Anthony Roselli was transferred to Korydallos Prison in Athens where he would be detained until trial on any number of charges ranging from break and entering and assault to kidnapping and attempted murder. Roselli's trial took place swiftly and on June 23, 1987, Remington and Laura watched as Roselli was sentenced to twenty years for his crimes against them in Greece. As he was led away in shackles, Roselli turned to the Steele's, giving them a cocky little smirk, believing he had once again beaten the system. After all, Mexico was pushing for his extradition there, and a Greek prison was certainly preferable to the bowels of Mexican jails. At least that was what he believed and he couldn't have been more mistaken. Severe overpopulation meant six to ten men were living in close confines in a cell meant to hold no more than two. Warring gangs comprised of members of opposing juntas kept the prison at unrest. Guard brutality was routine. And, when various factions within the prison became aware that Roselli had committed numerous crimes against the son and daughter-in-law of Marcos Androkus – a man known for his generosity and in giving men a second chance when released from prison – Roselli found himself spending each minute of every day with a target on his back. By the time the Greek authorities arranged for his transfer to Mexico in April of 2007, where he would face two counts of murder in the deaths of Norman Keyes and Conchita Guitierrez, a Mexican prison had become a welcome change in his mind.

The court in Mexico moved even more expediently than that in Greece. Within forty days of his feet touching Mexican soil, Roselli was extended an invitation to spend the remainder of his life behind bars. His hopes for kinder conditions disintegrated overnight. Numerous, former Malvados and relatives of the same were housed within the prison walls. While not a single one of those inmates cared about the demise of Norman Keyes, the memory of Conchita Guitierrez's gruesome death at Roselli's hands had not been forgotten. When Roselli died of dysentery in the winter of 2011 at the age of sixty, he welcomed death with open arms.

The irony that Roselli was to live out the remainder of his days in a Mexican prison, as Keyes and Roselli had intended Remington to do, was not lost on the Steele's. That thought, however, was fleeting. In April of 1987, after finally answering the question of "why" Roselli had targeted them long before they were even aware of the man's existence, they closed the book in their minds on the man. When they thought about Roselli at all in the years ahead he only served as a reminder that there was nothing their partnership – in both the boardroom and the bedroom – could not overcome.

When Laura and Remington boarded the Pan Am flight that would take them home on November 3, 1986, both had set Roselli aside in their minds. After all, there were much more pressing matters to attend to: their traditional champagne toast; an irritated Miss Holt to soothe after Remington made the unilateral announcement that their first order of business when arriving back in LA would be to make an appointment with the best orthopedist they could find; plans on once again bringing the Agency back up to speed after their long absence; a crossword puzzle to fuss playfully over; and, of course, a long nap, curled up with one another, as the plane traversed the Atlantic.

By the time the plane set down at LAX, their luggage had been claimed and customs had been navigated, they'd collapsed into the backseat of the limo. "Home, Fred," Remington directed their faithful chauffer, while giving Laura's hand a tug, and drawing her to his side. Neither of them could think past getting home, unpacking, eating a light dinner then crawling into bed. That is, until her dazed mind realized the passing landscape should not be what she was viewing out the limo windows. Closing her eyes, she rubbed her hand back and forth across her husband's chest.

"Fred seems determined to take the scenic route," she commented.

"Mmmmmm," he hummed in acknowledgment. "It's quite alright with me. I find I'm enjoying the company far too much to complain at the moment." Above her head, he smiled, anticipating her reaction to what lay in store for her in a few, brief miles.

Laura stretched herself fully awake when the car came to a complete stop and she heard the familiar sound of Fred's car door opening then closing. Opening her eyes, she blinked hard at the scene outside of the window, then blinked again. Outside the window of the limo their house in Holmby Hills sat before them.

"What are we doing here?" she asked Remington as he opened the car door then extracted himself out from under her. After gaining his feet, he turned and offered her a hand.

"You'll see," he answered enigmatically. Looking her husband over with open curiosity, she took his hand and alighted from the car. Her laughter carried in the air when, three short steps from the front door, he swept her up in his arms.

"What are you doing?"

"Merely trying to eradicate the regrettable memory of the first time I carried my new bride across the threshold of our home some six months back," he answered with raised brows before touching his lips to hers. Swinging the door open, he carried her through, smiling as she stilled in his arms, taking in the sight before her. When she turned to look at him, the amber eyes he adored were open wide and lit with joy.

"But how?" she inquired.

"Welcome home, Mrs. Steele."

A/N: There is still one more segment of this series to go, in which we finally find out the 'why' Roselli targeted the Steele's in the first place. But first, it is time to enjoy the upcoming holidays with a little light fare – Steele Thankful.

Additionally, I am going to finally start releasing some AU (Alternate Universe) stories that follow the course of Season 4 – incorporating the canon, but while recovering "deleted" scenes that go so far as to explain why so many of us described Season 4 as the "Season of Mr. and Mrs. Steele" – in other words, as often seem implied, Remington and Laura most certainly did 'cross the line between boardroom and bedroom.' Oh, and did I mention Season 5 never took place in this series