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Now: A very, very short Epilogue


Draco watched his girlfriend twirl in the arms of her best friend, Potter. He'd had a few non-horrendous conversations with Potter over the past three weeks. Draco wasn't going to promise that he and Potter were going to become the best of friends, sitting up nights and doing each other's hair. Nevertheless, they did seem to have things in common and Granger appreciated that Draco was making an effort, which she demonstrated in the best possible and naughtiest of ways.

The school was abuzz with scandal when Draco walked hand-in-hand with Granger into breakfast that next morning after she'd agreed to be his girlfriend and to go with him to the Ball. It was exceptionally entertaining for him.

There was talk, just as Granger had feared. How could there not be? Draco was there to support her, just as he said he would be. The Slytherins knew that, if they were smart, they wouldn't say a word against Draco's girlfriend. Pansy had been shrill and screechy. Blaise and Theo were practically choking on their envy. So were a number of other wizards, and a few witches too.

Weasel went berserk, as was expected. He ranted and raved for a week, but everyone put him in his place – Granger, Potter, she-Weasley – and he calmed down. Draco relished making the Weasel uncomfortable, always taking the opportunity to kiss and touch his Princess whenever he was around. Granger caught on to that quickly, though, and put a stop to it. His girlfriend was too smart sometimes. That was infuriatingly fun for him. Draco never had a witch that challenged him before.

The she-Weasley didn't seem at all surprised that Draco and Granger were a couple. It seemed that Granger let the cat out of the bag that they were shagging after the first week. Draco happily lorded it over Granger that he'd held out a whole month before telling Blaise. Clearly, he was the one who knew how to be discreet.

"She looks lovely," his mother observed, gliding up next to Draco at the Ball.

"Definitely," Draco said, smiling. Narcissa and Granger had found that dress together in Hogsmeade a few weeks ago. The three of them had had lunch together after the successful shopping trip. Draco took Granger over to the Weasley twins' joke shop after lunch, primarily just to rub in his good fortune and make sure they understood Granger was not available.

Draco's mother and his girlfriend conspired to keep the dress a secret from him. When Granger stepped out of her room that evening before the Ball, Draco's jaw dropped. She was a vision in a gold evening gown. The fabric was gauzy and seemed to float around her. She looked every inch the Gryffindor Princess, his Gryffindor Princess. He was counting the minutes until he could take her back up to their rooms and crawl under that dress.

"Happy, Darling?" Narcissa asked, handing Draco a glass of punch.

"Ecstatic," Draco smiled.

"Don't let her go, Draco." Narcissa smiled. "She's a catch."

"She's the one," Draco agreed, nodding. Narcissa squeezed his hand, smiled, nodded her agreement, and went to circulate.

Draco went to reclaim his witch, twirling her out of Potter's arms and into his. Granger greeted him with a laugh and a sweet kiss.

"Happy, Princess?" he asked, repeating his mother's question in a fashion.

"Absolutely." She smiled up at him. "I don't want this to end."

Granger was talking about the Ball, but Draco realized in that moment that he agreed with her wholeheartedly. He didn't want this to end. Ever. He was going to marry Granger and be with her forever. They would have a pack of curly haired, freakishly smart, platinum blond children that would surely get into trouble constantly.

Draco had a moment of panic. What if she doesn't want to marry him? He shook himself out of his self-doubt and smiled down at his Princess. He was Draco fucking Malfoy. Of course she would marry him. Malfoys always got what they wanted. They would live happily ever after. All he needed was a plan.

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