Disclaimer; I own nothing. The first chapter is about how Polly and the twins bonded in school and then it skips to Philosophers Stone. Enjoy.

Polly stood in the loud sea of first years. The air was thick with anxiety but also pure excitement. Polly's breaths were ragged and very uneven. She couldn't stop the quake in her shoulders or the twitch above her eyebrow. Polly wasn't in control of her own body at the moment. Fear consumed her. Her thoughts were negative; they were slowly wearing every ounce of confidence down to the nub. In a few moments, the doors to the great hall would be open and Polly would be sorted into her house.

"Easy with the breaths there, or there will be no air left for the rest of us," a voice chuckled into Polly's ear, making her jump. Polly turned and saw two identical red headed boys.

"I-I-I, uhm," Polly stuttered. She froze up when she heard the creak of the doors opening. The boys lost interest in teasing her almost immediately.

Polly was one of the few students not trying to strain her neck to see over everyone else. She didn't want to see. Just thinking of all the people looking at her made her weak in the knees. When the crowd started shuffling into the hall, Polly began to get pushed and shoved. She tried her hardest to stay in step with the people around her but it only resulted in her stumbling around even more. Finally, they were at the front of the hall for everyone to see. Polly felt a little uneasy, but better knowing that she was in the middle of the crowd and not on the outside. She was tucked away from sight.

A few students were called and placed into their houses. The crowd around Polly was thinning and her pulse increased with every name that was called. It was getting closer to her turn alphabetically. Polly knew that she had to do this to stay at Hogwarts, which she definitely wanted. Just once... she would only have to do this once. It was a moment she would cherish forever. Polly just had to think long term.

You'll be okay, she thought, taking a few short breaths.

"This will help with your nerves. It's a sweet. Trust me," the same red headed boy as before said. Or maybe it was the other one talking this time.

"I don't think I should," Polly whispered to him.

"Nonsense. You're nervous and this will help," the boy said. He held the sweet out towards her.

Polly took the sweet and ate it. It tasted like the sweetest honey she'd ever had. The boys kept snickering but she brushed it aside.

"Polly Samuel!" The witch who was calling out names had introduced herself as Mrs. McGonagall earlier.

Polly shuffled her way through the crowd with elbows up to get to the sorting hat. She climbed the steps quickly and sat on the stool allowing whoever was behind her to place the hat on her head.

"Hm, a rather quiet one, eh? Your mind isn't very complex now is it? Easy to read, easy to sort. Hufflepuff!" the hat shouted and one of the long tables began to clap and cheer. She smiled happily.

Polly almost ran off with the hat still on but the professor grabbed it in time. She went to the table she was assigned to and took a seat next to a blond haired boy. She didn't dare ask his name. With his attention still on the front he patted her on the back. He turned to smile at her, his face changing from happiness to confusion.

"What's wrong with your nose?" the boy asked, poking it with a boney finger. "It's turning purple."

"What?" Polly asked, grabbing her goblet. She looked into the reflection and saw that her nose had in fact turned purple. "How?"

"Fred Weasley!" Professor McGonagall called. One of the red haired boys from before walked over to the hat. He saw Polly and smirked. He did this to her. And he was happy about it.

Polly put her head face down on the table and didn't look up for the rest of the feast. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't look up, probably embarrassing herself further. She hadn't realized that the purple had worn away just minutes after it appeared. Her head stayed down until both the speech's and the feast had ended. Polly was hungry.

Then first years were directed to follow their prefects to their dormitories. Polly looked up and caught a glance of her nose in the goblet. It wasn't purple. She let of a sigh of relief and followed everyone up to her dormitory. People were looking at her and whispering. Her demeanour quickly changed from relieved to anxious.

The trip to her room may as well have been a trek to China. That's how long it took. When she was in her own room, she smiled at the sight of her house clothing. Her house coloured clothes were positioned neatly on each bed. Polly watched a few others girls wander in, then saw her trunk sitting at the edge of one of the beds. Polly walked over, sitting on the edge of the bed. She ran her fingers along the comforter feeling the soft fabric. It was perfect.

"I saw you at the feast," one of the two other girls said to Polly. "Why was your head down the entire time? Are you, like, a freak?"

"Someone gave me a sweet that made my nose turn purple," Polly whispered. The girl gave her a weird look.


"Oh, leave her alone," another girl said. "It was probably very embarrassing. It's our first day." Polly felt happy to have someone stick up for her.

"Keeping her head down made her seem weird," the meaner girl said.

"What you're saying is making you seem mean," the nice one said.

"Doesn't really matter. I'm gonna go meet some people in the common room. Wanna join, weird kid?" The girl laughed as she left the room.

"Don't mind her for a second. I would've done the same," the girl who had stood up for Polly said. "I'm Laura."


"Pretty name," Laura said. "Do you want to go to the common room and chat with the others?"

"I think I'm gonna stay in for the night, actually." Polly looked at her hand as it brushed over the deep yellow fabric. She took note of her nails, chewed down to the nub.

"C'mon, just for a moment."

Polly didn't have much of a choice, as Laura grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the bed. Polly didn't put up a fight. She instead focused on her footing so she wouldn't fall down the stairs.

Polly was pulled into the bustle of the common room. Laura left her side after a few comforting words to go meet some of her fellow Hufflepuffs. Polly, however, stayed put near the staircase to her dorm. It was her quick getaway plan. Polly observed some of the people in the common room. The first girl she saw was the mean girl from earlier. She was laughing with a couple of older girls. When she saw Polly looking at her she laughed and pointed. Polly looked away quickly. Polly saw a group of boys excitedly chatting; they were clearly friends recently reunited.

Polly saw a couple of people just like her, standing off to the side with no idea about how to approach strangers. Polly thought for a moment about maybe going to talk to one. But instead, she turned around and went right back to her room.

The next few weeks were some of the best of Polly's life. She loved learning, but she loved learning about these subjects even more. She didn't have this growing up. She went to muggle school for a few years before her powers were even discovered. Polly would guarantee to anyone at Hogwarts that this was the more favourable school. The people, the teacher, and the lessons were all more interesting.

When Polly was nine years old weird things began to happen around her. Small, inexplicable things. Like things moving without anyone touching them, or things disappearing. Polly felt like a freak. She knew she was the one doing these things but her parents were clueless. They didn't know their little girl was suffering so much.

A few years later the most amazing thing happened. She got her Hogwarts letter. Her parents were so proud. Their only little dove was a witch! They took her to Diagon Alley and got her everything she would need and much, much more. In other words, they spoiled her. They were told by a representative of the Ministry of Magic that they weren't to tell a soul. So, even though they wanted to brag to their friends and larger family, they were forced to lie, saying she was at a private school in America. Polly missed her family very much, but she was happy here.

Currently, she was learning about the charm Wingardium Leviosa, or how to make things levitate with magic. Polly was doing just fine, making the little feather flutter around the room. Tanya, the mean girl from Polly's dorm room, let out a huff. She was unable to make hers move even the slightest. A few others were able to get the pronunciation and movement right but Polly was the quickest and most effective earning her house five points. This made Polly grin.

A girl named Angelina Johnson got the Gryffindors five points as well. Maybe now people would stop teasing Polly behind her back - although she believed that Tanya would see to it that didn't happen under any circumstance. For some reason, Tanya hated Polly. Polly and Tanya had many things in common appearance wise. They had similar length brown hair, and their eyes were so close in colour only a keen eye could see that Polly's green eyes were a tad more bright that Tanya's. They were even the same skin tone. Although the general look was different. While Polly had a small innocent face with big eyes Tanya had a really pronounced look. Her cheekbones could being mistaken for surgically enhanced. Polly knew Tanya was going to be gorgeous when she was a little older.

Polly's best friend Laura was the dramatic opposite of both Tanya and Polly. She had the most beautiful, chocolatey-brown skin that was soft without effort. She had shiny black hair that fell to her shoulders and eyes that were green, but had undertones of brown, making them more hazel than anything. Laura was very pretty, and very nice to top it off.

Laura was Polly's only friend, but Laura had lots of friends other than Polly. This didn't make Polly unhappy in any way. She was happy that Laura was so popular. It was only unfortunate that Polly didn't have anyone else to hang out with while Laura was busy and Polly had nothing to do.

Polly had finished all her homework one Tuesday afternoon and Laura was with some of her friends from Ravenclaw. Polly was walking aimlessly around the castle trying to get herself familiar with places of the castle that she didn't go regularly.

While checking out some of the paintings she heard a chorus of cackles from a little ways down the hallway. Two familiar red headed boys were walking towards Polly. Well, they were headed past her. She was mad at them. She was mad at them more than she had ever been mad at anybody. They're the main reason Tanya treated Polly so badly. They embarrassed her in front of Jacob, the blond boy from the feast, and he told all of his friends about the blue nosed freak. When they noticed her, she narrowed her eyes to a glare.

"Why're you glaring at us?" one of them asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, George, she's the one I gave the sweet to," the other answered. "She must be right bitter about it still."

"Leave me alone," Polly said, beginning to walk off. The caught up and walked on either side of her.

"C'mon now buttercup, it was just for a laugh," the one on the left said.

"I don't think she found it funny, Fred," the one on the right said.

"Is that really what you think, George?" Fred asked.

"It is," George said.

"Well then maybe we should apologize," Fred said.

"If it'll stop the soul crushing glare, we better," George said.

At the exact time time they both said, "I'm sorry we took the joke too far."

"We didn't think it would upset you that badly," Fred said.

"We hadn't realized how shy you were," George said.

"I just wish it hadn't have happened. My school experience may have been brighter without it." Polly shook her head slightly.

"What do you mean?" Fred asked, looping his arm with hers. George did the same.

"This girl Tanya calls me weird kid now," Polly explained.

"You know what you need?" Fred asked.

"Revenge," George answered.

"We'll help you with that."

"Don't you worry about a thing."

With that, the boys took off running down the hallway. Polly was left kind of stunned. She didn't know what was going to happen but, she had never been so curious. Polly continued on her little exploration before she decided it best to go back to her dorm.

Four days passed before anything happened. In all honesty Polly forgot that the twins had planned anything at all. It was Friday, and Polly was sitting in charms class focusing on her work. Halfway through the class the door creaked open loudly. Tanya, who had been excused earlier to use the washroom, walked in with her head down. She looked up to see the whole class staring at her. Polly caught sight of Tanya's face. The same colour Polly had turned on her first day of Hogwarts.

The class erupted into a fit of giggles. Tanya looked confused. Polly even let out an airy laugh. Looking into the window on the door, Tanya saw the colour of her face. She squealed loudly and rushed out of the room. Had Tanya not bullied Polly for the last few weeks, she may have felt bad for her. But Tanya was only getting a little taste of her own medicine.

Polly wasn't a vengeful person by any means, but she felt good.