The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy

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Stepping out of the elevator after managing to escape the Normandy, Noble Six scanned the area that Dot had explained to him was called C-Sec or Citadel Security Services, a group that were the law enforcement on the massive space station. From what he was led to believe the entire organization answered to the Citadel Council and selected any that had experience in either the military or police form...not that it bothered the Spartan.

As he headed down the steps he heard murmuring as both humans and aliens stopped what they had been doing to gaze at the third generation Spartan, something that didn't surprise Six all that much. Even in his own universe people often stared at the Spartans in astonishment or disdain in the Helljumpers case. Then who wouldn't stare at him? All Spartans were considered Section-3 Freaks by the general public. He often pondered if the ODST's would hate them so much if they knew that they were child soldiers that were bred for war rather then just seeking the glory for themselves? He guess it didn't matter in the end, not like he would ever be seeing one of his rivals any time soon.

Alas before he could get far he was stopped by a fellow human that had a floating camera/drone behind her. Six made a face at that, just what he needed, some damn reporter hoping to get her next scoop. He much like his fellow Spartans was anti-social and thus hated having the spotlight directed on him, furthermore if his enemies knew that he truly existed and not some bogeyman that ONI created to scare them, then it would be harder to strike fear into their hearts.

" Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news,"The reporter eagerly introduced herself as she stepped in his way preventing the Spartan from advancing."Could you spare a moment of your time?"

"No."Logan answered bluntly as he walked around her and headed further down the Lower Wards, unaware of the glare that was directed at him for rejecting her offer for an interview.

As he walked away from the reporter, the second Hyper Lethal scowled to himself. From the moment that he had arrived on Eden Prime he hadn't had a moment for himself, not that he did in his own universe, but at least there he knew where he stood and what his purpose was. There however he felt lost and alone, even with Dot accompanying him. Not only had be been treated like a criminal even after he defended the colony from both the Geth and the treacherous Spectre but the Alliance had the gall to treat him like he was nothing more then an object.

"Its merely a few questions,"Khalisah voice took the Lieutenant from his thoughts as she walked beside him, matching his pace."Surely you have time for that."

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, the Spartan finally relented and stopped, earning a smirk from the reporter."Fine, but be quick."Six ordered with a bit of bite, he wanted to be as far away from the Normandy as he could before they arrived to try and detain him. If they left him no other alternatives then he would neutralize them, they wouldn't be the first humans he'd kill nor would they be the last.

Six observed the woman as she brought up her Omni-tool and began pressing a series of buttons on the interface. His eyes squinted as the drone light powered up nearly blinded the super soldier, earning a scowl from the Spartan, not that Khalisah could see that of course.

"This is Khalisah Al-Jilani of Westerlund news, here,"The reported greeted with a warm smile as she looked into the lens of the camera,"And I am here with..."She trailed off as she looked at the giant 6'10 soldier before her.

"Lieutenant Spartan Beta-312 of the UNSC."Six answered crisply.

"Spartan? Like the ones from ancient Greece?"

"Similar, but different."

"Meaning?"Khalisha pressed on, hoping to learn all she could about this mysterious Spartan before any other reporters could.


"You identified yourself as Beta-312. Does that mean that there are another 311 Spartans in active service?"She continued, seemingly ignoring the Spartans previous comment.


"Then why are you numbered as 312?"

"Classified."Noble Six repeated once again, something that Khalisha glared at.

"Judging from your build I'll assume that you're human, Lieutenant. So tell me Spartan, who are you to decide what's to be withheld from humanity?"Interrogated the reporter.

"Are you in the military?"Six decided to prod, slightly vexed at how she was talking to him like she was his superior.


"Have you been?"

"I don't see what that has to do with..."

"Then you're a civilian,"The Spartan mock hummed, something that iriated Khalisha tremendously,"Then what would you know about defending humanity?"

"We all protect humanity in our own way."

"Do we?"The Spartan asked, sending a cold shiver down her spine at the hollowness of his tone."What have you done recently then. Other then trying to get your ratings up?"

"You seem to be awfully patriotic to the Human race, do you have a problems with aliens in general?"Khalisha changed the subject, she wasn't about to be upstaged on her own show, damn it!"Perhaps you're a member of the Terra Firma party?"

"Never heard of them."B312 answered honestly getting an incredulous look from the reporter.


"That's what I said."

"So would you say that you're xenophobic? That would certainly explain your extreme patriotic agendas."

"Every soldier defends their race..."

"That's not what I asked."Khalisha abruptly interrupted the super soldier.

"That's the job of a soldier."

"You're changing the subject and you know it. That wasn't the question that I asked."The reporter interrupted once again and crossed her arms across her chest."I asked if you were Xenophobic?"

"If either Human or Alien attacks humanity, then they're my enemy. Its as simple as that."

"That's a sure fire way to make enemies for yourself. Do you want to be killed?"

"Many have tried...they're all dead."Six informed the woman before him before looking over her shoulder to see that they had gained a slight crowd. Oddly enough he could've sworn that he saw respect in the Turian's eyes but shrugged it off. He had certainly never cared what aliens thought of him or his views."This interview is over."And with that the Spartan walked away from Khalisha and towards the crowd that hastily moved out of his way.

Dot chose to remain silent as Logan conversed with the reporter, knowing that it would've brought up too many questions if a female voice had come from his armor after he had spoken. Still she had found it rather satisfying to see that noisy reporter put in her place, what right did she have to talk down to Six? Granted that she wasn't aware of his past or his actions but still! She had absolutely no right soldier like she was their superior...who knows, perhaps somebody would give a good smack one day?

"Well that went as well as could be expected,"The Contender Class A.I chirped as she materialized on his visor."You seem to have a knack at making friends...Emile would be proud if he was here."

"I am to please."Six repeated the words he had said to Jorge, oh so long ago now.

"All jokes aside, Logan, its not wise to make any more enemies until we know what our next course of action should be."Dot stated humourlessly to her partner/friend."We've already got the Alliance on our heels, we don't need anybody else gunning for us."

"Then what do you suggest?"Six asked the former A.I of Noble Team as he finally pushed his way through the crowd of people and headed further through the Lower Wards.

"Right now we should try and get some information that can't be found on the Extranet. Also try and borrow some money to buy a ship for ourselves. Not even with our upgrades can we get far without a ship."Once she had said that she began to hack into various accounts to acquire the necessary funds they'd need to in the future.

Ten Minutes Later….

The Commander shifting in her spot as she tried to be unaffected by the awkward silence that had appeared after recently meeting the one and only Admiral Steven Hackett, one of the top ranking officials and the commanding officer of the Fifth Fleet. A man much like Anderson had fought during the First Contact war and had become one of if not the most renown Officers in Human history.

"Are we heading after the Spartan, Admiral?"Ashley chose to end the silence as she turned to looked at the grizzled faced Admiral that was standing beside the Captain."For attacking the Normandy crew and nearly killing some of our own?"

"No will we not, Gunnery Chief."Hackett answered with his rough baritone voice he was known for .

"With respect, Sir. He hacked into private classified servers, locked down the Normandy from the inside and possibly was the one who restored the power. Furthermore who knows what files of ours he's stolen?"Kaidan stated agreeing with Williams,"The Normandy is a prototype vessel. What if he somehow got hold of the blueprints to sell off to our enemies or worse the Batarian Extremists?"

"I highly doubt the Spartan is some kind of smuggler."Hackett returned evenly."Besides none of this would be happening if he had been treated with respect rather then some common criminal."

"We were unsure if he was friend or foe and couldn't take any chances."Shepard exclaimed, coming to the defence of both the Captain and the Normandy Crew."Turned out our hunch was correct judging by the way he brutally attacked the crew."She uttered at the end with a pretty scowl. Out of everybody present she was the one who was angered the most. Not only had the Spartan nearly killed her fellow soldiers for following orders but hurt the Captain too! A man that had hand-picked her to join the N7 program and became something of a father figure to her...oh if she ever saw the Spartan again she'd break his damn jaw.

"The second that he defended Eden Prime, putting his life on the line to defend it was all the proof you needed to know that he was no threat to either the Alliance or Humanity."The Admiral returned to the hotheaded Commander that was obviously holding a grudge at what had occurred on the Normandy."Also private Miller held a weapon and placed it directly on his visor screen."

"He disrespected the Captain on numerous occasions,"Jane tried to defend Millers actions but even she knew it sounded weak."Sir."She added with a mumble.

"From what I've been informed, the Spartan stated facts and only facts."Hackett returned to the red headed Commander."Just because you don't agree with what he stated doesn't give anybody the right to aimed an armed weapon at our prisoners skull. Rest assured that Private Miller will be facing consequences for his actions aboard the Normandy."

An awkward silence appeared once again after the Admiral had revealed that the soldier that had threatened the Spartan would be punished for his actions, it was something that made Shepard, Anderson, Kaidan and Williams silently pity the injured soldier. If the physical damage that the Spartan had done wasn't enough he still had to go through physiological damage that either Admiral Hackett or the Alliance Board had planned for him.

"Well,"Nihlus coughed into his hand to get the others attention."Its unfortunate that he escaped. I was hoping to speak to him about putting his name forward as a Spectre candidate."The Turian confessed,"Plus I was hoping to apologize for my actions on Eden Prime. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even think that Saren would betray me, despite him acting werid for the last few months. I guess I still saw him as the man that trained me and not what he's apparently become."

"You'd give the Spartan a chance to join the Spectres after only one mission?"Anderson questioned in surprise, after all it had taken years for the Council to even consider allowing a Human to join their ranks due to their brief time having an embassy on the Citadel and even that happened quicker then any of the other races.

"Of course!"Nihlus nodded,"He nearly single-handily managed to push the Geth off the planet and force Saren into a retreat, the latter being no simple feat."Praised the Turian,"But sadly he escaped the Normandy and headed who knows where."

Before anything else could be said on the matter, the elevator finally came to a halt as it reached the Lower Wards and the doors lowered, allowing the group to walk out of the confined space. Once they did they heard the crowd murmuring among themselves about something that had happened recently.

"Did you see the size of that guy?"

"Noway he was Human."

"Well I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley."

"I didn't think they grew then that big."

"What about that primitive armor he was wearing though? Looked far to bulky to be moving around in constantly."

"That and that computer he had on his wrist. Why not just have an Omni-tool? Its much lighter then having a damn computer on your arm."

"Well at least he put that snotty reporter in her place, about time somebody did if you ask me."

"I wasn't."

Were the various comments heard, no doubt referring to the Spartan that had headed through there fairly recently.

"You four have a meeting with the Ambassador to get too, to hopefully get this situation sorted out before it can escalate further."Hackett said to the Alliance personnel as he turned to look at the group."While you do that I'll begin searching for this Spartan."

"With all due respect, Sir,"Ashley began, gaining the Admiral attention."Are you sure its wise to hunt down the Spartan alone? He took out an entire room of soldiers effortlessly. What do you think one man can do against something like him."

"Well thankfully for my own sake I won't be engaging him in combat. I'm going to speak with him, one soldier to another."Hackett replied to the Gunnery Chief."Now go get this mess sorted out, the last thing the Alliance needs is the Council believing whatever tale Saren conjurers up."He ordered, getting salutes from Anderson, Shepard, Alenko and Williams before they descended down the steps and headed towards the Ambassadors Office.

Once they were gone, the Admiral followed suit and headed down the steps to look for any clues for the Spartans whereabouts. Something that he wouldn't of even need to do if he had been treated fairly during his time on the Normandy. Yes he could understand the reason as to why Anderson had ordered he be watched, but after defending Eden Prime, his allegiances should've been fairly obvious….not with Saren.

Scanning the area, his icy blue eyes locked onto the news reporter, Khalisah Al-Jilani, who was renown for irritating those she interviewed due to her getting to personal with her questions. Wandering over to her, the Admiral coughed into his hand to get her attention, making her glance up to see one of the most seasoned officers in the Alliance Military standing before her.

"Admiral Hackett," Khalisah greeted respectfully as she jumped up from her seat and gave a decent attempt of a salute."What can I do for you, Sir?"

"I'm assuming that you're the reporter to interview the Spartan?"

"That I did, Admiral,"She confirmed with a nod."What do you want to know?"

"His location."He stated hastily. He really didn't have time to be wasting on answering petty questions. The longer he was there then the more time the Spartan to gain more ground on him, and in a place as large as the Citadel the last thing he needed was to play a game of cat and mouse.

"Why, is he in some sort of trouble? Has he gone AWOL? It would explain why he made a speedy getaway and was hesitant to avoid an interview."

"Classified, I'm afraid. So do you know where he's gone or not?"Hackett asked in a no-nonsense tone, already having enough with her prodding.

"Down the hall and towards the Wards."Khalisah swiftly answered, if there was one person that she would try to avoid pissing off then it would be an Admiral of the Alliance.

"Thank you for your assistance."Hackett thanked,"Good day."And with that he headed off in the direction that the Spartan had apparently down not even twenty minutes prior. If he was lucky then he wouldn't need to trek across the entire space station just to hunt down one man.

Minding his own business as he wandered around the massive space station, Noble Six after using the elevator to reach the next level spotted a trail of blood on the floor. His curiosity getting the better of him decided to investigate it. Although he did find it odd that a station as vast as that didn't send any C-Sec offers to locate the source of the blood. They must have had cameras in every area of the station, meaning that they knew who the blood belonged too.

It didn't take long to locate who the blood belonged to as laying on the floor, motionless and laying in a puddle of their own blood was a Quarain, female judging by the body shape...unless the males had feminine builds too.

Crouching down beside the injuried alien, Six placed two fingers on their neck, something that made the three fingered being whimper."Dot, scan the body."The Spartan ordered. Within seconds Dot began scanning the body thanks to the suits scanner and brought up the results on his visor.

"Well the good news is that the Quarian was shot at close range, meaning that the round went straight through, leaving only a whole."Dot informed her partner,"The bad news however is that without immediate medical assistance then she's dead. Quarians are renown for their weak immune system. Plus that open wound of here has probably been infected all the time she's been laying here."


"Not a member of the Covenant."Dot abruptly interrupted her Spartan."I get that you hate aliens and for damn good reasons but you're just going to have to swallow your pride and grit your teeth while we're here. Aliens are going to be an every day occurrence, so you'll have to get used to seeing them and not kill every one you spot."

"You've made your point."Six mumbled in annoyance, she sounded more like his mother then A.I partner right now.

"But has it sunk in yet?"She retorted sarcastically.

"Kid, can you hear me?"Beta 312 softly asked the Quarian, deciding to ignore Dot's remark for his own sanity, or at least what little he had retained from the war. The girl seemed to of heard him if her nodding was any indication to go by.

" I'm going to seal up your wounds. It will sting however."Logan explained the injured Quarian." You..may hold my hand if you'd like."He hesitated slightly. This mushy, compassionate stuff really wasn't his forte. Sending him out alone against an entire battalion of INI's? He'd do that in a heartbeat, but this? Where was Jorge when you needed him? Oh yeah, he was dead.

The Spartan was slightly taken back when the Quarian wrapped her three fingers around his hand without hesitation. Getting his partner to summon the Bio-Foam, Six placed the nozzle directly into the wound, held the trigger and watched as the foam began to clog up the wound. The Quarian began wailing and what he assumed to be cursing in her native tongue, but just what she was saying was lost on the super soldier.

"Bosh'tet!"Tali screamed out as her unknown rescuer injected something into the wound that she had sustained by the Turian, Jacobus. At least she had managed to kill him for Keenah'Breizh, unfortunately she had only managed to get so far with her wounds before she collapsed to the floor from the blood loss and fever that she was feeling. No doubt had gotten an infection from the breach of her suit.

Since she had arrived on the Citadel, nothing had gone according to plan. She had Intel that proved that the Turian Spectre, Saren had aligned himself with the Geth for some unknown reason, something that she tried to show the Council, only to be turned away by a C-Sec officer known as Chellick and ordered to leave the station within 24 hours.

Right now she just wanted to go home and forget that she had ever left the Flotilla in the first place. She missed her people and even her father, the latter she thought would be impossible. Everyone that spotted her only looked down at her like she was scum, no worse them that, they barely acknowledged her existence, despite the fact that she had been shot.

She wasn't the one who was responsible for creating the Geth, the very things that had turned her people into the nomads that they were today. Yet that didn't seem to matter to them as they treated all her fellow Quarians like the plague. It made her wonder why any Quarian would chose to stay on the Citadel if they were all treated like she had been on a daily basis.

Certain that he had sealed the wound up until she could gain proper medical attention, the super soldier stored the Bio-Foam back into his Slip-Space storage system before he gently picked up the girl, ensuring not to cause her any more pain then she was already in.

"Where's the closes hospital from here?"Six asked Dot as Tali rested her head on the super soldiers shoulder.

"Just follow the way-point that I've set up for you."Dot answered as an arrow appeared at the top of his HUD screen."We should be there within ten minutes."

"Understood."B312 nodded and headed towards where the arrow was indicating for him to go, and headed down the corridor and towards where the next elevator was stationed.

Tali glanced up at her saviour, only to be surprised at the armor that he was wearing. Despite looking bulky and outdated, it also looked like it could handle a punch from a Krogan and not leave a single dent. Then there was the helmet and golden visor that didn't reveal anything or the man that was behind the helmet. Still she was positive that she hadn't seen anybody else wearing such heavy armour during her stay on the Citadel, meaning that it was possibly a prototype of some kind….it made her inner geek want to get her hands on it and learn all of its secrets.

"Who are you?"Tali slurred out as she gazed at the golden visor that only revealed her own reflection.

"Call me, Six."Logan responded without looking down at the Quarian as he moved through the halls of the Citadel.

"I'm Tali, Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya. "The injured Qaurian introduced herself to the giant human." Thanks for helping me, Six. You're the only person that has since I've arrived on the Citadel, you know. Everybody only seems to see the monsters that created the Geth rather then the inadvisable. All they see are vagabonds and thiefs...I want to go home."

Despite how much he tried, Six couldn't help but feel a ping of sadness at the girls story, it also didn't help that her voice sounded so innocent, almost like an infants voice crying out for their mother after losing them.

After using the elevator to reach the next level, the Lieutenant walked through the market place and up the escalator and headed passed the various alien races that were either buying or browsing the wares that were on offer. Once they saw just what the super soldier was holding however their neutral looks turned into scowls and sneers at the sight of the Quarians.

"Should've left the little thief to die. One less Quarian is fine in my books."

"Look at that! No doubt faking an injury or shot herself so she can rob him later on when he least expects it."

"Whoever shot her should be congratulated if you ask me."

"Who let that on the Citadel?"

"C-Sec should've thrown it off the moment it arrived here!"

Noble Six chose to ignore the handful of comments that he heard as he headed further down the halls as he followed where the arrow was pointing him in. Finally reaching his destination, Six pressed the large green button that was on the wall, opening the door and entered the small clinic. Once inside he saw a human doctor that was wearing a white doctors coat, scarlet red hair and stood average height.

Averting her attention from the mountain of paperwork she was working on after hearing the door open, looking up her eyes widen to almost comical proportions as they stopped on the giant armoured being before her that was carrying an Quarian in their arms.

"C-Can I help you, Sir?"

"She was shot."The Spartan answered stoically as he moved over to the red headed doctor who jumped up from her seat and walked over to one of the empty beds.

"Place her down on the bed please so I can check her condition."The Doctor instructed the super soldier. Doing as he was told, Six went over to the bed and gently lowered Tali onto he bed, ensuring not to hurt her any more then she already was. If he was candid it was a bizarre feeling to be concerned about whether or not he hurt an alien...still the Quarian seemed different from the aliens that he had been fighting against in the war, perhaps it was die to the fact that she hadn't tried to kill him the moment that she set her eyes on him.

"I can tell you that your friend is very lucky indeed."Doctor Michelle informed the Spartan as she scanned Tali over with her Omni-tool."From what I can see, all she has is a slight fever from the open wound, but she should be up and about within a few hours."She explained to the armoured giant,"Do you happen to know her name?"

"Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya."

"Ah, she's on her pilgrimage then?"The Doctor hummed.

"Pardon?"Six questioned with a raised brow.

"Quarian's when they reach a certain age are required to take a right of passage and leave the Flotilla and venture outside their world and see the rest of the Galaxy. I don't know what they have to complete before they can return to their people but I do know that if they complete it the Nar is replaced with Vas." Michelle explained to the Spartan, who nodded in understanding.

"I see."

"Well whatever you used to seal up her wound has prevent her from getting any nasty infections that would likely kill her. Once the Medi-Gel begins to take affect, then the bullet hole should close up, leaving only a light scar on the skin." Chloe told the Spartan,"Now for the price of the antibiotics and Medi-Gel. If it was up to me then I'd do the entire thing free of charge, but my boss is a real stickler for credits and had really started to come down hard on me."

"Apologies, Doctor."Six said sincerely as he looked down at the resting Quarian."I don't have any credits on me, but I'll try to…."

"That won't be necessary, Doctor."A gravely voice interrupted what the Spartan was going to say to the Doctor."I'll pay for her treatment."Turning around, Six saw a grey haired man wearing an Alliance uniform, something that made the Lone Wolf glare daggers at the man.

"I don't know who you are, but your credits won't buy my loyalty."Six growled at the Alliance officer who raised his hands up in defence.

"I'm not trying to buy your loyalty, Lieutenant." Hackett hastily responded, hoping not to have things escalate any more then they had." I just want to talk to you in private, strictly one one one. Anything that discussed between us will stay just that, between us."

"Dot?"Logan questioned his partner, wanting her input on the matter.

"Personally I'd go see what he has to say."Dot answered as she materialized on his visor screen,"We're not going to get that far without an Alliance patrol trying to stop us…..that and he doesn't seem to be ordering you around and demanding that you hand over your armor and weaponslike the Captain and crew of the Normandy did as soon as you stepped aboard."

"Fine,"Six relented as he looked at the Admiral, who looked relieved that he had agreed to his request."However, if I don't like what I hear then I'm leaving."

"Its within your right, you're no soldier of the Alliance and so I have no control over you." Hackett agreed instantly with the Spartan before paying for Tali's treatment. Once that was all out of the way, the Admiral and Lieutenant bid Doctor Michelle goodbye, then headed towards the SSV EVEREST.

45 Minutes Later…..

Noble Six observed the Admiral call down to the bridge, informing them not to bother him unless it was absolutely necessary as the pair were stood alone in his personal quarters. Much like the ships he had served on it was pretty basic and only came with the essentials, obviously something that the Admiral before he liked otherwise he would've personalized the room. The room had a double, a desk with a monitor screen above it, a single wardrobe and a bathroom. Overall it was pretty Spartan (No pun intended).

"Now that, that's all out of the way."Hackett began as he moved away from his desk and to the motionless Spartan."Who are you, and I mean really."

" Lieutenant Spartan Beta-312, designation Noble Six."

"You're not really giving me anything different then what you revealed to Captain Anderson."

"Spartan B312 is what I am now,"Six explained to the Admiral before him."We only give our names to those we trust completely."

"Okay, I can respect that."Hackett mumbled as he rubbed his chin,"Anderson said that you mentioned something known as the UNSC, care to elaborate?"

"It stands for United Nations Space Command, the military of Humanity."The Lieutenant clarified for the captain of the Everest.

"You're mistaken, the military for Humanity is the System Alliance." Hackett corrected the super soldier.

"In your universe perhaps."Six answered without emotion, getting an incredulous look from the Admiral.

"In my universe?"Steven mumbled with a whisper,"That's quiet the bold claim, Lieutenant. Got any proof?"

"You believe me?"

"Not entirely, but considering the technology that you have in your possession, you either are apart of an organization that's created technology that far surpasses anything that the rest of the Galaxy holds...or you're not from around here, meaning this Galaxy."

"I'll take over from here, Six." Hackett was taken back as s female voice echoed from the armor. He was positive that he had been speaking to a man not even a minute ago, maybe he had been conversing with some kind of prototype human shaped Geth. Unlikely but certainly possible.

Hackett watched as the Spartan reached up behind his helmet and pulled something out. Lowering his hand, he saw that it was a crystal chip that had glowing orange lines running up to the circle that was in the centre. If quickly dawned on him exactly what he was looking at as the avatar of a women that looked to be in her mid twenties appeared on the chip.

"That's an A.I,"Hackett almost gasped at the sight on an Artificial Intelligence, the very things that were heavily frowned upon in galactic space, the Geth being a prime example what A.I's were capable of."Don't you know that they're outlawed? If the Council or C-Sec discovers that you have one on you then you'll be stripped of your armour, weapons then sent to the their maximum secured prison where you'll spend the rest of your life."

"With all due respect, Admiral. Speak to my partner with respect, or not at all."Six said to the Admiral with a bit of bite in his tone. Something that honestly surprised Hackett.

"Relax, Six,"Dot soothed her partner."People here aren't used to dealing with A.I's like members of the UNSC are."She said before turning her attention to the Admiral."As you've no doubt concluded for yourself, Artificial Intelligences are very legal where we're from and have been for a good four hundred plus years."

"Then perhaps you could reveal more about your origins, Miss…."Hackett trailed off not knowing what he was supposed to call the apparent A.I partner of the Spartan.

"I'm Auntie Dot, Serial number ADT 6849-9, former strategic A.I of Noble Team and now A.I partner to Spartan-B312, but just call me Dot. Our conversations will drag out needlessly otherwise."Dot introduced herself with a curtly bow, getting a quirk lip from the Admiral. Six meanwhile just sighed at her antics, he wondered if other A.I's were as eccentric as her...he hoped so, he didn't believe it would be fair for him to suffer alone.

After the introductions were out of the way, the Contender-class A.I began to reveal everything that was non-classified about the Human-Covenant war. She started off showing him the colony of Harvest, a farming world that was similar to Eden Prime. She showed him an image off what it looked like in its prime...and then the state of it after the Covenant had declared war on Humanity.

Hackett felt his stomach turn as he saw the barren wasteland that had once be a shining utopia and proof of what Humanity was capable off. But that wasn't what got to him, rather it was the countless bodies that littered the ground that included men, women and even children! Yes he had fought in the Human contact but the Turians had never been so ruthless and vicious to slaughter children in the millions, but what was worse was that that was just a single world.

Over the course of twenty seven years hundreds of planets were invaded and glassed from orbit by the technological Covenant that made even the Council authority and Fleets look pathetic in comparison. Hell! Even the UNSC seemed to have surpass the Sytems Alliance with the amount of ships and the eight hundred colonies they once had before the war.

Hackett stared dumbfounded as the group known as the ODST's or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers descended down towards various planets in their pods from ORBIT in what could only be described as suicide drops. Most never even made it to the surface due to be killed mid-drop, hell was the only word to describe the scenes that the aged Admiral was witnessing, hence the motto Feet First Into Hell.

He saw that Humanity was vastly outnumbered and out-gunned by the sheer numbers that the Covenant had, with the UNSC losing more then they won, something that was starting to heavily play on moral. Then when all helped seemed to be lost, they arrived, the Spartans. Humanities super soldiers that drastically changed the course of the war, forcing back the Covenant and showing that they wouldn't take their extinction either on their knees or lightly.

It was one Spartan in particular that struck fear into the Covenant, becoming nothing else but a harbinger of Death, and that Spartan was Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra-117. The moment he stepped foot on the battlefield he somehow managed to give other soldiers the moral they needed to continue pushing forward and fight another day. It was also because of him that the Spartans earned the name Demons from the Covenant, well mostly from the Sangheili.

Dot then began playing the video from Logan time on Reach, showing Hackett how Six met up with Noble Team and reunited with his sister in all but blood, Kat-B320. He watched the various operations such as Operation: TORPEDO that had regretfully resulted in the death of Noble Five who chose to stay behind to activate the makeshift Slip-Space bomb to take out the Covenant Fleet that was stationed directly over Reach.

He watched as Noble One and Four sustained plasma damage and were forced to be extracted to the Pillar of Autumn, the latter being a sight to see. After bidding his farewell to his sister, Six headed out to make a final stand against the Covenant. By some sheer luck he managed to survive and ran through a portal and arriving on Eden Prime and fighting the Geth.

After everything had been revealed, Hackett slowly sat down at the end of his bed and tried to process everything that he had seen within the hour. Not even an hour ago the Multiverse theory was just that! a theory, but standing opposite him was proof that other Universes existed, and if there were two then how many others existed? He quickly shook that train of thought, that was neither here nor now.

Still the question remained, what was he to do with the super soldier that stood before him? True he had no control over him or had any right whatsoever. Not that he needed to control him, there was no doubt in his mind that he'd ever betray or cause harm to Humanity after fighting for it for so long against the Covenant and Insurrectionist.

"What's next for you both then?"Hackett decided to ask."After everything you've been through, the constant fighting, you have the right to just set your guns down and retire. If that your choice I can help to find a suitable place on one of our colonies. Far away from…."

"That won't be necessary, Admiral."Six abruptly interrupted."I'm a Spartan, my duty is to protect Humanity, whatever the cost.

Hackett didn't approve of his wording, the way he spoke it was like he wasn't even a soldier but rather a machine that would continue to function until it no longer could. His entire life was nothing but warfare, he much like the other Spartans having been trained to kill and only that. Make sense from his lack of social skills, no doubt had trouble socializing with anybody not military or his fellow Spartans.

"I know that this isn't the Humanity that you made an oath to protect, but I'll be frank with you, Lieutenant. We're surely use your help," Hackett almost pleaded with the Spartan, who remained silent as he listened to what he had to say."Daily we get reports of our colonies being either slaughtered or taken by Terminus System pirates and slavers or Batarian Extremists that have a grudge on their hands."

"You're loyal to the UNSC, I can respect and admire that. So if you're willing you'll work directly under my command or anybody I ask you to work with. You won't be apart of the Alliance per-say, only in name but otherwise you'll be listed as a Black Ops Commando, who work is highly classified, accessible only to me and those I allow."

"Dot?"Six asked his partner for her input.

"I say go for it,"Dot returned as she looked up at her partner."This way we can protect Humanity, and gain the necessary funds to help strengthen the Alliance, proven that they can be trusted with our blueprints." Placing Dot's chip back into his helmet, Six walked over to the Admiral and extended his arm to him. Hackett returned the gesture and shook the armoured hand of the Spartan super soldier.

"We accept your offer, Sir."Six said to the grizzled Admiral."I won't let you down."He added with conviction.

"I know you won't, Lieutenant."Hackett replied as the two took back their hands,"Right now we need you create an identity, otherwise it'll bring to much attention if everybody refers to you as Noble Six. Any names that come to mind?"

Six racked his mind to think of an appropriate name for himself to use while a member of the System Alliance, before one suddenly came to mind.

"Jericho Reach."

"Any reason for the name?"Hackett couldn't help but quiz the Spartan. The last part was fairly obvious, but the first?"

"Jericho VII was my homeworld." Logan explained swiftly, the loss of his home was still a touchy subject for him. It was the place that had essentially broken him and allowed Beta-Company to mould him into what he was today.

Hackett measly nodded in response before the duo exited the room and the ship. Once they left the Everest, Hackett began to call in a few favours to create the Spartan an identity and history, something that only took a few hours before Staff Lieutenant Jericho Reach was placed in the system. A man that had recently return from the Terminus System after completing a five year tour.

Hackett, after getting the go ahead from Six informed Captain Anderson of everything, with Dot revealing everything that Hackett had seen earlier in the day. Once he had seen everything, David looked at that Spartan in a whole new light, and also apologised at his treatment on the Normandy, something that Six also mirrored and apologised for his actions, such as taking down the guards, knocking him out and locking down the Normandy.

It was a few hours that Commander Shepard, the first Human Spectre finally returned to the Normandy after the tiresome day she'd had. The ground Team of Eden Prime after having the video of Saren betraying Nihlus dismissed by the Council, due to it potentially being a fake made by the Alliance to take down one of their Spectres, plus Anderson history with the Turian. They met with the Turian C-Sec officer Garrus Vakarian, who had been investigating Saren for a number of months agreed to work with them to bring him down.

Heading to the Lower Wards to follow up on a lead on an Quarian that might have had dirt on the Turian. Once arriving they had met Doctor Michelle who explained that the Quarian, Tali had been brought in by a giant man wearing black armor with a golden visor(Obviously the Spartan) before Admiral Hackett arrived, paid for Tali's medical bills, then the Spartan and Hackett left.

Something that Jane and Kaidan smiled smugly at, no doubt the Admiral would personally see to the punishment and consequences of his actions, attacking Alliance personnel for simply following their orders. Of course Jane still wanted to break the unknown humans jaw for brutally assaulting Anderson...but seeing as how he saved Tali and gain them the vital information that they needed to prove Sarens treachery, she would reframe from doing so...well at least for the moment.

After leaving the Med Clinic, the team headed down to C-Sec to locate a Krogan Battlemaster who had beef with Fist. Agreeing to work together, strength in numbers after all, the small army headed for his club, taking down those stupid enough to try and stop them. After neutralizing his armed goons, they found Fist in the back room, who realizing that he was outnumbered surrendered to Shepard.

Fearing for his life at seeing Wrex with them, he revealed to them that he had set up a meeting between Tali and the Shadow Broker, of course the latter had been false. It would be Sarens men that would be waiting for her to hand over the recording that she had on him, once they had it they were ordered to kill her to cover their tracks.

Knowing that they had no time to spare, Shepard ordered everybody to head for the alley that Tali was heading too…Of course something that made her blood boil was Wrex killing Fist in cold blood, a man that was unarmed and defenceless. It went agaist everything that she stood for and the oath she had made when she joined the Alliance. Oh yeah, she'd be having words with Wrex later on, that was for sure.

Finally reaching the meeting point, the Team hastily came to the outnumbered Tali aid, gunning down Sarens men. After the firefight had ceased, Jane introduced herself to the wary Quarian. Once introductions were out of the way, Tali asked if perhaps knew the Spartan that had saved her life before leaving with the Human Admiral, preventing her from personally saving her life.

Shepard explained that he had left with the Admiral, something that made the young girl wine, Jane found it very hard not to engulf the Quarian in a tight hug. She sounded far too adorable for her own good, almost like a lost puppy. To thank them for saving her life, she shared the information that she had gotten a hold off to prove that Saren orchestrated the attack on Eden Prime and allied himself with the Geth.

Heading back to the Ambassadors office, Shepard shared everything that they had learnt on Saren and played the recording back to them. Smirking that they finally had him, the Ambassador set up another meeting with the Council. After showing their findings to the Council, the three looked in horror as they saw that their most trusted agent had indeed betrayed them, something that they had never seen coming.

After all it made them look bad, if the public knew that they couldn't even control their own agents, the very ones that had unlimited power throughout Citadel Space, then how was they supposed to protect the rest of the Galaxy? They knew that if it ever got out that one of their Spectres had aligned themselves with the Geth then it would generate both panic and distrust towards the Council...something needed to be done.

Barring the Turian Councillor who believed that it was too soon, they chose that moment to invite Shepard to join the Spectres, she was the one after all that had exposed the treacherous Spectre after all, despite how much they wanted to deny it. Something that the Turian Councillor finally agreed on. Then finally, for the first time in history, the first Human Spectre was born.

Her team, Nihlus and Captain Anderson congratulated her on her new status of Spectre. The Ambassador however didn't, only nodding slightly in her direction before ordering Anderson to follow him for some unknown.

So here she was standing before Captain Anderson, the Ambassador and Admiral Hackett that stood outside the Normandy. The latter she was surprised to see if she was perfectly candid, wasn't he supposed to of took the Spartan away to face judgement for his crimes? God, she hoped that he hadn't managed to escape from him like he had done on the Normandy earlier in the day.

"Congratulations on your new status, Commander."Hackett congratulated the red headed Commander, with a slight nod.

"Thank you, Sir."Jane thanked him respectfully,"I won't let the Alliance down."

"I don't doubt that for a second, Commander." The grizzled man returned with a slight smile,"You're a Shepard, failure not in your blood. I knew your father when he was only a Lieutenant….he was a good man, and an even better soldier. This galaxy is a dimmer place without men like him."Jane gained a lump in her throat as her late father was brought up."He'd be proud of you."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Right then,"Udina began gaining Shepards attention."We've gotten a hold on a crew member to help you on your search for Saren. Their skills will be vital in your mission."

"Who is it?"Of course she had a gut feeling exactly who it was, but hoped this time she'd be wrong.

"The Spartan from Eden Prime."Anderson answered for the Ambassador. He already knew that this wasn't going to go down well, unfortunately he couldn't just come out and reveal the Spartans true origins. It was on a need to know basis and Jane didn't need to know at the moment.

"What!"Shepard asked with a sneer at the thought of working with him,"Him? Why him? He brutally assaulted soldiers for simply following orders and now he's back on the Normandy doing god knows what!"She raged at the trio,"He has the ability to lock down the Normandy whenever he so chooses, he's a danger to every man and women on board and you expect me to work with him? "

"Yes."Udina answered, not seeing what her problem was.

"I don't even know his capabilities or mental state, but considering what he did to our own, I no doubt is a few marbles short of a full set. What happens if he suddenly goes rouge and becomes a bigger threat then even Saren?"She interrogated the trio, forgetting that two of them were her superiors in the Alliance.

"Staff Lieutenant Spartan-B312 will be no danger to you or your crew, I can assure you of that, Commander." Hackett informed her coolly as he he looked down at her with his icy blue eyes that were enough to make many crumble."He did what he was trained to do, nothing more and nothing less. He's been working on assignment for me for a good number of years, which are all highly classified."

"If anybody was to discover that we had a super soldier at our disposal then it would bring too many questions down on the Alliance, something that we want to avoid for as long as we can. To give the illusion that he wasn't with us, I personally gave him the suggestion to attack the crew to make it look like he was our enemy...something that obviously worked at how you're referring to him."

"If that's true then I guess he can stay on the Normandy,"Hackett smiled discreetly at that," However! If he endangers the crew even for a second then he out! I won't allow a man, no matter how skilled to be a danger to my crew."

Hackett guessed that was as good as he would get. It was obvious that the Commander was holding a personal grudge against Six at what he had done to Anderson and the crew, something that was going to take time before she forgave him."Understood, Commander. We're not asking you to be his best friend, only that you treat him with respect."


"He has orders to follow your orders, as long as they're reasonable,"Hackett explained to the Spectre,"However he will not remove his armor or helmet until he deems himself ready. Six is a very anti-social man, socially awkward after spending a majority of his career alone, and had serve trust issues. Perhaps he'll open up on the Normandy, and maybe he won't. You'll simply have to wait and see."

After Hackett and Udina bid both Shepard and Anderson farewell, Jane had a quick conversation with the Captain about his history with Saren and the leads that he had on where the Turian may of possibly of gone, she headed for the Normandy and boarded it.

Normandy Bridge, a little while later….

"I heard what happened to the Captain,"Joker voiced as he heard Shepard walk into the cockpit."Survives a hundred missions, then gets taken down by back room politics. What a way to go down,"He murmured in disbelief."Just be careful, Commander. If things go south then you'll be on their radar."

"Well, best make sure that we don't fuck up then, better I?"Jane remarked, something that Jeff smirked at.

"Everybody's on the ship behind you, Ma'am. 100%." The helmsmen declared proudly. "Intercoms open. If you've got anything you want to say to the crew, now would be the time." Joker suggested.

Nodding, Jane reached over and pressed the button to speak with the crew. "This is Commander Jane Shepard, to all the men and woman stationed board the Normandy." She began, "We Have our orders, we're going after the traitor Saren before he finds the conduit. I won't lie to you, this mission will be far from easy.

"For too long our species stood apart from the others. now its time for us to step up and do our part for the rest of the galaxy! To show them what humans are made of."

"Saren knows that we're coming." Jane continued. "When we go into the Traverse. Saren will know were coming. But we won't let that stop us! We're doing this for all the innocent men, women and children that were slaughtered on Eden Prime, no better then cattle sent to slaughter. I swear to you that he will answer for his crimes one way or another. Humanity needs to do this, Not just for ourselves, but for every race in the galaxy. Saren must be stopped, and I promise you, we will stop him!

"Quite the speech, Commander."Joker teased , resulting in a slight red tint appearing on Shepard's cheeks."The Captain would be proud."

"Anderson gave up everything so that I could have this chance, we can't fail!"She exclaimed to the Helmsmen.

"So, take it you're going to talk to the BFG now, huh?"Jeff couldn't help but ask as he glanced over his shoulder. Crew's been staying clear of the hanger even since he returned, and for damn good reason. Personally I'd try not to piss off the 6'10 herald of death...but then I guess I enjoy living."

"Oh, I'm going to talk with the Spartan alright."Jane confirmed as she turned on her heel."If he's staying on my ship then he'll have to learn a few ground rules while he's here."She uttered menacingly, sending a shiver down Jokers spine as he watched her walk away and head towards the Hanger...yeah he pitied the poor bastard alright.

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