After a few moments of thinking Optimus came to a decision to go to Bulkhead next.

"I think I will like to go to Bulkhead next. May you please lead me to his room, Bumblebee?" Optimus finally said making Bumblebee give a big smile.

"Oh you will like Bulkhead. He is a really close friend of mine. We met back at Training Camp on Cybertron. I had the tendency to do things that were way over my head back then."

"You still do." Sari stated with a teasing smile. Bumblebee first gave her a pointed glare before his expression immediately soften. He looked almost guilty.

"Yeah well, let's focus on getting to Bulky's room okay. Come on Optimus." Bumblebee grabbed his servo and tugged him down one of the building's hallways.

"Hey wait for me!" Sari shouted as she rushed towards the two bots.

Optimus was a little taken back by Bumblebee's enthusiasm. His Bumblebee back home didn't show and express this much of positive emotions. That made Optimus a little upset at that thought. War, why did it have to happen? It could have been avoided, so the younger generations could not experience that much strife. He barely noticed Bumblebee stopped walking until he accidentally bumped into him, making Bumblebee fall over. He gave a quick shout before he landed on the ground.

"Bumblebee! My deepest of apologies. I didn't know you stopped." Optimus gave a servo to Bumblebee who gladly took it. He easily brought Bumblebee back up. Bumblebee let go of Optimus' servo to rub the little dent on his fore helm.

"Don't beat yourself about it. We can make mistakes sometimes. Anyway here's Bulkhead's room." Bumblebee gestured to the open entrance to a large room behind him. Just one look inside the room and Optimus saw large colorfully painted canvases line the farther wall. Bumblebee stepped aside to let Optimus walk in. Bulkhead turned around from his unfinished painting to see his new temporary leader walk in. He placed down his paint brush and greeted Optimus.

"Hello Optimus! What brings you to my room?" Bulkhead wondered as Optimus drew closer to him. Optimus was fascinated by the different pieces of artwork that littered this large room. Did Bulkhead made all of this? He manage to bring his gaze upon Bulkhead who held a small warming smile.

"I came here to talk to you, so I may get to know you better if you don't mind. If you are busy then I can come back in another time." Optimus politely answered.

"Oh not at all. I will like to get to you better too." Bulkhead moved slightly away from his art project to give Optimus his full attention.

"Hey yo Optimus, me and Sari are going to go back to living room, as Sari keeps calling it, so I can keep winning against her." Bumblebee announced from the doorway.

"Nuh-huh! It is going to be me who is gonna win!" Sari shouted

"Oh really...Well...Last one there is an old rusted servo!" Bumblebee bolted down the hallway and not a moment passed before Sari started running back to the living room. Their laughter faded out down the hallway leaving the two alone. Optimus turned his attention back to Bulkhead who still stood there waiting for Optimus to start the conversation.

"So Bulkhead I couldn't help but notice all these different types of artwork scattered across this room. Did you made all of them?" Optimus gestured to the whole room with an awed expression.

"Oh yeah, well, sometimes Bumblebee helps me out with a piece of artwork from time to time, but I still mainly do the actual art." Bulkhead lightly blushed out of pride and embarrassment.

"I must say I am impressed. What got you into the human's art form?"

"Oh uh...I just saw the art styles that the humans make. In each stroke of paint, every choice of colors, every shape of a sculpture, the humans express a certain emotion or mood that comes from them, the object it is based off of, or from their day to day life. I wanted to be involved in that, so Sari helped me gather some art supplies and helped me start off this little hobby of mine. I usually do this to blow off some steam or express an emotion that I need to let out." Bulkhead thoroughly explained. He bashfully looked away.

"Amazing, would you mind showing me a few pieces of your work Bulkhead?" Bulkhead whipped his head back towards Optimus giving him a faint shocked expression. He stuttered before properly responding to Optimus' request.

"O-Of course! Uh, which one are you interested in seeing first?"

"No, you choose. You are the artist after all. I know little to no knowledge of the human's art form, other than Miko's examples of it. I would not want to accidentally insult you." Optimus insisted. Bulkhead opened his mouth, seeming to say something back, but slowly closed it. He just looked around the large room, trying to see what artwork should he start with. After almost a full minute, Bulkhead walked over to a covered canvas. Optimus followed suit.

"How about this one to start off with?" Bulkhead grabbed the tarp that was covering the canvas and took it off revealing the artwork underneath. Optimus kneeled down to get a closer look. The background was like the dusk, the time where the is sun setting, but it appeared that the sun's sunlights barely pierce through the murky blue that ravishes the canvas. Swirls of light blue trails before the fractures of sunlight, but most of them are roughly covered by streaks of deep red. Optimus felt several types of emotion almost at once. It was riveting and confusing all at the same time.

"I get the sense of dread or looming anger from this, but this brings out more emotions than I can describe." Optimus honestly could not pinpoint what this painting is suppose to express. And Bulkhead made this! What powerful emotions was he feeling when he painted this?

"Yeah, you got some of it right. I made this after the whole...big fight between us and Megatron and his Decepticons. So many things were riding on that one battle. If we didn't pull through, Cybertron would probably by now be run by Decepticons. It was Optimus who stopped Megatron from permanently having infinite power, but whatever Optimus did, it shattered the Allspark and pieces of it scattered across Detroit. That's why we are searching for them, to restore the Allspark." Bulkhead seemed to mumble a little bit after that. Optimus nudged Bulkhead on the shoulder guard bringing him back to reality.

"Oh sorry! I didn't mean to ramble on Optimus."

"No it is quite alright. Now I get what this represents. You were scared yet angry yet strong. You were willing to do anything to keep your friends safe no matter the cost even if it meant taking your own life."

"Yeah… you that totally got what this meant. How did you know?"

"Back in my world we are still fighting a millions year long war with the Decepticons. So many losses, sacrifices, and spilt Energon were made. The pain has not lessen every time we have to make more to keep surviving to fight another battle." Optimus explained with sorrow lacing his voice

"By the Allspark, you are still fighting in the first war in your world?" Bulkhead gasped. He looked at Optimus with a surprised expression.

Optimus simply nodded. Optimus kept staring at Bulkhead's painting until a strong set of arms wrapped around his lower chestplate. Optimus immediately looked at Bulkhead, caught off guard by Bulkhead's sudden hug.

"I know this is unexpected, but it looked like you needed a hug."

A few moments pass before Optimus slowly returns the hug. He did not expect this though he did not oppose it. Soft ex-venting Optimus accepted the open comfort.

"Thank you Bulk head."


Ratchet lead Optimus to the wash racks. It was close to the command center, so it didn't take long. Turning the latch and sliding open the door they entered the wash racks. Bulkhead was still in there, but he was just about to leave.

Bulkhead said in a tired voice. "Hey Ratchet, hey Optimus. I will see you both in the morning."

Optimus moved out the way to let Bulkhead leave. The room only had three shower heads and no dividing walls so there no privacy to speak of. There was one showerhead for each wall and a slightly lowered squared floor with a drain underneath each one. A large sponge was at each shower, so bots can properly scrub themselves down. Ratchet went to the closest one. Optimus went to the showerhead one the other side of the room. He noticed that there was two buttons on the wall below the showerhead. One had an icon for water and the other one had an icon of what Optimus would assume is for wind. Optimus pressed the water button. Almost immediately cold water began spraying out of the showerhead. Upon contact with the water Optimus shivered.

Noticing this Ratchet asked in an almost joking voice. "Too cold for you?"

"No." Optimus denied. "This is actually a little less cold than the solvent that Sentinel blasted my team and I with because he was so afraid of organics. And possibly because he still holds a grudge against me."

"Grudge? Against you? Wait, Sentinel Prime is alive in your dimension?" Ratchet questioned.

Ratchet already started his shower by scrubbing his chest plates. Optimus decided to grab the sponge and start washing off some of the dust and dirt in his transformations seams. This was routine for him back when his team were clearing out the space bridge.

"Assuming that the Sentinel Prime your dimension is offline, yes the Sentinel Prime back in my dimension is online and well. I was and I repeat was his closest friend. Both Elita-One and I were back in our Academy days. For the grudge situation, that is a subject I don't want to touch upon right now." Optimus explained coolly.

"Ay, then I will not push the subject further." Ratchet simply responded.

Optimus gave a quiet 'thank you' before completing focusing on cleaning himself. A few minutes passed and Optimus was almost finished with showering until he started hearing soft grunts. He looked over to Ratchet to see that he was having trouble scrubbing his backside.

A moment did not pass for Optimus to decide to help Ratchet. He pressed the water off then strode over to Ratchet. Noticing this Ratchet gave up on scrubbing his back and was about to turn off the water, but was immediately stopped by Optimus grasping his wrist. Ratchet slightly looked towards Optimus. At first he was expecting commanding optics from Optimus, but that was not it. Optimus cast soft and empathic optics onto Ratchet.

Optimus spoke in a calming voice. "Let me help you wash your back. I said I would help you wash up and I am not going back on my word."

Ratchet stared at Optimus with his glossa trapped in his mouth. A couple of moments passed before he managed to mutter out a weak 'Ay'.

"May you please pass the sponge to me Ratchet?" Optimus asked with a slight curve on his lip plates.

Rachet gave Optimus the sponge almost instantly. Optimus now redirected his focus on washing Ratchet's back. A couple of minutes passed of Ratchet feeling the sponge squeeze and scrub into seams and areas that have not gotten a proper cleaning in a long while. A contented smile spread across Ratchet's face.

"Done! Now do you feel better Ratchet?" Optimus asked. He noticed Ratchet flinching as if he crept on him with him noticing.

Ratchet stuttered for a few seconds before responding in a sentence. "Y-yes, I do feel better Optimus. Thank you for the assistance."

"No problem. Here let turn off the water for you." Optimus reached over to water button to press it off. He then proceeded to press the wind button. When he did it the showerhead began blowing warm air at them. Optimus took a step away from Ratchet, so Ratchet can properly dry himself. Ratchet nodded at his gesture. He turned and stretched to let the warm air get to every inch of his body. Once he was done drying himself, Ratchet moved away to let Optimus dry himself next. Optimus merely hummed at Ratchet before stepped into the warm air.

Ratchet walked toward the door and waited for Optimus. Ratchet did not wait long. Optimus quickly finished and made his way towards Ratchet. Opening the door, both Ratchet and Optimus left the wash racks.

"Goodnight Optimus. I will see you in the morning." Ratchet said as he started walking down to the left of the hallway.

Not a second had passed before Optimus called after Ratchet.

"What is it Optimus?" Ratchet asked

"Well...um where I am going to sleep?"

Ratchet stiffen then growled at himself. He couldn't believe he looked over that. Ratchet sighed before walking back to Optimus.

"Follow me." Ratchet ordered.

Optimus nodded as he started following Ratchet through a couple hallways. After their second turn into another hallway Ratchet gestured to the second door on his left.

"That is our Optimus' room. You will sleep there since we don't have an extra berthroom at our disposal." Ratchet explained.

"Got it. I guess this a good night?" Optimus questioned.

Ratchet light-heartedly scoffed. "Now it is. Goodnight Optimus. Recharge well."

"Will do." Optimus responded as Ratchet exited the hallway.

Optimus walked up to the door. It was exactly the same door frame as the others doors he has passed by except that the three little windows were covered. He bended down to grab on to the door lever. Turning the lever down, Optimus lifted the door up. The door gave soft clangs as it was being lifted. He entered the room by switching his servos so he can keep the door held up. Once he was inside, Optimus eased the door down. The door locked into place when it was put back into its original place. Optimus turned around.

The berthroom was nothing too special. There was a berth on the other side of the room with a simple head pad. A shelf hung on the right wall. It held a small Energon cube, small reddish crystal, and note datapad. A light switch was located next to the left side of the door which activates the ceiling light.

Optimus walked over to the berth and climbed onto it. He was significantly smaller than this dimension's Optimus. Optimus lightly chuckled at that fact.

"Okay Optimus, you got a lot ahead of you. You need to be there for this team. Don't fail them." Optimus motivated himself. Then another thought came to him. "I hope this dimension's Optimus is taking of care my team back home. Who am I kidding? He is another me. Of course he is looking after my team. No need to worry yourself. Just recharge, it is going to be a busy day tomorrow."

Optimus snugged himself the berth. He closed his optics and began slowly recharging.

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