The sound of a woman's screams echoed throughout the dark and desolate castle ruins. Unlike the common screams of agony that circulated through the realm, these screams were the proof that new life was being brought into the world. A brunette woman with no family and no name for herself laid on a pile of hay, her faithful sister at her side helping her through the birth. She was pale with the effort, but both women knew both she and the baby would be fine. Magic, after all, is a helpful thing when the concerns of one's life are involved.

"It's going to be okay, Maleficent," The older woman whispered, soothing her hair back. "You did it. You've brought a beautiful baby girl into the world."

She carefully took the child away from the exhausted mother, going to wash her off and make her more presentable. Once she was washed, the child was wrapped in a rough cloth blanket; the best the women could give the child who was fast asleep in the first place. The only thing she would have noticed was the fact that she was now warm as she was placed into her mother's arms.

"There you are, dear sister. Now, the time comes for you to give the child a name." She watched the woman and her daughter, the faintest smile crossing her lips.

Maleficent nodded softly, giving her sister a weak smile. She was still extremely tired, but she knew she had to name the girl before she rested. Once her name was given, her fate would be laid upon her like all faeries of their realm.

"I can barely think, Laila." She whispered, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow. "I've just had a child, you know."

They both watched the child in thought, each preparing themselves for a different task for the child. Maleficent, searching for a name for her beloved daughter and Laila, waiting to present the child with her fate. Just before either could utter another word to the other, the door to the room they lay in was ripped off its hinges by a team of knights. The women froze, not sure what to make of this new company. All they knew for sure was something terrible was to happen.

A young King walked in, scanning the room with danger in his eyes. It had been far too long since he had been inside this disastrous place, and it would only be a few minutes more until he'd never have to see it again.

"You do not belong here. This place is sacred to the faeries on-…" Laila's protests were cut short by a dagger piercing straight through her heart. Her eyes were frozen with shock as she crumpled to the floor, her life leaving her before she hit the ground.

"Laila!" Maleficent screamed, looking up at the King in horror. "You… How could you come back here and do this to me? You swore you'd never come back to this place again, Stefan!"

"You never told me you were going to give birth to /my/ child, Maleficent. I've come to take what is mine." He growled, watching the woman pathetically.

He quickly ripped the sleeping child from her grasp, watching the child with interest. It looked almost nothing like its mother except for thin traces of auburn curls and the faintest point of the ear. All things that could be explained away by the young King's craftiness. He knew exactly how to keep people from questioning the baby girl.

"You can't take her from me, Stefan. You never once cared for me while I carried her these nine months. What makes you think you can swoop in now and claim something you never once wanted?" She snapped.

"My wife is unable to bear children, dear Mal. It seems only fair that I take my heir from where I've sown my seed." He smirked, gently rocking the baby girl in his arms. "In all fairness to you, she's quite a beautiful child. We did a good job." He laughed, walking out and leaving the woman to fume over his cruelty.

He got into his carriage, carefully setting the child down in a basket filled with fine silks and furs. The child would never know the discomforts Stefan assumed she would know as the poor faerie's daughter.

"Once we've brought the child home, we must immediately prepare a christening for the girl. I want to make sure the Kingdom thinks this child to be Leah's and not that of a filthy creature like that woman, do you hear me, boy?" He said to his trusted servant who sat across from him, watching the baby nervously.

"Y-Yes, my lord. I will definitely see that it is done right away, your highness." The poor boy stammered. "Your highness, what will you call the child?"

Stefan looked down at the baby, thinking carefully for a few minutes before looking back to his servant again.

"I'll call her Aurora."