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As Long As We're Together 2: Vengeance is Mine

Ch. 1 Frustrating Times

It had been nearly six months since Raphael and his brothers were nearly killed by their Arch Enemy The Shredder. Now they were home and things were starting to get back to normal. Or so it seamed. For Raphael things were anything but normal. This was due to the fact that as a result of the tortures he had endured by Shredder and his thugs Raphael was now permanently paralyzed and had to use a wheel chair to get around. The red masked turtle was slowly accepting the fact that he would never be able to walk again. But he was refusing to accept the fact that he would never be able to fight again. Fighting was Raphael's release. His way of venting his built up anger. If he wasn't able to fight then it felt like he wasn't able to live. And on this particular day Raphael was especially feeling it. He woke up at the time he normally would to get ready for his daily training. But of course those training days didn't exist for the second oldest turtle. Letting out a sigh Raphael turned his head and looked over at his wheelchair that was sitting next to his bed. Raphael stared at it for a few minutes debating on rather he should even bother getting out of bed. But it wasn't long before the decision was taken out of his hands. Raphael heard a knock on his door. Seconds later Michelangelo stuck his head in. "Hey Raph," the orange masked turtle said with a smile. "You coming out for breakfast?"

"Not really hungry," Raphael grumbled, pulling the covers over his head.

"Raph c'mon," Michelangelo said, his voice practically pleading. "You've gotta eat. Please?" Raphael peaked over the edge of his cover and saw his youngest brother at the side of his bed looking at him with pleading blue eyes. Raphael let out a sigh, knowing he was beat.

"Fine," he groaned throwing back the covers. "I'll be right there." With those words Raphael sat up and pulled himself to the edge of the bed.

"Need any help Raph?" Michelangelo asked, although he knew what the answer would be.

"Nope," was Raphael's gruff reply as he slid himself into his chair, adjusted his legs, and rolled out the room. Michelangelo followed his older brother into the kitchen where the rest of their family was already.

"Morning Raph," Karai said with a smile as Raphael wheeled himself to the table next to her.

"Yeah yeah yeah," Raphael grumbled.

"You hungry?" Donatello asked from his place at the stove. "We were just finishing up but there's plenty left over if you.."

"I'm not hungry Donnie," Raphael interrupted. Then he whipped his head around to Leonardo, who was seated next to him. "And don't even start with me Leo! I don't need another stinkin' lecture from ya!"

"I didn't say a word Raph," Leonardo said, holding his hands up defensively.

"You were gonna," Raphael growled, glaring at his older brother. "You always do."

"Raph why are you being so defensive?" Leonardo asked. "Its really getting old."

"Urgh I don't know why the Hell I even bothered to come out here!" Raphael growled, turning his wheelchair around. But his front wheel got stuck behind the table leg preventing him from moving. Raphael let out a frustrated growl as he attempted to free the wheel. Leonardo reached down to help his brother only to have his hand slapped away. "I don't need your damn help Leo!" he growled.

"I was just trying to be nice," Leonardo said, with annoyance. "Because clearly you were stuck."

"I said I don't need.." Raphael began, jerking himself away. But the jerking motion caused his wheelchair to suddenly come loose, surprising the red masked turtle. Raphael fell out of his wheelchair and flat on his face. Michelangelo and Karai jumped to their feet to help Raphael but they stopped when he shot them death looks. "Back off!" he growled, as he attempted to get back into his chair. But unfortunately the chair moved and rolled backwards. "Damn it!" he snarled, punching the ground. To his dismay he felt tears of frustration go down his face and he quickly wiped them away. Suddenly he felt a pair a hands on his shoulders. Looking up Raphael found himself looking into the caring brown eyes of his father and master, Splinter. "Sensei.." Raphael began.

"It is alright my son," Splinter said in his calm loving voice. "I will help you." Without waiting for a response Splinter brought Raphael's wheel chair over to him and helped his second oldest son into it.

"Thanks Sensei," Raphael said in a low voice.

"You are most welcome my son," Splinter said with a smile. But Raphael didn't smile back at his father. Instead he let out a heavy sigh and wheeled out of the room. As he watched his son leave Splinter let out a sigh of his own. Karai went up to her father and put her hand on his shoulder. "He is in such pain,"Splinter said softly. "And there is nothing I can do to help ease that pain."

"I know Father," Karai said with a sigh of her own. "And Raph's so stubborn that even if we could help him he wouldn't let us."

"Raph's always been stubborn," Leonardo declared with a grunt

"He's not being stubborn," Donatello said suddenly. "He's in emotional Hell right now. And with his anger on top of that its a wonder he hasn't totally lost it."

"Yeah well its not like he's the only one that has to deal with stuff," Leonardo grunted as he absentmindedly rubbed the scars on his feet. The the oldest turtle let out a sigh and said, "But at least we can say we walked away from it. Raph can't. Maybe I should talk to him."

"Leo you know he won't listen to you," Donatello said. "If anyone should talk to him it should be me."

"I think," Splinter began. "We should let Raphael be for the time being." Leonardo and Donatello nodded in agreement.

"Mikey you're being awful quiet," Karai said turning towards her youngest brother. To her surprise she saw Michelangelo with his head down fast asleep. Smiling Karai went over and gently shook his arm.

"No! Don't!" Michelangelo cried out suddenly jerking awake.

"Mikey are you ok?"Karai asked, looking at her brother with concern.

"Huh?" Michelangelo said, confused to what was happening. "Oh hey Karai. I'm fine." Michelangelo tried to suppress a yawn but failed.

"Have you been having trouble sleeping Michelangelo?" Splinter asked, looking at his son with concern.

"No I sleep just fine," Michelangelo declared. "Its.." The orange masked turtle trailed off not wanting to complete the thought.

"Nightmares?" Donatello asked softly. Michelangelo looked up at his slightly older brother and nodded. Donatello gave his brother a small smile. "Mikey.." he began. He was about to tell Michelangelo about his own nightmares when suddenly a loud beeping sound echoed through the air. This was their hand held devices called T-coms.

"Hey April what's up," Leonardo said into his T-com. After listening for a few minuted the blue masked turtle said, "We'll be right there." Shutting his device the oldest turtle said to his brothers and sister, "There's trouble at the old TCRI building. Looks like the Foot Bots broke in."

"Then lets go!" Karai shouted. With that the three brothers and their sister gather their weapons and began to leave. But they were stopped by Splinter, who stood in front of the door preventing them from leaving.

"No!" he shouted surprising everyone. "You are not going anywhere!"

"But Sensei.." Leonardo began.

"Leonardo I said no!" Splinter shouted once again. "You and your brothers are not fully healed yet. You are not ready for a battle."

"Sensei with all due respect we are ready," Donatello declared. "Leo's feet have healed. Mikey's arm is better and my shell and leg have fully healed."

"Miwa and I will go," Splinter declared. "You three will stay here."

"But.." Leonardo began.

"That is an order!" Splinter shouted, causing his sons to jump. "Am I understood?!"

"Hei Sensei!" the three brothers cried out.

"Good," Splinter said. "Come Miwa we need to go." Without another word the father and daughter were gone leaving the disappointed brothers behind.

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