The Lone Wolf Of The Normandy (Update)

I do not own Mass Effect or Halo in anyway shape or form they belong to their respectable owner I'm just a fan of the series. The only thing I own is the Noble Six in the story.

Covenant Corvette, 14:21 PM.

The Spartan-II Commando after killing the few Sangheli warriors that were still on the ship made his way to the command centre or where he gussed it should as he hadn't been on to many covenant ships in his time. Jorge walked past the dead covenant soldiers that he and Six had killed earlier in the day.

He hoped that wherever the Spartan-III was he was okay. It was no secret that he was a loner and not much of a people person but then that was Ackerson fault for keeping him away from just about everybody for years and made him his own personal hit man.

it was ironic that Doctor Halsey had John-117 as her hyper lethal and Ackerson had Logan-B312 as his hyper lethal….almost as if Ackerson wanted a hyper lethal because Halsey had one. Finally reaching the command centre he saw there was a high ranking zealot waiting for him in the middle of the room with an energy sword in his hand and glaring at the Spartan-II with hatred.

"What have you done Demon!" The Zealot roared at the Spartan in english which was surprising as most wouldn't dare to learn the language of the lowly vermin that were the humans.

"What are you talking about Sangheili?" Jorge asked as he held his gun at the Elite.

"Where have you brought us too? Did you really think by taking out one of ours ships that it would save your pitiful planet?" The Sangheli sneered at the Spartan-II commando.

"I have no idea where we are, but at least my planet is safe from the covenant" Jorge said with a neutral tone as he looked at the elite as he was glad that his home world was safe from the covenant.

"No matter! My brothers and sister will eliminate the filth of humanity then the great journey can begin." The Zealot snarled as he activated his energy sword and charged at Jorge who opened fire at the Sangheli, making its shields become visible as the Spartan-II fired at it before taking them down.

The bullets from Jorge's HMG tore through its armour and flesh killing it before it dropped on the floor dead with a puddle of blood soaking the floor. Shooting it again to make sure it was really dead, Jorge walked up to the control panel but stopped and turned around when he turned around when he heard a noise only to see the creature that the UNSC had dubbed Engineers.

From what he could remember they weren't violent to humans along as you didn't harm or damage any of their creators technology. The Engineer floated towards the Spartan and started to wave it's tentacles around, as if it was doing sign language making the Spartan-II raise an eyebrow behind his visor before Jorge knowing a bit of sign language as did all Spartans did the sign for hello getting one in return.

Jorge after knowing it wasn't hostile to him, asked if he knew how to fly the ship getting an affirmative from the Huragok who began to show Jorge how to pilot the ship correctly and how to use all of it's functions such as the active camo and the weapons. Once he get the genral idea how to pilot it, Jorge piloted the ship and headed down towards the planet that they were orbiting over while the Huragok left to do repairs to the ship and the vehicles that the ship still had.

On the planet surface and in one of the house was a group of mercenary that for the last few years had been working in the terminus to eliminate the scum of the Galaxy such as slavers, Pirates, gangs but most importantly the Batarian's who their leader had a personal vendetta against.

Inside the house were the team of three. The first was a Krogan warlord sentinel Drax formerly Urdnot before he was kicked out of the clan by his Father Urdnot Wrex under orders from his grandfather who like the good little Krogan his father was did his father's bidding and exiled his son from the clan and the planet.

Drax however wasn't like his fellow Krogan as due to a side effect of the Genophage he wasn't born with a hump like his fellow Krogan were. He was pretty quick for a Krogan and had the strength to match his birth father. He was the spitting image of Urdnot Wrex however instead of red eyes his were blue that he had gotten from his mother. He was wearing black mercenary armour that he had spray painted black and was known through the Terminus as Ravager.

Next was an Asari Vanguard/infiltrators commonly known as Phantom, She was over 350 years old and the daughter of Matriarch Aethyta. She had light blue skin, icy blue eyes, a heart shaped face with small dark blue lips, stood 5'6 and was wearing a light armour with a sniper rifle in her hands.

The leader of their little group was the shortest of them all, only standing at 4' 8. he was wearing a very medieval style armour that a knight would of wore and had a red dragon on the chest, the helmet was also in a medieval style and had a glowing red visor that gave him the look of a demon in the darkness...something he secretly liked...when he saw the panic in the Batarian's eyes when they saw the one eyed demon after them.

This was Blaze Shepard the youngest son of Malcolm and Hannah Shepard and younger brother of Jane Shepard who was thought to be dead for years until he had been found on Torfan as a slave and been freed, reunited with his family who had tried to help him recover from the torture.

Blaze and the rest of his family however ides for what Blaze should do in his life clashed as his parents didn't want to let Blaze out of their sights as they lost their son once and didn't want to lose him again. Jane however wanted him to move on from his past and not blame the Batarians but That angered him more then anything.

He told his family that he would never forgive the Batarians or the council as they allowed the Batarians to have free reign in the galaxy to capture human colonists with no consequences as it just a few Humancolony's that were invaded and not any of the councils. So he grabbed everything he needed and left his family and hadn't returned since.

That's not to say he hated his family as he didn't. He loved them all deeply but they could never understand what it was like to have your entire life taken from you and they wanted him just to forget and forgive the four eyed scum...never! As far as he was concerned every single Batarian was guilty of attacking humanity and he would sleep better knowing that he killed as many of the slaver scum as he could.

He had gotten a message around a year and a half ago that his father had been killed by the Batarians that had attacked his ship and killed almost everybody on board expect for the women...they took them as slaves to sell in the terminus system. He couldn't go to his fathers funeral as they didn't part on the best of words...His fathers death had just given him new drive to hunt the Batarians.

For the first year in the terminus he went under the alias of Dragon due to the dragon symbol on his armour and worked alone until he met Drax. They were both after the same Batarian target who was responsible for the slaughter of over a 1'000 human slaves.

After collecting the bounty for him Drax and Blaze decided to team up with each other became blood brothers and before long they met Phantom on another Job when they learned a group of Krogan who were going to hijack a Medical transport ship and asked if she wanted to join them which she agreed to as they proved to be more then simple mercs with guns.

"Blaze you might want to see this." Phantom commented as they were sitting inside there base that they had made on the Planet of Elsewhere as the local had called it.

"What is it?" Blaze asked as he walked over to where Phantom was at the computer and saw a ship of unknown origin heading towards the planet making Blaze frown behind his visor. It wasn't a Batarian ship so that was a plus.

"I have no idea. I've never seen a ship like it before it's not even leaving a trail behind. I can only assume that it doesn't use the same Mass Effect technology but that would be next to impossible as to travel in space you have to be able to use the mass relays to get around to each system." The Asari informed the leader of the group.

"This could be a first contact between an unknown race. Hopefully it'll go better then when my people met the Turians." Blaze commented to his team/friends.

"I hope so too…..otherwise you'll be getting another scar on your face. Krogan might love scars on a male but I hear your human women are more picky." Drax commented with a booming laugh getting a smirk out of the Asari and a sigh out of Blaze. He didn't care out the scars on his face as they were reminders and a part of him.

"I suppose your right Drax….otherwise the women will be hitting on me rather the toad." Blaze grinned making Drax shut up and narrow his eyes at his friend. Blaze always called him a toad where as Drax called him a hairless monkey, it was just their way.

"Boys please! You can have pissing match later. Right now we have an unknown ship in the atmosphere and need to get ready in case its hostile and eliminate it if they are." The asari told her two friends.

"Right! That's why you're the brains of this operation." Blaze said getting an embarrassed flush from the Asari as well as a dull glare from her." Everybody get your gear and prepare for any hostile actions but lets not jump to conclusions." Blaze ordered his team before they headed to get their weapons from the vault underneath the house and waited for the ship to land.

Running outside the team prepared to see just what ship was only to have their eyes widening in disbelief at the sheer size of the oddly shaped purple ship that descended towards the planet surface making the team pale slightly.

"Umm, Blaze?" Phantom said quietly to the team leader."I don't think we have to fire power to fight everybody on that ship if their not friendly." She told him making him look at her.

"Well hopefully it won't come to that but if they have come looking for trouble but if they are then we'll just have to kill every bastard on that ship….or as many as possible." Blaze told her in a stell voice but if he was honest with himself, he doubted that the three of them could kill everybody on that ship as they had no idea of the layout of it.

"Hehehe, I like your style." Drax grinned as he held his shotgun in his hands and prepared to deal with the ship...unaware that a certain man on board the ship would change their lives forever.

SSV Normandy

It had been just over a day since the Normandy had left the citadel after getting Liara some new gear, collecting Noble Six's new equipment for the mission and meeting Noble Three, the sniper of Noble team or what was left of it. The Commander had gone over everything that Six had ordered and fell in love with all the new toys especially the 50 cal sniper rifle.

It was one of the biggest guns she had ever seen plus Garrus had a little twinkle in his eyes when he saw it and the damage it had done after Noble Six demonstrated the power between bullets and Mass Effect guns made the turian….only down side was that it could only hold around four bullets in a single magazine but with the power of a single bullet then just about anything that got in the way was dead anyway.

Sitting in her room with a towel wrapped around slender frame was Commander Shepard, who was drying her wet red hair after taking a nice relaxing shower. She had gotten a mission from Admiral Hackett to find a group of missing privateers. Jane agreed as she was still a soldier of the Alliance and was heading to the Planet known as Xawin.

Getting up from her bed and allowing the towel to slip off her slender form. She walked over to the draws and picked out her clothes and slipped on a pair of matching black bra and panties then put her alliance military uniform on before looking in the mirror and resting her hands on her hips as she gave herself the once over. "Looking good there Jane." The first human spectre praised herself with a stern nod before running her finger through her slightly damp red hair.

After drying and straightening her hair she decided to go visit the Normandy's resident giants down in the cargo hold. She left her room and headed towards the elevator with her crew saluting her as she passed with Jane nodding back at them before she entered the elevator and headed down to the hanger bay.

Once she was in the hanger bay she saw the two giants over at the weapon desk with Six going through all the weapons and Three just sitting on the desk and cleaning his sniper rifle, one piece at a time. In her short chat with Noble Three she found ironic that the two Spartans couldn't be more different from each other if they tried.

Kurt was a loner, distant and strictly military to the bone. James however was laid back, mellow out, liked to troll Ashley a lot...if she was honest he seemed kind of lazy like he was only there because had to be there...she could imagine him spending his days looking up at the sky as clouds floated past.

"Lieutenant, Chief." Jane greeted making Six turn to look at her and Three to raise his head slightly..well at least she could tell the sniper wasn't sleeping so that was a plus.

"Commander." Six greeted the commander as he turned around to look at her after cataloguing all his equipment as he still had a few crates to go through before he would store everything in his slip-space inventory.

"Afternoon Commander." Jun greeted her.

"Hello James. So how are you finding your stay on the Normandy?" The spectre asked the sniper of Noble team who shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I'm still waiting for my soft pillows and silk sheets...but I'm surviving for now."Jun told her getting a small smirk from her while Logan shook his head slightly at his team-mate."Though in my honest opinion I think the princess over there should stop cleaning that gun so hard."Jun told her making Ashley who heard the sniper look at him."If she goes any tighter then she's going to break the thing...unless she has the whole doma…."

"I kill you, If you dare finish that sentence! Do you hear me, Mendez?" Ashley seethed at him with pink cheeks as she glared at him with her dark brown eyes for daring to say that she was a, a...that! Jane tried her best not to laugh at the duo, while Six could only sigh….this was going to bring problems later on, he just knew it.

"Hmm, you say something princess?" He asked as he turned to look at his fellow gunnery Chief with a rather bored look on his face...not that she could see of course due to his helmet.

"You seem to have a way with the opposite sex." Shepard commented making Jun turn his attention to the first human spectre.

"What can I say? I guess I just have a winning personality that you can't help but fall in love with." Noble Three stated to the commander who could only laugh at his antics, he was certainly entertaining that was for sure.

"So how are you today, Kurt?" Jane asked Six with a smile as she rested her arms behind her back and looked at him.

"Fine, ma'am." The lieutenant informed her with a nod."With the new weaponry, then the crew will have a good chance against Saren and his geth." Logan stated to her making her smirk at him.

"Well they'll just have to get in line as I saw him first." Jane said to him."Besides we'll try and bring him in first for questioning but if he refuse to listen to reason or forces my hand. I'll end him in a heartbeat." Jane told the Spartan-III Commando with no remorse who frowned slightly that she was even thinking about giving the Turian who had killed hundreds of humans on Eden Prime a was a sentiment that Jun shared too.

"I read the reports about the council refusing to believe you that Saren had turned traitor even with the other spectres evidence. What happens if you bring them Saren and all the evidence he has and they allow Saren free, due to him making a mistake and give their number one spectre a second chance?" Jun asked her in a rather serious tone for once….which was very rare for him.

"If that happens and I don't believe it will, as there would be a riot's between humanity and the council for allowing him to get away with murder, the council has to remember that they need us a lot more then we need them."

"If they do allow him to get of scot-free, then we take the law into our own hands and end Saren then and there. My duty is to protect everybody in the galaxy as a spectre and every human as an alliance soldier and I will do my duty like my family has done for generations." Jane said with conviction.

"Didn't realise you were a patriot...Commander." The wolf said with a slight amused smile under his helmet getting the Commander to flush in embarrassment before she shoved the 7'4 Spartan with her elbow, despite not actually moving him.

"I have my ways Kurt. I'll have you know that a lot of people listen to me and my words, I'm just a simple soldier doing my part in the galaxy. Showing that the little people can help, killing one bad guy at a time." Jane smirked at him.

"I guess your right." Six commented to her."Little people can do a lot too." He said making her narrow her emerald green eyes at him.

"You have something to say about my height?" The small Spectre demanded as she looked up at the golden visor.

"No, Commander. That would be petty to remark on your height." He said stoically to her but she heard some amusement in his voice making her smile at him with Jun looking between the two and smirked slightly...seemed that the Wolf had caught the Lionesses attention.

"You noticed it to, huh?" Dot said to Jun via a private comm. She was glad that Jun was here now, another survivor of Noble team...her team. She just wished the others were there with them, then everything would be perfect in her mind."Seems like Jane like the strong silent types."

"Most women do." Jun informed the team A.I."Plus it leaves a slight mystery as to who is behind the visor….she probably has her own little fantasy as to what Logan looks like."

"Your in a good mood today I see." Jane smiled as she was happy to see the other side of Six instead of the cold soldier that she had known since she had met him on Eden Prime. It made her hope that he would eventually confined in her and speak about his past. She wasn't even sure why she cared so much about a man she hardly knew anything about.

He just had the whole mysterious bad boy vibe to him in Jane opinion and felt drawn to him. Plus after seeing his medical reports it was hard not want to learn about his past. She had gone to Anderson on the citadel and demanded to know why he had been augmented and forced to grow quicker then normal.

She expected that Noble Three had the same happen to him to due to his height and the armour that he was wearing. Anderson told her it was classified as the only people who knew the reason were Six, Three, Anderson and Hackett and only the Spartans would tell if they ever felt like telling her and the others.

"Apologises, Commander." Six began to apologise only to be interrupted when the Commander rested her hand on his arm." I like this side off you, Six. You don't have to cut yourself off from everybody all the time. There no law saying you have to brood all the time." Jane said with a teasing smile making the Wolf frown.

"I don't brood." Logan told her with a frown and unintentionally started brooding.

"Yes you do." Jun told him making the lieutenant to to look at him knowing that he was smirking behind his visor." Two used to tell you the same thing."He told him getting a small smile from Logan as he thought about the girl he had met on his first day in Beta-Company and one of his first friends since the death of his family.

"Yeah...she did." The wolf with a small sigh….she was gone now just like the rest of Beta-Company was. He just hoped that Lucy and Tom were doing okay and still alive.

"Is that Noble Two?" Jane asked them both getting a nod from Six.

"Yes...she was was my first friend…..she gone now." Six told her with a small nod making her give a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry for your lost, Kurt, James." Shepard told the two who simply shrugged.

"She was a Spartan….she did what she loved." Logan stated to the commander with Jun nodding in agreement at the loss of the brains of Noble team….there was no better hacker you could ask for.

Jane looked at the pair of them as they spoke about Noble Two before she realized that her arm was still on the Spartans arm before she yanked it away with a tint of red on her cheeks." Why the hell do I keep doing that!" Shepard screamed in her mind." That's at least the third time I've done that. He must think that I'm doing it on purpose just to cop a feel of him." She berated herself.

Unknown to the Commander, Noble Six got that strange feeling back in his chest. The same feeling he got whenever the Commander held his arm or smile at him. Maybe he would speak to Dot about it soon but it was a personal problem and would figure out what it mean at a later time when they had killed Saren and stopped him from finding the conduit.

" there something you need Commander?" Six asked the slightly red commander and wondered what was wrong with her. Maybe she was coming down ill or something the Spartan-III Commando thought to himself.

"Oh...well I wanted to get to know you better. I know your a hell of a soldier but not much else really." Jane said after getting over her flustered state as it was true beside knowing he was a soldier, she knew next to nothing about the Spartan- III Commando.

"Nothing to say really." Logan stated as he was a soldier of the UNSC and fighting the Covenant was his life. It was his only purpose in life and once they had killed Saren he would be report back to admiral Hackett for his and Jun's next assignment.

"There must be something. Any hobbies, music, what do you do when you on shore-leave?" Jane asked him with the Spartan looking at her oddly as he tilted his head slightly.

"Shore-leave?" Six muttered to himself as Dot appeared on his visor screen.

"Yes you know Shore-leave. That little thing that soldiers take when they've earn a break for all their hard-work they've done recently. Your long time overdue for some shore-leave, Mister." Dot told him with her hands on her hips.

"I have no hobbies." The Spartan-III told her blankly..he never had time for hobbies as more humans would die if he just sat around doing doing."I'm a soldier….and that's it. That's my only purpose in life. Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity...whatever the cost" The lieutenant told the human Spectre blankly with the red head looking at the Spartan in disbelief at how he was talking about himself.

"You talk about yourself and soldiers as if their simply tool and machines to use on the battlefield. I don't who put those thoughts into your head but their wrong. As much as you try to say your not, your still human and by the end of this mission I will have gotten you to change your view points and out of your armour." Jane stated to the Spartan.

"Very bold Commander." Jun said making Jane blush at what he was turning her words to make it sound like was trying to get him out of his armour for one thing and one thing only."I guess we can see who were the trousers in your relationships."

"Now hold on a minute, Chief! I didn't mean it like that what I meant was…."

"Hmm?" Jun asked her in a bored tone getting her to stuttered before she narrowed her green eyes at him.

"You know what I meant, James!"

"Do I?" Noble Three asked her blankly.

"What are you two talking about?" Six asked the pair of them confused at what they were talking about. The commander just wanted him to walk around without his armour on. Jane meanwhile smiled in relief that Six seemed to be rather dense.

" never did show me the amour?" Jane hinted to Six hoping to steer away from this conversation that she was having with Three as she looked at the box's in the corner of the hanger bay getting the Spartan to nod slightly at her.

"Yes….follow me Commander."The lieutenant told her before he walked towards over to the crates in the corner where the ODST amour was that he had made for the ground team.

Once the two were over by the crates the Spartan-III pulled the hinge on the side before pulling the door open to revel a set of black ODST armour with a blue polarised visor, a red stripe at the stop of the helmet and on the chest was written Shepard making Jane smile at her own personalised armour.

Grabbing the helmet from the armour. Six handed it to the Commander who took it carefully before holding it in her hands. Unlike her N7 helmet it had a much larger visor as it was a full face one and was blue.

"Put it on. Let me know if satisfactory." Logan told the commander blankly as Jane twist the helmet round before putting it on as she saw the HUD come online with a bar at the top of the visor and the call sign B312 appeared over Noble Six's head.

"B312?" Jane questioned with a tilt of her head.

"Beta-312, it's my number, I'm from Beta company." Six stated to the commander getting a nod from her." How's the helmet?" Six asked.

"I love it!" Jane grinned from inside the helmet before she removed it and held it underneath her arm."You didn't need to get me I mean us this armour." Jane said a little embarrassed at saying that Six got her a present, luckily the Spartan didn't seem to notice.

"It's fine commander. We're all working together for the time being. You needed better gear." Six said with a shrug making Jane smile at him trying to play off his kindness as he obviously cared about the people he worked with but didn't want people to know that.

"So do you want me to leave the armour here or put it somewhere for you?" Six asked Jane making her hum.

"Well if it's not to much of a problem. You can bring it to my quarters for storage... if you can manage it?" Jane asked with a slight challenging smirk.

"Very well, Commander." Six said to her before he closed the door, making sure the hinge was secure before lifting it up with ease and carried above his shoulder and headed to the elevator with the red headed commander following after him, ignoring the stares of the other crew members that had their jaws on the ground at the strength of the Spartan.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Six."Noble Three called towards his friend making Jane flush but was quickly ignored as they entered the elevator and headed up to the next level.

After heading up a level and walking past the crew members who were looking at the Spartan-III Commando in disbelief as he walked past them and followed after Jane into her quarters before placing the crate down by her desk in her room.

"Thanks Kurt, when you said you were weren't kidding were you?" Jane grinned as she placed the helmet on her table before sitting on her bed." So want to tell me how to put it on?" Jane asked as Six began getting the armour out for her and placing it on her bed and handed her the combat boots, shirt, gloves, trousers and waited for her to head into the bathroom and got changed.

Six turned his head when he saw Shepard coming out of the bathroom in her new clothes. She did look the part of what an ODST trooper would look like. If she was born in his universe then he had no doubt that she would have been drafted into the ODST's...or even a Spartan-III if she lost her family like he did.

She reminded him of Carter in a lot of ways….both just had a way of making you want to follow them in battle...the two would of no doubt of gotten on well if they ever met each other.

" How do I look?" Jane asked with a grin.

"Fine, ma'am." Six said blankly to her making the human spectre pout prettily at him as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Only fine?" She asked him.

"I...don't really know what else to say Ma'am." Six said with a shrug though he supposed she looked….nice. He did like the unique colour of her blood red hair and emerald green eyes. It was very unique and had never seen anybody else with it.

"We need to get you some lessons talking to girl's." Dot commented from his helmet making the Spartan raise an eyebrow."Women like to be complemented on their looks, Logan, from time to time. Just repeat after me okay." Dot instructed her Spartan partner and repeated what she told him to say.

"You look very...beautiful." Six said as he repeated what Dot told him to say but it felt weird for him to say something like that if the look on his face was any indication to go by, but luckily the commander couldn't see it due to the helmet but her cheeks did darken as she pulled a strand of red hair behind her ear.

"Thank you." Jane mumbled as she tried to get her blush under control." So want to help me get into the armour?" Jane asked him getting a nod before he started to fit the armour onto her starting with the chest piece strapping it up tightly on her chest giving her goose bumps then moved to the shoulders.

Then put her shin guards on and finally her leg armour with him tightening the strap around her thighs making her breathing hitch was she felt his hands trail along her thighs with her cheeks glowing red at where his hands had been a while since anybody had put their hands there, before Six nodding at his work and climbed to his feet and gave the commander a nod, unaware what he had done to the red headed commander.

"That should do it." Six commented before grabbing the helmet off the table and handed it to her which the Spectre placed on her head making the kinetic shields activated around her making her gain a giddy smile behind her visor.

"How's it fit?" Six asked the Commander in front of her making her look up to him.

"It's fine..thank you for helping me get into it, Mendez." Jane said in gratitude to the Spartan who simply nodded at her.

"It's fine Commander, whoever going on the next mission with you such as Williams and Alenko then you should know how to put the armour on correctly." The Spartan-III stated to her." Well I should go and continue going over the guns." Six turned to leave and exit her room only to stop when she called out to him making him turn around to see she removed the helmet.

"I know you don't ever leave your armour…..but once you do….would you like to have a drink with me sometime?" Jane asked Six a little hopeful that he would say yes to her request so she could get to know him better.

"I….maybe one day, Commander. After we've dealt with Saren." The lieutenant commented getting a small smile from the Commander of the Normandy before Six left the room leaving a smiling commander as she thought he would turn her down flat. But a maybe? It gave her a bit of hope that she would get to know the real Kurt Mendez.

Once Six reached the hanger bay, he saw Tali and Garrus talking to Jun at the weapons desk and walked over to the group that were chatting to each other.

"Well, well, well. Speak of the devil….finished with your business already?" Jun asked him getting a nod from the wolf of Noble team as he approached the group.

"Indeed. Commander's wearing her armour." Six told his team-mate before looking at Tali and Garrus." Miss Rayya, Mr Vakarian." B312 greeted the pair of them with a nod.

"Hello Six. How are you today?" Tali asked enthusiastically to the man who had saved her life on the Citadel.

"I am fine Miss Rayya." Six greeted the Quarian." Mr Vakarian." Six nodded to the Turian.

"We're not on a mission now Six. You can call me Tali you know?" Tali wined at the 7'4 Spartan.

"I know….we haven't known each other long, We're not really on first name basis yet." Six told the young Quarian who looked like a kicked puppy making him winch slightly but he remained strong.

"So what can I help you with?" The lone wolf asked again.

"Well….we wanted to know….if..." Tali began to trail off as she didn't want him to be angry at her for asking if she could see his new weapons.

"Seems like somebody want to see the new weapons you got." Noble Three commented out loud getting Tali to flush at being court out so easily and gave a timed nod to Six.

"Very well." Six said making Tali's head snap up so fast that he was surprised that she didn't snap her neck. He already had his superior guns in his slip-space anyway."The guns are for the Normandy crew anyway." Logan informed the Quarian engineer.

Going into one of the crates he opened it up and pulled out the sniper rifle that had Garrus drooling at the beauty of the weapon.

"This is called System 99-Series 5 Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle. It only can hold four bullets in the magazine but it has the fire-power to rip through your shields in a single shot." Six informed them as he aimed down the sight before placing it on the table and grabbed the shotgun.

" This is known as a M45D Tactical Shotgun. It can only hold 6 shells but does a lot of damage." Six said as he placed it on the table next to the sniper rifle then grabbed the assault rifle.

"This is the MA5D assault Rifle. It can hold up to 36 rounds in each magazine. Good for medium and short range." Six said to the two before placing it on the table then grabbed the pistol.

"This is the M6H Magnum. A simple side arm but gets the job done." Six commented as he placed it down and grabbed the Battle Rifle from the Crate.

"This is the BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle or commonly know as the Battle Rifle. It holds 216 bullets in a magazine and fires in short bursts of 3 at a time. Good for both long and medium range." Six told the two as he held his favourite gun.

Once they had taken care of Saren then he and Jun would look for Reach in this universe to build the first UNSC stronghold there. The council may of forbidden the Alliance from building as many ships as they wanted but they said nothing about the UNSC….aliens had no right to dictate at what humans could and couldn't do. Dot had all the blueprints from Miliant that had UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner plans on them, including all their prototype and weapons that hadn't even been made yet.

Once Dot found Reach or a suitable world for them, then they would begin mass producing Ships, weapons and various other technology as it was clear to the Spartan that this universe wasn't as advanced in a lot of stuff like his was….they simply used the same technology as all the others races did.

"Would...I be able to hold the shotgun?" Tali asked as she rubbed her hands together while Six looked at his guns. They weren't loaded so he saw no harm in letting the Quarian hold the weapon so handed it to her making her feel like a giddy school girl.

"Wow, it heavier then the shot gun I use. It feels nice though….have you never thought of upgrading the bullets to all you to add Mods to them?" Tali asked the Spartan.

"Mods?" Six asked confused.

"Yeah you know, ammunition upgrades, like Anti-Organic that does does a lot of damage to organics. Anti-amour/ Synthetic that does a lot of damage to armour and Synthetic's. Inferno rounds they burn your target. There's just about ever kind of mod you can think off for your weapons and armour on the market." Garrus told him getting Six to nod.

"I'll have to research this Logan. Maybe we can find a way to combine bullets and these mods somehow." Dot commented to the Spartan.

"I see. Well it's something to look into." Six said to the Turian getting a nod as he looked at the Sniper rifle before six handed it to him it had no bullets so he couldn't harm anybody. Garrus felt as if somebody had just giving him all his birthdays presents for the rest of his life night now.

It was one of the most beautiful guns he had ever held in his life. Aiming down the scope to get a feel for the weapon and aimed it at the Elevator but lowered the gun when Jane appeared in her new armour and the helmet under her arm, with Liara standing next to her.

"Williams!" Jane called out getting the gunnery Chief to come marching over to the Commander before saluting her.

"Ma'am." Ashley saluted to the Commander as she had been listening to the conversations between Six, Tali. Garrus….and James.

"Your coming with me for the next mission." Jane informed the soldier getting a nod from her." Six. Are you up for another mission or do you want some time off?" Jane asked as she was still a bit worried about his medical reports so she didn't want to push him.

"Yes Commander. I'm good to go." Six said stoically get a smile from the Spectre."I have some armour for you both to use." Six told the soldier and the Doctor as he walked over to the tall crates and opened to doors to revel two more sets of ODST armour that had the names Williams and T'soni on the chest plate.

"The Commander will show you how to put them on." Six told the two as he walked back over to the table where his guns were before placing them into the crates and summoned his Battle Rifle before snapping it onto his back then summoned a pistol and snapped it on his hip.

You didn't need to get me amour...Spartan." Liara said a little quietly as she thought she might of offended him when she said that Prothean technology was worth any price.

"We're working together miss T'soni. You needed better simple as that." Six said with a shrug making the Asari smile in gratitude while Ashley looked away in shame as she had treated him like the plague since he had attacked Alliance soldiers.

He had even gotten her some armour despite the fact that she had been openly glaring at him. It made her feel like an ass. He had saved her on Eden Prime from the Geth and she was being an ass to him. "Thank you Lieutenant." Ashley thanked him quietly making Jane smile slightly at she was giving him a chance. Six simply nodded at her.

"The next mission I want you to come with me James...for now you can have the day off."Shepard told the Sniper of Noble team who gave a lazy salute in return to her making Ashley want to make a comment about respect but held her tongue.

" Grab the armour girls and come with me." Jane told the two girls who grabbed the ODST armour and headed to the bathroom to change and returned 20 minutes later with the armour on and all ready for the mission.

"Right then. Ashley, Jericho and Liara. Get in the Mako, we're approaching the planet shortly." Jane ordered her team getting nods from them all.

"Have Fun." Tali said to the four off them.

"Just watch out for the Commander's driving." Garrus said with a grin making Jane turn to look at him with narrowed eyes...her driving was great thank you very much! Nobody had ever died...sure the Mako didn't always make it back but that was not the point.

"Don't have to much fun without me." Jun told his partner getting a nod from him before he turned to see Shepard putting her helmet on and climbed into the Drivers seat, Six got into the gunners seat while Liara and Ashley sat in the middle.

"You know I could calibrate this to it's peak to make it Cannon stronger, quicker and improve the shields on this girl." Dot commented to her Partner.

" If you do make sure your not discovered, the last thing we want is the crew of the Normandy knowing there's an A.I on board. We'll tell the Commander when we're ready." Virgil told her.

"I hear you, Boss." Was Dot's cheeky reply.

"Are you all ready and prepared for the mission?" Jane asked her team as she had made sure that Liara was ready and prepared for a drop in the Mako to avoid another incident like Tali on Therum.

"Yes Commander." Liara said with a nod to Jane as she was wearing the new ODST armour that Six had created for her...she would have to thank him for helping her and giving her better armour.

"This isn't my first rodeo Skipper." Ashley waved off the Commanders worries getting a nod from Jane.

"Affirmative Ma'am." Six said from the gunner seat with Jane sighing slightly and wish he would speak like he was a machine. It was a little unnerving to be honest as if he only saw himself as a tool to be used for war….she would need to change that.

"Opening the Hanger bay doors Commander." Jokers voice came over the comms of the Mako.

"Understood Joker. Look after the ship for me will ya!" Jane told in a cheeky tone.

"Please….the day I abandon this ship is the day you die." Jokers voice called back.

"I have the feeling you're going to be the death of me Joker." Jane laughed back.

"I'm hurt you'd think that commander. Happy hunting." Jokers voice commented before he ended commutations between the two of them.

"Right here we go….5,4,3,2,1 now!" Jane called out before the Mako shot out of the Normandy and onto the frozen planet off Xawin.

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