Fiona heard the outhouse flush and she knew her husband Shrek woukd be coming out.

Fiona hid and waited to surprise her husband.

Tge door flew open, and fiona jumped out of the weeds

"Boo!" Fiona screamed as she jumped on the figure.

However it was not Shrek in the outside, it was Fionas bitter enemy Doris, the bartender at the poison apple.

"Doris what are you doing here atbmy home!" Fiona screamed.

Fiona looked puzzled as Doris for whatever reason had a purple leather jacket with thorns on, and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire over her shoulder.

"Well I came here to kill Shrek, but youll do fine!" Doris boomed with her manly voice.

Fiona had no time to react as Doris swung her bat striking Fiona on the head repeatedly, until her gead was a thousand splattered pieces.

Doris then threw Fionas body in a pit by the enterance of Shreks home, and left a note on her.

Doris ran away as she saw Shrek returning home with some flowers.