather pouch and opened it; pulling out an owl treat and handing it to the owl. The bird of prey accepted the treat with a grateful hoot before taking off through the window. Delilah and Lucas watched as Sirius opened the envelop and started reading, his eyes wide.

Sirius Orion Black,

We here at Gringotts regret to inform you that Lord Arcturus Black has passed away last night due to illness. As you are the last male of the Black family, the position of Lord Black falls to you. The late Lord Black has left a will and we encourage you to come to Gringotts to read the contents of the will along with accepting your right as Lord Black.



Black Account Manager

"Sirius?" Lucas asked, concern in his voice as his friend looked at him with wide eyes.

"M-My grandfather died…and named me Lord Black." Sirius said, shock in his voice as the couple looked at him with surprise.

"I thought your mother disowned you." Delilah said, frowning as Sirius nodded.

"Same here. She blasted my name off the family tree and everything." He said, frowning as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Of course, it makes sense." Lucas said, shaking his head as he chuckled.

"What makes sense?" Sirius asked, frowning as his friend smiled.

"I'm guessing that your grandfather was thinking ahead. With Andromeda disowned, Bellatrix a rather…insane woman and your brother dead, your grandfather either never approved of your mother disowning you or brought you back into the family. You're the eldest in your family thus you will be Lord Black." Lucas said, smiling as Sirius shook his head.

"I-I'm not cut out for this! I'll-"

"Sirius Orion Black don't you even start. You're an upstanding young man and you have the knowledge to do a world of good with the Black name. You'd be able to bring back your cousin Andromeda back into the family and kick out Narcissa and Bellatrix. People will listen to you and you can further prove that you're Light or even Grey like us by making alliances. You'll be able to help Harrison even more as well." Delilah explained, watching as Sirius blinked before he looked down in thought.

As they watched Sirius, they saw realization dawn across his face before determination set it. Sirius nodded his head, making Lucas and Delilah smile. There was so much they could do with the help of Sirius; especially when it came to getting laws passed. Delilah stood and carried Harry to his room as the toddler became fussy, leaving her husband and Sirius to talk about what Sirius should do right away after accepting his position as Lord Black. There was no doubt that Walburga would cause trouble and Sirius admitted that, with work, Grimmauld Place could become a rather nice home and he could even offer it as a safe house for the Brotherhood. Lucas was overjoyed with this idea as there were very few safe houses where the Assassins could go to recover or hide from their enemies.

-Now, to get rid of the old war horse.- Sirius thought, frowning as he thought of his mother.


Sirius was busy for the next few days claiming his lordship and settling his grandfather's affairs with Dragonfang. His grandfather had been pretty decent in ensuring that their family had some of the fortune remaining, but it had certainly dwindled down over the years. He remembered some of the advice Lily had given James in the stock market and had Dragonfang acquire stocks in certain Muggle businesses. Of course then there had been the matter of his mother being informed about who held the new lordship. She had gotten hysterical when Dragonfang had told her that her 'disgrace of a former son' was the new Lord Black. Dragonfang actually had to have her escorted out of the bank at spear point which only served to set the mad Witch off more. She had stormed to the Ministry and demanded to look into the records. The poor clerk was beside herself in dealing with Walburga's temper and actually called on the Auror's when the crazed woman drew her wand. The Auror's fared no better and escorted Walburga out of the Ministry and barred her from entry. Of course they floo-called Sirius and informed him of what happened.

Sirius, armed with Dragonfang and a few Auror's, went to Grimmauld Place where he confronted his mother. Walburga began screaming and cursing her son as he calmly explained that he was having her removed from Grimmauld Place and relocated somewhere more comfortable and private. The Auror's were forced to disarm her and stunned an old, half-crazed House Elf when it appeared beside Walburga and charged Sirius in an attempt to kill the Pureblood lord. Sirius made a portkey to the small house he had purchased for his mother a few days prior and handed it to her after she was revived and informed her that his new House Elves would bring her things as the house was already furnished. Instead of accepting the portkey, Walburga lashed out, striking her son across the cheek and drawing blood with her nails. The Auror's acted quickly and soon had her handcuffed as she spat curses with an insane light gleamed in her eyes.

"Lord Black, what do you want us to do?" One of the Aurors asked, glancing at the crazed woman with concern as she glared hatefully at her son.

"My mother was always an extreme woman. I can see that living on her own after my father and brother's death was detrimental to her heath. If you will accompany me, I want her admitted to St. Mungo's psychiatric ward." Sirius said, the Aurors nodding as Walburga screamed at him before she was quickly and thankfully silenced by one of the Aurors.

"What about the Elf?" Another asked, frowning down at the unconscious House Elf.

"I cannot trust him with anything. He's fiercely loyal to my mother. Keep him under the body-bind and I'll deal with him when I return." Sirius said.

Apparating to St. Mungo's, the healers were quick to agree that Walburga had gone insane. A healer quickly treated the scratches on Sirius' cheek while a team of healers took Walburga away to calm her down and get her showered and changed into different clothing. Sirius thanked the Aurors for their help and watched as they left. Looking to Dragonfang, Sirius nodded. Dragonfang nodded back and disappeared, heading back to Grimmauld Place to dispatch Kreacher. Sirius drew no comfort in knowing that Kreacher would be dead in a matter of seconds but he knew that it needed to be done. If he released Kreacher then the House Elf would seek out his mother and attempt to break her out of St. Mungo's. Worse, Kreacher could attempt to go to Narcissa and tell her the whereabouts of Grimmauld Place and could even make an attempt to get Bellatrix out of Azkaban. He didn't want to take any chances with the deranged House Elf and the new Elves he had taken on were more than ready to strip the house bare so it could be repaired and changed into a place that Sirius would be proud to call his own.

"Lord Black, if you would fill these out please." A healer said, handing Sirius a small stack of papers and a quill.

"Thank you. How is she?" Sirius asked, accepting a self-inking quill from the young man who sighed.

"She's been sedated. A few Mind Healers are performing scans while a room is prepared for her." The healer answered, Sirius nodding as he read through the papers.

"I never thought she would become this bad. She was always a…extremist but the death of my younger brother and father pushed her over the edge." Sirius said, shaking his head lightly as he began to write.

It took him a few minutes to fill everything out before he handed the papers back to the healer. He looked through them before nodding and assuring Sirius that everything would be filed quickly. Apparating out of the hospital, Sirius reappeared outside of Grimmauld Place and walked inside, spotting Dragonfang in the dining room. Stepping into the dimly lit room, he scowled at how dark it was before focusing on the Goblin who was going over the blueprints to the house.

"So?" Sirius asked, watching as Dragonfang looked up at him.

"Everything that you wish to do will be possible. Once the Elves put everything away and you lower wards the construction company can come in and renovate the entire place. They won't remember the location once the job is finished and won't be able to tell anyone about it of course." Dragonfang said, Sirius nodding his head.

"Thank you my friend. What of Bellatrix?" Sirius asked, raising an eyebrow as Dragonfang gave him a rather fearsome grin.

"After you annulled her marriage, since she didn't provide an heir after a year of being married and reclaimed her dowry, the vault was closed. The Lestrange's weren't very rich to begin with so you cleaned them out. We also found one of Riddle's Horcruxes in the vault. It was inside of Helga Hufflepuff's lost cup. We removed the leech and destroyed it of course with no harm to the item. It's waiting in your vault for you to do with it what you will." Dragonfang said, Sirius nodding as his mind reeled with the information given to him.

Lucas and Delilah had told him all about the Horcrux inside his godson and their assumption that Voldemort likely made more than one. This proved that theory and there was no telling how many the madman made. After talking with Dragonfang for a few more minutes, he and the Goblin left and parted ways; Sirius thanking the Goblin once more. Sirius apparated to Othello Estate where he informed Lucas and Delilah about what he had accomplished thus far. Lucas and Delilah were shocked to hear that Walburga was now residing in the psychiatric ward in St. Mungo's. However, they understood the reasoning and supported him. Sirius and Lucas then headed to the Ministry for a Wizengamot meeting. They made it through security and split up at the member's hallway to their separate offices. Both men stepped out minutes later dressed in the dark plum and black robes with their family crests on their right breast.

Walking to the antechamber off the Wizengamot chambers, they nodded to their peers and sought out their allies. It was Adrian Greengrass who informed them about what the agenda held. Both Lucas and Sirius were horrified that Lord Flint was going to propose a bill to have all Werewolves rounded up and killed. Sirius quickly thought of a different proposal and asked Adrian and Lucas what they thought of it. Both older men were impressed and quickly helped Sirius tweak his proposal before promising that they would support him. Sirius sought out Amelia Bones and Augusta Longbottom and quickly informed the two Witches about his counter proposal. Both of them were surprised and pleased with his proposal and agreed that it was a good and sound idea that would keep everyone safe.

When they were called into the chamber, everyone soon took their seats, to which many were surprised to see Sirius sit between Lucas and Augusta. Minister Fudge, a rather small and portly man wearing a lime green bowler hat, began the meeting with a few new proposals. Lucas was surprised when the Minister proposed a budget cut to the Auror department, to which he looked at Amelia a few seats away an saw the thunderous look on her face. Of course Amelia spoke against the budget cuts, to which Sirius quickly backed her. When Fudge called for a vote on the proposal, the man was noticeably flustered when more members voted against the budget cuts than for them. Sirius glanced around and noticed that Lucius Malfoy and a few other Death Eaters who had been 'forced' to join Voldemort looked angered at this. All of them listened to various reports and discussed how things could be changed in order to improve certain things for an hour before Fudge finally proposed the Werewolf bill.

Again, Sirius looked around and saw the shock and slight horror at the idea of executing fellow Witches and Wizards and it gave him hope that his counter proposal might have a chance to pass. Before Fudge could call for a vote, Sirius lifted his wand; making the portly man look at him in shock before he swallowed nervously.

"Yes, Lord Black?" Fudge asked, spotting Lord Flint glaring at the other lord out of the corner of his eye.

"I have a counter proposal, Minister. May I?" Sirius asked, making the Minister swallow and nod curtly.

Sirius stood and walked down to the main floor in front of the stands before turning and facing his fellow peers. He could practically feel the reporters learning forward in their seats to hear his every word.

"Honored Wizengamot members, we should not prosecute our fellow Witches and Wizards just because of an ailment that effects them once a month. Those who suffer from the disease known as Lycanthropy should be treated as victims, not monsters and murderers. How many family members or good friends have you lost to the disease? How many are now classified as 'Dark Creatures' because they are unable to control themselves? We all know there is Wolfsbane which allows a Werewolf to keep their mind instead of turning into raving bloodthirsty animals.

"What I am proposing is a way to help them. Every Werewolf registers with the Ministry and on every full moon they apparate or portkey to a specific location where specially trained Healers administer the Wolfsbane potion. They then go into a warded nature preserve where they transform safely and are able to run around without posing a risk to others. Once morning comes the healers retrieve those afflicted with the disease, administer any care that is needed, allow them to get dressed and rest before they are sent home. We should be helping these people, not blaming them for something that they cannot control. We should treat them just like any other citizen of our society. They should be able to have an education, a job and encouraged to be allowed to have a family and loved ones.

"I know from studies made in other countries that it is impossible to pass on the Lycanthropy gene through reproduction. Currently, we are the only country that has classified Werewolves as Dark Creatures. Other countries treat Werewolves like any other citizen though they just have a genetic abnormality. If we begin executing Werewolves, who knows who is next. Merfolk? House Elves? Centaurs? Goblins? Our own people?" Sirius asked, watching as everyone shifted and looked at each other.

"By making the registration mandatory, those attending the afflicted know who is missing every full moon and Aurors or specially trained personal can go and get those who are missing and bring them to the facility. I know that Werewolves such as Fenrir Greyback make such precautions necessary. Werewolves who have committed crimes such as him should be placed on trial and, if found guilty by this esteemed body, be sentenced to death or Azkaban, as per our laws." He finished.

Fudge blinked a few times before he managed to collect himself. Clearing his throat, he stood as Sirius walked back up the stairs to retake his seat.

"Is anyone willing to second Lord Black's proposal?" Fudge asked, glancing nervously towards Flint who looked murderous.

"I second his proposal." Lucas called, standing as he raised his wand.

"I too second his proposal." Augusta said, standing as well as everyone muttered in surprise.

"Very well. We shall take a short recess before returning and casting a vote." Fudge said, Albus nodding as he agreed with the Minister.

Sirius was rather surprised by how many people stopped him and asked him about his proposal. He answered them truthfully and expressed his concern on how isolated their society was. Others expressed the same worry and agreed with him. Even Albus approached Sirius and expressed his surprise and pride in such a counter proposal; stating that such a bill would help their society move forward in a direction that would improve life for everyone instead of just Purebloods. Sirius wisely stayed with Lucas, Amelia and Adrian; knowing that Malfoy, Flint and others would love to get the chance to threaten him and try to 'convince' him to pull back his counter proposal.

When they reconvened, Albus cast the vote for those in favor of Flint's proposal. Sirius was shocked to see that only those who had been listed as Death Eaters raised their wands in favor of the bill. When calling for those in favor of Sirius' counter proposal, more than half of the members lifted their wands in favor of the bill. When the bill was passed, Fudge looked green around the edges while Flint looked as if he were about to begin flinging curses. The meeting finished soon after and Sirius remained behind with Albus and Minister Fudge along with the Wizengamot scribe to fully write out the new law. Both men noticed that Cornelius looked like he had swallowed several lemons during the entire process, in which the scribe actually asked the Minister if he was alright. When Minister Fudge grit out a 'yes' to the question Sirius and Albus shared knowing look while Sirius struggled to keep a smirk off his face.

Once the law was written and signed, Sirius and the Minister left while Albus personally took it to the department that held records of their society's laws. In the atrium, Sirius was accosted by two reporters. The man and woman had been there in the Wizengamot chamber and Sirius was more than gracious in confirming that he'd be willing to answer their questions.

"Lord Black, reporter for the Daily Prophet, was your counter proposal due to your reported friendship with the lesser known Werewolf Remus Lupin?" The woman asked, her Dicta-Quill poised over a sheet of parchment.

"My friendship with Remus Lupin did play a rather large part of my counter proposal, yes. I've known Remus since we were in our First Year of Hogwarts. He is the most honest, compassionate and brave man I know besides my late friend James Potter. Remus suffered because of his condition and continues to suffer still because Wolfsbane isn't readily available." Sirius answered, the woman nodding as she looked down to her parchment.

"Lord Black, reporter for International Sorcery, what do you hope comes from this new law?" The man asked, making Sirius raise an eyebrow.

"I hope that the public is able to see that people who are afflicted with the Lycanthropy gene are not evil or bloodthirsty. There are many who are suffering without a job, a home or support. My friends, Remus, has told me repeatedly that other Werewolves he knew had been forced to retreat to the Muggle World because they couldn't find jobs or get an education here in the Magical World. These people should be accepted, not shunned. They should be helped instead of hunted. Many Witches and Wizards will boast that we are superior to Muggles and yet…Muggles are more accepting than us it seems. They have laws that are developing equality for everyone, including those who have mental and physical handicaps. And yet, here we are: shunning people because of an affliction they have no control over." Sirius explained, not realizing that he had gotten the attention of other Ministry employees and even the public who had business in the Ministry.

"All I want is for our world to become something so much greater than what it currently is. The Muggle World is constantly advancing and so should we. This is just one small step but it is a much needed step in the right direction. I hope that my fellow Wizengamot members and Minister Fudge will help me and others of like mind to help us guide our society away from the war and into a bright future: one that those who were lost in the war would be proud of." He finished, blinking in surprise when many of those listening called their agreement to his small speech.

The reporters thanked Sirius for his time before departing. Sirius found a few other Wizengamot members in the crowd and they quickly asked to speak with him in private about his thoughts on a few proposals they had. Sirius was surprised to say the least, but he smiled and accepted, knowing that he might have just given people a spark of inspiration that was needed to make their world great once more and perhaps help to push it into the twenty-first century.

-I can only hope- He thought, turning his attention to the Witch beside him as she began quietly talking.


November 30th.

Sirius looked around the Leaky Cauldron anxiously. He had finally gotten word from Remus and his friend was finally returning to Britain after having been traveling in America. When he had sent the copy of the Daily Prophet with the last letter he had sent to Remus, he didn't know what his friend's reaction would be. The day after Sirius' Werewolf Protection Law had passed, the Daily Prophet had screamed the headlines: Law Protects Society and Werewolves!. There, of course, had been mixed reactions to the news but many had been in agreement of the registration and the solution for Werewolves to have a safe and protected area to run around on the night of the full moon. Many claimed that they could rest easier knowing the Werewolves were safely medicated and running around while being watched by trained Healers and Aurors. Others, however, complained that the Ministry was wasting good resources on 'beasts' who don't deserve the care. However, those people were in the minority thankfully.

The new law did have a snowball effect, though. Amelia claimed that she didn't have the money to properly train and equip the personal needed to staff the wildlife preserve. Malfoy, Nott and Flint pounced on that and demanded that the law be abolished but Madame Longbottom, instead, proposed an increase in the budget for the D.M.L.E. Minister Fudge had tried to bluster though had been thoroughly 'defanged' when Madame Marchbanks and two others quickly supported Madame Longbottom's proposal. To them, it was a small price to pay in order to keep the society safe and all of them agreed that the Auror's should be better trained and equipped; going so far as to even suggest Dragon hide vests, arm guards and leg guards as a mandatory part of the uniform.

Sirius had later sat down with Lucas in the man's study. Lucas had been more than willing to show him the stocks and such James and Lily had invested in before their deaths; having told Sirius that he would be better off knowing since he is Harry's godfather. Sirius was shocked when he learned on how wealthy the Potter's truly were, especially when he learned how much James and his ancestors had loaned to various families. If Lucas ordered it, he could cause at least a dozen families to go bankrupt; including Fudge. Not only that, but James' grandfather had taken out war bonds and bonds on various forms of currency. As it stood, the Ministry as a whole owed the Potters well over two million galleons. Lucas was seriously considering in calling in the debts which belonged to know Death Eaters such as Malfoy, Flint, Nott, Parkinson, Fleetwood, Crabbe, Goyal, Goodwill and Smyth. Sirius knew it would cripple many of the families if not ruin them completely. He and Lucas talked for a long time before they agreed that they would wait until Harry could make that decision for himself since it was matters pertaining to his House.

"Padfoot, I swear, if that newspaper was a hoax."

Sirius was abruptly brought out of his thoughts by the sound of his friend's voice. Remus John Lupin was the same age as him, though looking at him one would swear that he was a few years older. Tawny colored hair hung down past the man's ears as amber colored eyes glimmered with a weariness that only came from a life of hardships. Three scars crossed Remus' face diagonally; starting at the corner of his right eye and ending just below the corner of his lips. The man was dressed in shabby, patched robes that look as if they were holding on by thread and he carried a case which looked even more worn and battered than his robes. Sirius felt his heart ache at the sight of his best friend and he quickly stood to greet his longtime friend.

"No hoax, Moony. I may be an arse and a prankster, but I'd never lie about something like this. The law was passed on the tenth. There's so much I've wanted to tell you." Sirius said, swallowing thickly as Remus set his bag down on the table near Sirius.

"Well, you'd better start talking. I'm not going anywhere." Remus said, emotion shining in his eyes as Sirius chuckled softly.

Sirius quickly pulled Remus into a tight embrace, ignoring the people who were looking at them with curiosity. Remus hugged him just as tightly, his hands gripping onto the robe Sirius wore as he breathed in the familiar scent of leather, spice and something that smelled like home. Inside his mind, his inner wolf, Moony, howled at the scent of his pack member; finally content that he was back where he belonged. Pulling back, both of them blinked away the tears that threatened to fall before Sirius led his childhood friend to a private room he had rented from Tom. Closing the door behind them, Sirius locked the door and threw up privacy wards before scanning himself and Remus for any listening charms. Thankfully he found none and finally took his seat while Remus looked at him with interest.

"Alright, what's going on?" Remus asked, blinking when Sirius pulled out various copies of the Daily Prophet which dated back to the beginning of the month.

"You remember Lily's secret, right?" Sirius asked, watching as Remus raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"Of course. I remember she told all of us when James proposed to her the summer before Seventh Year. She was crying as she told us and James was so bloody worried that she was going to say no. We never expected to learn that she had once been an Assassin." Remus said.

"Lord and Lady Othello followed leads and found out that Albus was going to leave Harry with Petunia and-"

"What?! That bloody-"

"Moony calm down! Damn…and you call me short tempered." Sirius said, shaking his head at his friend as Remus frowned.

"You know Harry is mine and Moony's cub. It pained me when we all had to go into hiding and I couldn't see him." Remus muttered, Sirius nodding as he smiled gently at his friend.

"They took Harry only a few minutes after Albus left him on the doorstep. They also sent three other Assassins to find me. I…I chased after Pettigrew when I saw James' body. I know I was in the wrong, especially when I didn't demand that Hagrid give me Harry. When I was brought to the estate, I learned that Harry had a piece of Voldemort's soul underneath the scar on his forehead. Of course they removed the bloody thing. They also blood adopted Harry, making him their legal son. I was shocked, but in doing so they offered another layer of protection for Harry." Sirius began.

Remus was shocked to learn that Lucas and Delilah had already discovered that Harry had the capabilities to be an Assassin. More so, he was surprised that Sirius had been willing to allow his godson to be trained when he was older. Of course, when Sirius told Remus about the prophecy talking about Harry and Voldemort, which had been discovered by a few Assassins who worked in the Department of Mysteries, Remus was angered that his cub's destiny was tied with the Dark Lord's. He was horrified in learning that Voldemort had created more than one Horcrux, though he was also relieved that the Goblin's were allied with the Assassins and were trying to develop a way to track down the horrible abominations. Remus was grateful for everything that was being done and agreed that Lucas and Delilah had pulled a great move in protecting Harry by blood adopting him.

Sirius also told Remus about his mother and how he's now Lord Black. Remus was surprised but happy for his friend as he knew that Sirius would and was doing a lot of good using his Lordship and political power. However, everything his friend was telling him made him wonder why Sirius had asked him to come back. What good could he do?

"Padfoot...why am I here?" Remus asked, blinking when Sirius snorted.

"Harry's been asking for you, Remus. He almost always asks me where his 'unca Moony' is. Lucas and Delilah want you in Harry's life as well. They are constantly asking me if I've heard from you and how you're doing. Besides, I have an idea for a new business that I need your help with." Sirius said, grinning when Remus raised an eyebrow at him.


"Mhm! Though, you'll have to stay here in Britain from now on, of course. Delilah will likely want to take you shopping when she meets you and will practically demand that you stay at the estate…though I was kinda hoping you'd move in with me at Grimmauld Place. It's much too big for just me now that the renovations have been finished. Though you'd have to get used to seeing different people pass through at odd times." Sirius said, Remus' eyes wide as he looked at his friends.

"Sirius, if you're-"

"Merlin, Moony, believe me for once! We all want you here and Harry will need your guidance as well. Right now I get Harry every weekend. He has his own bedroom in Grimmauld Place and so do you. I've also brought Andie back into the family and ensured that she, Ted and their daughter Nymphadora have rooms in Grimmauld as well. We want you here, Remus. I need you here. I can't lose another friend because of this damned war." Sirius said, his voice softening and filled with emotion.

Remus instantly knew that his friend was dead serious about everything. Ever since he had been bitten by Greyback as a young child, his life had been on the sour end. His parents had invested all of the family fortune into a silver lined room in the basement of his childhood home for his transformations. Not only that, but he had constantly been called a beast, freak or a dark creature. When he had gotten his Hogwarts letter he had cried when Albus personally delivered it and assured him and his parents that he'd be able to attend the school. James and Sirius' friendship had been priceless; same with Lily's, Severus' and even Peter's. He had thought they would all run or hate him when they discovered his horrible ailment, but they had accepted him with open arms and had done what they could to help him. He still had fond memories of running through the Forbidden Forest with Prongs, Padfoot and Wormtail before Lily joined them in their Seventh Year as Tigress. His most treasured possession was his Prefect Badge that Minerva had given him in the letter that had come for his Fifth Year. The woman had believed and encouraged him even though she knew his condition.

Ever since they had split up and went into hiding, his life had taken a turn for the worse. He had hidden in the Muggle world and when he learned of James and Lily's deaths he fled to America in grief. Hearing from Sirius had brought back painful memories and that pain had increased when he learned that it had been Peter who had betrayed James and Lily. He hadn't wanted to set foot back in England; having found a faint hope in America where they accepted Werewolves as normal people. Of course it had been hard to find a job. But he had worked as a bouncer, bodyguard and a couple other occupations that weren't too hard to find in abundance. All of that changed, however, when Sirius had begun writing him. He had been shocked when the dark haired man had sent him the first letter apologizing for ever suspecting him. Admittedly, he had been cautious when writing back to Sirius and had nearly told his friend that he didn't want to return. However, now that Werewolves were being treated better and had the same rights as normal Witches and Wizards, he was actually beginning to see potential in coming back and staying.

"Can I see Harry?" Remus asked, watching as Sirius smiled.

"Of course. C'mon." Sirius said, standing up as he pulled down the wards.

Remus stood and, after shrinking his bag and pocketing it, followed Sirius out of the private room. They headed to the main room where Sirius told him to wait a few minutes so Lucas could add him-Remus-to the ward book. Remus paid attention to the destination and password Sirius gave after he threw in floo powder into the fireplace. He figured that others couldn't hear the destination given the nature of where they were going. Remus waited a few minutes before taking a pinch of floo powder and tossing it into the fireplace. Stepping into the emerald flames, he called out the destination and password before closing his eyes shut as the world spun around him. Only when he began slowing down did he open his eyes and stick his leg out as if taking a step forward.

The fireplace he walked out of opened up to a rather beautifully decorated lounge. Sirius was grinning at him while a short, but stunningly beautiful woman with golden blonde hair and ice blue eyes walked forward. She took one look at him and pulled him into a warm embrace. Remus was stunned at the strength the small woman possessed, though he hugged her back and kissed her cheek.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you, Remus. I'm Delilah Othello. My husband was called away for the moment but he should be here sometime soon. Lily and Sirius had told us much about you and I have to say, it's about time we're finally able to meet the man they spoke so fondly about." The woman said, smiling as Remus flushed but smiled.

"I hope it's all been good things. You never know with Sirius." He said, grinning as Delilah giggled while Sirius laughed and patted him on the back.

"All good things, Remus, all good things." Delilah said, smiling as she took Remus' arm and tucked her hand in the crease of his elbow.

Remus was in awe over the elegance of the manor as Delilah showed him around while Sirius walked on his other side. He was slightly alarmed to see people walking around dressed in different colored coats which were all of the same style and material. Of course he knew that these people were Assassins; after all Lily had shown them her own coat which had been in a darker shade of red than her hair. All of them bowed towards Delilah and Sirius though looked at him curiously even though they never said anything about his appearance. Sirius had warned him that Delilah and Lucas were Master Assassins and the current leaders of the Magical Brotherhood here in Britain. However, seeing it for himself was drastically different than hearing about it from his friend.

Delilah led him outside where Remus smiled at the sight of his cub playing in a sandbox while being watching by a middle aged woman with silver hair. Harry spotted them first, his eyes widening in happiness.

"Unca Moony! Unca Pa'foo!" Harry cried, getting to his feet and running over as fast as his little legs could carry him.

"Harry." Remus sighed, releasing Delilah's hand and crouching down as the one year-old bundle of energy crashed into him.

"So, Moony?" Sirius asked, smiling as his friend lifted Harry in his arms and looked at him.

"Where am I staying?"


Time passed relatively peacefully for Sirius, Remus and the Othello family. Remus moved into Grimmauld Place with Sirius and registered with the Ministry as a Werewolf. Many Werewolves came out of the woodwork and were beyond relieved when they were offered healthcare, education and housing. Lucas, Sirius and Adrian worked together to build a homeless shelter to house everyone who had suffered not only from being a Werewolf but from the war as a whole. The homeless shelter was a massive building spanning four floors with the first floor consisting of a large kitchen, dining room, common rooms, library, gym and living rooms. The three upper floors had flats ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms for families of different sizes. The Ministry was soon flooded with people who were seeking jobs and the Minister actually created an unemployment department to help people find jobs. Psychologists also offered their services for people who had come from abusive homes and had suffered from great loss or had survived an attack.

Sirius and Augusta created an orphanage that accepted children from all walks of life and all different races. The only known magical based orphanage was overcrowded due to the war and was suffering because of that and lack of funding. Lucas, with permission from Sirius and Remus, created the Potter foundation and charity which was designated to help the orphanages. This proved to be a rather popular move with the Purebloods and Halfbloods and it wasn't long before donations were coming in. Lucas purchased a shop in Diagon Alley for people who wanted to drop off children or wanted to tour the orphanage to potentially adopt a child. The orphanage was much like the homeless shelter in that there were multiple stories with the main floor being for all of the children to enjoy. The upper floors were divided by age groups and the staff mostly lived in houses on the grounds.

Lucas and Delilah also encouraged some of the members of the Brotherhood who specialized in Technomancy to set up a shop in Diagon Alley in order to bring technology to the Magical World. This generated a few mixed reactions, though Muggleborns and Muggle raised Witches and Wizards were eager to see the new store and finally be able to get televisions, phones, computers and more without their magic interfering and ruining the devices. Of course the Muggleborns and those who were raised knowing about the Muggle world were quick to teach those who didn't which increased business for the new shops. It wasn't long before Purebloods were making an effort to learn more about the Muggle world and how to better blend in. Amelia compounded on this by pointing out to the Minister that Muggle technology was advancing quickly and it made it harder for Witches and Wizards to blend in; especially with the use of security cameras. Fudge wanted to deny it, but Amelia used her connections with a secret branch of Scotland Yard to prove her point which had shocked the timid and portly man.

Of course the Brotherhood was kept busy. Missions were pouring in as more and more Templars and Death Eaters started to get restless. Of the Death Eaters Andrew Fleetwood was the first one who was killed. He had been supporting Muggle drug lords and even had some potion masters mix different potions with different types of drugs which made them more potent and yet more lethal as well. The Assassins who were assigned to his case managed to find the location of the warehouse which was where the drugs were being modified and tipped off the secret branch of Scotland Yard and the Aurors. It also wasn't too hard for Andrew to meet his end due to...drug overdose. They also stopped shipments of weapons that were being magically modified and on their way to potential gangs and such. Yes, there were some close calls in which the Assassin's covers were blown and they had to make a hasty escape.

Delilah and Lucas were also dealing with all of the fan mail their son was getting. All of the gifts that were appropriate for him were given to Harry though some were donated to the orphanages and families who were struggling to make ends meet. Gifts that weren't appropriate for his age were placed in a new vault for him to go over once he was older. Sadly there were some people who attempted to slip portkeys and harmful substances into the letters. Every time this happened the House Elves who dealt with the mail disarmed the portkeys and ensured the spells that would activate whatever trap was on the letter were disarmed as well. These were sent off to the D.M.L.E. where the senders were warned and had to pay a rather heavy fine or even served a few days or a week in Azkaban depending on the severity of their offense. Each letter was read and Lucas or Delilah would write a letter back thanking the person for their card and/or their gift. They didn't want people to think they and their son were ungrateful and it only helped push them into a better light with others.

December came and was a lively affair for everyone. Sirius and Remus spent it at Othello Estate and saw firsthand how well liked Delilah and Lucas were by the Assassins. The couple received many gifts from those in the Brotherhood; most of which were things they needed or wanted and all of them meaningful. Of course Harry was spoiled rotten by everyone, though many gifts were educational and some were even useful for when he finally began his training. All of them paid a visit to James and Lily's graves, in which even Harry was quiet as his new parents and uncles told James and Lily everything that had happened so far in their world. While they didn't expect Harry to fully understand why his parents weren't around anymore, they wanted him to be a part of this.

It was a few days after Christmas when Sirius was visiting Andie and noticed something extraordinary about her seven year-old daughter.

"Andie…did her eyes just flash gold?" Sirius asked, looking down at the young girl as she stumbled upstairs.

"Yes, though you know it's because of her powers, Sirius. She's the first-"

"Metamorphmagus in over fifty years, I know. But…that was different from simply changing her eye color." Sirius said, making his cousin frown and look at him.

"What do you mean?" She asked, brushing a lock of brown hair away from her face.

"When Nymph uses her powers you can see the colors bleed together before solidifying into one color. This was instantaneous and only last for a few seconds. Have you or Ted noticed or seen anything else?" Sirius asked, making Andie blink before she frowned in thought.

"Well…she refuses to go near certain people…almost as if she knows their intentions. She also has very good eyesight, more than normal." She admitted, watching as surprise and some understanding blossomed across her cousin's face.

"Andie, you know that Lucas and Delilah are Assassins. I think that…well I think Nymph might be one as well." Sirius said, Andromeda's eyes widening in shock.


"Now, I'm not sure but if it's okay with you, I'd like to take you two to the estate. If she has the potential to become an Assassin she can be trained and helped." Sirius said, watching as Andromeda looked at him.

"Sirius, I don't want my daughter to become a killer at such a young age." She said, watching as Sirius smiled gently.

"Andie, she wouldn't be trained to kill until she's much older. I had the same worries about Harry when they told me he has the potential to become an Assassin. She'll be taught how to use her gifts, build her agility and stamina along with being taught parkour and free running. I bet you anything they'll be able to help her find her natural grace too." Sirius said, watching as Andromeda looked thoughtful.

"…Give me some time to think it over. I want to talk to Ted about this too. This should be a family decision." Andromeda said, Sirius nodding in agreement as he smiled.

It wasn't until after the New Year when Andromeda got in contact with Sirius and agreed to let her daughter get the training she needed. Delilah's bodyguard, a fellow Master Assassin by the name of Amanda Lock, went with Sirius to the Tonks' house. Ted and Andie greeted them with some trepidation though allowed them inside. Nymphadora was slightly confused and nervous when Amanda asked her if she could view her memories and perform a simple spell on her. However, looking over at her parents and getting smiles in return made her nod in consent. Amanda gently used Legilimency to view Nymphadora's memories and found various signs that the young girl had the abilities needed to become an Assassin. Pulling out of the girl's mind, she casted a spell that had been created by one of the first magical Assassins which let them know for sure if someone had the potential to become an Assassin. As a white glow surrounded Nymphadora's body, Amanda nodded her head with a smile.

"She has the makings of an Assassin." She said, standing up and turning to the other adults.

"What happens now?" Ted asked, his blue eyes sharp as he looked at the woman.

"With your permission our trainers will spend a few days getting to know your daughter. This is so they can design a training program specifically for her and her needs and powers. The training will also help her gain control over her abilities as a Metamorphmagus. To have such an ability is an honor and she'll be a great asset to the Brotherhood when she passes her training and we begin to send her out into the field." Amanda explained, Nymphadora looking at her with interest.

"What am I training for?" She asked, innocence in her voice as Amanda looked down at her smiled.

"We'll be training you to help you get control over your abilities. Not only that but you'll learn how to beat up bad guys." She said, smiling as Nymphadora's eyes lit up.


"Really, really. Not only that but we'll be teaching you history, languages and many other things." She said, watching as the seven year-old's hair cycled through different colors in her excitement.

"When can I start?" She asked, making the adults laugh.

"Well, first a few people have to talk to you and learn what will be best for you in way of your training. After that your parents and your teachers will set up a schedule for your lessons." Amanda explained, looking to Andromeda and Ted who nodded in approval.

Sure enough, over the next few days the Tonks family flooed and portkeyed over to Othello Estate where Nymphadora spoke with a few of the Master Assassins who trained the youngsters. Meanwhile, Andromeda and Ted were shown what their daughter would be learning. Not all of it was physical training either. She'd be learning the history of Assassin's and Templar's and how the two groups have helped to shape the world and society. She'd learn how to speak at least two different languages, horseback riding, hacking, politics and a rather wide array of other subjects. The pair were surprised on how much went into training that wasn't based on weapons or killing. When their guide saw their reactions, he smiled understandingly and explained that it happened often with parents who were new to the whole 'Assassin thing'. They were also surprised when they were offered the chance of moving into one of the houses on the grounds of the estate. Of course they didn't have to, though they wouldn't have to worry about getting their daughter up and over to the estate on time for her training. Ted and Andromeda were rather hesitant, but they got the chance to talk to a few families who had their own children in training and yet they weren't Assassin's in any way.

It was the conversation they had with a single mother who has two children in the program that helped them make their decision.

"Personally, I think it was a wise choice when we decided to come here. We're Muggles, you see so we wouldn't have had any protection until my sons goes to school." Marie Cook said, smiling as she walked alongside Andromeda and Ted through the grounds.

"It's a community here. We all look out for each other and personally, this place has more protections than any other place besides Gringotts. While you may be wondering what you can do to help these people, you'd be doing them a great service. I work in a Muggle company near the top of the ladder so to speak. I also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and report it. While nothing might come of it I know I've prevented a few things." She explained, looking at the couple as they looked at her in surprise.

"How do you get to work?" Ted asked.

"I drive of course. I'm taken to a dummy house which is listed as my actual residence. My sons are taken there in the morning so they can catch the bus and go to school before I drive off to work. The house is constantly swept and monitored and so far nothing's happened. Like I said, we all look out for each other, no matter your bloodline." Marie answered, watching as Ted and Andromeda looked at each other.

When Andromeda and Ted took Nymphadora home that evening, their daughter was gushing about the different things she would be learning. They knew that she struggled when making friends with other children her age because of her abilities and she would continue to struggle because of how rare it was for someone to be a Metamorphagaus. Both of them knew that Nymphadora would also struggle to find a future boyfriend or girlfriend, should their daughter swing that way, because of her ability to shift and change her body. Many would date her simply because she could change her appearance to become their 'dream' lover. The idea of their daughter being accepted by a small community and actually find friends who were going through similar training was appealing, even more so if they lived at the estate. They would know who she hung out with and potentially dated as well. Not only that but they'd be able to spend time with parents who were going through similar experiences and not feel so alone or isolated.

They talked about it over the course of a week. With Andromeda's job as a rather well-known lawyer and with Ted working as a mechanic in a shop he owned, it would be fairly easy to help the Brotherhood. Not only that, but according to Marie they would still be able to live a somewhat normal life. Ted also liked the sound of how secure the estate was as it meant that he wouldn't have to worry about being targeted at night simply because of their bloodline or their daughter's abilities. At the end of the week, they all agreed to move to the estate and got to tour four new houses that had just been built on the property. In the end, they chose a four bedroom ranch style home a few yards away from Marie and her two sons Alec and Demetrius. Quite a few people helped them move their furniture into their new house after painting it and changing a few things to make it feel more like theirs. Of course Andromeda and Ted used spells to duplicate their furniture so it would still look like they live at their old residence in case people looked around or they had visitors who don't know about the Brotherhood. It was all about covering their tracks and adding layers of security for not only themselves, but for the people they were now living among.

"That was the last box." Ted said, smiling as he and his wife looked around their new kitchen.

"You know…I thought I would be having second thoughts about all this." Andromeda said, leaning against her husband's side as he wrapped an arm around her waist.


"Mhm. We're living on the massive grounds of an estate which belongs to the leaders of the British Brotherhood of Magical Assassins. Our daughter is an Assassin and is currently beginning her training right as we speak. How crazy does that sound?" She asked, looking up at Ted as he smiled at her.

"Ah, but that's the thing. When I asked you to be my girlfriend you told me something. You said: 'You have got to be insane to ask me out.' Do you remember that?" He asked, watching as his wife blushed and nodded sheepishly.

"And do you remember what I said in response?" He asked, grinning as understanding lit his wife's eyes.

" 'Andie, I'm a Wizard: I don't do sane.' "