Okay, everything must be perfect. Not a line or shade out of place.

I was sketching intensely in my sketchpad, my brows furrowed in concentration. My attention was all taken by my work even though I really should be paying attention to my class right now. But the lecture was just SO boring, what's the point of listening when you won't even remember what they'll say after a few days?

So, I rather focus on something I do take interest in rather than a bunch of words that doesn't even make sense.

I bit my lip as I darken the lines, hoping my fingers wouldn't shake. If you take a look at me, you'll notice my posture is really stiff. My shoulders hunching and my back slightly arching, but trust me, it would all be worth it once I finish this masterpiece. Right now I was doing the hair part and I'll be damn to make this perfect.

I wipe my brow, blowing the lock of hair that escape from my ear. Okay Jen, slowly but carefully, every strand must be beautiful. Each and every one of them, no matter how hard it is. Uh huh, patience is -

I felt a kick on my seat, making my fingers jerk to another direction. My heart jump.

Shit, that was close. I almost ruined it. I grab my eraser and erase the bumpy lines. I blew the paper clean and got back right into my drawing.

Before the tip of the pencil touches the paper, I felt another kick on the back of my chair.

I grit my teeth.


I growl as I felt my anger began to boil. If he kicks my chair one more fucking time, I will end hi-

Kick. Kick.

I clench my jaw and turn around, glaring murderously to the guy who's seating behind me. "Do you mind?" I hiss, pointing my pencil to his foot who was in a mid-way kick.

Wallace freaking West.

The captain of-I don't know-everything! Seriously, I'm not kidding. He's like one hella fit of a dude whose energy never seems to falter. He has the fastest legs in campus and also the hottest butt (based from the gossips. Girls swoon from the sight of him; straight guys turn homosexual at the mention of his angelic voice, so in short, his head is always up in his ass.

Oh, you thought I was one of those sissies who go weak for the biggest player in school? Yeah, um hell. To. The. Fucking. No. Cause you see, West may look like one of those models you see in magazines but in reality, he's a pile of shit. A whole load of it.

He fucked anything with a skirt. Sluts, nerds, bimbos, Goths, teachers, I even heard a rumor he'd done it with some MILF. Yeah, that's right, maybe your grandma would be next too. And because of his good looks and annoyingly undeniable charm, there are a whole lot of brainless girls whose lining up to be his next fuck buddy.

I mean yeah we've been classmates since kindergarten, but the question is, does he know my name? No, he doesn't because he's too much of an ass to remember. I don't actually care but come on, kindergarten?! Are you kidding me?! Jump City High is not that big of a school, hell the city isn't even that huge.

He looks up from his phone, his blue eyes blinking in confusion and look down to where I was pointing at. "Uh can I help you?" He asks.

I grip my pencil. "You're kicking my seat."

He looks down again and glances up. "No I'm not." He gestures to his mid-way foot. "See?"

I twitch my eye. Did his mother drop him while he was a baby? Multiple times? With the floor made of metal?!

I rolled my eyes, turning back to my sketch and continue my drawing.

Stupid ass mother fucker.

I shade the skin until I was satisfied and as I was half-way to the neck part until the bumbling fool kicks my seat again.

I jerk my head to him again and scowl. "Cut it out you irritating twit!" I whisper-yelled, as the teacher passed by me, babbling about some cycle or some shit. "If you kick my seat again I'll have your head!"

He gives me another confusing look. "Did you see my foot kick your seat?" He asks, his brow cocking.

"No, but-"

"So stop pestering me. I'm busy texting Donna, you know, the legendary boob goddess?" His eyes seem to sparkle at that. Then he shot me a glare. "And If I don't get laid tonight, I'm blaming you."

I gape at him. This fuck boy is unbelievable! Where did he grow up in, at the "how to be a dick" village? Gosh I want to kick him in the crotch so, so, much. And why is it my fault that he can't bang this silicon whore? If you ask me, he should be thankful because I'm lessening the possibility of him becoming a father. Who knows that condom of his has a hole in it?

"You're pathetic." I sigh and turn back. Ugh, I always wonder why boys are so into racks and butts these days, not that I'm jealous or anything because to tell you the truth, I don't have either of them. They don't even care if they're fake or not, they just love how big it is.

Yeah, that perfectly explains why I'm single.

I sharpen my pencil until it was sharp enough, and blew the tip. I went back to work, actually trying to finish it this time. I'm going to make this one of my best art yet, with or without a bastard behind me. I can't let my attention slip because of some nuisance.

After a few strokes and shade, my work would finally be complete. And who would have thought it would come out nicely even though there were a lot of bumps along the way? Now only to align it with a gel pen-



I gasp in horror. No, no, no, this cannot be happening. This CANNOT be happening. My index finger tenderly touched the ink that splatters out from my pen. Then I held it in front my face.

My blood ran cold.

"No." I whisper, my brows knitted together in shock.

It-it's ruined. My blood and sweat all waste for nothing! It took almost one fucking week to make that and in the end it became some kind of fucked up piece of shit?! My hands are covered in lead for Pete's sake!

I felt my anger rose to the highest point. I clench my jaw. Oh somebody has to pay, they have to pay in generous amount.

And I know just the person.

I turn my head back and angrily throw my pencil box at West's head. He jump up, startled, and dodge my foot which was trying to kick his leg. "What the-hey calm down-the heck is wrong with-OW!" He exclaim as I successfully hit the heel of my boots to his knee.

"This is all your fault!" I accused, still kicking his leg. "Thanks to you, my sketch is ruined! Does it feel good, pretty boy? To ruin someone's life?"

"What the heck are you talking about? I wouldn't ruin anyone's life and-and would you stop kicking me for a damn minute?" He grabs hold of my ankle and grip it. I tried to pull away but he only grips it harder, pulling me near him.

Thank goodness we were at the back of the room where only a few students were sitting. And because it was a Monday, on the first period in the morning, I was glad almost half of the population in our school is a bunch of lazy ass monkeys.

Because between you and me, I don't know how to live THIS down if someone saw us like this.

"Let go, you sick perv!" I bark, panicking a little bit because goddamn does this boy have a strong grip. I tried to struggle again to break free but it only earned me a few more inches near to the Redhead.

West put my foot on top of his lap and holds it casually, like he doesn't even felt my effort of pulling away. Stupid athletic skills.

"Okay twinkle toes, you've got my attention. What do you want?" He sigh as if he was the one who was annoyed.

I scowl and tried one more time pulling my foot free but was unsuccessful. "Call me that again and I guarantee I will skin you alive." I threatened, my nose flaring. "And what I want is to turn back the time so I can cut that freaking leg of yours! For Pete's sake, does it have ADHD or something?! Because of it, my sketch that I've been slaving for days now is ruined! Do you know how expensive my art supplies are? Yeah, thanks to your stupid kicking, not only did you waste my drawing but also my materials too!"

I stop and catch my breath, finishing my rant. Damn that was exhausting. All the screaming, the struggling and the pulling really sap my energy like a bunch of hungry mice munching on a freshly made cheese.

He looks at me for a moment, studying my disheveled appearance. Then West let out another sigh and shook his head. "Well I guess that states it then."

I furrow my brows, still trying to catch my breath. Why do I feel like something bad would happen if I ask him what he meant? "States what?" I mumble, looking at him suspiciously.

He smirks. "You acting like you're all mad at me just so you can get my attention." He said, his fingers caressing my chin. "Sorry babe, but try an original plan next time, okay? A lot of girls had already pull this off, it's getting tiring."

I grip my fist, my knuckles turning white. As if I was given a whole battery of power, I burst like a mother effing flame. "You self-centered prat! I ought to give you bad luck for a whole fucking year!" I yelled, struggling even harder this time. He cursed and holds my leg down. "You think the whole universe is in love with you West, but guess what? I rather go drown myself in lemon juice than try to woo a douche like you!"

West grunts as he tried to take hold of my ankle. "Shit, you don't have to be so defensive! I didn't know you play for the other team!"

He said WHAT?!

I stood up and shook him free, desperate enough to let this-this bacteria off of me! "Release me or perish in hell, you insensitive shit!" I exclaim, shaking my leg as hard as I can.

He tug my lower leg near his chest tightly, his fingers squeezing my calves. "Not until you give me an apology for treating me like crap earlier." He grunted, having trouble in keeping me still.

"That's because you are one, you deserve to be treated that way!" I yelled, my hands were now pushing his shoulders. "So stop acting like an immature baby and let me go right NOW!"

After a few minutes of struggling, he did let my leg go, which the result was it made me fall on my behind. "Whoops, my bad." He snickers, smirking mischievously.

That cocky son of a bitch. He's going to regret that. I stand up and was about to go aim my knuckles at his gleaming white teeth until a hand grip my shoulder. I growl and violently jerk my head towards the person. "What-!"

Professor Blood was giving me a death glare and if looks could kill, I would've been dead. "What seems to be the problem here, Ms. Hex?" He asks in a dark tone, his beady eyes piercing to mine. I notice everyone was staring at me, a bit baffled why I was raising my fist.

Oh shit, I forgot I was in a classroom.

I gulp and bow my head respectfully. "There's no problem Professor, I'm just borrowing a-a-" Come on Jen, think fast, think fast. "-a paperclip!" I said a little too loud. I cleared my throat, blushing slightly. "Yes I was borrowing a paper clip from the prick of the West-uh I mean Wallace."

The professor narrows his eyes at me, searching my face if I was lying or not. After what it seems like eternity, he let me sit down. "Fine, Ms. Hex and if you interrupt one of my discussions again I'll give you detention for a week. Is that understood?"

I nod my head. "Yes Professor." I sat back down as he walks back to the board. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turn my head slightly behind me.

"Huh, so you do know how to talk politely." West chuckles, his breath tickling my ear, making an uncontrollable blush went to my cheek. "If you were more like that, you might held my interest from the first place."

I glare at him. "I don't want your acknowledgement to begin with and I only talk politely to people who actually deserve respect. And from what I'm seeing, you're the last person in my mind that deserves any."

But that idiot only ignore my comment and kept on speaking as if he didn't heard me. "I can imagine it now. You'll be like my submissive secretary just like from one of those movies." He cleared his throat. "Mr. West will see you know." He quotes, giving me a dirty smile, knowing all too well where he got that from.

"Fuck off, you disgusting leech." I snap, glaring at him heatedly.

He rests his head in his arms and gave me wink. "You know you want me, pink eyes."

I scoff. "Oh I thought you referred me as a lesbian." I mumble angrily, still a bit insulted. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's just that, I'm not GAY!

He snorts. "I turn men into homosexuals, I can do the same for you."

I bit my tongue to stop myself from screaming all the offensive words I knew. Ugh, somebody get me hammer so I can smash my head into pieces!

I fixed my gaze back to Professor Blood, ignoring this dick as best I can. I don't want to waste any more of my energy arguing to a blockhead.

Blood was explaining our project for the semester, saying the criteria and the rubrics. He put down a huge box besides him. "So class, since our discussion is centered to growing of the fetus and it's stages. I propose a project which expresses teamwork and hopefully, a lesson to you hormonal teenagers that raising a baby is not easy." He dips his hand to the box and showed us a robotic baby. "You're project is taking care of a child."

I jump a little to my seat. Child? Wait, that can only means-

"Yes, it's dual work. Both male and female." Blood finishes.

I drop my shoulders and groan. Uggh, I hate working with a boy, scratch that, I hate working with anyone! Pairs are only a headache because I have to carry my weight and their weight in order to achieve a good grade.

I sigh and scan my eyes to the room, looking for someone who's easy to work with. Isaiah? Nah got terrible anger management. We'll only end up arguing rather than taking care of our project, or worse, killing each other. Roy? Nope, his always busy checking himself in the mirror. I bet he won't even notice if our project caught on fire.

My eyes continue to search until it caught the quiet blonde guy who always carries his guitar. Huh, maybe that Jericho boy, his mute, which equals to a good listener which also equals to a good slav-uh I mean good partner. He'll be perfect!

Just when I was about to get up and force-uh ask him to be my partner, Blood step in, giving last instructions.

"Oh, I'll be the one to choose who you're working with." He said.

I drop my jaw to the ground. WHAAATT?! But that can't be! The chances of having a ditzy partner are too damn high! If you take a look at my classmates, you'll understand my dilemma.

I grumble and sat back down to my seat, crossing my arms. This day couldn't get any worse, first my drawing is fucked up and then this? I moan. They weren't kidding that High school is a synonym for HELL.

"If you and your partner's name were called, come to me to receive your baby." Blood then cleared his throat and began to announce who paired up with who.

Okay, if you ask me, he's really shitty when it comes to pairing people. I mean corny-joking weird dude and creepy, peculiar Goth girl? Seriously? Then uptight grandpa and miss sunshine and rainbows? What the fuck was he thinking?

Ugh I just wish I wouldn't get paired up with the drawing wrecker, I don't think I can handle any more stress and stupidity in my life. But base from the bad luck I'm having today, I won't get my hopes up.

"Mr. Wallace Rudolph West and..." Blood trailed. I grip the edge of my desk and squeeze my eyes close. Oh dear Neptune, don't let it be me, don't let it be me, for my sake and yours, DON'T LET IT BE ME.

"Ms. Katherine McAdams."

I open my eyes and grin crazily. "YES! Oh thank goodness, I'm saved!" I cheered, pumping my fist in the air. Yes! I won't have to put up with West's annoying, self-loving, and idiot self again! Maybe my luck is changing after all!

"Oh wait, hold on, I misread. Katherine is paired up with Victor. Jennifer Hex is your partner."

I felt my brain explode.

I just jinxed myself, didn't I?