The Lone Wolf of the Normandy

I do not own Halo or Mass Effect in any way shape or form, they belong to their respectable owners. The only thing I own is the Noble Six in the story. Blaze 1992 owns Blaze, Drax and Phantom.

It had been a few hours since Jane's "confrontation" with Noble Six and since then she had made sure to stay away from him after seeing the...other side to the silent Spartan and learning a bit about his history from Noble Three. She was still trying to come to terms with 290 other super soldiers like Six dying...from what Chakwas had told her before about his augmentations, then the others were child soldiers as well. However the question remained were they still children when they died or was it only recently?

His parents, friends were all slaughtered in front of his eyes when he was only a child then losing the others in Beta-company, being used as an assassin for whoever his handler was, his entire team aside for James died and all she and the others of the Normandy had done since he had arrived was treat him like shit despite everything he had done for them.

He had gotten them new weapons, hell he had even got them custom armour that had never been seen before and even had her name engraved on it. He had helped them all on Eden Prime and all of their missions so far and still she and the others on the Normandy treated him like the plague...her father would be ashamed to call her his daughter.

After putting her ODST armour back on, Shepard left her room getting a salute from the soldiers on the ship that saw her with Jane nodding back at them as she continued walking through her ship until she reached the elevator, pressing the button, Jane waited until it reached the hanger where she saw Six back at the weapon bench with Three standing by the wall.

"Wrex, Garrus! Suit up you're coming with me on this mission."Jane announced to the Krogan and Turian making them both look at her from their places by the wall and the Mako respectfully."Grab your gear and meet me by the Mako."The spectre ordered the two before she walked over to the Spartans.

"Noble Three. I would like you to come with me on the mission, I need to evaluate your skills in the field."The commander said to the sniper of Noble team who moved away from the wall, grabbed his sniper rifle and snapped it to his back before walking over to the Mako, leaving Jane and Logan to themselves.

"Lieutenant."Jane greeted the Spartan-III commando who continued to clean the pistol he was working on, making Jane release a deep sigh."Okay...I'll talk then. I'm sorry for comparing our lives when I known next to nothing about or what you've lost in your life….I'm sorry about your family ans Beta-company..."

"You didn't know them...why would you be sorry?"Six asked blankly to her as he continued to clean each part of the pistol to ensure all of his weapons were in working order for the mission.

"I-I know, I'm just sorry for what you've lost and it wasn't right for me to compare our lives. Perhaps you could tell me about Beta-company one day?"

"No."He told her."Their dead, what would be the point bringing them up?"

"It helps to talk about it….you shouldn't just bottle it up inside. It not healthy."

"There nothing to speak about. Their dead and have been for a long time, just drop it."Six told her blankly. Alpha and Beta-company were all gone now, she nor the others on the Normandy would even know what it was like, just like the Spartan-II's would never understand what it was to be a Spartan-III. How they got better augmentations, longer training and Mjolnir power armour compared to "their" shitty SPI armour that was crap compared to the Mjolnir power armour. Oh he could imagine Doctor Halsey face once she found out about "his" program...most probably would look down on them for being inferior to her Spartans, most probably make some snide comment about "her" Spartans being able to survive more then "one" mission.

He envied the Spartan-II's at times, never having to deal with seeing their parents slaughtered in front of them and was simply "taken" instead. In time they would forget about their old lives...the III's however never forgot, they couldn't forget something like that, it was an image burnt into their minds, they used it as a focus for their anger and hatred for the Covenant.

"Six?"Jane asked in concern after he was silent for a while after she mentioned Beta-company, maybe she went to far with the questions again.

"Don't you have a mission, commander?"The lieutenant asked blankly and in a hollow voice making her look at him in concern but knew that he was right and relented.

"You're right, I should go...maybe we can speak later."Jane asked him a little hopeful that he would, she didn't want him to hate her because of what happened earlier between the two. She just wanted to get to know him as he intrigued the first human spectre.

She wanted to show him that he had simply caught the worse side of the Alliance after he attacked their crew members. The crew of the Normandy saw each other as family, you attacked one of them then you attacked all of them. Sure they had asked him to hand over all of his equipment but he didn't need to attack them all so violently even if he was following the orders of Hackett.

Six didn't say anything to her making Jane frown slightly didn't say anything else to him and turned away from the lieutenant before she headed towards the Maki where her three crew members were waiting for her with Noble Three and Garrus talking about something.

"Shepard. Beginning you forget about me down here."Wrex said gruffly to the Commander who smirked slightly at the Krogan battlemaster.

"Sorry, Wrex. I just wanted to see how Noble Six worked in teams….I was under the assumption that all his team had died in the Terminus system."Jane told him."As you can see that is not the case as we have Noble Three with us now...the Sniper of Noble Team."

"Sniper eh? I'm a decent shot myself?"Garrus said to Jun making him turn to look at the Turian and was slightly surprised when he spoke to him due to thinking he would be like Six...a loner.

"Well maybe we'll just have to see who's the better shot, Garry."Jun said in a bored tone getting Garrus to stutter at the name.

"It's Garrus Vakarian, not Garry."

"You look more like a Garry if you ask me."Noble Three commented."Garry Vakarian, Normandy Turian."

"It's Garr…..your going to keep calling me that aren't you?"The Turian grumbled to himself.

"Yes….Garry."Jun deadpaned getting an amused smile from Jane and a small smirk from Wrex."Well as nice as it is talking to you all….don't we have a mission?"

"Yes we do, James."Shepard stated."All of you in the Mako, we'll be approaching our drop point momentarily."Jane told her team as they all climbed into the Mako, Wrex took the gun, Garrus and Jun took the seats on the side and Jane took the wheel as they all waited for the signal from Joker."Are you prepared to do a Mako drop, James?"Jane asked the Spartan-III.

"Never been in a Mako before."Jun admitted to the red haired Spectre making her emerald green eyes widen before snapping her head to the sniper of Noble team.

"Never? But there on all Alliance ships…."

"Well we use different vehicles for our operations in the Terminus, such as Warthogs, Scorpions, mongoose…."

"What are they?"Jane inquired never hearing of any of those vehicle names before, nor had the other two by the looks they were giving the Spartan-III.

"Warthog is a Jeep with various guns on the back...depending on which one you use."Jun told the emerald eyed Spectre." Most have a M41 light anti-aircraft gun, nicknamed the "Vulcan". It fires 500 12.7×99 mm armour piercing rounds a minute."The sniper told the group.

"Bullets again? Why don't you ever use Mass Effect technology?"Garrus asked his fellow sniper.

"Bullets have more mass...more damage."Jun said in a bored tone.

"Okay what about the Scorpion?"Jane asked as the group continued waiting for Joker to give then the go ahead.

"A tank."

"Like the Mako?"Shepard asked him.

"No. It's bigger...much bigger but slower then your Mako, as it's top speed is around 33 mph...but what it lacks in speed, it makes up in fire-power...which is always nice."

"Boys and their toys huh?" Jane asked in amusement.

"Commander, we're approaching drop location, opening hanger doors now."Jokers voice came across the comms, preventing Jun from replying to Jane question.

"Understood, Jeff."Shepard replied back as she powered up the Mako."Keep the ship safe for me."

"Hey! The Normandy's my baby...not your Commander."Joker shot back to the first human Spectre...happy hunting, Jane."

With that all said and done, Jane pushed her foot down on the pedal with the Mako roaring out of the Normandy hanger bay and descended towards the planer Mavigon. As they they were falling towards the surface of the ice planet of Mavigon, Jun only had one thought.

"I hope she's not like Kat."The Spartan-III thought to himself with a small shudder at Kat's driving skills as she liked to call them. He was pretty sure that the red headed Commander wasn't like her though, she had to be a good and safe driver….right?

Finally the Mako landed hard onto the planet surface after Jane activated the thrusters to slow their decent towards the planet. Jane pushed down on the pedal and drove towards the location of the base on the planet. Jane brought up the scan of the area that was on her map and after getting a rough idea as to where they had landed, headed up the mountain path to head to the base that had been taken over by hostiles. During the drive to the base, Jane and the others climbed out when they discovered a gold deposit and found the remains of a mummified Salarian that looked to have been there for a while.

Jane discovered that his name was Captain Stranaka. Apparently one of the Salarian's tasked with hunting down the League of One….what ever that was. Jun certainly had no idea. Still non-human or not, to be left to freeze to death on the ice planet was a cruel fate for anybody. Once they had finished their little detour, the group climbed back into the Mako and headed towards the base. The storm made it near impossible to see a few feet in front of them that made it hard for Jane to see what was in front of her as she was driving the Mako, the vehicle's radar was also messing up that aggravated the Spectre slightly but she made do...wasn't the first time that she had drove blind and she doubted that it would be the last.

Jane took the Mako up the mountain where the base was located and activated the thrusters to jump out of the way of a rocket that was fired towards them."Wrex! Take those turrets down."The Commander ordered the Krogan who grinned to himself….he was begging to get bored. Wrex aimed the turret at the bases heavy turret and fired the heavy cannon at one of the turrets that caused some damage then began firing the machine gun at the damaged turret before he fired the cannon at it again that caused it to explode before he turned his attention towards the second heavy turret that was still firing at them.

Shepard drove around the base to avoid fire from the Alliance Heavy Turret that continued to fire at the Mako, Wrex fired the cannon at the turret again, damaging it slightly, then began to fire the Mako's turret at it until the cannon cooled down. Once it had, Wrex fired the cannon one last time and watched in satisfaction as it exploded into a million pieces until there was just one left.

Driving around the base to get the turrets attention, Wrex fired the Mako's turret at it, making the shields flare up, then fired the cannon again, making the base's turrets smoke slightly before Wrex finished it of with a few more rounds and watched as it exploded just like the others had before him. "Good work, Wrex."Jane said to the Krogan Mercenary from the drivers seat."I knew you weren't just a pretty face from the moment I met you. "Came the cheeky remark getting a chuckle from Garrus and a smirk from the Spartan-III.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Shepard. Most Krogan don't find human attractive...your too squishy, too frail when you really need to push."Wrex said gruffly."And I'm one of them….go ask your Spartan friend back on the ship...maybe he'll…."

"Shut up, Wrex! I was just joking damn it!"

"Heh, seemed to have hit a nerve there."Wrex grinned at the Commander who was grateful for her helmet.

"What up with, Kurt anyway?"Garrus asked after being quiet since he had been in the Mako."He came down and looked pretty mad...or at least I assume he was annoyed by how he began working in the corner...actually that's his usual MO now that I think about it."

"He a little pissed because I..."

"He's just not a people person is all."Jun quickly intervened for the Commander of the Alliance."Don't take it personally, he hasn't really had a lot of social activity...before he joined Noble Team he mostly operated on his own when he was out in the field."

"What did he do before he was on the Normandy?"Garrus asked his fellow sniper as Jane drove around the base to look for the door.

"Worked in the Terminus system to hunt down the Batarians, Krogan, Turians and Asari that threaten humanity and her colony's. We worked together during our time in the Headhunters."Jun told the Turian sniper.

"Headhunters?"Jane questioned him never hearing about an organization known as the Headhunters….then again she'd never head of the Spartans until recently.

"Classified."Three told them all making Jane pout slightly, wanting to know what the Headhunters were and what he and Six did during their time as Headhunters….whatever it was. She expected that it was a black ops program.

Coming to a stop, Jane turned of the Mako as she found the entrance of the base where she saw a glowing green light through the snow storm, indicating that it was the entrance of the base."Everybody out!"Shepard ordered her team."Time we clear this stronghold out, if our information is correct then a group of Mercenary's are inside." Doing as ordered, the group climbed out of the Mako with Jane and Wrex grabbing their shotguns of their backs, while both Garrus and Noble Three grabbed their sniper rifles. Once they had their weapons equipped the group headed towards the door before heading inside the stronghold.

Once they were inside they found themselves in a grey corridor that had a panel door and a green button on the side."Wrex you stay next to me, Garrus, Three yo stay behind us and cover, take out any hostiles to us."Jane told her team as they walked towards the door and pressed the button to open the door up where they saw a boxed room that had a few large crates but nothing of importance.

Making sure the room was clear of hostiles, the group headed through the door that was on the left side of the room and walked through the corridor and entered the room where Jun saw a few blips on his radar, obviously the mercenary's that had taken over the base.

Once they arrived in the room, they saw that the entire room had various crates that would give them and the Mercenary's cover from fire."Three, you come with me, Wrex, Garrus, you two head the right side and netulize any hostiles."Jane whispered to her team getting nods from the group as Wrex and Garrus headed around the right side of the room and Jane and Jun headed around the left side.

Taking cover by one of the crates, Jun peaked around the corner, aimed his sniper rifle and looked through the scope to see a few Mercenary's standing around and talking about something."Three hostiles, Commander. Should I fire?"Jun asked the Spectre as she stood next to him.

"Take the shot."Jane ordered the super soldier who did as instructed. Three held his breath as he entered Zen as he concentrated on his enemies and enemies alone. Resting his finger lightly on the trigger, he waited for a few moments then pulled the trigger


Jun fired his sniper and watched as the hard-light bullet ripped through the kinetic shields and went clean through the skull. Before the other Mercenary's could even react or grab their weapons, Jun fired at them and less then a few seconds were killed just as quickly as the others were.

"We're under attack!"A male voice roared out.

Wrex saw a few Mercenary's charging towards him, firing their assault rifles at him that made him grin as he charged towards them and head butted on that caved his skull in before firing his shotgun at another that make him stumble back slightly, along with the shields going down before the Krogan fired his gun again with the mass effect rounds ripping through the armour and skin, killing the Mercenary who then fell to the floor. Wrex then charged forward and punched on the Mercenary's in the jaw, nearly breaking it in the process.

Garrus hid behind cover and using one of the new snipers from the Normandy that Six had ordered. Aiming down the sights, the Turian sharpshooter waited unto one of the Mercenary's poked his head out of cover before he gained a hole through it curtsy of Garrus. Garrus looked over to the left to see a group of Mercenary's that were snipped by his fellow sniper with such speed and grace that Garrus couldn't tell who he fired at first.

"Keep up, Garry."The voice of Noble Three came through Garrus's Omni-tool as the Turian watched as Three snipped one of the Mercenary's that was hiding behind cover. Garrus saw as the one Mercenary was snipped by Noble Three, the other two jumped out of cover and tried to escape, only to be quickly snipped by Garrus.

"You started before me. You gained a head start….not really fair to start a contest."Garrus replied as he spoke into his Omni-Tool before he reloaded his sniper with a new magazine. The only down side of having to use bullets.


Jane fired her shotgun at one of the approaching Mercenary's, that ripped their face off with a single shot, it made her slightly green as she saw the flesh rip of his face. She wasn't expecting the M45D Tactical Shotgun to have such a kick or as much power as it did. Sure she had seen somebody face been ripped of before but she had or would never get used to seeing it or the smell that was left behind.

Shepard rolled out of the way as one of the few remaining Mercenary's threw a grenade at her. Once she was out of the way the grenade exploded and caused her Kinetic shields to flare up. Jane jumped into cover and waited for her shields to recharge. Once she saw on the visor screen that they were back at 100%, she looked at the radar on her visor screen and saw a red blip approaching her.

She waited for a few moments until she saw a foot next to the crate she was hiding behind and shot it making the man scream hysterically at the loss of his foot. Jane pumped her shotgun before she aimed it up and fired one last time, taking his head clean off of his shoulders and listened as there was a thump as he fell to the floor.

Jun snapped his sniper rifle to his back and grabbed the knife from his shoulder that was in it's sheath. Waiting for a few moments, he reached around the corner, grabbed a Mercenary before pulling him around and impaled the knife through his armour and into his chest with augmented strength and held his hand over his mouth as the Mercenary screamed. Once he was sure that he was dead, Jun dropped the soldier onto the ground and moved out of cover.

Walking forward he fired his pistol at the past remaining Mercenary who within a few shots was dead after being filled with rounds by the Spartan-III commando."Clear."He announced as all the Mercenary's had been neutralized.

"Good work everybody."Jane said to her team as she walked over to Jun with Wrex and Garrus just behind her."Looks like that's everybody, just two more base to go to."Shepard told the others before the group did a quick search of the base and headed to the last two rooms at the end of the base where they looted everything that they could get their hands on before they left the base and headed up to the Normandy.

"Have fun on your first official mission?"Dot asked Jun as he climbed out of the Mako with Jane, Garrus and Wrex following suit.

"It was a blast. Shame you missed it, I love hearing voices in my head."Noble Three shot back to Dot as he walked over to Six who was busy on his Omni-Tool.

"Aww, Jun. That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. I knew you cared."Dot mock sobbed at the sniper getting a small chuckle out of him as he stood by the wall again.

"How'd it go?"Six asked as he looked up from his browsing on his Omni-Tool.

"Alright, just a few Mercenary's that were working for one of the three crime lords."Jun told Six with a shrug."Been a while since I had to kill fellow humans. Still they chose their side."

"True."Six muttered as he closed his Omni-Tool up.

"So what have you been doing since we left?"Three questioned his fellow Spartan-III and Noble member.

"Cleaning the weapons."

"You really should speak to some of the crew,. The Turian's not so bad...didn't really speak to the Krogan so no idea what he's like."Jun said to Logan,


"Look, Logan."Jun started making Six look up when he heard his real name. Not many people called him that aside from Dot, Lucy and Tom."We're going to be here for the foreseeable future. You're going to need to socialize with the crew."

"And how would I do that?"Six shot back at him."This entire ship is filled with fools. What did they think I would do when they tired to take my equipment from me?"The Lone Wolf told Jun sarcastically.

"I know, I'd of probably done the same thing if they tried to do the same thing to me."Jun admitted to his fellow Spartan."We'll just have to try and get along with them until we deal with this Saren."

"I could care less for this crew."The Lieutenant scoffed slightly to himself."If they try to take our equipment from us then I will naturalize them."Six said blankly to him. What did the crew of the Normandy think he was going to do we he walked onto their ship? That he would just had over his equipment instantly? Stupid fools, if he wanted to he could slaughter every single soldier on the ship easily. None were trained to kill an ODST trooper let alone a Spartan super soldier.

That damn soldier that kept getting in his way on the damn ship was beginning to get on his nerves, all of them were. Then Shepard pissed at him for defending himself from Luther, tried to make him look like "he" was in the wrong. What right did any of them have to judge him? Demand anything from him?

After everything he had done for humanity? After everything he had sacrificed for humanity! His brothers and sisters all dead….and not a single person cared about the loss of the III's. The loss of Noble Team. Carter and Emile had died so they could get a damn package to the Autumn! An expectable loss, ONI would declare. The only good thing about being trapped in an entirely new universe was not being a slave to fucking James Ackerson any-more.

"Calm down, Logan."Dot soothed her partner after seeing his body release a few compounds and pheromones that indicated he was angry or annoyed about something."Everything will work out in the end...I promise."Dot reassured him.

A few hours later, Jun was waiting in the elevator and headed up to get something to eat. Six had said that he would eat when he was hungry. Finally reaching the next level, he walked out of the elevator and headed over to where the ships chef, Sargent Brunner was standing.

"Evening, Chef. What do recommend for the evening?"Jun asked Brunner sarcastically as he approached the counter where Brunner was standing behind.

"What would you like? A four course dinner? Lobster? Turkey? Chicken perhaps?"The chef grumbled in heavy sarcasm.

"No need to spoil me, Chef. The others will only grow jealous if I dine like a king." came Jun witty remark."I'll just have the standard MRE."Three told the Chef of the Normandy who reached below the counter and grabbed the tray for Jun and handed it to him.

"Thanks, Brun."Jun thanked with a nod before he turned around to look head back towards the hanger to eat, until he saw a spare seat next to Ashley and walked over to her and the others where he saw Jane, Kaidan, Tali and Garrus were also sitting."Room for a small one?"

"No."Ashley imminently answered as she glared her brown eyes up at the Spartan-III's visor. She didn't want the damn annoying Spartan sitting next to her.

"You may, James."Jane commented to the Spartan-III, while Ashley sent her a betrayed look, getting a shit-eating grin back from the emerald eyed Commander."Sorry, Williams. James has a right to sit at the table too."Shepard informed the female gunnery chief.

Jun put his tray on the table before he lowered himself down into the chair. The chair made a small creak due to the weight of the armour, however aside from that, nothing happened to the table and chair from the weight of the Mjolnir power armour.

They all leaned in slightly when they saw him reach up to his helmet before Jun twisted it, making the air hiss out that was trapped inside before he lifted it of his head and allowed the air to touch his skin, something he didn't often do.

Tali and Garrus were slightly surprised that he was human under all of that armour, sure Six had hinted that he was but it was just surreal to image a human as tall as both Three and Six, plus carrying around that armour all day.

Jun had a cleanly shaved head, dark blue eyes, pale white skin that was bordering on Albino white with no scars over his face due to being the sniper and was normally away from head on conflict, a strong jaw and he had three black arrows tattooed on the side of his forehead. If they had to put an age on him then they would say in his late twenty's.

Jane admitted that he was kind of handsome but seemed too much of a rebel for her taste. Ashley however was rather surprised that the stupid and laid back Spartan was a looker. Sure she had seen good looking men in the past but there was something about the Spartan that drew her attention, his eyes for instant. James looked and sounded like a mellow out but she knew that he had seen far to much in his life.

"See something you like, Princess?"Jun voice snapped her from her thoughts making her scoff.

"Don't get your hopes up, Mendez."Ashley informed him with a very unladylike snort."I'm just surprised as you look as stupid as you sound is all."

"With an attitude like that it's clear while you're so sexually frustrated."Three replied blankly to his fellow Gunnery Chief who snapped her neck at him and glared at the bald Spartan-III with such womanly fury that a lesser man would of crumbled."Of course it's not surprising with that whole dominatrix thing you have going for yourself."He said with a bored sigh as he dug into his meal.

"Why you!"Williams sneered at the Spartan."You best sleep with one eye open, Mendez. Because when you least expect I will be coming for….

"That's filthy language, Miss Williams."Jun chastised the Gunnery Chief with a wag of his finger."The kid here probably hasn't even heard about the birds and the bees from her people yet."

"That's not what I meant you-you pervert!"Ashley screeched at the Spartan who had a bored look on his face, however if you were to look close enough then you'd see in his eyes that they held amusement behind them.

"So...what are those arrows for? Do they hold any sentimental meaning behind them?"Jane quickly asked at how awkward this conversation was going between the two….Tali was blushing up a storm, Garrus was looking uncomfortable as was Kaidan.

"Dad was a hunter."Jun stated as he looked at Shepard."When I became a Spartan I took up the sniper rifle because it was natural to me, as a boy we would go hunting together and I would get to shoot rats in the distance. In time snipping was as natural as breathing to me, so why waste my talent?"

"Sorry for your loss."The red haired Commander said sincerely to the Spartan-III who shrug his shoulders.

"He's been dead for over twenty years now. I'm past his death now."Jun told her, he had more then enough time now to get over his family's deaths. Sure there wasn't a day when he didn't stop and think what his life could have been like if he didn't lose then and become a Spartan. But this was the hand that fate had handed to him and there was nothing he could do to change that now, he would do as the Spartans always did...move on and protect humanity.

"What's going on?"Blaze Shepard questioned the Spartan-II commando as he, Phantom and Drax walked up to the Command centre where they saw a large image of an Alliance ship in the middle of the room.

It had been a few days since they had met Jorge and began their trip back to citadel Space. In that time they had been allowed to explore the Covenant Corvette that would be their home for a while until they reached the Alliance HQ. Blaze wasn't sure how to feel about being on board a ship that belonged to the Covenant, a group that had slaughtered trillions of humans in Jorge's universe. They made the Batarian's seem tame in comparison, what his humanity had suffered in their first contact made the first contact with the Turians seem like a joke.

The three were blown away by the Slip-Space that the Covenant ship used compared to having to travel to a Mass Relay to get across the galaxy like they did. For the monsters that the Covenant were, they sure had amazing technology.

The Huragok or at least one of the Huragoks that were on the ship had improved all of their armour and weapons to their peak. A real living super computer that was apparently created by what the Covenant worshipped as gods. The three had helped Noble Five to round up all of the Covenant that had surrendered and placed in the holding cells on the ship.

"We're picking up a transmission from in the area."Jorge told the shortest member in their group."Putting it through now."

"Th...Hannah..epard of...e...SSV Kilimanjaro. .f any shi…..area,"A broken up transmission came over the ships comms that made Blaze's heart rip out of his chest or at least feel like it was going to, reconsigning that voice anywhere, even when broken up.

"That's my mother!"He exclaimed to the others.

"You sure, Kid?"Drax questioned his best friend as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I know what my own mother sounds like, Drax."Blaze told the Krogan hotly and a low growl but it was to be expected, this was his mother after all who he loved and always would love unconditionally.

"Can you clear the transmission?"Five asked the group of Grunts that have agreed to follow the Spartan-II due to being treated better by him then they would by the Covenant. After all they had never wanted join the Covenant in the first place but had been forced into the Covenant after the Sangheili had slaughtered their people.

"Okie dokey" One of the Grunts said as he began to try to clear the transmission up for the demon.

"This is Spartan-052. I hear you SSV Kilimanjaro. Come in if you're still out there."Jorge spoke over the comms once the Grunt had declared that they had cleared it up.

"This is Captain Hannah Shepard. Please send help, Spartan-052. My ships captain is dead, we were ambushed by a small group of Slaver ships when they sent out a distress beacon. My crew are injured or dying, please I beg you, please send help!"Hannah's voice shouted over the comms that made Blaze's heart ache at hearing his mother in such distress.

"We'll be at your location momentarily, Captain."Jorge told the Captain of the Alliance."Are you injured?"The only Spartan-II of Noble team asked her.

"My crew are more important at the moment."

"Are you hurt?"Jorge repeated once again with more force to get his point across. He heard a small sigh on the other end indicating that she "had" suffered an injury of some kind.

"Just a broken leg, I've had worse. The state of my crew is more important to me at the moment."Captain Shepard finally relented.

"Then just hold on, Captain. We'll save as many of your crew as possible."Jorge promised her getting a soft laugh in return.

"I hope your right, Spartan."Hannah muttered before the comms went dead and Jorge turned his attention to the Grunts, Human, Asari and Krogan.

"First things first."

"What?"Phantom asked the giant human.

"Time to go see our prisoners, if we're lucky then a few may consider helping us out."Jorge said as he walked past her and the others and headed towards the holding cells.

"And if they don't?"Drax questioned as he followed after the Spartan-II to help him encase the Jackals, Hunters and Elites tried anything.

"Then they will remain in the cells and we'll need every bit of luck and skill we can mange if we want to survive and save the Kilimanjaro from the slavers."Jorge told the son of Wrex."Really wished Noble was no offence."

"None taken."Drax waved off knowing that he would feel the same if he was cut off from Blaze and Phantom.

"Blaze!"Jorge said loudly snapping the blonde from his thoughts and saw the 8'0 giant rest his hand on his shoulder."We'll save your mother….I promise."Jorge reassured him."Head to the armoury and get equipped for the mission, any weapon that you see is yours to use. This is personal to you, so you'll need all the help you can get."

"Understood, sir."Blaze muttered as he quickly sprinted off to get his weapons from the armoury. He was meant to the one in charge, he was meant to keep a level head in combat but this was his mothers life on the line. He had already lost his father. He couldn' he "wouldn't" lose Jane and his mother, they were all he had left in the world aside from Drax and Phantom. He would save his mother or his name wasn't Blaze Shepard.

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