Suicide Squad: Ballroom Blitz

Chapter 1: Thank You

Author's Note: I just saw "Suicide Squad" last night, and I loved it. I mean, yeah, I guess it wasn't perfect, and I'm not exactly a well-acclaimed movie critic, but I don't see why a lot of critics were hating on it, and I thought it was better than "Batman v. Superman".

So, anyway, since it looks like it'll be a while until we get the sequel, or see any of the characters in any upcoming DC movies (aside from maybe "Justice League"), I figured I would do my best to write my own continuation story.

A bit of a warning, however... I never really read a lot of DC comic books as a kid, so instead, I watched the cartoons and tv shows and animated/live-action movies and whatnot.

So, there may be certain times in the story where the characters may seem OOC, and for that, I do apologize, cause I am simply going from what I've seen on film and television, as well as the Internet.

Now, then, before I go, I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy this story, and don't hesitate to leave a review. Thank you, and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. and DC are the rightful owners of "Suicide Squad", the DCEU, its characters, etc, and I am the rightful owner of this story, the characters I create, etc.

"Why don't we have some fun?"

Not wanting to risk getting his head blown off, Boomerang took a few steps back, while Amanda Waller said, "I'm glad we understand each other."

Deadshot let out a low whistle, and said, to himself, "Damn..."

That made Harley giggle a little bit, while the assassin smirked, and then, he asked, "All right, so how we getting back to that place anyway? If it's by a helicopter, I hope you know who the hell's gonna be in the pilot seat, and I don't wanna see any damn clowns."

"Hey, you don't gotta be so mean," pouted Harley, punching Deadshot's shoulder.

"I've taken care of it, trust me," replied Waller.

Uh-huh, thought Deadshot, turning around to see a helicopter that was a few feet away coming towards them.

Once it landed, the Squad members began heading in through the back, while Waller went up to the front, but before heading inside, she noticed that Flag wasn't joining her.

"Everything okay, Rick?" She asked.

The Special Forces operative, who was next to his girlfriend, Dr. June Moone, said, "Yeah, I just... want to make sure she's okay."

Nodding her head, Waller entered the helicopter, while Flag and Moone joined the others, sitting next to Harley and Deadshot.

As the flying vehicle took off, Flag began to try and comfort her while Harley and Deadshot continued their conversation.

"An espresso machine?" said Deadshot. "You could've asked for almost anything, and you chose something from Starbucks."

Harley just shrugged, and replied, "Didn't seem like a bad choice to me."

The expert assassin smiled as he looked out the nearest window, thinking about how Waller would arrange for him to see his special little one.

"So what's ya daughter look like?" Deadshot turned back around, looking at the curious woman. "Don't you carry a picture of her with you or somethin'?"

"As a matter of fact... I do..." Opening one of his side pockets, Deadshot carefully pulled out a wallet-sized photo of her daughter, Zoe, and handed it to the infamous Joker's girlfriend.

"Ooh, she's a cutie," replied Harley. "What's the mom like?"

"Complicated," answered Deadshot. "Long story... anyway, yeah, that was taken during Christmas time last year, the same night I got captured by-"

"Batsy?" Harley said, with Deadshot giving her a look of surprise. "I figured he put you in jail, for some reason... just like me."

Raising an eyebrow, Deadshot asked, "Care to elaborate on that?"

"Well, like you said, it's a long and complicated story," replied the former psychiatrist.

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Deadshot looked over at Rick, who was having a low-voice conversation with June, as well as trying his best to clean her up, trying to get rid of the leftover muck that had covered up her entire body.

"Hey, Flag, everything okay?"

The soldier and his girlfriend looked at Deadshot, and Rick smiled. "Yeah, we're okay..."

Not wanting to be rude, June replied, "Thank you, um..."

"Floyd, Dr. June," replied Deadshot, using his real first name.

"Oh... thank you, Floyd, for helping Rick and saving my life."

Deadshot politely shook his head. "Thanks, but you ought to mostly be thanking your man over here. He's the one that squeezed the hell out of that green-glowing bean bag."

Before June could say something else, Harley reached over to offer a handshake. "How ya doin'? Harley Quinn, I was the one who used a sword to cut her heart out and hand it over to your boyfriend over here."

"Harley..." groaned Deadshot.

June simply smiled, and shook Harley's hand. "Thank you, too... you don't know how happy I am now to be free from that horrible monster."

"Oh, well, who wouldn't?" said Harley. "By the way, can you dance that way too?"

You got to be kidding me, thought Deadshot and Rick.

"I'm sorry...?" said the young doctor.

"You know, like what the witch was doing the whole time," replied Harley, and as an example, she began to move her arms and body around, trying as best as she possibly could to try and imitate the Enchantress' rhythmic dance.

While Rick and Deadshot tried their best to not laugh, June began to blush. "I'm not sure, to be honest..."

"Aw, shucks," sighed Harley. "Terrible shame... you could've done that with Soldier Boy over here whenever you two got your freak on."

Trying to hold back a laugh, Deadshot looked over at Rick and June, who both began to feel embarrassed, with the soldier saying, "Thanks for the advice, Quinn."

"No problem," replied Harley. "Now, then, back to you, Pinhead..."

"Okay, hold up," exclaimed Deadshot. "You see any pins sticking into my face, baby doll?"

"Ah, relax, I'm just joking around," replied Harley. "You're way cuter than him anyway, and a lot more scarier."

Deadshot just smirked, and said, "Yeah, well... maybe to some people..."

"Well, I mean, you ain't scary to me," added Harley. "By the way, that reminds me..."

Deadshot then became surprised as he noticed Harley try to act serious for a moment. "Thanks for missing."

Giving her a smile, Deadshot said, "Don't mention it, Harley... Uh... Sorry about your friend getting, er, blown up."

Harley nodded, even though she went from being serious to being sad.

"It's okay. Maybe one day I'll see him again?"

As she handed him back the photo of his daughter, Deadshot sighed, and said, "If you believe in it as much as I do... I think you probably will."

Putting it back, the assassin closed his eyes, imagining how he and Zoe would spend their time together.

"Hey, guys?"

Deadshot, Harley, June, and Rick looked over at Boomerang, while Katana and Croc were sound asleep.

"You think she knows about Diablo?"

All of a sudden, a feeling of sadness surronded the entire back of the helicopter, as everyone thought about the sacrifice that their friend had made.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she already did, man," replied Deadshot, adcnd he turned to look out the window. "And I think that, wherever Diablo is, he's with his family..."