We Belong Together

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"I didn't mean it when I said I didn't love you so. I should have held on tight. I never should've let you go. I didn't know nothing. I was stupid. I was foolish. I was lying to myself. I could not fathom that I would ever be without your love. Never imagined I'd be sitting here beside myself. 'Cause I didn't know you. 'Cause I didn't know me. But I thought I knew everything." – Mariah Carey

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"Lian, stop jumping on the couch and eat your pizza. Now," Raven's stern voice called from the kitchen of her and Speedy's brand new apartment. The couple had only moved in a week before and had just finished decorating and moving around furniture the day before. The ceilings of the place were high and the living room was complete with luxurious, ceiling high windows that showed a glamorous view of downtown Steel City. The furniture and appliances were sleek and futuristic in design and black, white, or silver in color. The master bedroom was fit for royalty and Lian's mystical and magically decorated room made her seem like the little princess she was.

Suddenly, Raven heard scatters on the floor as she stood in front of the stove waiting for her tea water to boil. She turned around with a sigh, half expecting to see a rat. Instead, she saw Lian's tiny, three-year old feet scurrying towards her with a pout on her soft, round, baby face.

"Alice wants pizza, too," she cried, holding a worn-out, discolored Alice in Wonderland doll in front of her. She kept the puppy dog look on her face that she grew to learn made Raven crack. Every. Single. Time.

Raven let out another sigh and set the teacup she was holding on the counter. "Okay, but if Alice doesn't eat her slice, she has to sit in timeout."

Lian's face instantly lit up with a tiny-toothed grin. She jumped up and down, long, curly, red hair bouncing with her, and ran over to her miniature, kiddie table, placing Alice in the pink chair across from her. Raven came over and placed a single slice of pepperoni pizza in front of the still doll the little girl adored so much. A part of Raven thought it was cute since the baby-sized doll was almost as big as the redhead herself, but Raven couldn't bear to call anything cute. She figured the girl loved the doll so much because it had once been Jade's. And now that the little girl's mother was in prison, it was one of the only ways she could feel close to her.

"Alice says thank you, Ravie," the toddler knocked the older woman out of her thoughts.

Raven smirked and eyed the doll that hadn't budged one time and mumbled, "You're very welcome, Alice." Knock, knock, knock. She narrowed her eyes towards the front door, wondering, 'Now who could that be…?'

"Daddy!" Lian exclaimed, jumping out her seat with a huge smile on her face and red pizza sauce around her pink lips. The landlord had only given them one key when they moved in, so they had been alternating who kept it until they had time to make another one. So, Lian associated every knock with whichever one wasn't there at the time.

"I don't think that's your father," Raven uttered as the person kept banging louder and louder. It soon sounded like rolls of thunder. "Stay right here," she ordered, causing the girl to plop back in her seat with a frown.

Raven cursed Speedy for leaving her alone with the little girl instead of getting a babysitter or a live-in nanny. Someone that actually enjoyed it and knew what they were doing.

Yet again, Raven let out another breath as she reached for the silver handle of their door. As much as they paid for rent and their door didn't even have a peephole. It was the simple things you missed when they weren't there.

Finally, she twisted the knob and swung the door open wildly, preparing to curse out whoever was standing on the other side. But when she saw the figure standing in front of her, she almost crapped her pants.

She propped herself up on the door frame as she felt herself getting lightheaded from the sight in front of her. "Robin," she finally choked out.

Standing in front of her was a boy she hadn't seen in three years. A guy that used to be her best friend and a person she was once deeply in love with. It had taken her months to fully get over how she felt, but eventually her daily thoughts about him slowly began to fade away. She halfway thought she'd never see him again. But here he was standing in front of her, looking exactly how he did three years ago, except now he wore his hair in dark bangs over his bright, blue eyes that were shielded by his mask-like glasses.

Raven finally noticed he was panting as she stood there waiting for him to say something. Anything. Instead, he took her by an even bigger surprise. She squealed down his throat as his thin, but inviting lips were forced onto hers. He used her open mouth to his advantage and swirled his tongue around inside her jaws. His strong, toned arms leaned her down as he continued to suffocate her with his passionate kiss. The shocked girl could feel her heart beating rapidly against his own. His grip continued to tighten around her until—

"Stop!" Raven finally screamed and pushed him off her with all her force.

Robin stumbled back and tried to catch his breath. He wiped her spit off his mouth and looked the still beautiful girl in her angry, violet eyes. He didn't know what made him do it, but he did know he'd never regret it.

Okay, hold up. In order for you to understand what's really going on in this scene, I have to take you back three days before. First, we'll start in Robin's flat in London and will eventually come back to this kiss which starts off the plot of this story. Got it? Okay; here we go.

Robin's UK apartment two days before…

"Yes, Bruce, I have everything packed," Robin grunted into his cell phone as he lay on his long, sectional couch. "I'm not a little kid anymore, you know."

"Secretly hiding the fact that you changed your major for two years is pretty childish, Richard," Bruce replied matter-of-factly. "Wouldn't put it past you to start packing an hour before your flight."

"Yeah, yeah," Robin retorted with annoyance in his voice.

"Criminal Justice, Rich? Seriously," Bruce grunted.

Robin sighed and said, "I thought you of all people would understand, Bruce. You're always saying maybe you should've just been a superhero and helped people instead."

"A superhero is a fictional being. They always win. Police work is emotionally disturbing, demanding, and most of all, dangerous."

"You don't think I can do it," Robin rolled his eyes and sat up on the red couch.

Bruce breathed into the phone. "Of course I think you can do it. You can do anything you put your mind to," he paused. "I just think working at Wayne Enterprises would be more beneficial for you."

"Right," the Londoner dripped with sarcasm, "I'll call you when my flight lands." He didn't even give his father figure a chance to reply before he hung up the long-distance call.

He took a deep breath and exhaled as he stood up. He had one last thing to pack: his old keepsake box. His biological father had given it to him at the tender age of six and told him to keep every meaningful picture, souvenir, and plain old memory inside. He assured him that no matter what happened in his life, he could always go back and find a smile in the box.

That was over fifteen years ago. For a long time, that statement was true. But for the last three years, the box hadn't brought anything but pain to the dark-haired boy. Inside was nothing but pictures of his biological parents, their time in the circus, his life and friends in Jump City, and worst or best—he couldn't decide—of all, him and Raven over the years. The ones of him and his former best friend seemed to bring the most pain. Seeing her typical, small smile next to his signature smirk did something to him. Many nights he found himself staring into her violet eyes, tracing over her lips with his fingers, and wishing he was doing it in actuality.

Needless to say, after all this time he was still deeply in love with the girl of his past. He had dated many women since moving to the United Kingdom and had presented himself as an eligible bachelor everywhere he went. But nothing ever worked out. His first year away he had even settled for a long-distance relationship with Kori, but he couldn't get past the guilt he felt for making her believe he loved her the way he loved Raven. Plus, never seeing her made it even harder to pretend that he really liked her. Raven still had his heart, and no matter how hard he tried to push her way, he still longed for her.

To him, their connection was still strong as ever. Every morning and night he wondered if she still felt it or did she just push it away. He had even wept a few nights, his heartbreaking because she wasn't laying there in his arms. He had nightmares about her marrying and spending the rest of her life with Speedy. Dreams of that nature caused him to have many sleepless nights. Countless times he told himself he didn't want to be in love with her and he wanted to move on, thinking that would somehow make those words true.

It killed him to think she was probably the happiest she'd ever been with Roy. He couldn't help but hope that Speedy was doing everything he could to keep a smile on her face and make her feel loved. He hoped he surprised her with flowers and held her tight like he never wanted to let her go. He hoped he held her hand as they strolled down the street and nursed her back to health when she was sick. He hoped he didn't take her sarcastic remarks as insults but as a way to know she cared. And most importantly, he hoped he told her how much he loved her and never wanted to lose her. Every. Single. Night.

Robin smirked as he wondered if Raven would even like such romantic things. She never seemed like the type for romance or cheesiness. When he looked back, he didn't even know how they had grown apart. He had stayed in contact with their other friends for at least a year before they started going their own ways in their busy lives. Over the last three years, he had picked up his phone to call her a million times, but only managed to go through with it about a thousand. And out of those one thousand calls, she never answered. Sometimes she texted him back when he enquired about how she was doing, but he had stopped doing that almost a year ago.

Robin sighed as he opened the old, fancy box to his favorite picture of the two. It was actually the last happy picture they took together. For his eighteenth birthday, he just wanted a small outing with his closest friends at the city park. While the others were playing a serious game of stank ball, him and Raven watched from a bench afar. They talked as usual and eventually he convinced her to take a selfie with him. The best part about the picture though was her smile. He dared her to smile with her teeth for a change and she surprisingly played along. However, her toothy smile actually looked more scary than happy and like it almost caused her pain. Yet, she still looked beautiful as ever to him. He found himself having random bouts of laughter the rest of the day from the thought of it and loved it so much he had it printed out.

Robin grasped the picture in his hand tightly and looked around the room at all the suitcases he packed. He didn't know how he would get all of it back to the United States, but he would find a way. Unbeknownst to Bruce, he was actually glad his adoptive father was forcing him to transfer to Steel University for the spring semester. Once Bruce found out Robin had left the prestigious business program for the criminal justice world, he refused to pay the foreign tuition. So, he gave Robin the ultimatum of either changing back to business or going to Steel. Bruce figured the only reason he didn't settle for business was because crime fighting was the young boy's passion, but he didn't realize that Raven and most of their friends were students at Steel Uni. Robin would finally be back with the violet-haired girl. He was all for it, even if that meant he had to watch her live her life with the redhead. At least, they'd be friends again.

He looked down at the picture once more and for the first time in years, smiled at the joy he saw in it. He stared into her amethyst eyes once more and muttered, "I'm coming for you, Raven."

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Raven and her lover of three years were preparing for bed. It was just reaching ten p.m. and both of them had had a long day of studying and taking finals. Now, they were finally through with the fall semester of their junior year and just wanted to rest.

"Daddy, can I sleep with you and Ravie tonight?" Lian jumped on their round, king-sized bed. She was holding her beloved Alice doll and having the time of her life bouncing up and down on the springy mattress.

Roy picked up a fallen pillow and hit Lian softly on top of the head. The rosy cheek girl giggled and threw her arms around the taller man's waist. Speedy squeezed her tight and said, "Of course, Sweetheart."

Raven came out the master bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. "Don't you think it's time to be a big girl and sleep in your own room, Lian?" she questioned with a mouth full of toothpaste.

Lian frowned and looked up at her dad with big, dark eyes. "But what if the monster in the closet eats me?" she whined sweetly.

Speedy looked at Raven's annoyed face and let out a chuckle, "There's no monster in your closet, Sunshine."

"Bu-but he growled at me last night," she cried and hugged him once again. "Pwease."

Speedy shook his head at her silly fear and pronunciation of the word please and gave in, "Okay. One last time."

Raven took a sip of water to rinse out her mouth and spit the dirty liquid back in the sink. She stuck her head out the door and called, "Roy, can I talk to you for a second?"

Speedy sighed and tucked Lian under the cover with Alice, then walked over to his girlfriend in the bathroom. He knew he was in for it when she closed the door and stood there with her arms folded over her chest.

"What's wrong, Gem?" he breathed and looked away from her fed up stare.

"Lian's been sleeping with us nonstop for three months," she finally said while tapping her foot at a fast pace.

"So?" Speedy smirked back.

The petite girl in front of him rolled her eyes and reminded him, "We're a couple. We can't do couple things with her there."

Speedy's smirk grew larger as he moved towards her and played in her hair. "Aww, Rae-Rae's horny," he teased and twirled a strand of her now shoulder length locks.

Raven grimaced and assured, "I'm not horny." Then, she said a little lower, mainly because she hated to admit it. "I miss you holding me. And I miss waking up in your arms."

Speedy finally let go of her hair and gave her a frown of pity. "I know, I know. I miss it, too, but she's a little girl. And she gets scared, especially since you know what."

The you know what was referring to the day Lian witnessed her mother almost killing someone, then later witnessed her resisting arrest, and finally getting handcuffed and thrown in the back of a police car. The little girl cried for her mom for days. Raven's heart broke with each tear she dropped. That was almost four months ago.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Besides," he teased again, "I thought you liked playing step-mommy."

Raven smirked and uttered nonchalantly, "You know I love Lian like my own." She hunched her shoulders under his large t-shirt that covered her body and continued, "I just love you and your strong, muscular arms, too."

Speedy caressed her cheek with a sneaky grin on his face. Then, slowly brought his face down to kiss her plump lips. But before he could reach his destination, Lian's small fist tapped on the door.

"Daddy, I think I have to tinkle," she called from the other side.

Raven couldn't help but chuckle at her innocence. Speedy matched her smile and opened the door for the hyper three-year old. Raven watched as the girl eagerly ran over to her tiny, pink, princess potty and pulled down her yellow pajama bottoms. Then, she glanced over at a shirtless Speedy who was egging the potty-training girl on.

"Good job!" Speedy clapped as the potty sang a little song of success. "Daddy's proud of you, Honey."

Raven continued to watch the two with a small smile on her usually somber face. She smirked as the loving father picked his mini me up and helped her wash her hands with giggles pouring from her mouth. Raven knew at that moment that this was where she was meant to be. She loved the two people standing across from her more than anything. They made her days and put real smiles on her face. She never thought she'd be one for having a family, but coming home to them every day was the highlight of her life so far. Maybe one day, she thought, her and Roy would be able to give Lian a little brother or sister.

"Come on, Gem," Speedy said from behind her as she finally realized they were leaving the small room. "Let's go to bed."

"Bed, bed, bed!" Lian cheered with pumps of her fist from one side of Speedy's body as he held her close to him.

With his other side, he wrapped an arm around Raven's shoulder and led them towards the warm bed. And as the older woman lay on the opposite side of the small child, she knew there was no way she would ever give the girl or her father up for anything. Or anyone.

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