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Oxygen is life…It's about filling your lungs and shaking any kind of stress, tension, anger, conflict out of your body…back into the Earth.

"Seriously…What on Earth are you doing?"

Sakura ignored her friend as she took a deep breath and stood on her toes to stretch her body. Her arms reaching high as she held her breath. A few seconds later she shook herself and exhaled loudly, her whole body going limp, arriving to a relaxed state.

The blonde sitting at her dining table stared at her incredulously, while petting the little weasel that was currently following his owner's every move with his sharp, intelligent eyes. The two simultaneously jumped as the pinkette shook herself again…both blinked as the medic finally turned off her laptop and decided to pay attention to them.

"It's called qigong." Came her long awaited answer. She went to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. "When did you get here anyway, Ino-pig?"

The blond sighed.

"Well…I have been here for like ten minutes now. I am surprized you didn't notice me." She gave her a disapproving look. "What if I was someone else?" Sakura let out an unladylike snort.

"Yes, because so many people have key to my apartment."

Just like Itachi, Ino had her own key to her place, in case something happened, or she had to go on a trip. Unlike Itachi, her blond friend did not hesitate to use it.

"And why are you doing this…exercise?" Sakura paused and looked at her friend.

"It's for stress-relief."

After a few seconds of silence the blonde burst out laughing, scaring the little creature on her lap.

"What, Itachi not giving you any?"

Sakura blushed then glared at her friend.

"Shut up. I just have way too many things on my plate right now."

Ino could only nod at her. She was kidnapped two days ago after all. Not to mention, she will have to get to use to a new workplace. Though, Ino did appreciate that her friend's boss gave her the week off to…well…to get over that traumatizing incident.

"I'm supposed to meet Itachi's parents for dinner on Sunday."

Fortunately, in regards to certain events, the dinner was postponed by two days.

The blonde almost face-palmed.

Leave it to Sakura to forget all about almost having been killed, and be nervous about meeting her boyfriend's parents instead.

"…So, that's what you're so worked up about?" Sakura put down her glass and strode over to Ino to take her pet out of her lap, not giving any attention to her friend's protest.

"You're one to talk…the last time you met the parents you were shopping for a whole week to find the perfect dress…not that you kept the guy. If I remember correctly, you broke up with him the following day." The medic sat down across her friend and stroked the little black creature's fur.

Ino only grinned at her. "Terrible secrets came to light that day."

Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Such as?"

Ino leaned closer to her as excitedly.

"He was a complete momma's boy…and on a whole new level. He kept asking for permission for everything." The blond frowned. "His mother did not like me. When he held my hand I saw her glaring at it, then the guy immediately let go. I mean…seriously?"

It was Sakura's turn to laugh, but she stopped when the blonde smirked at her.

"I wonder what you will find out about Itachi."

Sakura met her gaze with a challenging quirk of an eyebrow.

"Hmm…I wonder too."

Ino opened her mouth to say something else but hesitated for a second not wanting to ruin the lightened mood. In the end, she decided to speak up anyway.

"Is everything alright between the two of you?" The blond enquired. She remembered when Sakura called to tell her that she had a fight with Itachi…God, her pink-haired friend was devastated…and it tore Ino apart that she was not able to help them. It was something that the two would have to figure out for themselves.

Sakura smiled slightly.

"I guess with everything that's happened we just realized that we cannot live without each other. Sure, we still have to talk about a few things but for now we're just happy that both of us are alive and that we have each other."

The blond smiled too.

"I'm glad to hear that."

She got up and leaned down to stroke Kuro's fur. After a few minutes when she decided she got her dose of cuteness for the day she withdrew her hand.

"Well, I gotta go. Not everyone has their week off, you know." The blonde straightened up, and took her coat. "And for God's sake, close that window. It's freezing here. You don't want Kuro to get sick, do you?"

"Whatever you say, Pig." But Sakura still rose from her chair, putting said animal to the table, and went to close the window.

Her friend nodded approvingly.

"Tell me what happened at dinner."

"Of course." The woman winked at Sakura than left.

Shisui was having a great Saturday. Even though he had work when he was supposed to be free that day, he could barely contain the glee that he was feeling at the sight of his dear cousin.

To put it simply…Itachi was a mess.

Don't get him wrong, he loved his cousin and would never want him to suffer but the whole situation just amused him to no end.

Apparently, Sakura was sick at home alone, and Itachi was beyond himself with worry…even if it was just a slight cold she had caught.

The way he kept glancing at his phone during the meeting they had to be present at, told so much about his impatience, and his growing need to go home and take care of his girlfriend.

Shisui even overheard him talking to his mother an hour prior, and when the woman asked about the pink-haired medic, Itachi was visibly deflated.

The kicked puppy look that his cousin was currently sporting made him almost laugh out loud in front of their supervisors.

But he managed to restrain himself to do so…though, just barely.

Shisui liked Sakura and wished she would get better soon, but seeing his always-stoic best friend openly expressing his emotions and not even caring who saw…that just made his day.

Ever since Sakura was kidnapped, he acted like a mother hen. When they found Sakura, Shisui saw the obvious relief on his friend's face that they found her alive. He also knew that if something had happened to Sakura, Itachi would probably never be the same person anymore. It seemed he had finally found the perfect girl and God, Shisui prayed those two would never have to go through something like that again.

As the meeting seemed to take longer than they had thought it would, Shisui noticed that Itachi was tapping his fingers on the desk. Soon their eyes met, and Itachi abruptly took his hand off the table and glared at his cousin when he saw him smirk.

When they were finally free and only two the of them were present, the older Uchiha could not help but to mess with his friend a little.

Itachi stood up but he stayed seated looking completely calm as if he had all the time in the world.

"What got your panties in a bunch, dear cousin?"

Itachi gave him a hard look while he took out his phone and dialled.

"You know that Sakura is sick, Shisui."

Said man smirked.

"Oh, I know. I'm just curious why you are so worked up about a mere cold?"

Itachi ignored him and waited for his girlfriend to pick up the phone.

The previous night Sakura was fine, he had heard her cough a few times during the night but he did not deem any significance to it. But when Itachi woke up the next morning the pinkette was already sick and with a high fever at that. Sakura told him that she would be fine and he should go to work, but of course he could not help but feel worried. In a moment of weakness – that was due to his growing panic - he even called his mother, which he regretted immediately as the woman had become quite worried herself, as well.

He felt relieved when his girlfriend picked up the phone, her voice was a bit cracked but she sounded just fine.

Shisui watched his friend's face lit up at hearing Sakura's voice, and he let out a snicker…though, Itachi paid no attention to him.

It caught his attention though, when Itachi frowned then suddenly went pale. He himself almost fell off the chair when he heard his cousin's next sentence.

"What do you mean my mother is standing outside your door?"