The Lone Wolf of the Normandy (Update)

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Xawin, 15:10 pm

The Commander push her foot on the pedal making the Mako go shooting out of the hanger bay and down the ramp before the team descending towards the frozen planet of Xawin to find the missing Privateers for Admiral Hackett. Jane was sitting comfortably in her seat waiting for the correct moment to activate the thrusters of the Mako, while Ashley and Liara were sitting next to each other in silence waiting for the Mako to land and Six like Jane was sitting comfortably in the gunner seat.

"Activating thruster in!" Jane told them before he hit the thrusters on the Mako slowing their descent before they hit the planet surface with a bounce before they finally came to a halt before Jane turned to look at the others. "Everybody okay back there?" She asked her group as she didn't want anybody to panic like Tali did on the last mission.

"Fine skipper." Ashley waved off. It wasn't her first drop in a Mako after all as all Alliance soldiers went through a training simulator to practice Mako drops and she had drop in a Mako before.

" I'm fine, Commander." Liara told the Commander.

"What about you, Lieutenant. Not too much for you is it? We can always get the Normandy to pick you up if it is and get James." Jane teased the Spartan-III commando getting chuckles from the other two in the Mako.

"I will cope….Commander." Six said stoically though he did have a micro smile on his lips.

"Good to hear. Now then. Lets get moving!" Jane said as she pushed the pedal down and began driving along the surface of the Frozen planet that was Xawin. She was glad to have the new amour from Six as they were pretty warm inside. Driving along the surface, Jane jumped over the rough hills the planet had and followed the way-point that Hackett had sent to her to investigate. She hoped that the Mako wouldn't freeze up on the planet but if it did then they would just have to call the Normandy to pick them up.

As they were driving Jane stopped the Mako and climbed out when they spotted something in the snow that looked to be buried for a long time if the markings on the relic were anything to go by. They all got out to investigate the object. "What is it Skipper?" Ashley asked as they approached it with Six with the battle rifle covering their location as in his opinion it was a foolish decision to just jump out of the Mako to investigate something that had been buried for years...but he wasn't in charge of the mission. The Commander was.

"I'm not sure, Williams. Looks like a part of an old frigate." Jane commented as she began to use her Omni-Tool to see if she could discover what it was and after a few moments she saw that it came up with the Chatti Outpost Insignia.

"Looks like this was once an old Turian frigate. If we find any more we'll report it to the Turian councillor." Shepard informed them before they all climbed back into the Mako and began their journy once again.

"Well…..wasn't that fun?" Dot said sarcastically." Oh you organics. You have to deal with the cold don't you? Not me though. I'm as snug as a bug in a rug." Dot grinned as she appeared on his visor screen.

"Maybe I'll leave you outside."

"Oh come now, Six. No need to be sour about it." She said smugly getting him to sigh and waited until they reached their destination and would hopefully want

" So have you found Reach yet?" Six asked her as he continued to look for any hostiles that were hiding by the storm.

"Not yet, Six."Dot admitted."But I will find it or a planet similar that we can make our own...though a whole planet just for me, you and Jun is a bit much isn't it?"His A.I partner asked him.

"It's not just for us."The lieutenant informed her."We could start recruiting various people to create a new military here."The Spartan-III told his A.I." Maybe call it the UNA...the United Nations Alliance….we could create a splinter group as such."

"So this UNA...what do you hope to gain?"

"Give humanity aid, the council have forbidden them from making more dreadnoughts and think they can dictate how humanity runs their government and military."Six told her as he scowled slightly at a group of aliens dictating how humanity should live.

"Six! I'm picking up hostiles in the vicinity" Dot warned her partner just as Jane used the thrusters on the Mako to jump over a rocket that was fired at them before Six opened fire at the outpost of enemy and began firing at the Heavy Alliance Turret taking the shields down his the machine gun then fired the cannon destroying most of it before using the machine gun again to destroy it for good before seeing another Turret and repeated the process.

"Good shot, Lieutenant." Jane praised though Six remained silent as he continued firing at the Mercenary's who were hiding behind cover. They didn't hid for long however when Six fired the cannon at them destroying the barricades killing a few before the Commander drove around the side to allow Six to use the machine gun to kill them all within a few moments. Driving around the building, Shepard saw a few more Mercenary's hiding behind covered before Six opened fire on them with the Mercenary's trying to find over from the onslaught of Mass Effect rounds only for in to be fruitless as they were all gunned down by the Sparan-III Commando using the turret.

"All targets eliminated, Commander." Six informed the Commander who nodded at the Lieutenant.

"Good Work, Six. If you keep this up then you might earn the star of the week." She teased getting a few chuckles from the other two, though Six remained silent.

"Is that a real thing Commander? Because if it is then I'll do my best to earn it." Ashley said to Jane.

"I can buy you a golden sticker if you really want it, Chief." Jane laughed slightly as she put her on the and Drove back to the front of the building. The ground team climbed out of the Mako and making sure they were prepared headed inside the building after pressing the button to allow them inside.

"Wait so no code? No encryption? Just press a button and your allowed inside the building?" Dot questioned in disbelief of the sheer stupidity of the situation. Sure they weren't paranoid as the UNSC but surely they weren't this naive as to leaving the door open so you could just walk in.

"I doubt they believed anybody would make it this far." B312 replied to his Partner as they walked into the building. Once inside, Six saw that the room was pretty Spartan, grey walls. A few crates having who knows what inside, a grey door with a green light next to it.

Walking up to the door the ground team had their respectable weapons in hands, Jane had an assault Rifle, Ashley had a shotgun, Liara had a pistol and Six had his Battle rifle. " Williams. You're with me. Six you're with Liara. We'll split of in two groups to neutralize the contacts as quick as possible. Six keep her alive." Jane ordered him going into what she liked to dub Commander mode.

"Understood, Commander." Six replied to her before looking at the Asari." Are you ready, Miss T'soni?" Six asked her getting a solid nod from her as her biotics formed around her giving her a blue glow.

"Good. . !" Jane shouted as she pressed the button on the door before the group charged inside Shepard and Ashley went one side while the Spartan-III and Doctor went the other side and began firing at the charging Mercenary's and between the four of them they started pushing them back. Liara used her biotics to pull two of the Mercenary in the air making them float there while Six and Liara fired at them killing them before The Spartan-III kicked a crate causing it to fall down and crush the Mercenary's hiding behind it.

Running behind the crate, Jane opened fire on the Mercenary's gunning them down before they had a chance to react before she summoned her Omni-Blade to stab a Krogan in the stomach while Ashley shot him through the skull killing him causing him to fall to the floor.

Liara who was taking cover just behind Six fired her pistol at the Mercenary's who were charging at the pair and used Pull, to make them go floating into the air, giving her the opportunity to kill them with her pistol. Then used Push to send a crate flying into a Krogan Battlemaster.

"You big guy. Your fights with me." The Krogan grinned at the Spartan making him frown. It seemed the Krogans were all battle obsessed if his confrontation between them all was any indication.

"Stand back, Miss T'soni." Six ordered as he put his rifle on his back and took his combat knife from it's sheaf and charged at the Krogan with the Krogan doing the same before Six raised his knee causing it to spit a mouthful of blood then before it could react he was kicked square in the chest knocking through a metal crate.

"You're dead!" The Krogan roared as he enter a blood rage and charged at the Spartan-III Commando throwing wild and sloppy punches that the Wolf of Noble Team avoided easily due to his superior training. Six grabbed his arm and ripped it off then smacked him in the face with it.

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! You bastard! You ripped my arm off! "The Krogan roared in pain only for Six to grab his head along with the amour plate he had and looked down at the Krogan Battlemaster making him feel fear for the first time in hundreds off years.

Running up to Liara, Jane and Ashley saw her standing looking at something with a look of horror and approached her. "Liara! What are you doing!?" Jane ordered only for the Asari to raise her hand and shakily point in front of her making Jane and Ashley look only to look equally disturbed at what they were seeing….it should have been impossible.

"Please tell me this isn't real." Ashley muttered going pale in the face.

"I thought the same thing, Chief...but he's really doing it." Liara told her.

"It should be physically impossible. Hell he's still alive." Jane muttered." I know they were trying to kill us but I kind of feel sorry for the poor guy." Jane said as they watched Six beat the Krogan to death….with his own skull. They saw the Krogan's blood all over the floor, walls and covering Six's armour before The Spartan looked at them looking like some kind of Grim reaper making them all gulp.

"Area secure." Six replied as he dropped the Krogans skull and turned towards the door in the back and walked towards it like he hadn't just beat a Krogan with it's own skull.

"Okay….There's no way in hell. I'm fighting him if he ever turns rouge." Ashley told the Commander still pale at what she had seen Six do to the Krogan.

"I hope for our sakes that he never does." Liara said as she felt uncomfortable about the entire seen...especially after the look she received from him in the communication room.

"Don't worry. Six is on our side….He just has a slightly different way at fighting his enemies. Hahahahahahah" Jane reassured them with a nervous laugh at the end getting deadpan looks from them not that she could see off course due to the helmets." Come on."

Running up to catch up to Six who was waiting at the door for them. Jane pressed the button on the door and walked inside the room that like the rest of the building was grey, had a few crates inside, though the room did have a table with a computer on it. But what drew their attention was the human wearing an Alliance uniform on the ground making Jane and Six sprint over to the Alliance member. Six gently turned the man over and saw he was holding a data pad tightly in his hands. Looking at the condition of the man he had clearly been tortured for whatever information he had but from the looks of it, he refused to revealed it. Something that the Lieutenant could respect.

"Dot. Can you get any information on him?" Six asked her as he handed the Data pad to Jane before he closed the man's eyes and rested his hands on his chest. It looked like he was sleeping now. Jane who saw the little scene smiled behind her visor as it was proof to her that Six was a good man and did in fact care about others.

"From what I've been able to get of the Data pad. He was Captain Willem of the MSV Majesty. His ship must of crash landed on the planet before the Mercenary brought him here and tried to get the information out off him." Dot informed him making the Spartan-III snarl at the mercenary's...they had to be working for somebody.

"We'll make sure that he receives a proper burial. No one deservers to die alone on a planet like this." Jane said to Six who simply remained silent. This just proved that the humanity of this universe weren't strong enough to protect themselves. Since he had arrived he wasn't impressed with this universe. Humanity answering to a group of Aliens that had no right dictating how humanity should live their lives. He would need to speak to Hackett about this whole situation.

"Lets get moving. We're done here." Shepard told her team as she exited the room with the other following after her.

"You Okay, Ma'am?" Ashley asked the Commander as she jogged up next to her. While Six and Liara stayed behind them at the Back.

"I'm fine, Chief. Just wished we could of got here sooner then maybe he would still be alive." The Commander said with a depressed tone. She had never like to see her fellow humans die knowing that she could off saved them. She knew that people would die but it didn't mean that she had to like it.

"There's nothing you could of done, Commander. We got here as soon as we could. No other Alliance ships were in the Area. We did everything we could."

"I know….doesn't mean I have to like thought now does it? You just can't save everybody." Jane muttered as the group called the Normandy to picked them up and 15 minutes later they were all climbing out of the Mako after they all arrived back on the Normandy.

"Good work, Team. Go get yourself cleaned up….I'm looking at you Six." Jane said looking at the dry blood on his amour who simply nodded before he walked away and towards the elevator.

"What do we do with the armour Six?" Liara asked the Normandy's giant as he walked away from them.

"Their yours." He replied blankly not even bothering to turn around or stop as he entered the elevator before heading to the next level. He walked out of the elevator and walked round the corner where he saw the soldier known as Allen waiting for him.

"Hello, Spartan." He smirked while Six continued walked towards him before he nudged him out of the way without a care in the world, he didn't have time to deal with the petty child.

"I have no time for you." The Lieutenant said blankly only to feel a hand on his arm. Six's Spartan training kicked in as he grabbed the arm and flipped the man over his shoulder and onto the floor and summoned a pistol before aiming it at his skull. "This is pointless. If I wanted you dead… would be."

"You nearly killed our friend. Attacked our previous Captain. You really think we'll allow you to walk around here like a free man?" The man spat at Six forgetting about the gun. Six said nothing until he climbed to his feet before he kicked the man in the side of the face knocking him out before walking away like nothing happened in the first place.

The Alliance soldiers who had watched the scene ran over to the now knocked out Luther to see if he was still alive. Hey! They weren't going to fight the Spartan. He looked like he could rip their damn arm of with a single pull.

"You know, Jane going to be annoyed at what you did to him." Dot said to Six as he walked towards the showers.

"I told her what would happen if they got in my way."

"Yes I know but I don't think she thought that you meant it."

"That's her fault then isn't it." Six replied to her." I was going to snap his arm instead."

"Well it's a good job you didn't…..I don't think the Commander would approve if you snapped the arm of one of her crew members." Dot informed him.

"If that Luther carries on. I will break his arm next time. Whether the Commander approves or not." Six said as he walked into the shower room getting Dot to shake her head at her partner. She had figured out that Six like Jane after seeing the slight changes in her partner such as his heartbeat increasing whenever she smiled at him. Though she would wait until the time was right to inform him that he was devolving feelings for the red haired Commander.

"What happened here?" Jane asked as she walked into the infirmary after hearing that one of her crew remembered was knocked out. She had just gotten up from the hanger bay after speaking to Garrus and Tali when she heard about it.

"It would seem that Private Luther tried to gang up on Lieutenant Mendez….as you can see it didn't go well for him." Chakwas said looking at the knocked out man that was currently laying on the bed." Luckily he's suffered no injuries and should be up in the next hour. However you may want a word with him as it's only a matter of time before the Spartan snaps." The Doctor advised Jane.

"As soon as he's up, inform me." Shepard said to the doctor as she left the room and waited for Six to leave the shower. ten minutes later the Spartan-III Commando exited the room with the blood stains being removed to see Jane waiting there with her arms crossed over her chest.

" Commander." Six greeted her.

"Not even back an hour and there's already a man in the infirmary?"

"I warned you, Commander. Next time he won't be in the Infirmary."

"Funny…. that sounded like a threat?"

"It wasn't a threat ma'am" Six informed." It was a promise." Six stated to her as he walked past her.

"I don't understand you, Lieutenant. You were kind to that man on the Planet. Letting him rest in piece. Then you pull something like this?"

"You know nothing about me."Six reminded the red haired commander who narrowed her emerald green eyes at him.

"Only because you won't let me! Since you've been on the Normandy you've barley said to words to anybody on the ship, hell Noble Three has spoke more then you have and he hasn't even been here for 24 hours yet."

"Then go speak to him."The Spartan-III told her blankly.

"No, I want to speak to you! I just want to know who you really are behind all that armour...why are you so cold and bitter to everybody on the ship? What have they ever done to you!?"Jane demanded as she poked his chest with her index finger to get her point across.


"Oh what a surprise, the classified crap again. Is there anything that's not classified."The Spectre asked sarcastically."You act as if you've had such a hard life compared to everybody else on the ship and the galaxy. You don't know what I've suffered and what I've lost in my life….whatever tragedy happened to you is tame in comparison."Jane told him before she found an armoured gauntlet around her throat and was lifted into the air by the Lieutenant who tightened his hand around her cutting off her airflow.

"Never compare what you have lost to what me and my brothers have lost...commander."Six sneered at her in barely contained anger that she had the gall to imagine what she had lost could ever compare to what his humanity had lost in the last twenty seven years.

"Six."The voice of Jun said as he came up behind him in his armour."Put the commander down….they don't and can never understand what it is that we've lost."The sniper of Noble team told his friend who let go of Jane who fell to the floor and began to rub her throat.

"See you later."Six said to Three before he walked away from Jane and Jun. Shepard watched as Six walked away..slightly scared at what would of happened if James hadn't of arrived...she could of snapped her neck like a twig. He looked as James offered her a hand to which she pulled herself up with.

"Thanks."She said with a hoarse voice as she rubbed her throat.

"You want to know why Six is so cold and so bitter?"Jun asked the Commander before he continued before she could answer."When he was a boy his entire family and friends were slaughtered in front of him with his mothers blood washing over him like somebody turned on a shower. Then when he was offered a place to join the Spartans, he and another 299 that were accepted into Beta-company. He was the best among Beta-company and was pulled away from the others before he was placed under the command of his handler who used him for years as his own personnel Grim Reaper, he killed whoever he was told to kill, then Operation: Torpedo happened."

"Operation Torpedo?"Jane asked as she leaned in to know more about Six, while she had no idea what had happened to his explained why he was a xenophobe and his comments about not being a fan of aliens."

"It's classified but I'll put it simply for you...almost all of Beta-company died in a single morning aside for a few. Six wasn't there but he did hear about it. The people he considered his brothers and sisters...all dead in a single morning, around 290 dead. Six does and always will blame himself for their deaths….he believes if he was there then he could of saved some."

"Then one of our team-mates, Noble Five sacrificed his life for Six and set of a bomb manually, which was another life that he blames himself for, then Noble Two, Noble one and Noble Four died and there was not a single thing he could do to save them...Noble Two was his sister in all but blood. So let me tell you Commander….nothing you have suffered is nothing to what every single Spartan has suffered in their careers. So next time think before you judge Six when you know nothing about him or what he has suffered."Jun told her in a serious tone for once before he walked away from Jane who didn't mutter a word as he left after hearing a bit about Kurt life before he joined the Normandy.

"290 Spartan died in a single morning?"She thought to herself as she looked down at the floor."He probably won't even talk to me now….well done Jane, you sure now how to fuck everything up don't you?"The spectre though with a depressed sigh as she retreated towards her room to remove the armour.

"Hey, Shepard."Kaidan greeted with a smile as he had a coffee in his hands."You okay?"The Lieutenant Commander asked the Commander who walked passed him.

"Fine, Kaidan….just fine."She told him making him frown as he saw the depressed look on her face but he couldn't question her about it as she walked into her room and locked the door.

"What's wrong with Shepard?"Tali asked Kaidan as she and Garrus walked up behind the Alliance soldier after getting a quick snack before they began their shift.

"I'm not sure...maybe something went wrong with the mission?"Alenko replied to the Quarians question.

"I don't think that's it. She seemed in a pretty good mood when she got out of the Mako earlier."Garrus said to the Lt Commander."Maybe it's a human thing?...well I should head back down to the Hanger bay."

"Calibrating?"Tali asked with a giggle getting the Turian to scratched the side of his mandible in embarrassment.

" I that oblivious? With Shepard driving the Mako I have to make sure that she's running to perfection for the next mission."Garrus told the Quarian engineer.

"You spend too much time Calibrating, Garrus."She giggled at him.

"So let me get this straight? This is not your Universe?" One confused Blaze Shepard asked as he looked at the Spartan-II Commando and was currently feeling smaller then normal due to the size of the man In the Yellow amour.

"That is the only conclusion I can come up with after looking through the Data pads you've given me." Jorge said as he was going through the Data pads that Dragon, Phantom and Ravager had given him. This was certainly not his universe.

"What makes you that?" Phantom asked the giant man.

"Well a few things really. The data is meant to be 2552." Jorge told them getting looks of disbelief.

"Wait so you're a time traveller then?" Ravager asked him.

"No. I've never heard of the Alliance and my people hadn't made first contact with an alien race until 2525. plus you and Phantom aren't trying to kill me as soon as you saw me."

"What? Why would I try to kill you for?" Phantom asked insulted that he would even think that she would even try and hurt him unless he gave her a reason too.

"My people have been fighting a war for the last 27 years against an alien group." Jorge told her." ever since we made first contact."

"What why would they do that?" Dragon asked the man.

"They believe we're an insult on their gods." Jorge said with a shrug as he looked at the covenant corvette that was stationed outside."I should leave. Hopefully find a nearby Alliance vessel to get me to Alliance command." Jorge said to the group.

He didn't want to abandon the UNSC but he needed a purpose. Spartans had been fighting for years and without a war to fight. The Spartan-II felt truly lost. He had lost Noble Team now thanks to the Covenant bomb but he knew that they would survive without him there.

"I can show you the way back to Council Space...It's time we left here anyway. We've already taken care of our target. If you could offer us a lift we'd appropriate it." Dragon asked the Spartan-II who thought about it and agreed as he had no idea where he was….plus if they betrayed him then he would just eliminate them.

"Very well. However you do as I say on the ship. If that understood?" Jorge said leaving no room for arguments with the Three agreeing before they climbed into the Covenant Corvette with the three being amazed with all the new tech that they had never seen before along with the Huragok that with their permission upgraded their weapons and armour and made them better then ever before. The group then headed towards Alliance Space to allow Noble Five to Speak to the Alliance.

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Five, Blaze, Drax and Phantom will meet the Normandy soon with Noble reuniting and the others meeting their relatives on the Normandy. Six may also punch Jorge in the jaw when he sees him...we'll see.

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