Doris was making love to her fiancé Prince charming, in the upper rooms at the poison apple, where Doris currently worked.

Doris was planning on having a baby before having a wedding in approximately 1 year from now.

After a while Doris picked Charming up like a liitle baby and threw him in the wall, which indicated that her Lunch break at the poison apple was over, and she needed to get back to work.

"I hate working at this crap hole!" Doris belched to herself, as she angrily began cleaning shot glasses with her spit.

Just then the door of the poison apple flew open and off its hinges. Inside an angry Shrek with a crossbow.

"Im going to kill you Doris!" Shrek belched as he fired an arrow from his crossbow, which missed Doris, and hit captain hook, who was jammin on the piano.

Captain hook screamed in agony as he removed the arrow from his arse.

Doris then threw a knife ,hitting shrek in the shoulder.

Shrek dropped to the floor, as Doris escaped through the back exit of the poison apple.