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He should have known that something like this was going to happen. His cousin had been acting strangely in the past few days and every woman at the station was eyeing him as if he was a piece of meat. Don't get him wrong. He was used to being the centre of attention…he was used to the longing and desire-filled stares of women. But this…this was new to him. Everywhere Itachi went there was someone who knew who he was. It was quite often that he left with several phone numbers given him accompanied by a wink or a blush from the opposite gender. Even though, he did not want them, he was raised well enough not to just reject them. God knows, his mother would have a fit if she knew he hurt a woman's feeling intentionally. There was one time when he was dragged out to have a drink with some friends that someone even dared to slap him on the ass. He mused that maybe he should have arrested that person but he just did not feel like going through all that trouble. So head held high, and thankful that his friends did not see that humiliating situation- though his cousin did have that mischievous glint in his eyes- he decided to just go home. He was way too tired anyway.

It was the next day that he realized what the problem was. Apparently, Shisui thought it would be a good idea to play a prank on him. His dear cousin- his supposed best friend- made a profile on a dating website…using his name, uploading pictures of him. Apparently, he was a twenty-six years old police officer who had just got promoted as the captain of his own squad. And if one believed what was on his profile- he was very lonely and in a desperate need of a girlfriend.

When his brother showed him the website during their lunch, at first he was just staring blankly at the screen of his phone. Then his eyes went wide seeing that hundreds of people have viewed his profile, and he has received at least seventy messages. All women- and some men- wanting to go on a date with him. Appalled, he decided to confront his cousin.

"I don't know what you're so mad about. I did you a favour, Tachi." Said the raven-haired man, his usual smirk adoring his face.

"A favour? I can't go anywhere without running into someone who wants to be my girlfriend." Said the captain with an icy tone that sent shivers down Shisui's spine. Maybe, he did go too far.

"So? At least you have several options you can choose from." Shrugged the older of the two, eying his cousin with amusement in his eyes. Itachi though, did not think it was funny…at all.

"I want you to delete that profile." A small part of Shisui realized that the tone his cousin was using was the one that he used when reprimanding other officers but he decided it was in Itachi's interest that he just ignored it did not back off. God knows, the guy needed to relax.

"Fine, I will…On one condition." He held up a finger and looked at the other man seriously. Thrown off by his always cheerful cousin's sudden seriousness, Itachi decided to hear him out. So he pulled up the chair in front of him and sat down.

"And what would that be?" Though, he could hear the bitterness in his captain's voice, Shisui again decided to just ignore it.

"It's been a while since you have been with a girl." As Itachi's eyes glinted dangerously, he inwardly groaned and thanked God that his cousin was a patient person. "You and your ex broke up two years ago…Admit it, it is time to move on. I will delete your profile, if you go on one date. One date…that's all I ask." It was true. Ever since Itachi's ex had broken up with him, he did nothing else but work, work and work. Even Itachi's parents started to worry about him. Of course, it was Shisui who had decided to take matters into his own hands.

"One date?" Though, he knew he would regret it, Itachi thought that he could suffer through one date if afterwards he would be able to get back to his peaceful, uncomplicated life.

"Yes…I already have the perfect candidate." The squad captain glared at the other man distrustfully, his eyes narrowed in dissatisfaction…then he slowly nodded. One date would not hurt…right?

The date was a disaster. Shisui had chosen a red-haired woman, her profile stating she was educated, intelligent and well-mannered. Itachi knew though, one cannot believe whatever people say about themselves on the internet. This woman was anything but what her profile said. She was loud, annoying, and well…not as intelligent as someone with a diploma would be. She had even hinted not so subtly that she would not mind going up to his apartment to have 'mind-blowing-sex' with him. They were sitting at a bar and when his date declared she had to go to the toilet he couldn't help himself but letting out a relieved sigh. A soft giggle caught his attention, and when he looked up he was met with twinkling green eyes.

"Another drink?" The woman had long pink hair that was tied up in a messy bun. She was thin but it was clear she took good care of her body. Her short-slaved blouse showed just the right amount of female muscles. But what really made Itachi stare at her so intensely was her sparkling emerald green eyes and how her mouth twitched as she tried hard not to laugh out loud. Unintentionally, his own lips quirked up into a dashing smirk.

"Am I that obvious?" The woman let out a short laugh that the raven-haired man decided was a very beautiful sound and realized he would not mind hearing it more often.

"Yes, anyone could notice your discomfort." She poured him another drink then bit her lips as if contemplating on something. She put down the bottle then looked into his eyes. "You know, she is not that bad." She laughed when she saw that the man was looking at her with something akin to disbelieve in his eyes. "I'm serious. She can be…overbearing sometimes, but she is not a bad person." Itachi frowned.

"You know her?" The woman smiled than offered him her hand.

"My names is Sakura Haruno. Your date is my sister." He shook her hand while trying to figure out how was that possible. This woman seemed nice, well-mannered and intelligent…exactly the opposite of his date. Seeing the man's confused stare, Sakura smirked. "We are half-siblings." Itachi nodded a bit bemusedly.

"Don't get me wrong, it's just I thought after reading her profile she would be a bit different." The woman frowned.

"Well…you can't really get to know a person through an online dating website." Feeling bad for the man, Sakura decided to help him out and give him some info on her sister. "I can't tell you much. She loves hanging out with her friends, shopping, and she works as a bartender. She-" Itachi interrupted her by holding up his left hand.

"Works as a bartender? Her profile said she was a nurse." The pink-haired woman's frown deepened and Itachi's gaze followed her mouth as she bit her lip. His eyes darkened a friction but Sakura was too deep in thoughts to notice.

"Can you show me her profile? Now, I'm interested." Itachi gave her his phone. As she was scrolling through her sister's profile, he watched interested as her eyes widened then narrowed filled with such burning fire no one would believe she was anything but furious.

"That little wench…" Itachi raised an eyebrow at her sudden change in attitude towards her sister but said nothing. The pinkette took a deep breath then counted until ten before turning back to the handsome man in front of her.

"She stole my personal info and put it onto the website as if it was hers." She huffed crossing her arms. "And to think I came here to help her out." Itachi tilted his head while thinking maybe he should be more annoyed or angry that her date lied but as he watched Sakura's cheek turn red from anger so beautifully he found himself not caring at all.

"So you are a nurse then?" The fuming woman blinked at the sudden change of topic then a hesitant small smile appeared on her face.

"Yes, I work at Konoha Hospital. Today is my day off." Then her eyes became hard again. "I am actually here pinching in for my dear sister so she could go on a date with the guy she is so obsessed with." She spat clearly annoyed.

"I'm sorry. If it's any consolation I don't think we will be having a second date." Itachi watched with hidden satisfaction as the woman's eyes lit up clearly appreciating what he just said.

"I'm sorry too…You came here to have a good time with a girl but you had to be disappointed." She smiled apologetically at him.

"I wouldn't say I am completely disappointed. I am having a good time now." He said huskily and smirked seeing that this time the redness of her face was caused by him.

"You know you haven't even introduced yourself yet…You look a bit familiar though." Sakura's eyes bore into his and Itachi felt a pleasurable shiver run down his spine.

"Is that how you ask out every guy?" She grinned.

"No, just the cute ones. Sadly, I don't see any in here." He could see that the pout on her face was fake. The little minx was teasing him.

The man's masculine laugh made the pinkette lick her lips an appreciation.

"Itachi Uchiha. Nice to meet you." Sakura seemed to have recognized his name because her eyes widened.

"Uchiha, you say? Do you happen to have a younger sibling named Sasuke? His chicken-butt hair is hard to miss." Itachi's lips twitched again. No one has ever dared to be so blunt and open with him. It was quite refreshing. Though, he still wandered how this woman knew his brother.

"Yes, Sasuke is my younger brother. How do you know him?" Her eyes filled with warmth and Itachi found himself not to be able to look away.

"We were classmates in high-school. He and Naruto were my best friends. They still are, even though we all went on our different ways." Itachi vaguely remembered that his brother was always complaining about a girl who…in the end became his friend.

"Are you the girl who always scored higher on tests than he did?" Itachi was amused. "He used to throw quite huge tantrums. He had better score than everyone except this one girl…" He eyed her accusingly. She only laughed.

"You bet I am that girl." Itachi started to really like this woman. His night was terrible until now but he was starting to enjoy himself.

"Would you care to have a drink with me? My date seems to have stuck in the ladies' room." Sakura rolled her eyes. She knew if her sister had decided to redo her makeup, it will take her at least half an hour to finish.

"As much as I appreciate the offer, sadly I am working now. Plus, I don't want to end up being the bitch who stole her date from her." Both of them frowned clearly not minding each other's company at all. Itachi was a bit surprised that he got so easily rejected but by now he knew Sakura was not an ordinary woman.

Soon his eyes narrowed in annoyance as he saw his date making her way towards them.

"When does your shift end?" Sakura blinked in surprise.

"In an hour. Why?" The raven-haired man only nodded then drank his remaining drink in one swing then paid for it. Sakura watched silently as the man turned his back to her without a word heading towards her sister. She could not hear what they were talking about but she could see the disappointment in her sister's eyes as Itachi walked out the door…alone.

Her back hit the door as skilful hands were trying to get rid of her blouse. With a deep growl the man in front of her decided to just tear it apart not bothered by the annoyed huff that escaped the pinkette's lips. It only made him smirk into their kiss, deepening it, his reward being a muffled pleasurable moan. Sakura was quite annoyed when Itachi just got up and left without even saying goodbye to her but she was pleasantly surprised when she found him outside the bar waiting for her. They started talking and one thing led to another. That's how she found herself pressed into the door of his apartment, being devoured by none other than Itachi Uchiha, her best-friend's brother. Not that she minded. It's been a while since she has found herself this attracted to someone; she could only hope it would not just be a one-night stand.

On the other hand, as Sakura glided her hands up and down his naked chest Itachi knew he would not be able to live without the woman in his arms…not anymore. From this night on, she would be his and he would not let anyone steal her from him…Not even his own brother. As he grabbed her tights and hoisted her legs around his hips he reminded himself not to forget to thank his cousin for his intervenience…Though, he had better things to do right now…He walked to his bed dropping the woman onto it. He was proud of the fact that it was him who made her look so flustered, clearly wanting him to make her his that night. And who was he to say no to such a gorgeous, captivating woman?