Hello! Here is the third story that I posted on Granger Enchanted, which is no longer around. This is actually the first story I started, but the second that I finished. The chapters are short and the whole thing is just over 20 chapters.

Inspired by the cliché challenge, Draco Malfoy is made Head Boy and is horrified to find that Hermione Granger is Head Girl. Draco decides the only thing that would make the situation bearable is to seduce the little know-it-all. He comes up with a foolproof plan - but does he really know the Gryffindor Princesses as well as he thinks? At least Draco can control every detail of the seduction - or can he?

I am attempting Draco's point of view, so be prepared for foul language, immaturity, and preoccupation with sex. This is what Draco sounds like in my head. :-)

Thank you a million times over to bunnyhops (aka Severus' Malfoy Maiden) for reading over this and finding my mistakes!

Chapter One

Draco let out an irritated huff as he read the parchment in his hands.

"What is it, Draco?" Narcissa Malfoy asked calmly, as she sipped her tea. Always the picture of serenity, Narcissa inwardly smiled at her son's expression. He was so like Lucius in that way, both so obvious with their emotions –to her at least.

"It's official. I'll be Head Boy this year, as we thought," Draco stated absentmindedly. He hadn't really had any doubts. He was one of the top five students at Hogwarts and a natural leader. Turning to the Order of the Phoenix, when Voldemort ordered him to murder Dumbledore, had given Draco a certain hero status as well. With his assistance, the Order was able to defeat the Dark Lord fairly quickly. Draco Malfoy never backed the losing side and it had been clear, to him at least, who was going to win. It may take time and planning, but Draco always got what he wanted.

"That's excellent," Narcissa smiled, proud of her son. "But what has put that sour expression on your face?"

"Granger," Draco all but growled. Narcissa smiled brightly.

"Oh! Hermione is going to be Head Girl, isn't she?" Narcissa put her teacup down, not wanting to slosh in her excitement. "I am so pleased! This is just wonderful. The two of you will be fabulous together. I absolutely must send her something in congratulations."

Draco's mouth dropped open slightly, as his usually sedate mother began listing off possible gifts she could get for the bane of his existence.

"What is your mother going on about?" Lucius asked, as he strolled onto the terrace where tea had been arranged. His air of authority still hung heavily around him, despite his new status. Having spent so long backing the wrong side of the war, Lucius was sentenced to a lengthy house arrest with very limited use of magic, the Ministry having installed a spell tracking charm on his wand. He narrowly escaped Azkaban, only because of his switching sides in the final battle and his son's role in ending the war for the side of the light.

"I think she has gone insane, Father," Draco replied, still surprised by his mother's response. "I have to spend the next year working and living with a bushy haired, know-it-all, prissy, self-righteous witch; and mother seems to think it is the best thing that has ever happened."

"Granger," Lucius growled –not unlike his son had done earlier. Neither man could stand the female part of the, so-called, Golden Trio.

"Oh, you two are so silly," Narcissa sighed, with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Hermione and I had the opportunity to get to know each other while I was in protective custody those few months. She is a darling girl. I had never really met any Muggle-borns before. All that pureblood business is clearly rubbish, since Hermione is a lovely, utterly competent witch. She is exactly the kind of witch you should be putting your efforts toward, Draco."

As the Malfoy men sat slack-jawed, Narcissa glided out of the room to go see about that gift for Hermione. They could not see the sly smile lifting the corners of her mouth. She had planted the seed exactly as she planned.

Draco entered the Prefect's car on the Hogwart's Express only to find Granger already there, spouting orders. He rolled his eyes as she assigned prefects to patrol the train passageways and to assist the younger students. Apparently in her element making lists and bossing people around, Draco sat back and watched. Her curly chestnut hair really was out of control and she pushed it carelessly aside as she checked items off her seemingly endless list. Her amber colored eyes were bright and shined as she gave direction.

Prefects jostled about in their train car, setting aside their things to go do her bidding. It had been unseasonably warm that summer and the car was becoming uncomfortably hot with all the activity. Draco watched her absentmindedly throw her school robe over the seat as she worked. His eyes glued to her form. She was wearing some Muggle clothing that was coming into style among the younger generation of magical folk. The crimson top she was wearing had no sleeves, just little strips of fabric over her shoulders. The fabric appeared somewhat silky and clung to her chest. The jeans she wore looked faded and worn, but they also seemed soft and hugged her hips.

Draco groaned softly to himself when she bent over to retrieve a piece of parchment that had fallen to the floor. There was certainly something to be said for Muggle clothing, since it highlighted her heart shaped arse so much better than billowy robes ever could. When had Granger developed all these curves? He had first noticed that she really was an attractive female that winter fourth year, when the Yule Ball was held. Of course, her bossy, sanctimonious attitude and her friendship with two of the most annoying gits Draco had ever encountered overshadowed the lust he felt –most of the time. Draco wasn't going to lie and say Granger had never wandered into his wanking fantasies every once in a while –but today on the train, she looked quite delectable.

"Are you just going to sit there?" she snapped as he fantasized. The train car had emptied as prefects went about the jobs she had assigned them.

"You look to have it well in hand," Draco smirked.

"Don't expect me to do all the work. I can't imagine why they named you Head Boy, of all people."

"No one asked you to do all the work, you bossy bint."

Draco was reminded just why she bothered him so very much. It was always work with her and she never would cut anyone any slack. She could never loosen up and just have fun. He couldn't even imagine Granger letting go. Did she even know how? How he would love to take her down a peg and dislodge that stick she seemed to have stuck up her shapely arse. She was the eternally perfect, always unflappable Hermione Granger. It would be wonderful to see her down with the common folk, to see her make a mistake. Draco was beginning to think.

"I could ask why you took it upon yourself to start without me, assigning duties without consulting your co-head?" Draco pointed out, brow arched.

At least she had the good grace to flush slightly as his comment. Draco assumed she was used to taking charge with Potter and Weasel. Merlin knew she was the brains of that group.

"Well, we should figure a time to hold the weekly prefect's meeting. And we need to make a schedule for patrols," she stated in a challenging tone, as if she expected Draco to fight her.

"You're right," Draco smiled. A brief look of surprise flashed in her eyes before she schooled her features. "How about Thursday nights after dinner for the regular meeting time and then Mondays as an auxiliary, if something comes up or additional items need to be addressed?"

"Um, sure. That sounds good. I like having a back-up time set," she stated slowly, seemingly suspicious of him.

Draco stood and slowly stalked toward her. She leaned back just a fraction as he approached, her eyes narrowing slightly. He stopped a few short inches away from her. He could hear her breathing pick up, and could even feel the warmth coming off her skin. He could see her looking him over.

Draco had grown quite tall, several inches over six foot now. He had also filled out nicely. He had a traditional Seeker's build, muscular and lean. He knew he had a certain effect on witches and had not wanted for female attention for some time now.

"Hand me the roster and I will make the first weeks patrol schedule now."

He reached down and took the parchment listing all the prefect names from her small hand. He had a nice view down the front of her shirt. Hmm…sky blue lace bra. Draco was surprised. He figured her for practical and utilitarian when it came to under garments.

"Why are you being so nice?" She asked - eyes still narrowed in suspicion.

"We have to work together all year. Moreover, we will be sharing the Head Boy and Head Girl quarters. Why not make the best of it?"

"I don't trust you," she stated simply. Her amber eyes held his steadily. This witch did not budge, despite his proximity. Draco was pleased again. He expected nothing less from a witch who fought against one of the most powerful wizards of their day.

Standing over her now, he realized that she was quite small - petite and slight. He tended to forget her diminutive physical size because she went toe-to-toe with anyone in her path, like a true Gryffindor.

"Well, we will just have to work on that then," Draco smirked. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy this. He chuckled softly to himself as he made his way back to his seat, parchment in hand. His mother's words floated through his head –he was going to have to put effort toward this one. It would be a challenge, considering how starchy and uptight she was – but he did have all year. Draco grinned. He was going to seduce Hermione Granger.

Next - Draco thinks about his plan