New story this story will full of one & two shots of things the guild ever thought Natsu could do or things they don't know about him. I hope you enjoy PLEASE REVIW!

Chapter 1: Natsu can cook?

The fairy tail guild has entered Fiore national cooking contest Mira and Lissanna were going to be the cooks because they were the best in fairy tail but the day of the competition they fell terribly ill. What will fairy tail do now?

Normal POV

Natsu and Happy had smiles on their faces as they walked into the guild hall ready for another fun normal day at the fairy tail guild; but what they saw was anything but normal everyone in the guild was franticly running round with plates of food and baking supplies, and the whole guild smelled like a bakery.

"I wonder what is going on." Happy said sitting on Natsu head.

"I don't know Happy but all that food smells good." Natsu said drooling. "Hey Erza what is going on!" Natsu shots running over to the red haired girl holding a strawberry cake.

"Natsu good you're here." Erza said grabbing Natsu by the arm and pulling him to a long white table in the middle of the guild, Natsu was thrown in to the chair and immediately everyone in the guild was lining up with plates of food in their hands.

"Oy; will someone tell me what is going on!" Natsu yelled but when the food was placed in front of him Natsu forgot all about his question or the weirdness of the situation and began wolfing down every single plate of food.

"Hay; Erza what is going on?" Lucy asked just walking into the guild and seeing eveyone giving Natsu plants of stemming food like he was a king. "Is it Natsu' birthday or something?" Lucy tried again only for no one to answer her she sighed, then she spotted happy sitting on one of the tables eating a fish, "Happy what is going on with everyone today!"

"I don't know!" Happy said not really paying any attention. A tick mark appeared on Lucy's forehead and she grabbed Happy by the tail, "what do you mean 'you don't know'!"

Happy was shaking muttering something about Lucy being scary "I d-don't know!" Happy cried

Lucy sighed she turned to face her guild members; Natsu was done eating everyone's food leaning back patting his stomach with a happy grin on his face.

"Well?" someone asked as the group got closer to Natsu.

"Well what?" Natsu asked with a confused look on his face.

"The food Natsu what did you think of the food!" Erza yelled making Natsu fall out of his chair.

Getting back up and a grin ever so present on his face, "the food was great, I don't know what I did to deserve it but it was really good; Thank you!" Natsu said rubbing the back of his head, everyone's faces fell.

"Of course Natsu just ate the food and didn't think anything of it." Max said.

"Natsu which dish did you like the best?" Erza said as a tick mark appeared on her forehead.

"Um… I like them all!" everyone sighed in defeat.

"What are we going to do now?" Levy said holding a bunch of cooking books to her chest.

"What is going on?" Lucy asked again in exasperation.

"Well Mira and Lissanna entered Fiore's cooking contest but both of them got really sick so they can't cook anything." Levy said everyone looking down, "now we are trying to find a meal to enter into the competition. But none of us are as good as Mira."

"Yeah; and we can't back out because there is a big money reward for the winners!" Jet said

"Yeah and now Natsu tried all of our food but we still don't know who the best cook is." Droy said eating a chicken leg.

"Well what about Natsu? He is a great cook!" Happy said, everyone looked at happy then back at Natsu and started laughing.

"Ha the flame brain can cook! He just burns everything he touches; and I don't think anyone likes brunt food!" Gray said. Everyone laughed again; Natsu just looked down but stayed silent.

Only gramps saw this, 'what if Natsu can cook we could still win!' Makarov thought a smrik on his face thinking about all the money they could win. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Everyone fell quite form their laughing. The master of fairy tail jumped off the counter and walked up to Natsu. "Is what happy said true, can you cook?"

Natsu looked around at his guild mates, "well um …." Natsu trailed off; he did not feel like telling them that he was indeed a good cook, they would just laugh at him.

"He can!" happy screamed. Everyone was surprised at Happy's out busted. "Natsu is grate cook!" He said tears brimming in his eyes that nobody believes him.

"Well then Natsu let's see what you can do!" Makarov said leading Natsu into the kitchen.

Natsu POV

'How the hell did I get into this?' I thought to myself as walked into the kitchen, 'I could always fake it make something bad on purpose.'

I shook my head, no I will show them! What I can really do.

Normal POV

The whole guild watched Natsu run around the kitchen setting things on fire and throwing other thing in a pan; to the guild it didn't look like he was cooking anything… edible.

A haft an hour later Natsu came out of the kitchen with a big steaming plate of food. The whole guild watched the plate of steaming food, the smell filled the guild hall making everyone drool and their eyes twinkle, Natsu put the plate in front of Makarov, and he stared at it for a while.

"Well, are you going to try it or just stare at it?" Natsu said wiping his hands on a towel.

Makarov picked up a fork and slowly brought it up to his mouth wondering if this was really a good idea. Everyone was holding their breath as the food entered his mouth; then fairy tail master's eyes widened anime tears of joy and happiness came out of his eyes.

"Holy crap this is really good!" He said wolfing the rest of the food down. The whole guild looked at Natsu then back to the now empty plate of food.

"Is there more I want to try it for myself!?" Lucy said not believing that Natsu their Natsu could cook anything worth eating.

"yeah is there more?" someone else shouted and soon the hole guild wanted some just to see if the master was telling the truth about Natsu' food.

Natsu walked back into the kitchen and brought out a plate of food for everyone to try.

"How this is really good! It might be even better then Mira's cooking!" Max shouted with many head shaking up and down in agreement.

"Who knew the Salamander could actually cook!" Gajeel said stuffing his face with the stemming food.

"Natsu, where did you learn how to cook?" Lucy said after she finished her plate of food. Everyone looked at Natsu with expecting eyes.

"Well… Igneel was not really the best cook he only knew how to burn things so, one day when he was out, a wondered into a town and a chef taught me how to cook." Natsu said bring back the memory, the whole guild just stared at him with wide eyes.

After fairy tail won the Fiore national cooking contest everyone in the guild was cheering and having a bug party just then Mira, Lissanna and Elfmen walked into the guild.

"What is going on?" Lissanna asked.

"We won the cooking competition all thanks to Natsu!" Levy said her cheeks a light shade of red.

"Natsu did what?" Mira said in complete shock.

"Yeah; Mira, Lissanna how are you feeling?" Lucy asked walking over to the white hair siblings.

"much better thanks for asking, but may I ask how did Natsu win?" Mira asked still not moving from her spot by the door.

"Oh Natsu made the best dish there!"

"Natsu our Natsu can cook?!" Elfmen said

"Yeah crazy right, who knew one of the most destructive mages in Fiore can cook." Lucy said walking away from the trio all three with their mouths hanging open.

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