Soon after rescuing his fair Aurora, they were married in a quaint little church to avoid answering any questions about who she was. Many didn't even believe she was a real person, let alone still young enough to wed the young Prince. After the marriage was deemed official, he took her to his palace where they could begin their new life together and be truly happy.

Alas, the young woman often didn't feel at home in the new world. Everything was more advanced than she remembered it, and she often found herself confused when trying to do things that had once been so simple to her. Even the dresses Phillip bought for her were newer with less corsets and new styles. It felt more and more like she wasn't supposed to be there at all, despite Phillip's promises that this was all meant to be.

A week after their marriage, Aurora was sitting quietly on their balcony, a garland of silver leaves held tightly between her pale hands. They had been having a banquet to celebrate their marriage, but Aurora found that she was never quite hungry enough to eat anything. She had left that night's dinner early just like she had all the other nights, deciding to spend some time in the summer moonlight.

"They say you are named after the dawn, yet I never saw you more beautiful than you are here in the light of the moon." Phillip whispered gently as he came up behind her with a small plate of strawberries and cream.

"I brought these here for you because I noticed you haven't eaten much. I'm worried about you my darling. What's troubling you?"

Aurora smiled nervously up at her husband, gently taking the plate from him and shaking her head. She didn't want him to think she was unhappy simply because she didn't understand the way things worked, but she also didn't want to keep it all bottled inside her anymore. She needed to let him know why she was so distant most of the time.

"My love, I want you to know I am forever glad to have been rescued by you, and I love you more than I've loved anyone in my whole life. It's just that being here, seeing all of the new advancements in the world…. I don't belong. I feel frightened that someone will realise what is wrong with me, and use that to their advantage. I couldn't bear to lose you over something like this. That's all."

Phillip smiled in understanding, wrapping his arms around his beloved. He had always known how she felt, and had tried his best to help her, but he knew this was something that would take time.

"I understand, my darling. Why don't you go ahead and eat these strawberries and then we'll go to bed, alright? You'll feel much better as time goes on."

Aurora let out a timid giggle and nods, quietly nestling against him as she focused on eating the fruit. It felt nice to have some food in her stomach again, but the worry that was settled there was still high. When she was finished with the strawberries, she gave Phillip a small nod before standing up.

"Alright, my darling, let's go to bed." She whispered, following her husband into their bedroom.

The couple quietly got ready for bed, and crawled under the covers, Aurora tucked into her beloved's arms. She quietly pressed a kiss to his collarbone, squeezing her eyes shut in thought. She just had to keep reminding herself that tomorrow was another day and everything would be just fine.

"I love you..." She whispered quietly, nestling her head against his chest.

"And I, you, my darling." Phillip replied before the pair of them drifted off into a deep sleep.

They awoke sometime later to find everything was darker than it should have been. Surrounding them were the four paneled walls of a wooden chest, and wrapped around their wrists and ankles were ropes with weights attached. Water was up to their ankles, and Phillip quickly realised their situation. They were under water.

Aurora let out a frightened little yelp, looking at Phillip in terror.

"Ph-Phillip what's going on? Where are we?" She pleaded, shaking. She knew that nothing good could come from this, but she had to hope he could save them.

'Drowning,' Phillip thought to himself, closing his eyes for a moment. 'I've married the love of my life, and now I'm drowning.'

"Nothing." He answered quietly, "Just stay close to me. Everything is going to be fine."

He shifted so he could lean against the side of the box with her resting on his chest once again. As she sobbed, the water rose higher and he only prayed that someday he'd find her again. In some time, in some place, he'd be with her once more and they would forget the hell they'd gone through in that box in the middle of the ocean.

~Some years later~

In a small town, in an even smaller apartment, a young couple was having an Easter party with some of their friends. They smiled and laughed as a young boy ran about with a little toddler chasing at his heels.

"Phiwwip, I wanna play!" The girl shrieked, laughing.

"Go away, Aurora! I only play with bigger kids." Phillip pouted at the child, running over to his parents. "Tell her to go away."

"Now Phillip, you know you should be nice to Aurora. She's a family friend to us, isn't that right Sebastian?" His mother looked up to his father, a small smile crossing her lips.

"That's absolutely right. Maybe you'll even marry one day." He chuckled, watching as Phillip wrinkled his nose and ran off to play.