Chapter 15: Anvil Gate (Part 1)

Location: Halfway to Anvil Gate, on the planet Sera Timeline: 16 A.E.

After the whole fight, we then climbed back on to the barge and getting ready to leave.

As Cole helped Baird up, Marcus said, "Come on, Baird, you're drivin'."

Right as Baird got on, he replies, "You-you can't drive this. You admire the view and hope the nav program works."

Then Dizzy popped up from climbing up and says as Marcus and Baird helped him, "I don't give a shit. It's good enough for me!"

Then as Dizzy stood on the barge, he the noticed Ruby opening her backpack, revealing Cuddles.

Dizzy began, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Miss, why do you have a critter such as that with you?"

Ruby replied in nervousness, "We-well, you see... Cuddles saw me as hi-his m-mother." then she ended in a nervous chuckle.

Dizzy was quite surprise from this. He said, "Whoa, you're lucky, miss!"

Then after we started to head towards Anvil Gate, we were then assaulted by the Locust Barges and Reavers

Cole shouted, "Gas bags! Ten o'clock!"

"I'm really getting sick of these guys!" I yelled.

I then switched from my minigun to my 'Tesla-Beaton Prototype' and started to aim at the Locust barges.

After I shot one down, I then targeted the Reavers.

Cole shouted out, "Hey! Get your hands off my ride, bitch!"

Ruby was now using her Longshot to shoot the Reavers down.

Then more Barges showed up and I shot them down.

After a few minutes, Dom pointed down to the forest and said, "Damn, that's a hell of a lot of firepower down there!"

We all looked down, and Dom was right. It looked like the Locust was sending an army towards Anvil Gate.

Cole asked, "Are we in radio range yet? Better warn Hoffman the grubs are coming!"

Then Marcus got on the comms and said, "This is Marcus Fenix to Anvil Gate, over..."

All he got was static as a response and Marcus growled, "Ah, damn, I'm just getting static!"

Then all of a sudden, the queen herself came back and attacked us.

Baird then said, "Okay, that just ruined my day. Myrrah's back."

I replied, "Tell me about it."

We tried to get our guns on her, but her beetle was too fast.

Dom shouted, "That beetle must be turbo-charged! She's too fast to target!"

I yelled out, "Hold still! I want to shoot you!"

Marcus responded, "Ahh! I can't get a fix on her, either."

Then Dom asked, "You ever get the feeling she's just dicking with us?"

Baird replied, "No, Dom. This feels like a pretty sincere attempt on my life!"

Then after a few seconds, Dizzy pointed out, "There it is, Anvil Gate! Maybe we can make it!"

I looked towards Anvil Gate and it looked like a pretty secure fortress.

Then after one last beam from that damn Locust Beetle, we were no descending.

Baird then said, "Shit, the bitch got us! Hang on, we're goin' down!"

Then Ralphie and Ruby, with Cuddles, came up to me and we start to embrace.

We were losing altitude fast. Marcus asked, "Baird, any way we can slow this thing down?"

Baird replied, "Oh, it'll slow right down. When we crash."

Right on cue, we crashed landed and finally came to a halt.

Everything was blurry, but that didn't last long. Ruby was still alright, along with Cuddles. The same goes with Ralphie, too. It was thanks to my protective instincts and embracing them. Me, however, felt like I was rammed by a raging Deathclaw, but I was still uninjured, thanks to my power armor.

I then heard Marcus yelled out, "Oh, man! Everybody in one piece?"

Cole replied, still dazed, "Uhh... I'll get back to you on that."

I yelled out, "I felt like a Deathclaw rammed into me, but I'm alright!"

Baird asked, "Deathclaw?"

I replied, "I'll explain later."

But then a bunch of lights started to shine on us, and as these people, which are Gears, moved slowly closer.

But then one of them, that looks like a leader of sort, said to the other Gears, "Hold your fire!"

Then the leader turned back to us and said, "Fenix! What the hell are you doin' here?"

Then as Marcus stood up, he replies, "There's a column of grubs headin' this way, Colonel. Let's get out of here, and I'll explain."

Then as I stood up, the other Gears took noticed and were quite surprise by my appearance.

Then I heard Ruby panicking, "Wait! Where is she?!"

Then she found Cresent Rose laying at her side. She sighed in relief and picked it up.

The Gears were even more surprised that Ruby have a Corpser hatchling in her backpack.

The Colonel takes noticed and then asks Marcus, "Who are they?" as he pointed towards us.

Marcus replies, "New recruits."

To be Continued...