"Hurry! We have to get out of here!" Voiced said

"Wh-Where am I?" Ruby asked as she's in some kind of a battlefield. Almost like in the middle of a battlefield by telling the ground is cracked like someone fought it. The flames are everywhere. It burns the houses, towers, and academy.

Her eyes were widened in horror as she watched. There's blood on the ground and tracks of dripping blood from the person who got hurt seriously. As for her being here, nobody saw her and she cannot do anything because she's like a ghost and there's Qrow.

"Uncle?" She asked as she saw him was being carried. Hard to tell, but it looked like he was injured and fought a strong rival that almost kills him. However, that track of blood wasn't his.

It was...

"Naruto?" Ruby asked with a shock as she looked at his body. His injury is worse than hers. He had a deep wound on his stomach and lots of cut on his both arms. The most shocking that made her shock is his eye… It bleeds so much and bad from his lost right eye. His healing regenerate is so slow and can't heal it well.

The Grimm weapon could the one that can hurt him. Naruto is in Rikudou Sennin mode and must have fought a strong enemy, but he almost dies.

She lost her words and didn't know what to do. She's almost become a helpless person who can't help them with her stupid ghost thing. "No… No… This cannot be." She whimpered as she continued to watch what happened next.

"His healing isn't working! His healing isn't helping!" Ruby repeated as she tried to hold Naruto's injury from the battle. She used it with a cloth to stop his bleeds.

"Come on, Naruto. Please, don't die for us! I know you can do this. Just hang on!" Yang said, the one who carried dying Naruto.

"Hurry! We almost there! Just keep going!" Blake yelled while shooting the Grimm creatures that were after them.

They reached the bulkhead when ghost Ruby showed expression of relief that they made it. She knew they can make it.

"I knew it." She said.

"You're not going anywhere." A person said as he appeared from behind them. He's unknown, but his body seems to be like Grimm and his aura.

He's the one who hurt Naruto and beat him very badly.

"Oh no. What are we gonna do?!" Weiss asked.

"Girls…I'm sorry." Naruto said as he pushed them into the bulkhead and closed it.

"No, Naruto!" Ghost Ruby cried as she flew toward him and convincing him to get in the bulkhead with them, but she can't touch him and he can't see her. She did everything she could to help him, but it's hopeless.

"Naruto, please, come with us!" Weiss cried

"Please, live! I'm begging you!" Yang cried as she's hitting on the window.

"Naruto!" Blake cried.

"Naruto…please come with us. I'm begging you… Please…" Ruby said before she unleashed her pain. "Naruto! Naruto!"

"Yang, Weiss, Blake, and…Ruby… Because of you girls, I never give up… I can able to protect you… thank you… and…" Dying Naruto said as he turned around to bulkhead and looked at crying girls. He gave them his last gentle smile. "…I love you."

"No, no, no, no, Naruto!" Ruby cried as she reached out her hand and tried to save him from death, but unfortunately, it was just a nightmare. She woke up from her bed and remembered she screamed from her sleep.

She felt blazing in her body and sweaty on her face. Her chest breathes so fast and hard like panicking. This nightmare looked so real… The fire was everywhere and Haven Academy was destroyed. Everything is gone what she saw in her dream. But, she saw him in the blazing building. Her eyes didn't catch anything what happened there, but remembered Naruto was fighting to someone.

That's impossible…Naruto is the strongest ninja, but he got defeated by Grimm. Almost like Grimm human.

One last time Ruby saw is he left her and the girls in the bulkhead while facing the Grimm with his terrible injuries. His body got cut open and lost his right eye. She wasn't ready for that kind of a horror scene.

Her eyes were shred tears with fear as the redhead burst through the door from the room and didn't even hesitate to run loudly because everyone is still sleeping. She searched for him as she ran in the short hallway which leads her to his room.

Ruby is at his door and knocked rapidly without thinking to wake him up. Then, the door is opened and Naruto checked on her from behind. He was surprised when he looked down to see a teary Ruby that knocked his door very fast.

"Ruby-" Naruto asked as the girl leaped across the doorway to grapple him in a tight hug, sending them both to the bed. She cried in his chest as she clenched his black shirt.

Naruto guessed that Ruby had a nightmare, but this one isn't like before. He can feel her arms and hands are shaking. She doesn't want to let go of him. It must be a horrible nightmare that scared her.

Just what kind of nightmare did she have?

"What's going on, Ruby?" He asked.

"I-I was scared." Ruby answered as she looked up to her boyfriend. "Please…don't go. I-I don't want you to leave me alone…"

"I never leave you alone." Naruto comforted. "What kind of dreams did you see?"

"Haven Academy… it was destroyed. The fires were everywhere. I…I saw myself and others. We were running from there because we can't stop it. I…I saw you… you were carried by Yang because you got hurt. You were in Rikodu Sennin mode to fight off strong Grimm, but you cannot stop it. Your right eye is gone…" Ruby said as she grabbed his hand to hold it and squeezed it tight.

The two got up from the bed and sat down on it instead of laying. Ruby sat on his laps and leaned against his chest.

"What happened to me?" Naruto asked boldly.

"Then, you pushed us into the bulkhead and left us because you wanted us to be safe. Y-You went to face Grimm on your own… and…and…" Ruby stopped as she doesn't want to say the word "died". It'll hurt her heart and feeling. "You love us… that's when I woke up from my nightmare."

It was hard to believe that Ruby's nightmare seems to be real what Naruto thought. She had the same dream like Blake's dream, but this one is different. That part when she said "Grimm", Naruto felt real. Felt like… the future.

"I…I know it was just a nightmare, but…but… it felt real…" Ruby said as her body started to shake. She can't stop this shaking.

Then, Naruto pulled her towards him and wrapped his arms around her body. He gave her a warm embrace to calm her down before she'll let her fear.

"Everything is going to be fine, Ruby. I won't let that happened to you." Naruto comforted with a smile as he wiped the tears for her and she looked at him. "Remember the promise I made for you, Ruby? That one I can't break it."

"Yes, I remember." Ruby remembered as she began to touch his hand. "You made a promise for me that we'll graduate together. Well, Yang, Blake, Weiss, and all of our friends."

"Yep, you bet. Well, I already made so many promises with other girls." Naruto rolled eyes. He made promises with Yang, Blake, Weiss, and Pyrrha.

"I guess they were right about you." Ruby said as she started to giggle.

That made his eyebrow twitched and realized something. "Right about me what?"

"You know Kurama and Son. Pervy Sage of the Six Paths-" Ruby laughed as Naruto started to nip her neck and they both fell on the bed. "S-Stop it! That tickles~"

"I see, you're ticklish there." He said as he can see his girlfriend's smile and forget about her nightmare. "I won't stop until you stop calling me that name."

"Ok! Ok! I'll stop!" Ruby said as he stopped nipping her neck and moved away from her. Well, that cute girl is smile right now because Naruto made her smile.

Naruto was glad that he can make her happy and forget about the nightmare. It's at least he can do it for her not to be a sad girl in seconds. In the seconds, he held her right cheek with his hand and pulled her forwards him.

The red-head blushed, but she closed her eyes when she kissed him on his lips. Kissing her boyfriend is her dream. She loves him because he's the greatest ninja and hero in the world. It's what her book said.

"Thank you." Ruby said as the blond guy nodded.

"Wanna sleep with me?" He asked.

"Yes, I do!" Ruby said as she lied down and snuggled up against him. She wrapped his arms around her waist. "Goodnight, Naruto."

Naruto kissed her forehead as he pulled her body closer. "Goodnight, my angel." He smiled as he watched his beau goes in sleep.

"I won't make you cry again, Ruby. I promise."

"Interesting." Salem said as she looked at the photos of Naruto's new form. Comparing to his second form, he looks different and strong. He can destroy the entire army of Grimm with one move.

She wouldn't want to fight him with his form because he can defeat her. Those black orbs that float behind his back are dangerous. She has seen what it does from the video and gave a thank Watts for stealing footage. Now, Salem knows how dangerous Naruto was.

"What do you think…?" Emerald asked nervously.

"You were right about him." She replied. "Naruto is powerful in the world. The black orbs he used are dangerous. No wonder why you two can't find Cinder because she's dead in ashes."

Emerald clenched in fists with anger at him for killing her that been with her for a long time. She cannot believe Cinder is gone. It's tragic to see her death. There's nothing she can do to bring her back.

"Child, I understand your anger, but you're no match against him. Which is why I decided to bring-" Salem paused as she was interrupted by the sound of doors slamming open. They heard a whimpering noise.

Tyrian came stumbling in and hunched over as purple dripped from his tail. He was muttered to himself saying she'll forgive her, and wouldn't look up.

Salem glared for a moment. "Tyrian!" She called as his head shot up to look at her. "Did you find Spring Maiden? And care to explain me what happened to your tail?"

"I-I was searching for Spring Maiden until I saw a blond boy. Your Majesty, I found Naruto Uzumaki! He was there to look for the same task like mine. I-I tried to kill him, but…but…"

"He cut your tail, didn't he?"

"But-but hope is not lost! My tail, my stringer, I-I poisoned him, Naruto! He will not be-"

"Stop." Salem cut him off as she glared to him. "Did I tell you can attack him?"

And, Tyrian did as he shook his head. She warned him not to mess with Naruto Uzumaki just because he's a boy. "N-No…"

"I told all of you never underestimate him and his powers, but Tyrian, you didn't listen to me what I say. You lost your tail. You disappoint me. Now, leave us." She said.

Tyrian pitifully picked himself up off the floor, and walked toward the door while holding his head. But, the door was opened for him as his eyes rolled up to look.

A floating jellyfish-like Grimm flew to pass him and towards Salem. It called Seer. It was covered with bone-like plates, along with red tentacles ending in white, bony spikes and a single eye.

"It seems like we have good news." Salem grinned as Seer stopped right in front of her.

"What is it?" Emerald asked curiously.

"This is the one I wanted to show you." She said as she snapped her fingers to command Seer to turn on communication.

"My queen. I found a traitor." A Grimm male voiced said as he crushed a looking wrist shield. He held something…more like the head. That's a man and he's Leonardo. "He was going to escape from you after he got found out by him."

"Leonardo, do you have something you wish to tell me?" Salem asked as she looked at him.

"I-It was Naruto! He found out I was working with you! I-I can't find Spring Maiden's location! Q-Qrow doesn't know where it went! Th-They knew I've been working with you since they first arrived here."

"It's too late." The Grimm growled.

"Your Grace, I-I can still be of assistance! If I leave now, I-I can avoid the authorities and come find you, I'll do whatever it takes!" Leo begged, but there was no answer to him. "Your grace?"

"You know what it means." He grinned evilly.

"P-Please ma'am! I'll do anything! I can still be useful!"

Emerald is shocked for hearing this. Right, she can't see it, but she can hear it. Leonardo sounds very scared. He begged Salem to spare his life, but that's a no word.

*Stabbed* She heard that when the new Grimm killed Leonardo.

"Coward." Salem said.

Naruto suddenly turned around to the ocean when he felt something. He didn't sense any Grimms, but he felt something when it hit him.

Pyrrha glanced at him in concern while holding a salt. "Naruto, are you alright?"

"It's just my imagination." He replied as he and Pyrrha continued on the shopping in the Haven city. He pushed the cart when she put the salt in.

The place is huge and has lots of people. They had to buy some food and drinks for their friends to eat because there's nothing in the kitchen. So, they chose Naruto and Pyrrha to go to the food market. Well, Pyrrha has a good experience of the food mind. She knows how to choose the right ones.

They held in each other's hands like a husband and wife. Pyrrha was blushed because she felt like she was a wife. It was funny that her height is taller than Naruto's height because he's kinda short. Yeah, they hanged up together from 4 months later before going to Haven.

His hand always felt wonderful and warm in her hand. When they kissed the first time, she was happy because he told her not to give up and leave him behind. His words changed her. She has changed to become a different person when they became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Pyrrha looked at the selection and grabbed the box of noodles. "I found Naruto's favorite Ramen." She smiled as she showed it to him.

"Maybe we can cook that for everyone." He said as his girlfriend nodded and put Ramen in the cart. Then, they continued to buy more food.


"Yeah, what's up?" Naruto asked.

"It's about Ruby and her dream. She was scared of losing you. I've never seen her face like that before." Pyrrha remembered.

Naruto didn't want to answer her because Ruby's dream is seeming to be real. That's why his body has shivered. "Me, too. Didn't know her nightmare can scare her, but it warned me something." He said truthfully.

"Warned you?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah, when she told me about her nightmare, I…I felt like I know someone. It's not my friends or my enemies. It was…different." Naruto said as he placed his hand on the heart. This feeling… "What's this feeling? Was there someone I know?"

"Hey." Pyrrha said as he turned around to look at her. "You were spaced out for a moment."

"I'm okay, Pyrrha. Let's head to check-out."

Pyrrha nodded as they went to the check-out to pay the foods. After they brought food and went outside, Naruto summoned two clones of himself to carry the bags for them. Pyrrha wanted to talk with him, but not here. Someplace where they can relax.

Several minutes later, they found a place where they can relax nearby the ocean.

"Now, we can talk." Pyrrha said as she and Naruto sat under the tree together. That face of his from last time made her worried about Ruby's nightmare. "What's wrong? You know you can tell me anything."

"There's nothing wrong with me. I'm completely fine." He lied as his face was grabbed with both hands by Pyrrha and made him turn to her.

"I know you're lying to me and everyone, Naruto. There's something wrong with you. You've been acting like this in today and spaced out. It worried me…" She said.

Naruto scooted over behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Don't make your face like that, Pyrrha. I'm sorry I lied to you and everyone because I didn't want you to get worried about me. I hate lying to my friends, but I had to lie." He said as he kissed on Pyrrha's cheek.

"Then tell me what's wrong?"

"Not until you smile for me." He grinned as he buried his into her neck and kissed a few times.

"Stop, that tickles~ What if someone is watching?" Pyrrha asked with a slight smile.

"No one is watching." Naruto said as he used his fingers to tickles on her side of the stomach.

Pyrrha laughed as she playfully elbowed Naruto in his chest to stop him. Seeing her smile, it made Naruto stop tickles as he turned her body around and looked at his face straight. She's on his laps now.

She placed her hands on his whiskered cheeks, leaned forward, and pressed her lips to his. Her waist was grabbed with arms by Naruto as he pulled her closer and kissed her back. The kiss broke as they touched each other with their forehead.

"Now, I can see your smile." Naruto said as his girlfriend smiled back to him.

"Tell me what's wrong?" She asked seriously.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto looked around the place to make sure no one is here. He stared straight into her eyes. "Someone's after my life."

"What?!" Pyrrha shocked as her loud voice hurt his ears and got surprised. "Y-You're serious?"

"I'm dead serious. I believe Salem used resurrection magic to bring my enemy from my world that could destroy me. It can also take away Bijuu chakra and mine."

"That's not possible." She said.

"It's possible, Pyrrha, however that enemy I fought has turned good by convincing him with words. So, it can't be him." He said.

"Do you know who it was?"

"No, I don't know who it was…" Naruto answered honestly as his fist clenched in anger, but he calmed and looked at red-haired girl. "Pyrrha, will you promise me something?"

"Anything." Pyrrha said.

"Promise me that when I tell you to, you will leave me. That means your team and my team." He said.

"What are you talking about, Naruto? You're scaring me." She said worriedly.

"Pyrrha, this is serious. The Grimm…I mean my enemies might not the ones I will face them again. I have a feeling that the new Grimm could be stronger than me. When that time comes, I want you and everyone to leave me."

"No, we can't leave you because you're my…boyfriend… and the other girls are your girlfriend. We can help you."

"No, this is something different. I must face alone." Naruto said as he held her hand and looked straight into her eyes. "Listen to me very carefully. You're going have to accept my promise. When the times have come, promise me that you will keep my team safe. You can't tell them about our promise, Pyrrha. I won't let them get hurt."

"Naruto, please…just let us-"

"Please…do it for me. I won't able to protect all of you until you leave me, so I can face it alone." Naruto said.

It's hard for Pyrrha to accept her boyfriend's promise because he'll fight alone. The other girls: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. They were his precious treasure and special. She doesn't want to ruin and break their hearts when they find out.

"I promise." She accepted.

"Thank you, Pyrrha." Naruto said with a smile as he kissed on her cheek and stood up. Then, Pyrrha got up and still wants to hold his hand.

"Where are we heading?" She asked.

"Going back. I'm sure they just started." He said.

Pyrrha looked at Naruto in worry. There's something wrong with him by looking at his eyes. It's almost like he's not telling her the truth enough. The dream what Ruby had and told the others that she felt it was real.

Almost like it's from a future. Now, looking at Naruto's face made Pyrrha worry. No mistake because he doesn't want to tell her or the others.

"Naruto, what are you hiding from?" She thought.

"You know where Fennec and Corsac are?" Clone Naruto asked as he sat on the chair with Blake at the dock. They're at the docking place with people and restaurants.

"Yes, you can just follow me to their location. Ilia should be there, too with them." Blake said. She didn't know Ilia was spying on her from last night or maybe after they got off a ship. "Naruto, thank you for not hurting her."

"No need to thank me. Besides, she was your friend." He said with a slight smile as he drank coconut juice.

The Faunus girl nodded. "Yes, she was. She's not like Adam, not yet as least, but I don't know how long that will last. Her chameleon traits meant she could pass as human. She could've lived a normal life if she wanted, but she didn't."

"She didn't? You mean she's…"

"Yes, she lost her family in a mining accident when she was young, and she joined the White Fang. Like me, she was more or less trained on the road alongside other Faunus. She learned how to survive and defend herself. But, people like Sienna and Adam started to gain a following, she became more dangerous. I guess I did, too." Blake remembered. "My parents tried to get me to leave with them, but I refused. I had Adam and Ilia, after all."

"You know we're going to have to face her because she didn't believe us." Naruto said.

"I know. I'm going to try and help her the way you helped me." She looked at him as she got up and scoot her chair to get closer to him.

Naruto blinked his eyes in confusion about why she scooted over to sit next to him. "What do I do?"

"You showed me that sometimes you need to be there for a friend, even when they don't want you to be. I was drowning in guilt and fear, I tried to push you away, but you didn't give up on me." She said as she held his hand. "And I can't give up on Ilia. It's my turn to save her from hatred and darkness."

He held her hand and smiled at her. "That's a spirit, Blake."

"Thank you." Blake smiled. She then saw a couple with rings and they're married.

It was just like what she thought from last night. She never thought of getting married to someone. Blake looked at Naruto with blush because he's a perfect guy to her.

At first she thought Naruto was nobody because he's a human. But over time, she realized she was wrong. He wasn't any of those things. He was special. The way he does wasn't like Adam.

Naruto showed his kindness, courage, and selfless. The promises that he made cannot be a break because he did it for her and the others. Blake was so happy that she met him from their first met and became a lover with him.

"You're thinking about me?" Naruto smiled as he poked Blake in her nose gently and she got jumped a little. His face is quite close to hers. "Thinking about marry me?"

Blake suddenly went in blushed and her mind got blown. "H-How do you know that?" She asked.

"A lucky guess." He smiled as he spun his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He leaned his face into her neck. "I don't mind getting marry you."

"What about the other girls?" She asked with a blush.

"If they wanted to, I'm sure my mom would be so happy with many grandbabies." Naruto smirked.

"A-Are you serious?!"

Wow, that was quick when he accepts the marriage. She doesn't know how to say to him. If she and the other girls married him, how are their parents gonna react to this? Naruto's parents seem like they don't mind. Funny, his mom wanted to see her grandchildren.

This is insane! Can he really do that?!

"After the war is over, I can marry all of you." Naruto whispered in her ear as his hot breath made her jumped off.

Blake legit jumped off a chair from his bold answers. Her face turned really red when he whispered in her ears.

"Blake?" Naruto looked at her with confusion. He didn't do anything to her.

The girl looked around the people that watched her a whole time. She then looked at him that had a confused look on his face. "Did you say anything to me?" She asked.

"I didn't say anything? Well… you were sleeping on my shoulder and mumbling about me with your smile."

She was sleeping what he said. So… after all this…this is just a dream!

"Did I say anything weird?" Blake asked. Hopefully, he didn't hear what just said in her sleep because it's a very awkward dream.

"You were mumbling very quietly, so I didn't hear it." Naruto said as he put the cup down after drank all of the coconut juice.

That's good for Blake that her boyfriend didn't hear her weird things. "So, are we going after them right now?" She asked.

"Yeah, we're going after them." Naruto said as he stood up and paid for their drink. Then, Blake held his hand as they walked together and he held her hand.

Their mission is to take the White Fang down before they're going to kill Blake's family. It should be easy for them to handle this. But, one problem is Ilia, Blake's friend. She's apart of White Fang member.

Blake wanted her to leave White Fang because it's the wrong place for her. It's going to be tough to tell her like that, but she'll have to try her best to make her change her mind.

"What's the plan after this?" She asked.

"After we stop Fennec and Corsac, we'll give the evidence to the police station. Faunus needs to know the truth about White Fang and your family will be safe." Naruto said as he looked at her. "You can ask your father to free Ilia because she didn't know any of this."

"Pretty good idea, but we'll head to Haven Academy, right?" Blake asked.

"Yes, Yang still has my Hiraishin kunai with her. Since you're with me, I can able to teleport to my kunai and I'll have to dispel myself. My real body is going after Adam and stop him with no cost."

"Hey, careful of Sienna because she doesn't want to see humans in her base. And really hate humans. Just tell the real Naruto."

The clone nodded and will let real Naruto know before he's going. Things are getting really bad what Kurama and other Bijuus told him about Ruby's dream. They told him not to tell Blake and the others about it because it's a secret.

This feeling… even he's just a clone, but he felt he know someone from his world. It is coming after his life.

"Naruto?" Blake asked as she stared at him.

Naruto blinked once and turned to face her. "It's nothing, Blake."

"You look nervous, Oscar." Ozpin said mentally as he watched Oscar do his training, but he's on the break.

Oscar sat down on the bench from his practicing how to use aura. He was exhausted and trained hard. What he heard from Ozpin saying to him because he's too nervous to meet Naruto Uzumaki who saved Beacon Academy. Never seen him, but heard about him from the newspaper.

He did meet him from yesterday. It was just his feeling because he had too much pressure. Well, meeting Naruto was great. He's a very nice guy and strong. Oscar didn't know he has 9 creatures called Bijuus were inside his body.

It was a great honor to meet Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of Beacon Academy. Ruby and her friends were right along.

"Little bit after I met Naruto, the hero of Beacon Academy." He thought as he made the cane into a small and just a handle.

"Naruto Uzumaki is a defender of Remnant. He's our hope who can stop Salem from destroying the world." Ozpin said.

"Didn't you say it's going to be hard to defeat her because she's immortal?"

"Naruto will find a way to defeat her. Trust me, Oscar. He'll never give up until his mission is done."

Oscar nodded and had to agree with him. There's no need to worry about Salem's immortal power because Naruto will find another way to destroy her.

"You should take a break for now." Ozpin said.

"You're right." Oscar said as he got up and went inside the house. There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask Naruto. He heard that he's from another world.

It was very interesting about him. Ozpin told him everything about Naruto Uzumaki. He's a ninja and hero of Konoha.

"Oscar, it's lunchtime!" Oscar heard Ruby's voice as he walked a little faster to get to the dining room.

As he got there, he saw everyone are already prepared the foods on the table. They waited for him to join them. Oscar saw Naruto sitting between Yang and Weiss.

So, he took a seat on the right side in front of him. "I heard you're not from here. Is that right?" He asked as he looked at Naruto.

Naruto nodded. "Yep, I'm from shinobi world where shinobi used chakra and jutsu."

"That's amazing."

"So, Oscar…how are things going with Ozpin?"

"Me and Ozpin were…well… I still haven't get used to it. A voice in my head makes me feel weird and crazy." Oscar held the cane in his hand and show it to him. "My training goes well. It's weird that I've only had this cane for a few weeks, but…I feel like I've had it for a lifetime. Longer, even. Yep, I sound like a crazy person."

Naruto was going to speak, but he got interrupted by Yang as she hugged him from behind.

"You're not only one because this guy is also crazy like you." She smiled as she kissed on her boyfriend's cheek. "Kurama and the other Bijuus are inside in him. They can also talk in his mind like you, Oscar."

"What she just said is true, but I have no problem with it." Naruto said.

"Then, they must be really good friends." Oscar said.

"From the past, they really hate humans because they used them as a weapon. Bijuus don't like to be used by humans or shinobi. However, right now, they trusted me and we became friends." He smiled as he looked at Kurama and 8 Bijuus that were smiled at him.

"I see." He said with a nod as he looked at the others. "So…what did you guys do before going here?"

"Training of course." Ruby smiled as she slid over and got to sit next Naruto. She then looked at Weiss. "What about you, Weiss?"

"How can I say this… Some guy named Henry asked me to go date with him, but I rejected him." The heiress said as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's arm. Then, a blushed appeared on her cheeks. "I have him right here. Also, I accident summoned boar and almost attack the lady."

"You did not!" Ruby gasped.

Weiss covered her face from embarrassment how her action went. "Yeah, right in front of my house. I was so angry because she insulted Naruto."

"Please tell me you let that lady have it." Yang smirked.

"Of course not!" Weiss glared, but she admitted it with a little smile. "Even if I did really want to because she insulted Naruto. I don't like everyone call him a monster."

With her sad smile, her body was pulled closer to Naruto with his arm. She looked it up to him and he leaned in forward to kiss her. Weiss was completely lost in her own little world when he did that. Her friends are here, but she didn't care if they are watching. When the kiss ended, her light blue eyes had made contact with his azure eyes.

Naruto placed his hand on her cheek and pulled her close to place his forehead to hers. "Thank you for defending my honor, Weiss. You're the best girl in my life. You've been stayed at your home for too long. From the bottom of my heart, I'll make you happy." He said softly.

The heiress nodded with tears as she showed her happy to him. She loves him from her heart.

"Hey, Naruto." Qrow said.

"What's up?" He asked.

"This is going sounds a little weird. Have you ever thought about getting marry them?"

Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Pyrrha all of them are blushed right now when Qrow asked. What kind of stupid question is that? They're not ready to marry Naruto. Marry five of them…because there's Blake.

"Of course." Naruto said boldly.

"R-Really…?!" Ruby shocked.

"Naruto…" Weiss surprised.

"I see…" Yang said with a blush.

"M-M-M-Marriage…!?" Pyrrha blushed.

"I'm pretty sure. My mom would be really happy with many grandchildren." Naruto remembered correctly. For a hundred percent, his mom would be love to meet grandchildren.

A few seconds later, his scroll is ringing now as he began to pick it and looked at the text. His clone and Blake are almost to their objective. It seems like it's time for him to go and do his mission.

Naruto got up from his seat and walked towards the door, leaving his friends behind. They should be safe in the house. No one will ever find them.

"W-Wait, Naruto!" Ruby called as she sprinted and held his hand to stop before he's going out. She saw him turned around and looked at her.

"What's up?" He asked.

The girl looked up and started to hold his hand tight with her both hands. His hand is strong and warm in her hands. This was the biggest thing she loved about him: strong and warm. He's brave, kind, selfless, and protective. He never give up and break the promises.

She learned what happened in Naruto's life. It was sad and painful. The great pain of losing his parents when he was born as a baby. Forgot who were his parents. He went through a lot of pain and suffering because he has Kyuubi inside him. The whole villagers didn't like him to be here. Now, in this world, things went bad. Really bad. One of Cinder's henchmen post the video to the world and show it how powerful Naruto was.

This one started to make it almost like his world from the past. Fear. People fear Naruto Uzumaki because of what he was. He didn't do wrong. He protected everyone, but it's so stupid that people are scared of him. Ruby hates that kind of people. Naruto doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.


Ruby heard him as she looked it up because she spaced out. Her eyes suddenly watered. "Yes?" She asked as her boyfriend wiped her tears.

"Everything is going to be fine. I'll be fine, Ruby." Naruto smiled as he gently brushed his fingers through her hair. He kissed Ruby on the lips and placed his forehead to hers. "I won't let anything happen to you. I promised I won't make you cry again."

She nodded with a cute smile as she lightly kissed him again. "I love you." She said softly.

"I love you, too." He said.

There was a hologram message just turned off by Corsac after he and his brother read it. "If this is how Adam Taurus wished to proceed, then we shall make it so." He said.

"Of course, brother. Still…" Fennec said before they heard knocking noise as they turned around. "Come in."

The door was opened as Ilia entered the room to meet them when they called her here. She bowed down for them to respect. "How may I be of assistance?" She asked.

"Please, stand." Corsac said.

"Containment. With the CCT towers still inoperable, we have the luxury of control over the flow of information."

"News of Adam's ascension has yet to reach Menagerie, but when it does, the citizens of Kuo Kuana will undoubted react poorly now that the chieftain has spoken out against us."

Ilia growled herself as she clenched her fist in anger for letting Belladonna to stand on. "It's my fault the Belladonnas had any ground to stand on."

"Do not concern yourself with past failures, Ilia. Focus on the future. We have an opportunity for redemption."

"What do you need me to do?"

"The Belladonnas are the only remaining threat to Adam's assault on Haven Academy."

"And so, they must be silenced…" Corsac said.

Ilia's eyes widened with shock when he said they must be silenced. That means they must be killed in tonight without alerting. Killing Blake's family in tonight, she didn't sign up for this. "Silenced?" She asked.

"Your brothers and sisters will be at your side, but your relationship with their daughter makes you an integral part of this operation."

"Blake?" She wondered.

"We know how close you were with her. Rest assured, Adam Taurus has requested she be taken alive, but we cannot risk having her present to defend her family." Fennec said.

The young girl started to not like this plan. Kidnapping Blake. Silenced her family. She doesn't want anything of this. "But, the people of Menagerie-"

"-will come to understand what happens to those who speak out against the White Fang." Corsac interrupted.

"And will be left without a leader until our victory is complete." Fennec said.

"A necessary sacrifice." The brother said.

Blake and blond human named Naruto were right along. They warned her not to trust the White Fang because they'll kill Blake's family and Adam is planning to become High Leader by killing Sienna Khan. This whole things what Blake told her are true. It messed up that they're going have to kill the Belladonnas tonight before kidnapping Blake. However, Fennec and Corsac doesn't know Blake brought Naruto here.

Ilia figured it out that Blake brought him here to protect her family from them. She doesn't know why she loved him because he's human. Dislike humans, but somehow she started to realize he wasn't like them. It was strange that Blake liked Adam, but she quit from White Fang because Adam did something wrong. Then, she chose human Naruto over him.

She doesn't know what to do, but her heart is telling her to say no. "I-"


"Enemy attack?!" Fennec questioned as his brother and Ilia turned around to where noise was. They saw White Fang member came in the room.

"Brothers. Sister Ilia. W-We have intruders! They raided in our mansion."

"What?! Brother!" Corsac called as he looked at his brother and they both nodded. They grabbed their weapon dagger and looked at Ilia.

Ilia nodded and knew what's she doing now. She unsheathed her whip weapon as she and two brothers went after. "Was that you, Blake?" She thought.

Naruto and Blake have crashed in the White Fang mansion. They took down a lot of White Fang members. Even with large numbers, they cannot stop them. Those two are unstoppable.

Blake pulled White Fang guy with Gambol Shroud in kusarigama mode and kicked in the face. Then, the ribbon that attached her weapon untied him and flew toward the ground. But, the others were behind them that fell on the ground as they charged forward her. They charged in a line is a bad idea as Blake grinned.

She stood aside on the right and let Naruto take care of them. He charged Rasengan already and waited for this. He charged and thrust the Rasengan into a White Fang female's stomach, forcing forward into the group that was behind her. The wall got broke when a female crashed into it. After the first wave is done, Naruto and Blake continued on their mission.

They're in the hallway. Almost there to the room where the objective was, but Naruto grabbed Blake and both of them got down when he sensed the enemy's aura. A web almost caught them from the sneak way.

"What was that?" Naruto asked.

"It must be Trifa. Her ability is shooting out the web. Don't let her trap you." Blake warned as the blond ninja nodded.

He told her to stay down and went after a girl named Trifa. So, her ability is to shoot out the web…this sounds very familiar before. There was one spider man that used the web for a long time, but he died in the fight. Naruto should be focus on the enemy. A spider girl… no problem! She can hide, but she can't run away from him.

Just right now, a web shot out of nowhere. Naruto dodged the web and dashed forward to the target. He found her from hiding in the corner.

Naruto threw shurikens at her before she'll shoot the web again. The shurikens stopped her from using it as she moved on the right. Then, the blond ninja dashed in front of her as he grabbed her both arms and delivered a headbutt to her head. With his headband on, it knocked her out cold.

He was going to Blake, but he dodged as he slightly moved back when a person with bat wings attacked from the air. He grabbed the person on the neck and punched in the face.

"Blake, let's go." Naruto said as he started to sprint and Blake is with him.

They stopped by the room and opened the door. There wasn't much in this room because it has bookshelf and candles. However, there was a black thing with a hologram word message.

"That was easy than I thought." Blake said as she approached the table and used her scroll to connect the hologram messenger. Took her few seconds and succeed to download. "Got it."

Naruto gave a thumb up for her and ready to head out. Now, they can stop Fennec and Corsac before hurting Blake's family. Taking the evidence is too easy.

"I'm afraid you won't leave this place." Corsac spoke as the two turned their back to see them at the door. He brought his brother, Fennec with him.

"You destroyed our home…" Fennec said as he looked at Blake's scroll in her hand that took it from hologram messenger. "I believe the message belongs to us."

Blake placed the scroll in her pocket and unsheathed her weapon to fight them. "You'll have to take it from me first." She said as she didn't see Ilia wasn't with them when they raided their base.

She then looked at Naruto. He nodded and knew what is she going to do next. After he nodded, the girl kissed him on the cheek for good luck. Blake and Naruto charged forward them as they saw them drew their weapon. Naruto went on first and caught their arm that armed with weapons.

He let his girlfriend to pass them and went ahead of him. His smirk was shown as he started to kick both of them Corsac and Fennec. He pulled one of them towards him and delivered another kick on his stomach. Then, he did the same to the other guy. Both of two brothers got separated from his attack, but managed to stand up.

Corsac and Fennec have no idea who he is because he's a pretty skill. They gonna have to fight him seriously. They remembered him at Belladonna house with Blake and her father, but didn't know him well. However, he's a friend of Blake. Well since he's a friend of her, they're going have to kill him.

"Sorry, but I had to stop you two before reaching Blake and her family." Naruto said as he went in the fighting stance. He is going to fight them with hand to hand combat.

Blake took a deep breath while searching for Ilia. Her heart told her not to worry about her beau Naruto because he can do it on his own. Now, she should be worrying about Ilia.

That girl needs to stop and know about the truth. She picked the wrong side, but Blake was so sure that she heard that from Corsac and Fennec.

At that moment, Blake heard a noise as she started to dodge the electric whip by duck under. She stopped her sliding and got up on her feet. There's Ilia standing on the 2nd floor that tried to sneak attack her from there.

"You shouldn't have come back." Ilia warned.

"You know why I'm here, Ilia. You heard them what they told you." Blake said as she started to unsheathe her weapon, but she stopped. "I can't believe you accepted their mission. Killing my family tonight? You really think you're doing right for Faunus?"

Ilia doesn't have any words to talk her back after what did Corsac and Fennec told her about a new mission. A necessary sacrifice. She wouldn't do this to the family because they were Blake's family.

"Say something, Ilia-" Blake yelled before she ducked down when the whip stroke. She rolled over and rushed toward the couch to cover it from Ilia's weapon.

She unsheathed her weapon and shifted a katana into a gun mode. She fired multiple shots at Ilia, but Ilia dodged by running on the left to avoid the bullets. Ilia jumped and swung her whip to hit her. Blake avoided her attack by using her clone to the whip hit hers. When it hits, her clone died and exploded into ice dust.

The ice dust caught Ilia's weapon as she tried to pull it out from the ice. Then, Blake charged forwards her and jumped into mid-air. She delivered a 180-degree kick to her head and knocked her out. That girl is unarmed now. Without her weapon, she'll lose to her.

Since Ilia doesn't have any weapon that stuck in the ice clone, she's going to try to get it back. Blake has changed since she left the White Fang and joined Beacon Academy. Here she goes, she charged at her. She made her move by using a ribbon that just turned her weapon into Kusarigama. She swung it and aimed for her leg, but Ilia did a jump by flipping over.

She got it through her as she got her weapon and pressed the trigger to create electric to break the ice. Then, she charged back to Blake and fight her back.

Blake has blocked every attack from Ilia. She focused on her moves and her plans. Her blade reached her waist, but she used a sheath to block it. Blake threw her Kusarigama at her and this time she isn't using her ribbon. Ilia ducked by moving right and thrust her blade at her face.

But, Blake smirked and she jumped over her. She grabbed Gambol Shroud in her hand. This move is almost like Naruto's move that teleports to his kunai and slams it, but this is her version. She punched on Ilia's back and grabbed her arm. She pinned her down on the ground and forced her other arm to let go of her weapon.

"Wh-What was that?!" Ilia asked.

"A person that trained me. His name is Naruto Uzumaki." Blake glared as she kicked Ilia's weapon away from her. "You're a good person, but you're making all the wrong decisions."

"Shut up!"

"Is this really what your parents would've wanted!?"

"I don't know what else to do!" She replied as her eyes started to tears. "I don't know what else to do…"

"Then, you must find your answer yourself."

Ilia widened her eyes as she rolled up to look at her face straightly. That face. Somehow, she looked more mature than she used to be before.

"I do not have the answer, but I'll know you'll find the answer." Blake smiled as she remembered what did Naruto told her. "I believe in you. They believe in you. Your parents wanted you to do the right thing. I believe they wanted you to find the answer yourself."

Ilia has finally stopped fighting as Blake lets go of her and stood up. She offered her a hand to get up, so Illia grabbed her and stood on the feet. "Where did you learn that?" She asked.

"My boyfriend." She replied with a smile again. "He's the one who inspired me to find answer myself. If there's a curse between Faunus and human, he'll break it. He'll never give up."

"Blake…" Ilia thought as she continued to look at her. "You've changed…"

"So, Blake. Are you done talking with her?"

Blake and Ilia turned their way behind them when they heard Naruto's voice. He held two unconscious Corsac and Fennec with a wound hole on their back.

"Corsac and Fennec?" Ilia shocked. "You beat them?"

"They're not dead. Just knocked out. I wouldn't even call this a warm-up." He said as he let go of the two and looked at Blake. "Did she give up?"

Blake nodded with a smile as she approached him and gently hugged him. "Thank you, Naruto."

"Anytime. I'm just glad your family is safe now." The blonde said as he looked at Blake's friend. "Have you decided yet?"

"I…I give up and quit the White Fang." She answered. "So…what will happen next? Arrest me and everyone?"

"Don't worry about it. Blake will talk with her father and support you because you're an innocent and good person in your heart. You have nothing to do with this." Naruto said as he pulled out his scroll when it rang. "Seem like my real self is almost there."