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Ch 28 The End

A couple of weeks past and things were finally going back to normal with the Hamato clan. Casey had managed to appease his father so he had avoided any groundation he thought he would get. But his father had insisted on speaking with Karai's parents to verify the story. But Splinter was more than happy to speak to him and that satisfied him so he didn't ask to many questions. But Casey wasn't allowed out past dark until his wrist was healed. But he was still able to visit the lair after school. He just had to make sure he left before dark, which meant no patrolling. While Casey was disappointed he knew that Mikey also wasn't able to go patrolling and neither was Mondo due to their injuries. Even Slash was sidelined, which angered the snapping turtle to no end. By now Leatherhead was healed enough to go patrolling and had gotten the ok from Donnie and Dr. Rockwell. Leo's wrists had healed nicely and his suicidal thoughts were no more. The oldest turtle realized that not everything turns out perfect and when things do go bad he shouldn't blame himself. And no matter how bad things got his family would always be there for him. Just like he would always be there for them. Leo grabbed his katanas and put them in their holders with a smile. He looked over at Karai, who seamed distracted as she put her sword in its holder as they prepared to leave. Leo wanted to ask his sister how she was but he knew she'd say she's fine and get angry if he pushed the issue. So Leo decided to let it go for now. With those thoughts the group went out of the lair to go on patrol.


Two more weeks past and Slash was now healed enough that he was able to move around. Mondo's cast had come off his ankle and he was able to go back to fighting again. But to the turtles' disappointment Slash announced that he and his team were leaving. Shredder's gang seamed to have disappeared and crime was down as of lately. "As much as I'd like to stay full time here we're needed elsewhere," Slash said.

"Yes I'm inclined to agree with Slash on this," Dr. Rockwell said. "But please do not hesitate to call on us if you need out assistance again."

"Yeah and call us even if its just to say hey," Mondo said with a smile. "Especially you Mikey." The orange skinned gecko gave his orange masked friend a hug when he said this part.

"Will do Mondo," Mikey said with a smile of his own. By now the cast had come off of Mikey's arm and he wrapped his arm tightly around his friend.

"You take care of yourself Raphael," Slash said, pulling his red masked friend into a hug.

"Yeah you too Slash," Raph said, returning the hug. By now Raph had been doing exercises daily to strengthen his legs and he no longer needed his wheelchair to get around.

"Our home is your home," Donnie said with a smile as he too gave his friends hugs.

"And if you ever need our help you call us too," Leo said. "We owe you guys so much."

"No ya don't," Slash declared. "Its what family does for each other. But we'll call ya if we need ya."

"Farewell my friends," Leatherhead said as he and his teammates walked out of the lair.

"I'm gonna miss those guys," Karai admitted as she watched her friends leave.

"Yeah I know what you mean," Leo said with a smile. Then his face turned serious. "You felling any better Karai?" he asked with concern. Karai had finally admitted to Splinter that she was having a difficult time dealing with Shredder's death. And with Karai's permission Splinter had shared this information with her brothers. They had all been doing their best to help her deal with it all.

"Yeah I am thanks," Karai said truthfully. "But I don't know about all of you but I could use some training. I got a lot of energy to burn off."

"That sounds like a plan to me," Leo said as he walked towards the dojo. The other brothers quickly joined them all of them anxious to get back in the swing of things. And they were all looking forward to finally having some peace.

The End.

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